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Phillip Flores photographer designer

Phillip Flores 520.4 44.2606 My main passion and occupation is photography and graphic design. I have been using computers for almost 14 years and I have gained an excellent knowledge in many areas of design, computers and the internet. Adaptability is a personal, major strength I possess. I’m able to transition easily from being a designer to a photographer, to hardware technician, to coder, to decision maker. This adaptability also shows in my work where I am able to handle any task, be it photography, web, illustration, multimedia, branding, or print.

Education 2010-2013. The University of Arizona - Visual Communications, Design. Bachelor of Fine Arts 2008-2010. Pima Community College - Multimedia. Associates of General Studies, Associates of Art

Technical Skill I have extensive knowledge of many software applications. Listed are those which I use more regularly. Adobe Indesign Adobe Photoshop Adobe Lightroom Adobe Dreamweaver Adobe Illustrator Adobe Premiere Pro Adobe Audition Adobe AfterEffects MS Office Both PC & Mac Operating Systems

Ammignition Energy Drinks An Energy drink based on m18 smoke grenades. 5.2.2012 - ‘design 2 ’ University of Arizona branding . prototype design . construction . photography . web . collateral stationary


Hero 4.26.2005 tom welling vine charcoal ‘advanced portraits’ Dixie State

Blue 4.29.2011 phillip flores soft pastel ‘figure drawing’ U.A .


What ’s Your Story 2.25.2011 NY City Transit campain idea. Each poster could illustrate a story along the metro path.


75 Poses - A Character Study 1.3.2011 phillip flores A personal project centered around ‘posing freedom’


Portfolio Website 12.6.2011 ‘web design’ University of Arizona Final site for portfolio work centered on photography and design. HTML, CSS, JQuery


photo blog 3.2.2011 ‘phillip flores photography’ Illustrative web template for photography blog HTML, CSS, Flash


Automotive Journal 2.22.2011 ‘illustration’ University of Arizona A simple notebook for documenting personal automotive history.


Bloke Soap 2.20.2011 ‘illustration’ University of Arizona A masculine body wash.


Useless Sculpture 5.8.2012 ‘typography 2 ’ University of Arizona A sculpture made of phonebooks emphasising sustainability in a local community.


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