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Hiring MBAs to get better in 2013

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t’s true that there are many students who fear investing lump sums for enrolling in courses like MBA. Although the reasons might vary from one individual to another, the fear of not getting considerable returns in terms of career prospects is no doubt the biggest one.

Well, 2013 says that students or working professionals who are planning to go for online MBA courses don’t need to rethink about their decisions. Dave Wilson, president and CEO of Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) said, “Employers recognize that employees with graduate business degrees are a wise investment when times are uncertain and they need talent that not only bring skills but agility to meet the changing demands of these times.” In fact, reports say that the year 2013 is going to be prospective for business graduates from the employers’ viewpoint: • Master in Management graduates will be hired by around 43% of the employers, which was 33% last year • Accounting graduates will be hired by almost 40% of the employers working in multinationals, which was 32% last year • 39% of the recruiters will be looking for finance graduates, which was 32% last year • Specialist master degree holders in business will be recruited by around 46% of the employers, which was 34% last year Source

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MBA on the personal front The GMAC researchers came up with some more facts and figures in regard to how MBA courses have benefited: On the personal front:

85% said that MBA prepared them to manage work/life

87% said that MBA helped them in improving their job satisfaction

93% said that MBA prepared for leadership positions

94% said that MBA degree proved to be rewarding for them

On the Professional front:

72% (of MBA Class of 2 were satisfied or very satisfied with their current jobs post MBA

78% (of MBA Class of 2012) said that MBA played essential role in getting them the first job in desired profile

85% (of MBA Class of 2013) said that MBA degree helped them to meet challenges of the job market and provided competitive edge

86% said that MBA degree helped them in getting faster promotions or earlier than when they expected

From the Financial viewpoint:

79% increase in average salary post 2 year regular MBA as compared to predegree salaries

70 % increase in average salary post 1 year Executive MBA as compared to predegree salaries

39% increase in average salary post Part Time MBA Source

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Now, a question may pop up whether the career prospects are applicable for only regular MBA programmes or not. Does it mean that the facts and figures mentioned above are only meant for full-time MBA courses? The answer is ‘no’. In reality, the status, quality and popularity of online MBA courses are on the rise especially after the introduction of a huge number of business management schools in the recent years. In fact, the online MBA course modules offered in today’s business management schools are designed in such a manner that students get benefited in the following ways: o Online learners acquire necessary skills in strategic management and problem-solving that make them efficient managers in the long-run o Online learners gain sufficient knowledge in order to work in managerial positions so that they can take smart decisions and make significant contributions to an organisation o Students grab the opportunity to master their knowledge and skills in personality development while pursuing an MBA course online So, if you are still in a dilemma, just wipe it off and look for an accredited business school from where you can pursue an MBA course. Make sure to do an extensive research work so that you don’t end up in a mess while choosing a business management course.

Scenario of Hiring MBAs to get Better in 2013  

Those who have been making plans to get an MBA degree will be glad to know that 2013 is going to be a prospective year for them. A lot of em...