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Napier Parking – What to expect during your driving test The standard Napier Parking Driving test will last for approximately 40 minutes. During the test, the person examining you will expect you to meet the eyesight requirements, and will ask you to show and tell them how to conduct specific safety checks, as well as demonstrate the ability to safely drive the car around the test route.

DSA Form DL25C: Driving Test Report issued to candidates by examiners The route will usually include a wide range of road conditions, and the examiner will ask you to complete test manoeuvres at certain points on the route. In particular, you will be expected to complete a reverse park, behind another parked car, turn in the road, or reverse around a corner to the right or the left. It’s perfectly normal to feel slightly anxious during the driving test however the person examining you will do their best to put you at ease throughout the process. Bear in mind that the examiner is there to test your ability to drive, rather than your nerve. After a short eyesight test, the examiner will check the condition of the test car, and will then enter the vehicle with you. This is where the driving part of the test will begin. Whilst the car is stopped, the examiner might ask you to pull forward to do complete the parking manoeuvre, or they may choose to begin the test with the driving section. Once you are on the road, the examiner will give you directions in good time. They will then begin to assess your ability to control the car, and will take note of any of the errors you may be committing on their report. There are three categories of errors; dangerous,

serious or minor. A dangerous or serious error will result in a failed test, as will an accumulation of 15 or more minor errors.

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