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Sunghyun Lee +82. (0)10. 7545. 5411

CV Education


B.S. in Architecture, Yonsei University | Seoul, S.Korea Mar 2009 - June 2016(expected) Dep. of Architecture, CSU San Luis Obispo | CA, United States Sep 2013 - Aug 2014 | exchange student program


Rhinoceros 5.0 Advanced Autocad 2012 Advanced

Safety Supervisor Education, KFSA | Daejeon, S.Korea Aug 11 - 15, 2015 | Certificate of Fire fighting safety supervisor

Adobe Illustrator CS5 Advanced

School of Public Health, Yonsei University | Wonju, S.Korea Mar 2007 - June 2008 | Bio-medical Laboratory Science

Adobe Indesign CS5 Advanced Adobe Photoshop CS5 Advanced

Yonsei Architecture Graduate Exhibition June 2015 | Participation as Alumni

Climate consultant 5.4 Good

Workshop “Rhino-how” at Yonsei University Apr - May 2015 | Participation as Instructor of Rhinoceros 5, “Question n” club activity

Autodesk Vasari Beginner

Intership at Yongju Architect Dec 2014 - Feb 2015 | Architectural Intern Workshop “Lighting & Material” at CSU San Luis Obispo Jan 2014 | Instructor : Cindy Lemauro 10th Docomomo Korea Design Competition Jun 2013 | Theme : Contemporary of Modernism “Cultural Conversion of Cheongju Old Cigarette Factory”


Top honor student award 2012/2013, Yonsei University Honor student award 2009/2015, Yonsei University

Seminar “Architecture & Psychology” at Yonsei University Oct 2012 | Speaker : Prof. Jooeun Sung

Extracurricular Activity

10th Docomomo Korea Design Competition 2013, Docomomo Korea | Select Prize

Seminar “Talk with Seniors” at Yonsei University Apr 2012 | Participation as Host, “A&G” club activity

Korea traditional music student contest 2003, Kyounggi province | 1st Prize

Military Sevice, Republic of Korea Air Force | Wonju, S.Korea Feb 2010 - Mar 2012 | Serve as Architectural Assistant

National traditional music student contest 2000, Cheonan city | 1st Prize National traditional music orchestra contest 2000, Goyang city | Silver medal

Student atelier “Question n” Mar 2010 - Present | Leader Archtectural discussion, cooperative works, hosting seminars A&G, Architecture and Graphic | club activity Jun 2009 - May 2010 | Leader Improving architectural design tools Korea Traditional Orchestra, Yonsei University Mar 2009 - Present | Member Participating a concert, Social intercourse with Ehwa Univ. Taekwondo 4th Dan certificate Feb 2009 - Dec 2009 | Instructor


O-song scholarship 2013 - 2015, O-song foundation University academic scholarship 2012, Yonsei University National science & engineering scholarship 2009/2015, Korea Student Aid Foundation

The architecture is positioned beneath a sky and above the ground as the subject and the object of human experience. It exists horizontally on a spatial dimension and vertically on a time dimension. The form of architecture should not be degraded, as a sculpture but rather, it must present the living forms within the urban context supporting innumerable spatial experiences for the people. My own notion of architecture is to be seen and utilized by every people who are passing along a street, providing a consecutive experience that is continued from the city. I think that the building development including well-designed diagrams or layout without spatial relationship in different manners, it is just merely a building, which is not architecture. This portfolio comprises the process of my enlightenment and challenge that I keep promoting to create a new type of architecture based on the empiricism.


Academics 01 Travel alley | Spring 2015 02 Interacting with objet | Spring 2013 03 Soaring Imagination | Fall 2014 04 Discovering cracks | Fall 2013 05 Education entwined | Spring 2014 Miscellaneous 06 Photograph


New youth culture center in university town

Location : Shinchon, Seoul | Building area : 1,200 sqm | Building type : Culture center Period : March 2015 - May 2015

The noise and packed buildings situated in Shinchon, and there are lack of places to chat with friends, enjoy hobbies or have a rest with 5-dollar coffee with. Therefore, this YCC project suggests the new Alley Cultural Center motivating the sensitivity of people.

In 1980-1990, the alley way located in front of Ewha women’s university, it was crowed by too many guests who were looking forward the new trends. As a development of IT industry and transition of consumption pattern, however, they have disappeared by degrees. This newly proposed cultural center is seen as positively by the method of extending the alley way and embraces the potential of public spaces with the idea of ‘unexpected meeting in an alley way relieves the tedious while the people are heading to their destination’. Thus, YCC project will offer an unexpected meeting and spatial depth by controlling brightness, width, height, and consecutive programs on the alley way. This alley way is extended to the inside of the building for the people to experience the various types of public space such as outdoor plaza, gallery, and library providing the delightful circumstances through the ‘bright and dark’, ‘narrow and wide’, and ‘high and low’ space configuration.

Alley property1. A dance of sun lights

How does the lighting affect our impression on space? Lighting may dominate the space; or could be just lighting. Sunlight plays a more important role in alley, compared to other streets. Brightness can be permanently determined by width of alley or heights of buildings nearby. Sunlight rays streaming through surrounding patterns would cause instantaneous variation in sunlight. The harmony of sunlight decides the quality of space.

Alley property2. Enclosed by patterns

Only big body with one color of a mountain is recognized in 3,000 feet. We can notice curly shape and diverse color that a mountain has in 300 feet. We can feel the soil and trees on a mountain in 3 feet. I personally think an alley is an experience in 3 feet; pedestrians can feel the texture of materials used in walls and floor. The form and continuity of surrounding buildings are also crucial factors to determine a character of an alley.

Alley property3. Variation in depth

On a wide road, one feels vertical force if surrounded by high-rise buildings; weak horizontal force if relatively low buildings are around. On a narrow path between walls of buildings, on the other hand, directional force is formed as a narrow fast-flowing stream. Variation in width and height of an alley gives a deep influence on that in spatial depth, and it is easier for pedestrians to perceive the difference than a big street.

Extension of alley

Volume and Mass

Separated mass

Pushing down and transformation


Bowl plaza

- to generate new alley by extending axes - to use continuous path as a design element

- pushing down to maximize spatial depth - transformation for spatial tension

- to contain required volume - to understand site physical conditions

- to attract people from noisy building forest - starting point of travelling alley

- to give a 3-dimensional effect - to divide into active and inactive space

- to connect separated two mass functionally - alley leads people into the plaza naturally


“When I stood at the entrance bridge, I could not imagine there is such a secret place. Lighting rays spreaded on the floor makes me feel a shift in time, and a massive resist wall guides me where I have to go. I am curious about what will happen over the corner.�


Re-creating memory in Cheong-ju cigarette factory

Team project with Hyungjoon, Kim | Responsibilities : Concept Idea, CG Location : Cheong-ju, Chungnam | Building type : Public Gallery and Library Period : April 2013 - June 2013 | Competition : Selected Prize For site analysis, I visited Cheonju old cigarette factory. Only reinforced concrete floor, assembled concrete panel, and part of inside partition were left. Opened in 1946, it was the most popular place and the pivot to working class economics. More than half of Cheongju population worked here, markets naturally were made, and hence it helped develop the city. However, the factory was closed due to government policy in 1999, which shaked the economy of the city. Under the name of economic revival, unplanned land development occurred and current downtown, 5 kilometer away from the factory, became the center of economy. Neighbor of factory became desolated, and as a result in 2004 the city anounced that the site of the factory would be used for building an apartment complex. However, citizens of Cheongju city expressed strong opposition to destroying the memorable factory. So, the city bought the factory to make a cultural complex. Next to the factory area will be cultural district, and with neighbor educational facilities, this area is planned to be a center of education and culture.

This project is to rehabilitate the old factory as a cultural complex containing Cheongju citizens’ memory, by considering memorable place, and a center for education and culture.

1946 established

Opening of the cigarette factory had become the pivot to citizens’ life and economic development in Cheong-ju

Episode 5. having lunch together in our workplace

Episode 4. earning money for having my own home

Episode 3. taking a photo with colleagues

Episode 2. first chance with my wife

Episode 1. getting a new job

creating memory Episode 8. participating a factory track meet

Episode 7. drinking secretly with co-workers

Episode 6. writing a love letter to her while working

Kim’s memory-graphy in the factory

Past objet

1999 shutdown

Shutdown causes either distorting or forgetting memory which Cheong-ju citizen had accumulated from the factory

2013 rehabilitation

Revival of objet used by workers rehabilitates the old cigarette factory by reminding and re-creating memory

Episode 14. having a lunch with my old friends

Episode 13. Missing my parent passing away

Episode 12. recalling the past while sitting


Episode 11. taking a photo of my family

Episode 10. struggling for keeping our workplace

Episode 9. marrying and having a lovely daughter


Current objet recreating memory

Original plan

Grid column setting

Uniformed slab placing

Conc’ panel assembling

Renovated plan



4 6



1 2 3 4 5 6

Library Quiet study area Objet, pottery area Objet, work cap area Objet, chair area Objet, water area

Conc’ panel disassembling

Perimeter offsetting

Cutting out and reinforcing

objet as a mediator

A current objet what we can see hides inside objet from the past. The past invisible hidden objet reminds old memories, and at the same time, the current visible objet makes new layers of memory on the top of the past one. That is, we humans are interconnected with memory through objet.

visable present objet hidden past objet

Re-creating memory Reminding memory

objet as a trace

What memory does this chair have? It reminds a person of taking a picture several years ago with parents; the other recalls a broken-up partner sitting on the chair. A chair has diverse memories with various people, and is recognized as ‘the chair’, not ‘a chair’ anymore.

“I visit the factory with my daughter which once was the pivot to our life. When I enter the factory gallery I can see sky and wonder it is the same sky under which I frolicked with my friends when I was young. It reminds me of the past. My dear daughter might probably remember today when she will see sky after 20 years.�

SOARING IMAGINATION New Office Building for General Electrics

Location : Sang-am, Seoul | Building area : 7,690 sqf | Building type : Office Period : September 2014 - December 2014

New building for General Electrics(GE) is planned at the gate of DMS which is a street horizontally penetrating Sang-am DMC block. There are four nodes; node A is Experimental park, node B is IT & Art park, node C is Media plaza, and D is Exhibition plaza. Particularly, the site is positioned at the node D that has a critical intersection. For this reason, when planning the site, a relationship between GE and public should be prudently considered. A strategy of the project is to interconnect elements, such as public and office divisions, for sharing and motivating ‘Imaginative ideas’ which is presented as a slogan of General Electrics. Expected impacts throung the project are to be a landmark with a symbolic soaring form, to assimilate with urban context, and to be recongnized as a familiar community facility.



Sharing Imaginative ideas

Interconnecting with the Public

Interconnecting between divisions

division A

Interconnecting with the Public

collaborative lounge

division B

Motivating Imaginative ideas


Interconnecting between divisions


Attracted by Imaginative ideas

Open to the Public Pu b


General Electric

Design keywords

Concaved facade

Most building has vertical facades which reflects only the opposite side of the building. It means people are captured by building forest like a prison. Let’s think facades are curved. The facades can reflect urban contexts at the top of them and sky at the bottom of them. It will give people more plentiful urban experience while walking along a street.

Soaring curved edge

Typical buildings have a right-angle position to ground. It demonstrates that the buildings stand independently and show “I am a building”. However, if the threshold is changed smoothly, it delivers other message, “I am an extension of urban contexts”. Eyes will be attracted from ground to a top of the building, and it will give public unusual experience by soaring curved edge.

Variation of transparency

For better enerygy performances, louvers are needed at the south, east, and west faces. While, it is possible to have transparent facade at the north face. Lounges for GE workers and a roof terrace plaza are positioned at the north side, and users can see a spectacular scener, such as mountains and a cityscape. On the other hands, typical work spaces are positioned at the other sides.

e g curv


Setting required volume

Symbolic soaring landmark

Linking band planning

node A

node B

node C

node D

The site is located on the end of Sang-am Digital Media Street, and plays an important role as a gate for this block. Furthermore, there is Susaek station at the North side, and it makes the node D crowded by pedestrians. Thus, in order to attract people passing by, new GE building has three entrances for the public. However, since it is necessary to make at least one seperated movement for a privacy of GE, there is a official entrance at the concaved part of the building.








1 2 3 4 5 6 7

GE Lounge Office - division A Office - division B Mini-auditorium Laboratory Meeting room Service area

Typical office plan


to m




Su-saek Station


public entrance



public entrance

GE entrance






ia s



thw ay

public entrance



GE Imagination Park



hw ay

iver ng r


a ang

to H


Site plan

South Elevation

North Elevation


DISCOVERING CRACKS Art community center in Shibuya, Tokyo

Location : Shibuya, Tokyo | Building area : 4,200 sqf | Building type : Community center and housing Period : September 2013 - December 2013

Art community center is located at the intersection of the heart of Shibuya. There are significant role to play beyond the three key words that I have found through the research: compactness, view, and the facade. Shibuya is filled with high density of buildings and population. As a result, there is no needs for windows, and it seems the most buildings look like solid mass. Art community center will arise an active rhythm in a bored building forest that currently exists, and give open view to the public because the site has an abnormally clear view line from alley. In addtion, the building will provide compact building programs, such as studio, housing, library, and the gallery, which interactively designed for the local tenants experiencing the art work in their daily living area.


Physical issue extremly high density of buildings a narrow and small building site no visual line due to contiguity Social issue expensive price of building site workaholic culture detachment work from daily life Cultural issue importance of narrow pathway holiness of deep space

keyword1. Compact

keyword2. View

keyword3. Unique facade


12 10


9 7

8 6









1 2 3 4 5 6 7

Gallery Multimedia center Office Reading area Meeting area Study lounge Kitchen

8 9 10 11 12 13 14

Bathroom Fitness center Housing Studio Information HUB Lounge Housing office



14 12


8th floor plan






7th floor plan



3 4

2nd floor plan




A - a visual communication with other buildings B - a visual communication with pedestrians C - a spatial communication

Cracks is the channel of communication

In the city of Shibuya, a typical building has a solid facade and it separates indoor space from outdoor. Also, duplicated slabs in a building separate each floor. It means the solid facade and the slabs function as a barrier to interrupt communications. A facade which has cracks between louvers and transformed slabs are applied in this project, and it becomes channels for three improved communictaions, A,B, and C.


Suggesting new type of education space in SLO High school

Team project with Charlie Crowe | Responsibilities : Concept idea for new type of education space, CG Location : San Luis Obispo, CA, 90017 | Building area : 60,093 sqf | Building type : Education Period : March 2014 - June 2014

The project starts from the definition of ‘school’. The education system has been settled down after the industrial revolution. The relationship between the lecturer and a large group of students was effective to train laborers in industries, and the effectiveness is applied to a school education system. However, the one-way instruction system occurs many problems, such as no chance to communicate with each others or think for oneself to solve troubles. A good school should be an active learning place for students to design their own future through discussing, researching, and experiencing process. New San Luis Obispo high school, ‘Education Entwined’, will be not only a good prototype for stimulating needs of new education system, but an environment for active learning.

Study. Environment affects human behaviors

If there is nothing on earth, human beings would ponder what to do. Environment gives a hint to the thoughts and sometimes motivates some behavior. Needs for the new environment of school should bring an intrinsic change in learning process, not only a change in external appearance.

Study. Ecology of idea; new type of education

Upcoming society needs shrewd people who can apply their knowledge in creative ways. Thus, a school should replace one-way teaching education system to discussion, researching, and experiencing one with high technology devices. In addition, a school should play an important role as one of member of local community and worldwide community.

Be a good neighbor ; participation aisle

Bring the outside in

Gallery wall

Townview Mountain view


Research lounge Shop Feedback room Flexible zone Feedback room

Make feedback room agile ; interconnected

Site condition

L edge


Extended shop area

Quad area

Welcoming area

Parking lot

L road1

L road2

Design process

Based on geometry


Guiding users (structure base)




Ecology of idea

Feedback room

Feedback room

Shop Flexible zone

Research lounge







Dining area

Feedback room

Flexible space

Gym support

Shop & Studio

Academic space Plans First Floor


Mind & Body training space

Social space

Second floor

Third floor

Second Floor 1” = 32’

1” = 32’

First floor

Expected change in future education system

This proposed ecology idea would have an effect on a center of education system. The center has been on a lecturer in existing system, while it will be moved to activities such as discussion, research, and experience. It means that typical classroom is no more needed, but it is required to advent ‘Feedback room’ that could be the new type of room to help each other to solve their problems. This new creation of an educational environment will motivate students, and offer various facilities in a school to be desirable by the user.

RC shell roof

vertical wooden louver steel mullion

low-e double glazing

SRC structure system

UFAD system

aluminum flashing

continuous footing


06 Photograph


Los Angeles in the night is full of points of light Location : Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles, CA Date : 11/25/2013

It’s time to say good-bye

Longing for today and expecting tomorrow Location : Bixby Bridge in Monterey, CA Date : 09/14/2013

If I were a little creature...?

Looking at the world at the bottom

Location : Tanjung Aru Resort Beach in Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia Date : 07/25/2012

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Architecture Portfolio 2015  

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