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November 1, 2013

Halloween Highlights:


Sara Luzuriaga & Julia Donovan / Photos by Emmie Avvakumova

3 1. Katherine Tobeason ’14 and Naomi Simpson ’14 decided to join “The Great Gatsby” movie craze by rocking a 1920s flapper look. Though Tobeason initially planned to wear a black dress, she switched her outfit at the last minute with the help of her dorm mates. “[A friend] helped me out by pulling out a white, tasseled 1920s style dress at the last minute,” said Tobeason. Pairing the dress with a shimmery, silver headband, a string of faux pearls around her neck and a short brunette wig, Tobeason could have been mistaken for an attendee at one of Jay Gatsby’s lavish parties.

3. Bryan Ackil ’14, Michael Lata ’14, David Belluche ’14 and Michael Kim ’14 brought the spirit of Mardi Gras to the Halloween dance last Saturday night by dressing up as Mardi Gras jesters. According to Ackil, they purchased the costumes online and paired them with yoga pants. “Everyone noticed the gains we’d made at the squat rack this fall,” said Ackil jokingly. The eye-catching mix of purple and green colors made the boys stand out at the dance. “It was easy to see that we had the best costume,” said Lata. “But people put in a valiant effort this year.”

5. Lane Unsworth ’15, who won Best Costume with her Napoleon Dynamite costume at last year’s Halloween Dance, returned this year with another creative outfit. Unsworth took her costume to the extreme with a leopard body suit, a carved pumpkin hat, knee-high purple socks and blue Converse sneakers. “I was flora. I was fauna. I was everything and nothing. I was abstract yet real. I had a pumpkin. I had a leopard bodysuit. So, I was like: ‘Let’s make magic happen,’” said Unsworth.

4. As soon as Luis Orozco ’17 walked into Borden Gym, everyone’s attention shifted to him. Donning a yellow minion costume from the popular animated movie series “Despicable Me,” Orozco stood out in the crowd. According to Orozco, the intricate costume was entirely homemade. “[I dressed up as a minion because] I really wanted to show off the effort my father and I put into the costume and also because it looked pretty cool,” said Orozco. According to Orozco, part of the reason that he attracted so much attention was due to the anonymity of his identity while wearing the costume.



6. Dressing as nuns, Rebecca Somer ’15 and Bianca Navarro Bowman ’15 were the winners of the costume contest. “Winning the costume contest was an incredible moment. It will probably be one of the few moments I’ll actually remember after high school,” said Somer. The costumes were intended to be ironic given the conservative nature of the outfits paired with the dance environment. “The nun costumes provided a perfect opportunity to pop our newfound twerking skills,” said Somer.


8. Arts and Leisure found Waldo at the dance! Nicholas Gorski ’14 donned the easily recognizable red and white outfit made famous by the ubiquitous Waldo from the children’s book “Where’s Waldo.” “[The costume was] simple and inexpensive, but [Waldo was] still a high quality character,” said Gorski. Giving his costume a little personal touch, Gorski topped of the outfit with a pair of dark sunglasses. “I wore the [sunglasses] to give Waldo a little more style,” said Gorski.

2. Naomi Markman ’15 sported a classic Wonder Woman costume: tall red socks, a blue, starpatterned skirt and a red shirt with the Wonder Woman logo on it. According to Markman, she got inspiration for her costume from an episode of the television series, “Bones,” in which the protagonist dresses as Wonder Woman for Halloween.

From jesters to joggers, students took out all the stops with their costumes during this past weekend’s Halloween Dance. The Halloween Dance is one of the signature events of Fall Term and always draws a big crowd. Weeks, even months prior, students coordinate themes and outfits with friends. Start planning for next year, Andover; by the looks of it, this year might be hard to top!



10. Continuing the trend of channeling characters from popular culture, Amy Morin ’14 arrived at the dance dressed as Glinda, the Good Witch, from “The Wizard of Oz.” Morin wore a white dress, a tiara and a pair of knee-high socks, topping it off with a glittery wand. “I had the white dress already, but I bought the socks, the tiara and the wand. I also had to borrow my friend’s white Converse sneakers. [The outfit] was a combination of old, new and borrowed!” said Morin.


7. Jake Marrus ’14, Heson Oh ’14, Rome Arnold ’14, Andrew Yang ’14 and Matt Schwolsky ’14 wanted “something comfortable, simple and classic,” said Oh, adding that “the bananas were very effective.” “All of us felt like a bushel of bananas best represented our friendship throughout our four years here because only apes can separate us,” said Yang. The group’s only concern was that people would not understand the deeper meaning of their costumes as a “synecdoche for the jungle-like nature of the Andover experience.”

10 9. Taylor Crutison ’16, Nathalie Griffiths ’16, Kailey Kirkwood ’16, Peyton McGovern ’16, Nupur Neogi ’16, Fadzi Gambiza ’16, Jenn Davis ’16, Sofia Barbosa ’16, Olivia LaMarche ’16 and Sharon Zhang ’16 took Disney princesses to a whole other level. “The princess idea was a way to incorporate all of our friends because we wanted to have somebody to dress up as every princess. The process of deciding who everyone should be was really fun because we decided to pick features of each person that matched those of the princesses,” said LaMarche. “Overall, the whole process of dressing up and going to the dance was extremely fun, and I’m so glad we went all out with our costumes!”

Halloween Highlights 2013  

Arts does Halloween Vol. CXXXVI, Iss. 21

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