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Local History ( regionally grouped) Scotland Cumbria • Lancashire Northumberland • Durham Yorkshire Cheshire • Shropshire Shropshire • Wales Herefordshire • Worcestershire Warwickshire Warwickshire • Staffordshire • Derbyshire Nottinghamshire • Lincolnshire Lincolnshire • Leicestershire • Northamptonshire

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Researching the History of a Country House A Guide to Sources and their Use Richard Goodenough New and updated edition. Packed with examples of research and how they were used, this book demonstrates how to use the wide range of maps and documentary sources available from local, regional and national archive centres. The author encourages a systematic process of research into the fascinating and topical subject of house history, with frequent reference to online sources. The origins of this book date from the early 1990s when the author began to research the history of his own country house in the Kent Downs at Trimworth, near Canterbury. These early investigations led him to see how Trimworth could be used as a case study in a voyage of discovery which others could also enjoy. The book will be most relevant to the owners of country houses, providing a methodology for the less experienced to trace an exciting pathway of inquiry. Includes a glossary.

Quarto, 176pp, 80 ills, Apr’10 MAPS FOR HISTORIANS Paul Hindle A comprehensive guide to the provenance, content, accuracy, location and uses of maps. Quarto, 160pp, rpt’02  978  0  85033  934  5 £14.99 PEOPLE AT HOME Living in a Warwickshire Village, 1500-1800 N. W. Alcock A unique re-creation of life over three critical centuries that applies to almost any other traditional village. Quarto, 256pp, ’93 978  0  85033  863  8 £19.95 VILLAGE RECORDS  John West Ranging from Saxon charters and place-names to turnpike trust records and commercial directories. Quarto, 320pp, ’97 978 1  86077  040  1 £30.00 TITHE SURVEYS FOR HISTORIANS Roger J.P. Kain and Hugh C. Prince A full explanation of tithes and the Tithe Commutation Act of 1836, this book examines all the different documents, schedules and maps produced by this remarkable survey. Quarto, 160pp, ’00 978 1  86077  125  5 £14.99

978  1  86077  610 6


ENCLOSURE RECORDS FOR HISTORIANS Steven Hollowell Examines the process of enclosure, which changed the landscape and the rural economy for ever, and reproduces and transcribes documentary records. Quarto, 192pp, ’00 978  1  86077  128  6 £15.99 CHURCH COURT RECORDS  Anne Tarver Limited stock The first practical guide to understanding both Latin and English church court records. Quarto, 160pp,   ’94 978  0  85033  927  7 £14.99 OLD TITLE DEEDS N.W. Alcock A comprehensive, systematic guide to deeds, whether about places for the local historian or people for the family historian. Quarto, 144pp, ’01 978  1  86077  160  6 £14.99 SOURCES FOR LOCAL HISTORIANS Paul Carter and Kate Thompson Limited stock An essential guide for the local or family historian. Royal 8vo, 248pp, ’05 978  1  86077  358  7 £17.99

SIGNPOSTS TO THE PAST: Place-Names and the History of England Margaret Gelling Place-names are important to the historian and the archaeologist. Quite apart from the inherent interest of the original meaning of a place-name, the fact that in England there are six successive layers of language reflected in the stock of place-names means that they provide vital evidence for dating and, indeed, for estimating the mixture of races in the composition of the nation. The author, as President of the English Place-Name Society, has succeeded in bringing the story of English place-names to a wider public in this fascinating general study. The Listener said that the book ‘opens up the whole subject in the most enthralling manner’, while Comment observed ‘… a classic in this field, essential reading for anyone interested in local history’.This new edition emphasises the contribution that this philological discipline can make to the work of the archaeologist and the historian and to our understanding of the long process of human settlement in our island. The sub-title of the book is ‘Place-Names and the History of England’ … Dr Gelling and her colleagues have made great strides in exploiting the latent store of information about the past preserved in the names of places.

Octavo, 296pp, limp, 21 maps, rpt  ’10

978  1  86077  592  5


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Local AND FAMILY History  – General Titles

THE MIDLAND PEASANT The Economic and Social History of a Leicestershire Village

THE PHILLIMORE ATLAS & INDEX OF PARISH REGISTERS  3rd edition edited by Cecil R. Humphery-Smith

W.G. Hoskins THE MIDLAND PEASANT, one of Hoskins’ most admired works, portrays, with the aid of local records, a monumentally stable peasant society, which greatly strengthened its roots during the 16th and 17th centuries. English agrarian life in this period is seen through Wigston Magna in Leicestershire, one of the largest villages in the Midlands, and the free peasantry were the largest single class within it. Originally published in 1957 and hardly ever out of print, this book is one of the key texts on the life of the agricultural labourer from medieval times to the 19th century. Republished to mark the centenary of W.G. Hoskins’ birth.

The essential, comprehensive guide to parish registers. ‘No professional, or keen amateur, family historian should be without this book.’ Family Tree Magazine

246x168mm, limp, 352pp, 13 ills, rpt’08 978  1  86077  525  3 £18.99 Leatherbound edition £130.00

Lge 4to, 320pp, 52/50 maps, ’03 978  1  86077  239 9 £50.00


ARCHIVES: The Very Essence of our Heritage  Christopher Kitching This book illustrates the profusion and diversity of archives, along with their owners, custodians and users. A4, limp, 80pp,   ’96 978  1  86077  018  0 £14.95

A valuable addition to Phillimore’s already impressive range of books on how to use archive material for historical research, this definitive guide has been comprehensively brought up to date to include the recent development of useful online and digitised sources. It includes how to use new online sources and is applicable to businesses large and small.

Royal 8vo, 192pp, 31 ills, ’09 978  1  86077  575 8


GENEALOGY FOR BEGINNERS Karin Proudfoot A new, seventh edition of the well-loved guide and beginner’s book of first choice. Octavo, limp, 160pp, ’03 978  1  86077  268 9 £8.99 HOUSE HISTORIES FOR BEGINNERS Colin and O-lan Style Written in an entertaining and informative style, and filled with fine illustrations, this book will act as an excellent reference book for those seeking to take up this rewarding hobby. Quarto, 216pp, ’06 978  1  86077  405  8 £15.99

‘OUTRAGEOUS WAVES’ Global Warming and Coastal Change in Britain through Two Thousand Years  Basil Cracknell This book maps the impact of medieval sea level rise for the whole of the coastline of Britain – although the disasters caused by medieval global warming and rising sea levels have been described as ‘among the worst recorded in human history anywhere in the world’, until now no attempt has been made to paint a complete picture of what happened at this time. The author covers (in order): North-East Coast, Fenlands, East Anglia and the Broads, Thames estuary, London, East Kent coast, Romney Marsh, Sussex coastal plain, Selsey Bill to the Solent, the Isle of Wight, the Channel Islands, the Scilly Isles, the south-west peninsula, South Wales, Cardigan Bay, Anglesey, North Wales, Dee and Mersey estuaries, Wirral peninsula, Lancashire coast, Morecambe Bay, Cumbrian coast and the Scottish coast. The book ends by analysing the effects of medieval global warming on Britain’s coastline (which was permanently changed, with 217 towns and villages destroyed by the sea), and some lessons are drawn for today’s global warming.

Royal 8vo, 320pp, 185 ills, ’05

978  1  86077  344  0

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The Children’s Front Henry Buckton Those who were children during the Second World War spent their formative years amidst a quite extraordinary suc­cession of events that cannot fail to have left a vivid impression. This absorbing account combines the memories of those who were young at the time with historical research to examine the major factors influencing wartime childhood and development. There are stories by people from many different backgrounds and areas of Britain but all had in common the fact they were young during this unique period. At a time when children were in mortal danger because of daily attacks on British soil, measures taken to protect them included gasmasks, air-raid shelters and the blackout. Schooling was interrupted and the land became an island fortress as military equipment and installations appeared everywhere. The experience of evacuation is recalled and the feelings it gave rise to, which extended from a sense of security to fear of abuse. The book looks, too, at the toys, games, clubs and entertainment of the time.

245x168mm, limp, 208pp, 59 ills, ’09 THE EVOLUTION OF NETTIE HUXLEY, 1825-1914 Martin Huxley Cooke Royal 8vo, 160pp, ’08 978  1  86077  528  4 £20.00 ADOLPHE VALETTE Cécilia Lyon The biography of the French artist who lived in Manchester and taught L.S. Lowry how to paint. Lge 4to, 160pp, ’06 978 1 86077 426 3 £35.00 THE REGENERATION THROUGH HERITAGE HANDBOOK How to use a redundant historic building as a catalyst for change in your community. Edited by Fred Taggart with Simon Thorpe and Lydia Wilson. Foreword by HRH The Prince of Wales. Royal 8vo, limp, 88pp, ’06 978  1  86077  391  4 £12.50 WILLIAM ROXBURGH The Founding Father of Indian Botany Tim Robinson Lge 4to, 256pp, ’08 978 1  86077  434  8 £50.00 MAN OF MANY TALENTS: James Douglas Ronald Jessup Limited stock Biography of the pioneer of archaeology. Octavo, 324pp, ’74 978  0  85033  199  8 £17.99

978 1  86077  571  0


SANDERSON MILLER and his Landscapes Jennifer Meir Many of Miller’s landscapes were completed over a decade before ‘Capability’ Brown set up his own practice in 1749. Royal 8vo, 272pp, ’06 978  1  86077  387  7 £30.00 TENTH-CENTURY STUDIES ed. by D. Parsons Limited stock Commemorative Essays of the Millennium of the Council of Winchester and Regularis Concordia. Quarto, 288pp, ’75 978  0  85033  179  0 £40.00 SCHOOLS AT WAR David Stranack Royal 8vo, 96pp, ’05

978  1  86077  338  9 £14.99

JUST A LITTLE CHARITY: A Social History John Wolters A history of the Society of Schoolmasters. Quarto, 124pp, ’06 978  1  86077  398  3 £15.99 Musical Handbells: A Comprehensive History of the Bells and their Founders William Butler This definitive work deals with the evolution of small bells, development of pattern-cast bells and over 100 founders including those who made crotals. Quarto, 176pp, ’00 978  1  86077  118  7 £19.50

A HISTORY OF SEA-SCOUTING 1909-2009 Roy Masini Sea Scouting in the UK began in 1909, a year after the establishment of Scouting. Very little has been written about the founder of the Sea Scouts movement, Warrington Baden Powell, who was the elder brother of Robert Baden Powell and a keen yachtsman and sailor. He wrote Sea Scouting for Boys in 1912 and it remained the main Sea Scouting ‘textbook’ for many years. After Great Britain declared war on Germany in 1914, Lord Kitchener made an urgent appeal for Sea Scouts to perform duties as coastal lookouts and thereby replace the coastguards who had been recalled by the Royal Navy for service in HM ships. The Coronation Year of 1937 brought fresh impetus to Sea Scouting when the Duke of Kent, Commodore of Sea Scouts, accepted RSS Discovery as a headquarters and training centre. Today there are some 450 Sea Scouts groups throughout the United Kingdom.

Royal 8vo, 192pp, 100 ills, May’10

978  1  86077  573  4

A history of SEA-SCOUTING 1909-2009


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Local AND FAMILY History  – General Titles

MARC ISAMBARD BRUNEL Paul Clements Marc Isambard Brunel (1769-1849) left France after serving in Louis XVI’s navy as an officer cadet, and, at the age of 30, came to Britain via America; 50 years later he died here. Napoleon Bonaparte (1769-1821) nourished an equally extraordinary intellect. On leaving his native island of Corsica he went to France, where he became First Consul aged 30 and waged war against Britain. He died in St Helena 22 years later. This revised biography of Marc Brunel reveals, for the first time, how both these temperamentally opposed men laboured, unceasingly and with great courage, on behalf of their adopted countries, and how much Marc Brunel contributed to Napoleon’s ultimate defeat. Marc Brunel, in addition to being an inventor, artist and musician, was the 19th century’s most innovative engineer. This authoritative work must represent the definitive exploration of this remarkable man’s life and brings his considerable achievements into focus for the modern historian. Entertaining yet highly informative, and enhanced by a selection of beautifully produced illustrations, it will be widely welcomed.

Royal 8vo, 272pp, 42 ills, ’06

THE LORD LIEUTENANTS and their Deputies Miles Jebb The office of Lord-Lieutenant for a county or area within the United Kingdom has existed for over four centuries. Royal 8vo, 224pp, ’07 978 1 86077 451 5 £25.00 THE ROYAL HORTICULTURAL SOCIETY A History 1804-2004 Brent Elliott Lge 4to, 458pp, ’04 978 1 86077 272 6 £50.00 THE INDUSTRIAL WINDMILL IN BRITAIN Roy Gregory Royal 8vo, 160pp, 05 978  1  86077  334  1 £19.99 BRITISH SAMPLERS Jane Toller Limited stock A concise history from the 16th century. Octavo, limp, 64pp, ’80 978  0  85033  383  1 £5.99 THE FIRST FOOD EMPIRE: A History of J. Lyons and Co. Peter Bird Lge 4to, 400pp, ’00 978  1  86077  132  3 £25.00 WELL-HEELED: The Remarkable Story of the Public Benefit Boot Company Brian Seddon and David L. Bean Lge 4to, 128pp, ’04 978  1  86077  313  6 £17.99

978 1  86077  400  3


THE AGE OF ARTHUR A History of the British Isles from 350 to 650 John Morris Vol. 1: ROMAN BRITAIN AND THE EMPIRE OF ARTHUR  A5, limp, 1977  978 0    85033    289    6 £8.50 Vol. 2: THE SUCCESSOR STATES A5, limp, 1977 978 0    85033    290    2


Vol. 3: CHURCH, SOCIETY AND ECONOMY A5, limp, 1977 978 0    85033    291    9 £8.50

ARTHURIAN PERIOD SOURCES General editor: John Morris Vol. 1. INTRODUCTION, NOTES AND INDEX Lib. edn.,    ’95 Limited stock  978  0    85033    755    6 £19.95 Vol. 2. ANNALS AND CHARTERS Lib. edn.,    ’95 TOP  978 0    85033    757    0 £19.95 Vol. 3. PERSONS Lib. edn.,    ’95

978 0    85033    759    4 £19.95

Vol. 4. PLACES & PEOPLES, & SAXON ARCHAEOLOGY Lib. edn.,    ’95 978 0    85033    761    7 £19.95

FRIENDLY INVASION: MEMORIES OF OPERATION BOLERO The American Occupation of Britain 1942-1945 Henry Buckton Royal 8vo, 208pp,   ’06 978 1  86077  433  1 £9.99

Vol. 6. STUDIES IN DARK-AGE HISTORY Lib. edn.,    ’95 978 0    85033    765    5 £19.95

THE LEGION OF FRONTIERSMEN Geoffrey A. Pocock Limited stock Royal 8vo, 208pp, ’04 978 1 86077 282 5 £25.00

Vol. 7. GILDAS ed. and trans. by M. Winterbottom Lib. edn., ’78 TOP  978  1   86077    201    6 £14.00 Limp, ’78 TOP  978  1  86077    202    3 £8.50

THE ORDER OF THE BATH Peter Galloway A4, 320pp, 64 ills,  ’06 978  1  86077  399 0 £50.00

Vol. 8. NENNIUS ed. and trans. by John Morris Lib. edn., ’80 978  0    85033    297    1 £14.00 Limp, ’80 978  0    85033    298    8 £8.50

THE IRON BRIDGE Symbol of the Industrial Revolution Neil Cossons and Barrie Trinder, Foreword by Eric DeLony Lge 4to, 168pp, ’02 978  1  86077  230  6 £25.00

Vol. 9. ST PATRICK ed. and trans. by A.B.E. Hood Lib. edn., ’78 978  0    85033    299    5 £14.00 Limp, ’78 TOP  978  0    85033    300    8 £8.50

Vol. 5. GENEALOGIES AND TEXTS Lib. edn.,    ’95 978 0    85033    763    1 £19.95 …For more information about backlist titles visit … For more information about backlist titles visit

domesday book Printed Works • The Story of Domesday Book Edited by R.W.H. Erskine and Ann Williams Seventeen essays by 15 historians throw new light on the dark corners of King William’s extraordinary Survey. Royal 8vo, limp, 288pp, 80 figs,  ’03 

978  1  86077  273  3 


• Domesday Book General editor John Morris The first uniform English translation, published in parallel text with Abraham Farley’s Latin text, county-by-county, each with introduction, glossary, full notes, indexes and maps. Volumes are listed separately, with ISBN, on regional pages of this catalogue. Library Limp Vol. County edn (£) edn (£) 1 Kent--------------------16.00----------- 10.00 2 Sussex------------------15.00------------ 8.75 3 Surrey------------------12.00------------ 7.00 4 Hampshire--------------18.00----------- 11.25 5 Berkshire---------------14.00----------- 8.25 6 Wiltshire----------------16.00----------- 10.00 7 Dorset------------------18.00----------- 11.25 8 Somerset ---------------22.00----------- 13.00 9 Devon (2 vols)----------44.00----------- 24.50 10 Cornwall---------------14.00------------ 8.25 11 Middlesex--------------12.00------------ 7.00 12 Hertfordshire-----------15.00------------ 8.75 13 Buckinghamshire-------15.00------------ 8.75 14 Oxfordshire-------------14.00------------ 8.25 15 Gloucestershire---------16.00----------- 10.00 16 Worcestershire----------16.00----------- 10.00 17 Herefordshire-----------18.00 ---------- 11.25 18 Cambridgeshire---------16.00----------- 10.00 19 Huntingdonshire--------12.00------------ 7.00

Library Limp Vol. County edn (£) edn (£)

20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38

Bedfordshire------------Northamptonshire------Leicestershire-----------Warwickshire-----------Staffordshire------------Shropshire--------------Cheshire ---------------Derbyshire -------------Nottinghamshire -------Rutland ----------------Yorkshire (2 vols)-------Lincolnshire (2 vols)----Essex ------------------Norfolk (2 vols)--------Suffolk (2 vols)---------Boldon Book ----------Index of Places---------Index of Persons--------Index of Subjects--------

14.00--------- 8.25 16.00--------10.00 14.00--------- 8.25 14.00--------- 8.25 12.00 -------- 7.00 20.00--------12.50 15.00--------- 8.75 12.00--------- 7.00 14.00--------- 8.25 12.00--------- 7.00 44.00--------24.50 38.00--------20.00 24.00 -------13.50 44.00--------24.50 48.00 -------27.00 12.00--------- 7.00 50.00-------- N/A 50.00-------- N/A 50.00-------- N/A

• Index to Domesday Book

The first comprehensive index ever produced, made possible by the original and detailed referencing system devised by John Morris for the Phillimore translation. Vol.36 PLACES by J.McN. Dodgson and J.J.N. Palmer 1992 978  0  85033  702  0 £50.00 Vol.37 PERSONS by J.McN. Dodgson and J.J.N. Palmer 1992 978  0  85033  703  7 £50.00 Vol.38 SUBJECTS by J.D. Foy TOP 1992 978  0  85033  704  4 £50.00

DIGITAL • Domesday Explorer CD-ROM

John Palmer, Matthew Palmer and George Slater System requirements: Microsoft Windows 95, 98, 2000, Windows NT or Windows XP (Please note: Domesday Explorer is NOT compatible with Windows Vista); 64 MB of RAM; 150MB available hard-disk space; 24-bit video display card; SVGA (800 x 600) or higher resolution monitor. CD-ROM, ’00 978 1 86077 163 7 £10.00

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THE COVENTRYS OF CROOME Catherine Gordon Published in association with the National Trust

THE SAXON HOUSE OF ELDRED Nelson B. Eldred and J. T. Eldrid Limited stock Quarto, 176pp,   ’92 978  0  85033  822  6 £20.00 A PEDLER FAMILY HISTORY  Sir Frederick Pedler Quarto, 144pp, ’84 978  0  85033  547  7 £17.99 HUGH REVEL: Master of the Hospital of St John of Jerusalem 1258-1277  Cecil Humphery-Smith Quarto, 160pp,   ’94 978  0  85033  895  9 £17.95 ERIC MILNER MILNER-WHITE  Robert T. Holtby Quarto, 96pp,  ’91 978  0  85033  813  3 £9.99 THE WAGNERS OF BRIGHTON  Anthony Wagner and Antony Dale Limited stock Quarto, 192pp, ’83 978  0  85033  445  4 £17.99 THE WIGG FAMILY  J.L. Kirby Jr Quarto, 220pp, ’88 978  0  85033  632  0 £20.00

Quarto, 256pp, 26/112 ills, ’00

978  1  86077  139 2 £25.00

THE BULTEELS: The Story of a Huguenot Family Vivien Allen Royal 8vo, 208pp, ’04 978  1  86077  276  4 £30.00 A HISTORY OF THE MALLORY FAMILY S.V. Mallory-Smith POD Quarto, limp, 192pp, ’84 978  0  85033  576  7 £25.00 ST LEGER: The Family and the Race Moya F. St Leger POD Octavo, limp, 176pp, ’86 978  0  85033  588  7 £14.99 THE LOWTHER FAMILY Hugh Owen Winner of the Portico Prize POD Quarto, limp, 496pp, ’90 978  0  85033  721  1 £40.00 THE STAFFORDS John Martin Robinson Quarto, 160pp, ’02

DISSENTING FORBEARS: The Maternal Ancestors of J.M. Keynes Neville Brown Limited stock Quarto, 224pp, ’89 978  0  85033  670  2 £20.00 PEDIGREE OF RAIKES R. D. Raikes Limited stock Quarto, 96pp, ’80 978  0  900592  73  7 £20.00 THE TREFFRY FAMILY Adelaide Rideout Quarto, 208pp, ’84 978  0  85033  545  3 £15.00 COOPERS AND CUSTOMS CUTTERS: The Worthingtons of Dover Jan Worthington Limited stock Quarto, 360pp,   ’97 978  1  86077  011  1 £25.00

978  1  86077  219  6 £25.00

FREDERICK MATTHIAS ALEXANDER: A Family History  J.A. Evans Quarto, 304pp, ’01 978  1  86077  178  1 £25.00 NISBET OF THAT ILK Robert Chancellor Nesbitt Quarto, 364pp,   ’94 978  0  85033  929 1 £35.00 THE CURTIS-BENNETT CHRONICLE: The Story of the Legal Family and the Genes which Made Them  Susan Curtis-Bennett Quarto, 128pp, ’98 978  1  86077  082  1 £25.00 ANDERSON FAMILIES M. A. Anderson Limited stock Quarto, 192pp, ’84 978  0  85033  555  2 £20.00 THE MOFFATS Francis Moffat of that Ilk Quarto, 144pp, ’87

GIBSIDE AND THE BOWES FAMILY  Margaret Wills Quarto, limp, 128pp,   ’95 978  0  85033  998  7 £14.95

978  0  85033  645  0 £25.00

ALICE OWEN The Life, Marriages and Times of a Tudor Lady Clive Rose Royal 8vo, 176pp, ,  ’06 978  1  86077  379  2 £15.95

THE worthingtons of medieval england P.M. Worthington Limited stock Octavo, 360pp, ’85 978  0  85033  587  3 £30.00 the WORTHINGTONS of failsworth and their descendants Philip M. Worthington Octavo, 400pp, ’05 978  1  86077  289  4 £30.00 THE HARDWARE MAN’S DAUGHTER: Matthew Boulton and his ‘Dear Girl’ Shena Mason Royal 8vo, 288pp, ’05 978  1  86077  374  7 £25.00 THE HILLS OF HAWKSTONE AND ATTINGHAM: The Rise, Shine and Decline of a Shropshire Family Joanna Hill Royal 8vo, 224pp, ’05 978  1  86077  322  8 £25.00 The WIDDRINGTON WOMEN Cecilia Widdrington

An unsparing picture of Victorian upper-class women. Quarto, 160pp, May’10

978  1  86077  628  1 £25.00 …For more information about backlist titles visit … For more information about backlist titles visit

civil engineering  •  Scotland

The Motorway Achievement Building the Network The series, put together by The Motorway Archive, is designed to be a collection of all the knowledge gathered by engineers of Britain’s motorway network. These hardbacked books are packed with integrated colour illustrations and will be of great interest to anyone who wants to know more about the nation’s motorway system, the replacement value for which the government put at £65 billion in 2006. THE MOTORWAY ACHIEVEMENT Motorway Management in the United Kingdom The First Fifty Years W.M. Johnson 246x197mm, 224pp,  ’08 978  1  86077   588  8 £25.00 THE MOTORWAY ACHIEVEMENT Building the Network in the Midlands John Carrington 246x197mm, 256pp,   ’09 978  1  86077  536  9 £25.00 The Motorway Achievement Building the Network: The North East F.A. Sims 246x197mm, 256pp, ’08 978 1  86077  520  8 £25.00 THE MOTORWAY ACHIEVEMENT: Building the Network The North West of England Harry L. Yeadon 246x197mm, 192pp, ’05 987  1  86077  352  4 £20.00 THE MOTORWAY ACHIEVEMENT Building the Network in Southern and Eastern England Sir Peter Baldwin, Robert Baldwin and Dewi Ieuan Evans 246x197mm, 320pp,   ’07 978  1  86077   446  1 £30.00 THE MOTORWAY ACHIEVEMENT Building the Network in Wales Brian Hawker and Howard Stevens 246x197mm, 224pp,   Feb’10 978  1  86077   590  1 £25.00

DUNDONNELL OF THE MACKENZIES David Iredale Dundonnell is a former Mackenzie estate situated along the rugged western coast of Scotland, north of Skye. People have lived and worked here for the past 10,000 years. In the distant days of the clans, Mackenzies, Macleods and Macdonalds fought ferociously over territories in the area known then as the barony of Lochbroom.The estates would later reserve thousands of acres for hunting and, more recently, for forestry. During the 1960s the abandoned houses of the Scoraig peninsula became a home for a New Age community. This illustrated study of the estate, bought by Sir Tim Rice in 1998, throws light on the fascinating history of this corner of highland Scotland and will be enjoyed by all those keen to know more about its special past. Royal 8vo,  240pp,  60/30 ills,  ’07 978 1  86077  461  4 £30.00

ELGIN’S LOVE-GIFT Civil War in Scotland and the Depositions of 1646 John Barrett and Alastair Mitchell In 1645 and 1646 the Scottish royal burgh of Elgin was thrust into the front line of the Civil War that wracked the three kingdoms of King Charles’ realm during the 1640s. The indignities heaped upon the Elgin townsfolk are graphically described in a unique roll of honour, now published as The Elgin Depositions. This astonishing document was compiled as a testimony of the community’s steadfastness in adversity; of sufferings not shirked but embraced as Elgin’s Love-gift. Royal 8vo,  144pp,  4 ills,  ’07 978  1  86077  474  4 £25.00

CIVIL ENGINEERING HERITAGE The series examines the contribution civil engineering has made to society over the last two hundred years, including its successes and failures, including transport networks, architecture and landscape design. Each volume covers a particular region and includes a county-by-county gazetteer of groundbreaking monuments to civil engineering, from pumping stations to cathedrals. CIVIL ENGINEERING HERITAGE East Anglia  Peter Cross-Rudkin Quarto, 160pp, May’108 978  1  86077   637  3 £18.99 CIVIL ENGINEERING HERITAGE Wales  Keith Thomas Quarto, 192pp, May’10 978  1  86077   638  0 £18.99 CIVIL ENGINEERING HERITAGE West Midlands  Roger Cragg Quarto, 176pp, May’10 978  1  86077   572  7 £18.99

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cumbria  • lancashire

A HISTORY OF CUMBERLAND AND DCH WESTMORLAND  William Rollinson Quarto, 152pp,  ’96 978  1  86077  009  8 £15.95 THE STONE CIRCLES OF CUMBRIA John Waterhouse POD Quarto, limp, 192pp, ’85 978  0  85033  566  8 £25.00 THE EDEN VALLEY and the North Pennines W.R. Mitchell The rich history of the vale is brought to life in this beautifully illustrated book. £15.99 Royal 8vo, 176pp,  ’07 978 1  86077  450  8 THE DUKE OF NORFOLK’S DEEDS AT ARUNDEL CASTLE Dacre Estates in Northern Counties edited by Heather Warne The essence of each deed is given in English, and includes every place-name and every personal name. Royal 8vo, 304pp, ’05 978  1  86077  377  8 £25.00

THE MOTORWAY ACHIEVEMENT: Building the Network The North West of England Harry L. Yeadon see also p.8 246x197mm, 192pp, ’05 987  1  86077  352  4 £20.00 ISLE OF MAN: A Pictorial History D. Robert Elleray Quarto, 128pp, ’89 978  0  85033  677  1 £13.99 AROUND MORECAMBE BAY W.R. Mitchell Royal 8vo, 160pp, ’05 978  1  86077  331  0 £15.99 LANCASTER: A History Andrew White Royal 8vo, 176pp, ’03

978  1  86077  244  3 £17.99

BOWLAND AND PENDLE HILL W.R. Mitchell Royal 8vo, 160pp,   ’04 978  1  86077  285  6 £15.99 BURNLEY: A Pictorial History Brian Hall and Ken Spencer Quarto, 128pp, ’93 978  0  85033  866  9 £13.99 ORMSKIRK: A History Mona Duggan Royal 8vo, 176pp, ’07 TRAFFORD PARK Robert Nicholls Quarto, 192pp,   ’96

978 1  86077  466  9 £15.99

978  1  86077  013  5


WILLIAM HULME and His Trust  I.B. Fallows Royal 8vo, 256pp,   ’08 978  0  85033  535  2 £16.99 BIRKENHEAD Elizabeth Davey Royal 8vo, 144pp, ’09

978  1  86077  491  1 £16.99

Stockport: A History Morris Garratt Royal 8vo, 144pp,  ’09 978  1  86077  543  7 £18.99

Southport: A History Harry Foster A 19th-century town which grew up on a thinly populated coast of sandy dunes, Southport first developed as a bathing resort before becoming a desirable place to live. This new account of the area’s past places the modern town inside a longer chronological narrative. It examines previously neglected evidence from prehistory and traces the manors, townships and parishes that occupied the barren coastal strip of North Meols in medieval times.This informed and authoritative history from an author who has already written nine best-selling local history books is beautifully illustrated throughout, many of the 150 images being published here for the first time.

Royal 8vo, 144pp, 150 ills,  ’08

978 1  86077  502  4 £16.99

The Lune Valley and the Howgill Fells W.R. Mitchell

The Lune Valley is in border country, a historic and picturesque divide between the Lake District and the Yorkshire Dales. To the Romans, the valley provided a low-lying route between the Lancashire Plain and Solway Firth. It took the AngloSaxons to clear the tracts of forest and create settlements with the suffix -ton. In Edwardian times this rich agricultural backdrop provided the setting for grand estates. This readable and informative history examines the geology, farming, crafts and industries of the Lune Valley and Howgill Fells, as well as the transport, religious affairs, sport and culture of this distinctive region.

Royal 8vo, 160pp, 100 ills,  ’09

978 1  86077  550  5 £16.99

LINKS ALONG THE LINE: The Story of the Development of Golf Between Liverpool and Southport Harry Foster South-west Lancashire boasts the largest, and arguably the finest, tract of coastal sand dunes in the country and is the home of an extra­ ordinary cluster of golf courses.These clubs have justifiably attained an international reputation with major championships and representative matches, both amateur and professional. Golf in south-west Lancashire is placed in its social, economic and spatial setting and it is argued that golf was not merely a response to change but one of the engines of change. Royal 8vo, 128pp, 84 ills, ’08  978 1  86077  523  9 £16.99 …For more information about backlist titles visit … For more information about backlist titles visit

northumberland  •  Durham

NORTHUMBRIA History and Identity, 547-2000 edited by Robert Colls The book is a work of exceptional scholarship. Never before have so many acclaimed historians addressed together the issues which have affected this special region. Clearly written, and rich in ideas, chapters explore the physical origins of Northumbria and consider just how the pressing political and military claims of adjoining states shaped and tempered it. There are further chapters on art, music, mythology, dialect, history, economy, poetry, politics, religion, antiquarianism, literature and settlement. They show how Northumbrians have lived and died, and looked forward and back, and these accounts of the North East’s past will surely help in the shaping of its future.

Royal 8vo, 192pp, 130 ills,  ’07

 NEWCASTLE UPON TYNE: A Modern History edited by Robert Colls and Bill Lancaster Quarto, 384pp, ’01 978  1  86077  167  5 £19.99 TYNESIDE IN THE SECOND WORLD WAR Dr Craig Armstrong Royal 8vo, 192pp, ’07 978 1  86077  467   6 £17.99   GIBSIDE AND THE BOWES FAMILY Margaret Wills DURHAM CITY Keith Proud Royal 8vo, 160pp, ’03

See page 7

978 1  86077  249 8 £15.99

WEST DURHAM: The Archaeology of Industry Frank Atkinson and Andy Guy Royal 8vo, 304pp, ’08 978  1  86077  447  8 £25.00 DARLINGTON: A Pictorial History Robert Woodhouse Quarto, 128pp, ’98 978  1  86077  085  2 £13.99 THE DISCOVERY OF TEESDALE Michael Rudd Royal 8vo, 192pp, ’07 978 1  86077  453   9 £20.00

978 1  86077  471  3


The Motorway Achievement Building the Network: The North East F.A. Sims Covering the counties of the West Riding, North Riding, Durham and Northumberland, including the Newcastle Central Motorway East and the Western Bypass, this eminently readable and illustrated nar rative touches on the early history of the planning, design and construction of motor ways and the setting up of Highways and Bridges Departments in the various counties and the prominent people who were involved at the time. The many significant feats of engineering covered here range from overcoming the hazards of crossing the Pennines and the glacial silt lakes of Durham to routing a motorway on a two-level structure through Sheffield. Times of great drama are remembered, such as the trauma over Tinsley Viaduct and the see also p.8 failure during construction of the Calder Bridge.

246x197mm, 256pp, 76/52 ills, ’08

978 1  86077  520  8 £25.00

Newcastle and Gateshead Before 1700 edited by Diana Newton and A.J. Pollard Modern Newcastle and Gateshead are renowned for coal, a football club and their vibrant cultural scene. But their pre-modern history is equally distinctive as the city was for centuries the preeminent north-east port trading across the North Sea, focal point of regional society and the main military base for the eastern Scottish marches. The concluding part of Phillimore’s acclaimed north-eastern trilogy, this collection of essays by scholars eminent in their fields brings together under one cover the results of recent archaeological and historical research to reveal the vigour and variety of the early history of these settlements at the lowest bridging point of the Tyne. A unique feature is the twinning with Gateshead and Newcastle, long-term rivals across the river. By linking their shared history until the birth of modern times, the collection does for the past what the Millennium Bridge does for the present.

Royal 8vo, 368pp, 101 ills, Oct’09

978 1  86077  579  6



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ILKLEY: A History of a Wharfedale Town Rhona Finlayson For many years Ilkley was protected from the arrival of the industrial age by local landowners. Consequently the village and its surroundings retained their beautiful setting which, in combination with natural springs rising on the nearby moorland, led to the development of a well-known and popular spa, particularly during the hydrotherapy boom of the 19th century.

SKIPTON AND THE CRAVEN DALES W.R. Mitchell Royal 8vo, 143pp, ’06 978  1  86077  390  7 £16.99 A HISTORY OF DONCASTER Brian Barber Royal 8vo, 192pp,  ’07 978  1  86077  486  7


Royal 8vo, 144pp, 150 ills,  ’09 978  1  86077  567  3 £18.99 DOMESDAY BOOK: YORKSHIRE with parts of Lancashire and Cumbria Gen ed. John Morris Series notes page 6. Lib edn. 978  0  85033  530  9 Limited stock  £44.00 limp 978  0  85033  531  0 TOP  £24.50 YORKSHIRE FISHERFOLK Peter Frank Limited stock £17.99 Royal 8vo, 256pp, ’02 978  1  86077  207  8 A HISTORY OF RICHMOND AND SWALEDALE R. Fieldhouse and B. Jennings POD Octavo, limp, 534pp 978  1  86077  364  8 £18.99 KEIGHLEY: A Pictorial History J. Stewart Cardwell Limited stock Quarto, 128pp, ’97 978  1  86077  062  2 £6.99 THE BRIDLINGTON LIFEBOAT: The First 200 Years, 1805-2005  Fred Walkington Royal 8vo, limp, 160pp,  ’05 978  1  86077  335  8 £9.99 A History of Whitby Andrew White Royal 8vo, 224pp, rpt’04 978  1  86077  306  8 HARROGATE PAST W.R. Mitchell Quarto, 144pp, ’01


Limited stock 978  1  86077  181  1 £15.99

SEA PAINTER The Life and Work of J.R. Bagshawe, 1870-1909, Marine Artist  Peter Frank Joseph Bagshawe’s artistic preoccupation was with the sea in all its moods: turbulence, calm, oily swell and angry storm are all to be found in his work. His other, human, focus was those who sailed upon the sea and derived their living from it, especially the fisher folk and their families who dwelt on the shores of the North Sea. The village of Staithes and the port of Whitby on the North Yorkshire coast captured his attention most of all. He was only 39 years old at the time of his death in 1909. By then, his enormous talent was being recognised and he had been elected a member of the Royal Society of British Artists; between 1897 and 1910 17 of his paintings had been chosen for display at Royal Academy Summer Exhibitions. In recent years interest in the Staithes Group of Artists has grown steadily and with it curiosity about Bagshawe.

Royal 8vo, 96pp, 15/50 ills, Apr’10

978  1  86077  617  5 £16.99

Scarborough: A History Trevor Pearson The Romans chose the headland that divides Scarborough’s two bays for a watch tower, but it was the Vikings who, according to legend, first gave the town its name. The settlement they founded was later razed to the ground by the Norwegian king Harald Hardrada in 1066 and no trace of it has ever been found. The recorded history of Scarborough begins in the middle of the 12th century with the construction of the castle on the headland. King Henry II issued a charter in 1163 and the royal borough was the largest and most prosperous port on the Yorkshire coast in the 13th and 14th centuries, but it fell into decline. Scarborough became the country’s first true seaside holiday resort after the discovery of sea bathing in the 18th century. The coming of the railway in 1845 ushered in mass tourism and saw the construction of new boarding houses and hotels wherever there was a view of the sea. This fully illustrated narrative is the perfect introduction to the history of Scarborough.

Royal 8vo, 144pp, 150 ills,  ’09

978  1  86077  568  0


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CHESTER: A History Simon Ward Chester has a long and fascinating history, dating from the arrival of the Roman army around A.D.74. Their fortress was the stimulus for the growth of a prosperous town with such attributes of classical civilisation as bathhouses, central heating and an amphitheatre. The fifth-century collapse was followed by expansion under Saxon Mercia, and the threat of Viking attack was countered by the creation of a burh. After the Norman Conquest, it became the capital of a powerful earldom and later Edward I’s headquarters for his conquest of North Wales. A large abbey dominated the centre and swathes of land were enclosed in friary precincts. Chester was for many centuries the major urban centre in north-west England. In the 20th century the decision over whether to preserve or replace its historic core gave the city fathers one of their greatest challenges. This beautifully illustrated book explores the city through the ages and looks at the people who contributed to its intriguing story. £16.99 Royal 8vo, 144pp, 150 ills, ’09 978  1  86077  499  7

DOMESDAY BOOK: CHESHIRE with parts of Lancashire, Cumbria, and North Wales Gen. ed. John Morris Series notes page 6. £15.00 Lib. ed. 978  0  85033  139  4 TOP £8.75 Limp 978  0  85033  140  0 WILMSLOW AND ALDERLEY EDGE A Pictorial History  Roy Westall Quarto, 128pp,   ’94 978  0  85033  867  6 CREWE: A History Susan Chambers Royal 8vo, 144pp, 132 ills, ’07


978 1  86077  472  0 £15.99

KNUTSFORD: A History Joan Leach This charming new history is long overdue and, enhanced by a delightful selection of photographs, will interest all who know the town. Royal 8vo, 144pp,  ’07 978  1  86077  473  7 £15.99 CHURCH PLATE of the Diocese of Chester Maurice H. Ridgway (edited by Michael Sherratt) Limited stock Royal 8vo, 256pp,   ’07 978  1  86077  476  8 £35.00 CATALOGUE OF SILVER IN THE GROSVENOR MUSEUM, CHESTER Peter Boughton An essential work of reference for all collectors and a rich source for students of the decorative arts and history of silver. A4, limp, 228pp, ’00 978  1  86077  153  8 £19.95

A HISTORY OF Warrington Alan Crosby A town at a crossroads, Warrington’s position on one of the key northsouth routes of England, where it crosses the east-west axis of the Mersey valley, has for 2,000 years helped to shape its destiny. A Roman road crossed the river here, then the medieval bridge brought much trade to its market; wh i le t he moder n motor way net work h a s g iven t he tow n an a l most un r iva l led locat ion for com mercia l and industr ia l development. Despite its antiquity, in the late 1960s it was designated a new town and in the next 30 years it was transformed into a major regional centre. A long overdue new look at every facet of the town’s past in a richly illustrated narrative. ‘This book is a real joy - and a challenge. A joy to read because it is so well researched and so elegantly written, and a challenge because it sets the standard for future urban historians to emulate, if they can.’ The Association for Local History Tutors Bulletin

Lge 4to, limp, 208pp, rpt’07

978  1  86077  222  1


Picturesque Chester: The City in Art Peter Boughton The two-mile circuit of Chester’s Roman and medieval walls encloses 2,000 years of history, including a unique system of two-storey shopping streets, the Gothic cathedral and charming Tudor and Stuart half-timbered houses, a monumental Greek Revival castle and the spectacular buildings of the Victorian and Edwardian black-and-white revival. The city has inspired artists for more than four hundred years, and the Grosvenor Museum houses 700 oils, watercolours, drawings and prints of the city. The cream of this remarkably comprehensive collection has been selected to provide a fascinating exploration of this unique city. The text provides a wealth of information about Chester’s architectural history and the development of her distinctive townscape.

A4, limp, 128pp, 180/20 ills, ’97

978 1  86077  039  5



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shropshire  •  wales DOMESDAY BOOK: SHROPSHIRE Gen. ed. John Morris Series notes page 6. Limited stock £20.00 Lib.ed. 978  0  85033  585  9 Limp 978  0  85033  586  8 £12.50 LUDLOW: An Historical Anthology  David Lloyd and Peter Klein Lge 4to, 176pp, ’06 978  1  86077  286  3 £17.99 BARGES AND BARGEMEN: A Social History of the Upper Severn Navigation 1660-1900  Barrie Trinder Limited stock An absorbing picture of the colourful lives of barge owners and watermen, in addition to illustrating how the navigation was devised and operated. Royal 8vo, 192pp, ’05 978  1  86077  361  7 £19.99 BEYOND THE BRIDGES: The Suburbs of Shrewsbury, 1760-1960 Barrie Trinder Royal 8vo, 224pp, ’06 978  1  86077  393  8 £20.00 MR ADAMS’ FREE GRAMMAR SCHOOL  David and Ruth Taylor Limited stock Octavo, 256pp, ’02 978  1  86077  221  4 £15.95 TELFORD: A Pictorial History  George Evans and Ron Briscoe Quarto, 128pp,   ’95 978  0  85033  955  0 £13.99 YEOMEN AND COLLIERS IN TELFORD Edited by Barrie Trinder and Jeff Cox Limited stock An analysis of 846 inventories in Dawley, Lilleshall,Wellington and Wrockwardine between 1660 and 1750. Octavo, 496pp, ’80 978  0  85033  382  4 £25.00

THE RIVER WYE Josephine Jeremiah The author’s concise and very readable narrative account of the past of the Wye Valley is transformed by her pictures and their captions into a book of compelling interest to all the communities along the river’s banks, from villages and market towns to cathedral city - and to all the many visitors who come to wonder at its magnificent scenery, ancient castles, bridges, centuries-old churches and, not least, the many ancient inns that grace its banks. ‘The author’s prose is evocative, as well as informative, and she beautifully depicts the human faces of the times... Her words are every bit as pictorial as the many illustrations... highly recommended.’ South Wales Argus

Quarto, 144pp, 178 ills,  ’04

978  1  86077  301  3


SHROPSHIRE HILL COUNTRY  Vincent Waite The land of Clun Forest, Clee Hills and the Stiperstones, south-west of the river Severn. Octavo, limp, 192pp, ’89 978  0  85033  365  7 £6.95 THE MOTORWAY ACHIEVEMENT Building the Network in the Midlands John Carrington see also p.8 246x197mm, 256pp,   ’09 978  1  86077  536  9 £25.00

‘THE MOST EXTRAORDINARY DISTRICT IN THE WORLD’: Ironbridge and Coalbrookdale  Barrie Trinder Lge 4to, 160pp, ’05 978  1  86077 375 4 £19.99 THE IRON BRIDGE: Symbol of the Industrial See page 5 Revolution MINERS AND MARINERS OF THE SEVERN GORGE edited by Barrie Trinder and Nancy Cox Probate inventories for Benthall, Broseley, Little Wenlock Limited stock and Madeley 1660-1764. Octavo, 384pp, ’00 978  1  86077  126  2 £25.00

GWYNEDD: INHERITING A REVOLUTION The Archaeology of Industrialisation in North-West Wales  David Gwyn Royal 8vo, 272pp, limp,  ’06 978  1  86077  515  4 £19.99 THE MOTORWAY ACHIEVEMENT Building the Network in Wales Brian Hawker and Howard Stevens See p.7. 246x197mm, 224pp,   Feb’10 978  1  86077   590  1 £25.00

THE INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION IN SHROPSHIRE Barrie Trinder The acclaimed first edition (1973) firmly established the Shropshire Coalfield as the cradle of the Industrial Revolution. After several reprints a new edition appeared in 1981, but since then there has been much further research and re-examination of interpretations, prompting a completely re-written book with an entirely new structure, and with many more illustrations, all integrated with the relevant text. This is the book that made Ironbridge a place of international pilgrimage, and, in its third edition, provides a 21st-century explanation why! ‘If there is one book which British industrial archaeologists should have at their disposal (in addition to the Bible and Shakespeare), it might well be Barrie Trinder’s The Industrial Revolution in Shropshire ... Some seminal local studies have moulded our knowledge of many aspects of British history, for example ... Hoskins’ pioneering history of Devon. The Industrial Revolution in Shropshire now ranks among such works.’ Peter Wakelin, Industrial Archaeology Review, XXV.1

Quarto, 304pp, 70 ills, ’00

978  1  86077  133  0


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herefordshire  •  worcestershire

DOMESDAY BOOK: HEREFORDSHIRE Gen. ed. John Morris Series notes page 6. Lib. ed. 978  0  85033  469  2 Limited stock £18.00 Limp 978  0  85033  470  8 £11.25

DOMESDAY BOOK: WORCESTERSHIRE Gen. ed. John Morris Series notes page 6. TOP £16.00 Lib. ed. 978  0  85033  161  5 limp 978  0  85033  162  2 £10.00 THE RIVER SEVERN: A Pictorial History from Shrewsbury to Gloucester Josephine Jeremiah ‘... exudes a certain gravitas which elevates it far above the mere coffee-table browse.’ Canal & Riverboat Magazine Quarto, limp, 128pp, ’98 978  1  86077  271  9 £13.99 THE COVENTRYS OF CROOME Catherine Gordon see also p.7 Quarto, 256pp, ’00 978  1  86077  139  2 £25.00 A HISTORY OF STOURBRIDGE Nigel Perry Quarto, limp, 256pp, rpt’05, 978  1  86077  380  8 £12.99 A HISTORY OF HALESOWEN  Julian Hunt Royal 8vo, 192pp,   ’04 978 1  86077  317  6 £16.99 MALVERN GIRLS’ COLLEGE Pamela Hurle Limited stock Malvern Girls’ College was built as the town developed into a fashionable Victorian spa town and began life as the Imperial Hotel, which later became the school’s main building. During the century of the school’s existence the status of women in society has changed dramatically. Quarto, 128pp, ’93 978  0  85033  853  9 £14.99 The Forest and Chase of Malvern Pamela Hurle Royal 8vo, 176pp, ’07 978  1  86077  440  9 £17.99 A HISTORY OF KIDDERMINSTER Nigel Gilbert Royal 8vo, 256pp, ’04 978  1  86077  309  9 £17.99

WORCESTER CATHEDRAL Ute Engel Worcester Cathedral is one of the out­standing monuments of medieval England. This book, a revised and updated translation of the German edition (2000), is the first complete architectural history of the cathedral, covering all aspects of the building from the 11th to the 14th centuries, including the later restorations. In this authoritative book these phases of construction are set in their historical context, based on architectural and documentary evidence. Patrons, masons and finance are all discussed. The iconographical significance of the cathedral’s rich sculptural embellishments, the functions and liturgical arrangements of the building (such as altars, shrines and Lady Chapels) and the veneration of Worcester saints Oswald and Wulfstan are explored. Worcester Cathedral is of national importance as the burial place of King John, whose son Henry III acted as patron of the new Worcester choir. An important contribution to the history of ecclesiastical buildings, this well-illustrated book will also be of interest to any who have marvelled at the splendour of Worcester Cathedral’s architectural heritage.

Quarto, 368pp, 245 ills,  ’07

978  1  86077  360  0


DROITWICH: A Pictorial History  Lyn Blewitt and Bob Field Quarto, 128pp,   ’94 978  0  85033  902  4 £13.99 THE VALE OF EVESHAM: A Pictorial History Josephine Jeremiah Quarto, 128pp, ’97 978  1  86077 050 0 £13.99 VILLAGE RECORDS  John West

See p.2

King’s Norton: A History George Demidocwicz and Stephen Price Standing in front of the former Saracen’s Head inn, with the tower and spire of St Nicolas church ahead, the visitor to King’s Norton is presented with a classic image of the English village - a fine medieval church and a spectacular timber-framed house fronting a village green. This first definitive history of King’s Norton area, from prehistory to Birmingham suburb, is fully illustrated throughout and contains archival source material not seen before. It also includes the most recent research on the Saracen’s Head, winner of the BBC2 Restoration programme in 2004. Kings Norton is now incorporated into Birmingham, but was once one of the largest manors and parishes in Worcestershire. Common themes running throughout its history include the village, agriculture and population, but other topics discussed, such as Domesday Book or the Industrial Revolution, are specific to a particular period. This book presents the results of several decades of work by the authors on the history, topography, archaeology and architecture of King’s Norton.

Royal 8vo, 224pp, 129 ills, ’09

978 1  86077  562  8



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ROYAL LEAMINGTON SPA: A History Lyndon Cave The new town of Leamington Spa was established in 1808 but the village of Leamington Priors has existed since medieval times. This first full-length history of Leamington since 1903 traces the evolution of the village, through the spa resort, to the thriving modern town of today. The people responsible for the transformation of this corner of Warwickshire are introduced to us and the extent of their achievement acknowledged. It was certainly noted at the time by residents and visitors such as Charles Dickens, John Ruskin and Nathaniel Hawthorne.The town retains most of its original qualities, including major buildings such as the Royal Pump Rooms and open spaces such as the famous Jephson Gardens, and this beautifully illustrated account pays tribute to the men and women who created Leamington Spa and then ensured its safe passage down to the present. It will be enjoyed by all those keen to know more about the history of this special place. Royal 8vo, 224pp, 160 ills, ’09 978 1  86077  505  5 £18.99 DOMESDAY BOOK: WARWICKSHIRE Gen. ed. John Morris. Series notes page 6. Lib edn. 978  0  85033  141  7 £14.00 limp 978  0  85033  142  4 Limited stock £8.25 CITY-STATE AND NATION: Birmingham’s Political History, 1830-1940 Roger Ward, with a Foreword by Professor Carl Chinn Royal 8vo, 288pp, ’05 978  1  86077  320  4 £20.00 A BREATH OF FRESH AIR: Birmingham’s Open-Air Schools 1911-1970  Frances Wilmot and Pauline Saul Quarto, 368pp, ’98 978  1  86077 075 3 £30.00 EDGBASTON: A History Terry Slater Quarto, 144pp, ’02 978  1  86077  216  0 £15.99 HARBORNE: A History Edward Chitham Quarto, 144pp, 156 ills, ’04

978  1  86077  294  8 £15.99

BOURNVILLE: Model Village to Garden Suburb Michael Harrison Quarto, 288pp, ’99 978  1  86077  117  0 £19.99 SHIRLEY: A Pictorial History  Sue Bates Quarto, 128pp,   ’93 978  0  85033  869  0 £13.99 SOLIHULL PAST  Sue Bates Quarto, 144pp, ’01

978  1  86077  176  7 £14.99

SUTTON COLDFIELD: A Pictorial History  Sue Bates Limited stock Quarto, 128pp, ’97 978  1  86077  037  1 £13.99 A HISTORY OF COVENTRY David McGrory Royal 8vo, 304pp, ’03 978  1  86077  264  1 £18.99 A CENTURY OF CELEBRATING CHRIST: The Diocese of Birmingham 1905-2005 Terry Slater Limited stock Royal 8vo, 240pp, ’05 978  1  86077  341  9 £19.95 ROWLEY REGIS: A History Edward Chitham Quarto, 144pp, ’06 978  1  86077  418  8 £15.99

WEST BROMWICH: A History Edward Chitham This new history investigates the pre-industrial as well as the more recent story of West Bromwich. A wide range of illustrations, many from the author’s own collection, shows aspects of the old parish and town that have rarely been seen before in published form.The town retains many signs of its ancient heritage, such as the Oak House, the Manor House and All Saints church as well as the many flourishing industries, some of which are still situated near the banks of the Tame or beside the canals of the early Industrial Revolution. This story of West Bromwich will intrigue past and present residents. Royal 8vo, 256pp, 135 ills, ’09 978 1  86077  531  4 £18.99

Atherstone: A Pleasantly Placed Town Nat Alcock and Margaret Hughes (editors) In chronicling the development of a small North Warwickshire market town, this book offers a fascinating study of the history of Warwickshire and the Midlands more generally. The 13thcentury establishment of the new town and account of 14th- to 18th-century small-town life are authoritatively described. A remarkable central chapter, extensively illustrated, provides an architectural review of all the buildings in the town centre, together with carefully detailed histories of six of the oldest of them.

Royal 8vo, 256pp, 78 ills, ’08

978  1  86077  493  5


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Warwickshire  •  staffordshire  •  DERBYSHIRE

A Lost Landscape: Matthew Boulton’s Gardens at Soho Phillada Ballard, Val Loggie with Shena Mason (editor) Matthew Boulton (1728-1809) is arguably the individual with the greatest historic significance associated with Birmingham. Together with James Watt, he extended the technological boundaries of his time and helped Britain to occupy centre stage as the world’s first industrial nation. His Soho Manufactory became a must-see stop on the itinerary of early industrial tourists, fascinated by its machines and hundreds of employees. Boulton’s interests ranged far and wide and the new fashion for landscape gardening particularly appealed to him. From the 1760s, when he and his wife went to live at Soho House, he set about creating his own landscape. His son’s notebooks contain much of interest to historians and to growers of early varieties of many fruits and vegetables. The landscaped park has since disappeared under Birmingham’s industrial heartland but in the 1990s Soho House and the remaining small garden were restored and developed as a museum. A number of drawings and watercolours by John Phillip in the 1790s are included, the only surviving contemporary visual evidence for how the garden once looked.

Royal 8vo, 112pp, 51 ills, ’09 THE RIVER AVON: A Pictorial History, from Warwick to Tewkesbury Josephine Jeremiah Quarto, 128pp, ’99 978  1  86077  116 3 £13.99

978  1  86077  563  5


CANNOCK CHASE PAST Sherry Belcher Quarto, 144pp, rpt’07 978  1  86077  510  9


TAMWORTH: A History Richard Stone Quarto, 144pp, ’03 978  1  86077  278  8


A HISTORY OF WOLVERHAMPTON Chris Upton Royal 8vo, limp, 192pp, rpt’07 978  1  86077  508  6


DOMESDAY BOOK: STAFFORDSHIRE Gen. ed. John Morris. Series notes page 6. Limited stock £12.00 Lib. ed. 978  0  85033  143  1 Limp 978  0  85033  144  8 £7.00

THE RIVER TRENT Richard Stone Quarto, 154pp, ’05

978  1  86077  356  3


THE COLLIERIES AND COALMINERS OF STAFFORDSHIRE Richard Stone Royal 8vo, 144pp, ’07 978 1  86077  455  3


DOMESDAY BOOK: DERBYSHIRE Gen ed. John Morris Series notes page 6. Limited stock Lib. ed. 978  0  85033  165  3 TOP Limp 978  0  85033  166  0

£12.00 £7.00


THE DISCOVERY OF THE PEAK DISTRICT Trevor Brighton Limited stock 978  1  86077  314 3 £20.00 Royal 8vo, 264pp, ’04

PEOPLE AT HOME: Living in a Warwickshire Village, 1500-1800  N.W. Alcock This important study relates to Stoneleigh, but is listed on p.2 in view of its national significance.

STAFFORD PAST  Roy Lewis Quarto, 144pp, ’97

978  1  86077  049  4

BURTON UPON TRENT: A History Richard Stone Quarto, 144pp, ’04 978  1  86077  312  9 £15.99

HATHERSAGE IN THE PEAK: A History Barbara A. Buxton 978  1  86077  348  8 Royal 8vo, 160pp, ’05



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NOTTINGHAMSHIRE  •  LINCOLNSHIRE DOMESDAY BOOK: NOTTINGHAMSHIRE Gen ed. John Morris Series notes page 6. £14.00 Lib.ed. 978  0  85033  147  9 TOP £8.25 Limp 978  0  85033  148  6 Limited stock A CENTENARY HISTORY OF NOTTINGHAM John Beckett Royal 8vo, 624pp, ’06 978  1  86077  438  6 £30.00 WEST BRIDGFORD PAST Geoffrey Oldfield Quarto, 144pp, ’01 978  1  86077  168  2 £14.99 MANSFIELD: A Pictorial History David J. Bradbury Quarto, 128pp, ’05 978  1  86077  337  2 £14.99

DOMESDAY BOOK: LINCOLNSHIRE Gen. ed. John Morris Series notes page 6. Top  £38.00 Lib.ed. 978  0  85033  598  9 limp 978  0  85033  599  6 TOP  £20.00 STAMFORD PAST Christopher Davies Quarto, 144pp, ’02

978  1  86077  228  3 £14.99

A History of Lincoln Richard Gurnham The earliest settlement beside the Brayford Pool was called Lindon, and this Celtic name was adopted by the Roman conquerors in the first century A.D. After the Empire collapsed the city developed into the Anglo-Saxon kingdom of Lindsey. Then came the great cathedral begun by the Normans, the Conqueror’s castle and f ine Norman town houses. Throughout the 12th and 13th centuries the city thrived as a major centre for the wool and cloth trades, but even before the Black Death struck in 1349 it was beginning to decline. Rapid growth, however, came only in the 19th century when this rather sleepy ancient cathedral city transformed itself – almost literally ‘overnight’ – into a centre for heavy engineering and, in the First World War, the home of the tank. Lincoln’s older heritage is now better preserved than ever before, and this fully illustrated book tells the story of this beautiful ‘place by the pool’ over two thousand years.

Royal 8vo, 160pp, 150 ills, ’09

Street names of cleethorpes Alan C. Dowling Throw light on the origins of street names, when they were built, significant buildings and other relevant information or anecdotes, the entries include references to the resort’s early history; members of the royal family; the Civil War; local people and families; local geography; landowners and trades; and local churches and chapels.

Quarto, 128pp, 106 ills, Apr’10 978  1  86077  605  2 £12.99

978  1  86077  551  2 £17.99

BOSTON: A Pictorial History Neil Wright Quarto, 128pp,  ’94 978  0  85033  937  6 £14.99 CLEETHORPES: The Creation of a Seaside Resort Alan Dowling Royal 8vo, 192pp, ’05 978  1  86077  343  3 £15.99 GRIMSBY: Making the Town 1800-1914 Alan Dowling Royal 8vo, 176pp, ’07 978  1  86077  463  8 £15.99 HATCHMENTS IN BRITAIN Vol. 8: Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire, Cheshire, Staffordshire, Derbyshire, Leicestershire and Rutland. Series notes page 9. Gen eds. Peter Summers and John E. Titterton Octavo, ’88 978  0  85033  652  8 £14.99

Sherwood forest and The dukeries Adrian Gray The ruthless Norman monarchs hunted here, but the Forest was still full of peasant life while great events were taking place at Clipstone’s royal ‘palace’. The Norman barons, fearing death and judgement, gifted land to the monasteries, and the monks became the first great owners of Sherwood besides the king. When the monasteries were swept away their place was quickly taken by acquisitive landowners. For a brief time these gilded nobles ruled the Forest and the whole country, building political dynasties on local wealth and influence, with grand houses to match. The discovery of coal seemed to offer an even grander future of limitless wealth but it all vanished in barely two generations as stiffer taxation, combined with excessive gambling, womanising and wasteful living, threw away wealth that had taken generations to build up. Adrian Gray weaves together the story of places and people that have made the area special, although not necessarily in the way that tourists imagine.

Royal 8vo, 160pp, 99 ills, ’08

978  1  86077  482  9


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LINCOLNSHIRE  •  leicestershire  • northamptonshire A HISTORY OF LOUTH Richard Gurnham Anglo-Saxon Invaders first settled at the point where the ancient Barton Street trackway forded the river Lud in the later fifth or early sixth century. Following the arrival of Christianity, the little settlement became an important religious centre and the location, in the eighth century, of a monastery. This was destroyed by Danish invaders, and the last Bishop of Lindsey, Herefrith, died a martyr’s death at Viking hands.The settlement flourished under Danish rule as a centre for the surrounding agricultural area, and by the time of the Norman Conquest it had established a weekly market. A planned new town grew as England’s wool trade prospered, assisted by the entrepreneurial activities of the Cistercian monks of nearby Louth Park Abbey. A number of local men were hanged in Louth market place for their part in the Lincolnshire Rising, and successive plagues had a devastating effect in the late 16th and 17th centuries, but growth returned following the arrival first of the turnpike roads and then the building of the canal and railway. This fully illustrated account of the town’s history combines a useful overview of the major influences on Louth’s development with a wealth of detail which brings to life the community in times past.

Royal 8vo, 224pp, 100 ills, ’07

978  1  86077  459  1


DOMESDAY BOOK: LEICESTERSHIRE Gen. ed. John Morris Series notes page 6. £14.00 Lib.ed. 978  0  85033  331  2 Limited stock £8.25 Limp 978  0  85033  332  9 Limited stock

DOMESDAY BOOK: RUTLAND Gen. ed. John Morris Series notes page 6. Lib. ed. 978  0  85033  173  0 Limited stock £12.00 limp 978  0  85033  174  9 Limited stock £7.00

LEICESTERSHIRE EVENTS Malcolm Elliott Ranging from those that shaped the county’s history and even that of the nation, to those that only feature in the local sporting calendar. 246x197mm, 144pp, ’04 978  1  86077  280  1 £15.99

THE RIVER GREAT OUSE AND THE RIVER CAM: From Brackley to King’s Lynn Josephine Jeremiah Quarto, 128pp, ’06 978 1  86077  417  1 £15.99

PETERBOROUGH PAST The City and the Soke David Brandon and John Knight

A HISTORY OF NORTHAMPTONSHIRE DCH R.L. Greenall Quarto, 144pp, ’00 978  1  86077  147  7 £15.99

The book explores Peterborough’s history from the seventh century, describing its destruction by Danish raiders and its restoration with a new abbey. It remained a small market city until the 19th century when it changed, dramatically, into a railway and industrial centre. Today its uniqueness lies in the successful grafting on to its ancient core of new commercial, leisure and housing developments. One of Britain’s fastest growing cities, it has attracted large numbers of newcomers who have given it a dynamic, cosmopolitan and multicultural character. In this very readable book, two well-know local historians provide a fascinating narrative account of its entire past. ‘…A fascinating narrative...Well illustrated, this book will intrigue local people and visitors alike...’ Cambridgeshire Journal ‘There is great capacity for further reading but this lavish, and always interesting book makes an excellent starter.’ Rutland Times

Quarto, 144pp, 150 ills, ’01

978  1  86077  184  2


DOMESDAY BOOK: NORTHAMPTONSHIRE Gen. ed. John Morris Series notes page 6. £16.00 Lib.ed. 978  0  85033  163  9 Limited stock Limp 978  0  85033  164  6 £10.00 THE RIVER NENE: A Pictorial History Josephine Jeremiah In this striking collection of carefully captioned old photo­ graphs, the author vividly reveals life along the Nene in bygone times. Quarto, 128pp, ’03 978  1  86077  257  3 £14.99 DAVENTRY PAST R.L.  Greenall Quarto, 144 pp, ’99

978  1  86077  108  8   £6.99

Joseph Grose and the Motor Car: A True Pioneer  Alan Burman Limited stock Having introduced the motor car to Northamptonshire, Grose specialised in bespoke coachwork of world-famous high quality. Quarto, 144pp,   ’98 978  1  86077  090  6 £14.99 A HISTORY OF KETTERING R. L. Greenall Royal 8vo, 256pp, ’03 978  1  86077  254  2 £18.99


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UPPER AND MIDDLE THAMES From Source to Reading: A Pictorial History Josephine Jeremiah Rising in the Gloucestershire Cotswolds, the Thames flows in an easterly direction for 215 miles to the sea. Its upper reaches pass Cricklade, Lechlade and Eynsham. Leaving the ‘dreaming spires’ of Oxford, the Thames passes Abingdon and Wallingford before running through atractive scenery at the Goring Gap between the Berkshire Downs and the Chiltern Hills. From Pangbourne, the river flows past Caversham and Reading to its junction with the Kennet & Avon Canal. This new study uses 18th-century aquatints, 19th-century engravings and old photographs of the river and the settlements along its banks to illustrate an historical journey from source to Reading. Ancient bridges, ferries, flash locks and pound locks are featured, plus centuries-old churches, mills and inns. River craft used for work and pleasure are also portrayed. This collection will engage the interest of river users, ramblers and residents alike who enjoy the history of this most famous of Britain’s rivers.

Royal 8vo, 128pp, 176 ills, ’07 DOMESDAY BOOK: OXFORDSHIRE Gen. ed. John Morris Series notes page 6. Lib.ed. 978  0  85033  169  1 top £4.50 Limp 978  0  85033  170  7 £8.25 BANBURY: A History Brian Little Quarto, 144pp, ’03

978 1 86077 460 7


WITNEY: A History Stanley C. Jenkins Witney grew up as the result of deliberate planning on the part of successive Bishops of Winchester, a spacious A History wedge-shaped market area being laid out parallel to the river Windrush. By the end of the Middle Ages it had grown into a populous market town with a developing blanket industry, and remained famous as a centre of the blanket manufacturing industry until the closure of the last mill in 2002. This fully illustrated narrative brings the fascinating history of Witney to life and will be enjoyed by all those keen to know this Cotswold town a little better. Quarto, 160pp, 150 ills, May’10 978  1  86077  620  5 £18.99


978  1  86077  242  9 £15.99

VICTORIAN BANBURY  Barrie Trinder POD Quarto, limp, 252pp 978  1  86077  369  3 £16.99 THE WIGGINTON CONSTABLE’S BOOK 1691-1836 ed. by F. D. Price Limited stock Royal 8vo, 176pp, ’71 978  0  900592  55  3 £14.95 GLYMPTON PARK ESTATE: A History Text: John Martin Robinson  Photographs: Mark Fiennes Limited stock Quarto, 80pp, ’98 978  1  86077  077  7 £12.50

Henley-on-Thames: A History David C. Whitehead Henley-on-Thames conjures up for many people, especially those who have never visited, visions of the Royal Regatta, of relaxed afternoons by the Thames, of large houses with spacious lawns. For its residents, the dominant images are likely to be of traffic jams and supermarkets. Both views are, of course, far from complete and do not do justice to the reality of a working and commuter town with a special character reflecting several centuries of history. Henley’s prosperity has undergone marked fluctuations over time, and this book traces the history of the town and its surrounding villages from Roman times to the present day. The Norman period saw the establishment of Henley as a planned settlement with a layout of roads that still forms the basis of the town centre. Thanks to its position on the Thames, it then grew into a major trading centre for grain, timber and firewood destined for London. In the 1700s the town became an important stopping centre, but when the Great Western Railway was built in the 1840s, Henley suffered a downturn in coach trade. The town currently benefits from the local authority’s desire to conserve its historic importance. The book includes brief accounts of some of the individuals who helped to shape its history, and is illustrated with a wide range of photo­graphs, maps and drawings.

Royal 8vo, 160pp, 130 ills, ’07

978  1  86077  452  2


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buckinghamshire   •  berkshire

EVERYONE A HERO: STOKE POGES A Buckinghamshire Village in the Great War Lionel Rigby Royal 8vo, 176pp, ’06 978  1  86077  378  5 £17.99

Beaconsfield: A History Julian Hunt and David Thorpe Beaconsfield is a Buckinghamshire market town with a national reputation. It is best known as the home of 17th-century poet Edmund Waller and of 18th-century Parliamentarian Edmund Burke. Beaconsfield was home from an early date to a growing number of lawyers. The wealth of the Waller family was based on their legal expertise and when the Wallers moved to Gloucestershire in the 19th century, their place at the head of local society was taken by the Lawsons, proprietors of the Daily Telegraph. With the opening of the Great Central and Great Western Joint Railway in 1906, many newcomers took the opportunity to live in Beaconsfield. Among them were the writer G.K. Chesterton and the editor of the Observer, J.L. Garvin.

Royal 8vo, 208pp, 150 ills, ’09

978  1  86077  497  3 £18.99

DOMESDAY BOOK: BUCKINGHAMSHIRE Gen. ed. John Morris Series notes page 6. Lib.ed. 978  0  85033  167  7 Limited stock £15.00 Limp 978  0  85033  168  4 £8.75 STONY STRATFORD PAST Robert Ayers and Audrey Lambert Quarto, 144pp, ’03 978  1  86077  266  5 £14.99 NEWPORT PAGNELL: A Pictorial History Dennis Mynard and Julian Hunt Quarto, 128pp, ’95 978  0  85033  995  6 £6.99 AYLESBURY: A Pictorial History Hugh Hanley and Julian Hunt Quarto, 128pp, ’93 978  0  85033  873  7 £13.99 APPRENTICING IN A MARKET TOWN: The Story of William Harding’s Charity, Aylsebury, 1719-2000  Hugh Hanley Royal 8vo, 196pp, ’05 978  1  86077  324  2 £19.95 PRINCES RISBOROUGH PAST Sandy McFarlane and Chris Kingham Quarto, 144pp, 97 978  1  86077  047 0 £14.99 A HISTORY OF AMERSHAM Julian Hunt Quarto, 136pp, ’01 978  1  86077  187  3


CHESHAM: A Pictorial History Julian Hunt Quarto, 128pp, ’97 978  1  86077 058 6


HIGH WYCOMBE PAST James Rattue Quarto, 144pp, ’02 978  1  86077  218 4 £15.99 Marlow: A Pictorial History Rachel Brown and Julian Hunt Quarto, 128pp, ’94 978  0  85033  942  0 £13.99 GERRARDS CROSS: A History Julian Hunt and David Thorpe Quarto, 176pp, ’06 978  1  86077  388  4 £17.99

STREET NAMES OF MILTON KEYNES Anne Baker Royal 8vo, limp, 96pp, ’06 North 978  1  86077  408  9 £9.99 East 978  1  86077  411  9 £9.99 South 978  1  86077  412  6 £9.99 West 978  1  86077  410  2 £9.99 TOP Central 978  1  86077  409  6 £9.99 DATCHET PAST  Janet Kennish Quarto, 144pp, ’99 978 1  86077  103  3 £13.99 HILLTOP VILLAGES OF THE CHILTERNS David and Joan Hay Limited stock Royal 8vo, 264pp, ’83 978  0  85033  505  7 £9.95

DOMESDAY BOOK: BERKSHIRE Gen. ed. John Morris Series notes page 6. Limited stock £14.00 Lib.ed. 978  0  85033  171  4 Limp 978  0  85033  172  1 £8.25 QUEEN ANNE’S SCHOOL, CAVERSHAM  edited by Mary Driver and Audrey Scott Limited stock Quarto, 144pp,   ’94 978  0  85033  892  8 £14.99 A History of Reading Stuart Hylton Royal 8vo, 256pp, ’07 978 1 86077 458 4 £17.99 Swinley Special: One Hundred Years of Harry Colt’s ‘Least Bad Course’ Nicholas Courtney Royal 8vo, 224pp, ’08 978 1 86077 481 2 £25.00 the Kennet and aVON nAVIGATION see p. 38

Aylesbury: A History Hugh Hanley Aylesbury’s claim to be the county town of Buckinghamshire derives from its early status as a royal manor, which made it the obvious location for the county gaol and the venue for the assizes and other county gatherings. In 1554 Queen Mary granted the townsmen a royal charter of incorporation and, although the charter soon lapsed, the right which it conferred of electing two MPs somehow survived and was later claimed on behalf of the householders. Aylesbury’s experience as a Parliamentary garrison during the Civil War fostered the growth of religious dissent, and at the Restoration in 1660 it was branded a ‘fanatic’ place. Today Aylesbury has expanded beyond the limits of its ancient parish and is home to a variety of service and light engineering industries. This readable and informed new account tells the story of Aylesbury from its origins to the present and will be greatly enjoyed by anyone with an interest in the town.

Royal 8vo, 208pp, 150 ills, ’09

978  1  86077  496  6 £18.99


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hertfordshire  •  Bedfordshire  • CAMBRIDGESHIRE  •  HUNTINGDONSHIRE Leighton Buzzard and Linslade A History Paul Brown The towns of Leighton Buzzard and Linslade were both royal estates before Domesday Book, and they straddled the boundary between the Danes and Saxons in the century before that. Ownership of the town shuttled between France and England as successive kings confiscated the estate. The Industrial Revolution and the advent of improved means of transport turned Linslade into a thriving new town and it was brought into Bedfordshire. A period of considerable expansion for both settlements followed.This long awaited, readable and extremely informative history throws light on Leighton and Linslade’s fascinating past and will be enjoyed by all those curious about this corner of the county. It is fully illustrated and includes many items reproduced here for the first time.

Royal 8vo, 144pp, 168 ills, ’07

978  1  86077  495  9


A HISTORY OF HERTFORDSHIRE    DCH Tony Rook Quarto, 152pp, ’97 978  1  86077  015  9 £15.99

HISTORY OF BEDFORDSHIRE Joyce Godber Limited stock Quarto,  608pp,  rpt ’84 978  0  907041  27 6 £19.95

DOMESDAY BOOK: HERTFORDSHIRE Gen. ed. John Morris Series notes page 6. £15.00 Lib.ed. 978  0  85033  137  0 Limited stock £8.75 Limp 978  0  85033  138  7 Limited stock

DOMESDAY BOOK: BEDFORDSHIRE Gen. ed. John Morris Series notes page 6. £14.00 Lib.ed. 978  0  85033  149  3 Limited stock Limp 978  0  85033  150  9 £8.25

HERTFORD: A History Jacqueline Cooper Royal 8vo, 176pp, ’07 978 1  86077  469  0 £15.99 A HISTORY OF ST ALBANS James Corbett Quarto, limp, 176pp, ’97 978  1  86077  429  4 £14.99 A PROSPECT OF ASHRIDGE Douglas Coult Limited stock The first full-length study of the house and estate. Octavo, 272pp, ’80 978  0  85033  360  2 £11.99

DOMESDAY BOOK: CAMBRIDGESHIRE Gen. ed. John Morris Series notes page 6. £16.00 Lib.ed. 978  0  85033  387  3 TOP £10.00 limp 978  0  85033  388  1 TOP THE KING’S COLLEGE CHOIR BOOK edited by Jonathan Rippon and Penny Cleobury Quarto, 96pp, ’97 978  1  86077 052 4 £14.99 PETERBOROUGH

See p.18

ASHRIDGE: A Living History Kay N. Sanecki 250x250mm,  96pp,  ’96 978  1  86077  020  3 £10.00


See p.18

LETCHWORTH: The First Garden City Mervyn Miller A definitive new edition is published to celebrate Letchworth’s centenary. Lge 4to, 280pp, ’02 978  1  86077  213  9 £25.00

A HISTORY OF HUNTINGDONSHIRE DCH Michael J. Wickes Quarto, 152pp,   ’95 978  0  85033  953  6 £15.99

WELWYN GARDEN CITY PAST Tony Rook Quarto, 144pp, ’01 978  1  86077  141  5 £15.99

DOMESDAY BOOK: HUNTINGDONSHIRE Gen. ed. John Morris Series notes page 6. Lib.ed. 978  0  85033  130  1 Limited stock £12.00 Limp 978  0  85033  135  6 Limited stock £7.00

978  1  86077  109  5 £14.99

HUNTINGDON: A Pictorial History David Cozens Quarto, 128pp,   ’95 978  0  85033  997  9 £13.99

BISHOP’S STORTFORD: A History Jacqueline Cooper Quarto, 144pp,   ’05 978  0  86077  329  7 £16.99

ST NEOTS C.F. Tebbutt POD Royal 8vo, limp, 376pp,  rpt’05 978  1  86077  365 5 £16.99

HODDESDON: A History Sue Garside Quarto, 128pp, ’02 978  1  86077  232 0 £15.99

ST NEOTS PAST  Rosa Young Quarto, 144pp,   ’96

OLD HITCHIN Alan Fleck and Helen Poole Quarto, 144pp, ’99

978  1  86077  025  8 £14.99

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A History of Great Yarmouth Frank Meeres Great Yarmouth dates its official ‘birthday’ from 1208, but people have lived in the area for many thousands of years. Its prosperity has rested for centuries upon the ‘silver darlings’ - the herring – upon trade and in more recent times on tourism. Unlike most works on Yarmouth, this book looks at the entire area that now makes up Greater Yarmouth, including Gorleston and the villages and former villages to the north and south, where most inhabitants of Greater Yarmouth now live. It discusses everything from the effect of climate change upon the town to details of the men and women of the area, with brief biographies of 30 people from Saint Fursey to Myleene Klass. Profusely illustrated, it includes many fascinating photographs from the 1860s to the late 20th century, almost all of which have never before been published.

Royal 8vo, 224pp, 146 ills, ’07

978  1  86077  457  7



DOMESDAY BOOK: NORFOLK Gen ed. John Morris Series notes page 6. £44.00 Lib.ed. 978  0  85033  478  4 TOP Limp 978  0  85033  479  1 Limited stock £24.50

The book uses contemporary sources – letters, diaries and journals, together with a wide range of visual material – to look at life on the battle­fronts throughout the world, as well as men serving at sea and in the air. It focuses on the home front, too, and the widening contribution of women, both in such traditional roles as nursing and in numerous other occupations.

A HISTORY OF NORWICH Frank Meeres From an important Anglo-Saxon market town to its modern role as a radical and progressive city. Quarto, 256pp, rpt’01 978  1  86077 083 8 £17.99

Royal 8vo, 224pp, 139 ills,  ’04

978  1  86077  290 0


KING’S LYNN Paul Richards Aptly described as ‘the Warehouse on the Wash’, Lynn was a major port from the Middle Ages until the arrival of the railway. The last thirty years have seen the town’s vigorous growth, yet this is the first history of the town since 1907. Quarto, limp, 176pp, rpt  ’06 978  1  86077  428  7 £14.99 A HISTORY OF THETFORD Alan Crosby POD Few small towns have such a fascinating and varied history, and few are so little-known to outsiders.Thetford was the sixth largest town of Saxon England; a cathedral city in the late 11th century; a sleepy medieval borough with five major monasteries; and one of the most corrupt and venal of all pocket boroughs during the 18th century. Quarto, limp, 160pp,   rpt’05 978  1  86077  367 9 £14.99

NORFOLK IN THE SECOND WORLD WAR Frank Meeres Norfolk was truly a ‘front-line county’ during the Second World War. Its men and women served in all branches of the forces, and, because of its proximity to the Continent, the threat of invasion and the reality of air raids affected everyone. This book uses archive evidence to look at what life was like both for men serving overseas and for those at home. Norfolk people experienced both sides of the evacuee situation: many children came to the county from the London area, while many children from the Norfolk coast were themselves evacuated to the Midlands. This book draws on a rich archive of personal papers, photographs, diaries and letters to tell the enthralling story of what life was like during the Second World War.

Royal 8vo, 224pp, 188 ills, ’07

978  1  86077  389  3



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norfolk  •  SUFFOLK  •  essex

THE NORFOLK AND SUFFOLK BROADS Robert Malster The Broads had their origin in medieval peat diggings, but the story of this East Anglian wetland region goes back long before the monasteries and salt production helped generate the demand for fuel that gave rise to the large-scale production of turves, as Robert Malster describes in this new history of the region. In the 20th century changes in farming practices and modern pollution threatened to destroy the rich flora and fauna that had first attracted visitors to the Broads, giving rise to a boat-hire industry that helped to sustain the local economy. As an environmental disaster threatened, scientists sought to find out what had caused the many problems and to discover ways of combating them. With global warming and rising sea levels, is the history of the Broads coming to an end? Can this wetland region, a potential World Heritage Site, have any future?

Royal 8vo, limp, 224pp, 146 ills, ’07 978  1  86077  509  3 £18.99 DOMESDAY BOOK: SUFFOLK Gen. ed. John Morris Series notes page 6. Lib.ed. 978  0  85033  480  7 limp 978  0  85033  481  4

£48.00 £27.00

A HISTORY OF BURY ST EDMUNDS Frank Meeres Limited stock Quarto, 256pp, ’02 978  1  86077  227  6 £16.99 SOUTHWOLD: Portraits of an English Seaside Town edited by Rebecca and Stephen Clegg ‘We each have our own reasons for loving Southwold. This book should please us all’  Eastern Daily Press Quarto, 180pp, rpt’04 978  1  86077  097  5 £19.95 WOODBRIDGE: A Pictorial History Robert Simper Quarto, 128pp, ’95 978  0  85033  977  2 FELIXSTOWE: A Pictorial History Robert Malster Quarto, 128pp,  ’92


978  0  85033  830  0 £11.95

DEDHAM, FLATFORD AND EAST BERGHOLT: A Pictorial History Ian Yearsley Quarto, 128pp,  ’96 978  1  86077  010  4 £6.95 Ipswich in the second World War  David Jones Royal 8vo, 208pp, ’05 978  1  86077  300  6 £16.99

DOMESDAY BOOK: ESSEX Gen. ed. John Morris Series notes page 6. Lib.ed. 978  0  85033  483  8 TOP £24.00 Limp 978  0  85033  484  5 £13.50

ESSEX IN HISTORY Kenneth Neale Quarto, 192pp, ’97

Limited stock 978  1  86077 051 7 £14.99

SWORN TO SERVE: A History of the Essex Police  Maureen Scollan Limited stock Quarto, 160pp,  ’93 978  0  85033  999  4 £14.95 THE HOSPITALS OF SOUTHEND Malcolm Jefferies and J. Alfred Lee Limited stock Quarto, 208pp, ’86 978  0  85033  591  0 £19.99 A History of SOUTHEND Ian Yearsley Quarto, 160pp, ’01 978 1 86077 188 0 £15.99 LEIGH-ON-SEA: A History Judith Williams Quarto, 144pp, ’02 978  1  86077  220 7 £15.99 ROCHFORD: A History Mavis Sipple Quarto, 144pp, ’04 978  1 86077  310  5 £15.99 RAYLEIGH: A History Ian Yearsley Quarto, 160pp, ’05

978  1  86077  355  6 £15.99

HOCKLEY, HULLBRIDGE & HAWKWELL PAST Lesley Vingoe Quarto, 144pp, ’99 978  1  86077  110  1 £14.99 SOUTH BENFLEET Robert Hallmann Quarto, 144pp, ’06

978  1  86077  359  4 £15.99

BASILDON PLOTLANDS Deanna Walker Royal 8vo,  limp, 128pp,  rpt’01 978  1  86077  191  0 £14.99 WICKFORD: A History Judith Williams Royal 8vo, 144pp, ’06

978  1  86077  382  2 £15.99

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essex (cont.)

BILLERICAY: A Pictorial History Roger Green Lge 4to, 128pp,  ’05

978  1  86077  340  2 £19.99

GRAYS THURRROCK: A History Brian Evans Quarto, 144pp, ’04 978  1  86077  305  1 £15.99 ROMFORD: A History Brian Evans Royal 8vo, 224pp, ’06

978  1  86077  375  0 £15.99

THE WALTHAMSTOW CHARITIES: Caring for the Poor 1500-2000 James M. Gibson Quarto, 160pp, ’00 978  1  86077  154  5 £14.99 BRENTWOOD: A History Jennifer Ward Quarto, 144pp, ’04 978  1  86077  279  5 £15.99

CANVEY ISLAND: A History Robert Hallman Canvey Island, an island in the Thames estuary off the coast of Essex, has a unique history. Its location has seen it welcome diverse people through the ages: from those who first came to harvest the seawater salt, to the Romans and traders who found it an entry point into the British Isles, to shepherds, cheese makers, Dutch seawall builders and, later, attackers who temporarily broke the island’s tranquillity. From the turn of last century, Canvey Island began to be built up: first as a Pleasure Island and later becoming a plotland and holiday haven for Londoners. Agriculture’s loss was home-seekers’ gain, and those who moved to Canvey stayed on through two World Wars, building a sturdy community.The sea, while rich in various bounties, also brought its share of tragedy, such as 1953’s devastating floods. Informative and entertaining prose accompanies the many charming and beautifully produced illustrations, and this new book is sure to please anyone familiar with Canvey Island. Royal 8vo, 144pp, 146 ills,  ’06

978  1  86077  436  2

SOUTH  WOODHAM FERRERS: A Pictorial History  John Frankland Quarto, 128pp,   ’92 978  0  85033  832  4 £13.99 MALDON AND THE BLACKWATER ESTUARY: A Pictorial History John Marriage Limited stock Quarto, 128pp,   ’96 978  1  86077  016  6 £13.99


SHOEBURYNESS: A History Judith Williams Shoeburyness was home to some of the earliest settlers in England and excavations have proved it to be one of the richest sources of archaeology in Essex. For centuries, the area was divided into the two independent parishes of North Shoebury and South Shoebury, the Ness itself but a sandy promontory.The authorities, aware of their strategic location for defence, guarded not only against enemy invasion but also that scourge of the Treasury, smugglers. Its noteworthy residents include the Revds Arthur Dent, Luke Imber and Thomas Archer. Farmer Christopher Parsons is remembered for his scientific notes on Shoebury’s flora and Philip Benton is the father of local history in the Rochford Hundred. The opening of Shoebury Garrison for the testing of artillery in 1849 marked a turning point in Shoeburyness’ history, stimulating the rapid growth of South Shoebury. This meticulously researched book uses maps, historical notes, wills, diaries and census returns to paint a vivid picture of what life was like for residents through the ages and how they shaped the town. In these well-illustrated pages, current residents will find much to make them proud. Royal 8vo, 144pp, 156 ills,  ’06

978  1  86077  435  5



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essex (cont.) CHELMSFORD: A History David Jones Quarto, 144pp, ’03 978  1  86077  246  7 £15.99 EPPING AND ONGAR: A Pictorial History Stephen Pewsey Quarto, 128pp, ’97 978  1  86077  060  9


WITHAM: A Pictorial History  John Marriage Quarto, 128pp,   ’95 978  1  86077  000  5 £13.99 THE STORY OF JAYWICK SANDS ESTATE Mary Lyons A history of its creation by entrepeneurs, pioneers and carefree holidaymakers. Quarto, limp,112pp,   rpt’05 978  1  86077  336  5 £11.99

A HISTORY OF HIGHAMS PARK AND HALE END compiled by M.L. Dunhill Highams Park lies on the Greenwich Meridian, about ten miles from St Paul’s Cathedral and three-quarters of a mile from the North Circular Road. Finding it on a map, however, is not easy. The location of the old hamlet of Hale End is even more elusive, but many local residents who contributed to this book have never been in any doubt that they live in a vital comunity with an identity of its own. This eminently readable and well-illustrated book is written by an author whose research included interviews with many of those residents. Charmingly written and presented, this book will appeal to residents and social historians alike.

CLACTON PAST with Holland-on-Sea & Jaywick Norman Jacobs Quarto, 144pp, ’02 978  1  86077  225  2 £15.99 CLACTON-ON-SEA:   A Pictorial History Norman Jacobs Quarto, 128pp,   ’93

Limited stock 978  0  85033  871  3 £6.95

FRINTON AND WALTON: A Pictorial History Norman Jacobs Limited stock Quarto, 128pp,   ’95 978  0  85033  982  6 £6.99 COLCHESTER: A History Andrew Phillips Quarto, 144pp,   ’04 978  1  86077  304  4 £15.99 HADLEIGH PAST Ian Yearsley ‘... the narrative cruises along almost effortlessly ... very well presented with many interesting old pictures and maps.’ Essex Courier Quarto, 144pp, ’98 978  1  86077 078 4 £14.99 MR SAFFRON WALDEN The Life and Times of George Stacey Gibson (1818-1883) Jeremy Collingwood Limited stock When George Stacey Gibson died in 1883, he left a substantial estate of £342,456, worth at least £23 million in today’s money. This was distributed to the hospital, the museum, the literary society, the Grammar School, the British Schools, the Friends School, the training school for female teachers, the almshouses, as well as outside the town. Royal 8vo, limp, 176pp, ’08 978  1  86077 587 1 £16.99

Royal 8vo, 160pp,   81 ills, ’05

978  1  86077  333  4


ILFORD: A History Sue Curtis Ilford is a name that was known to William the Conqueror and to most monarchs down the ages as they passed through this hamlet on the Great Essex Road, probably on their way to the royal palace of Havering. Barking Abbey set up Ilford Hospital Chapel, now the oldest surviving building in the town centre. In this new book, the author provides a vivid account of Ilford’s entire past, from prehistory, when mammoths roamed the Thames Valley, up to the present day,when new communities are contributing to its continuing development. Paying attention to all those who built and developed the town, from Thomas John Barnardo to Archibald Cameron Corbett and William Peter Griggs, this splendidly illustrated account captures the very essence of Ilford.

Quarto, 144pp, 145 ills,  ’04

978  1  86077  302  0


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LONDON: Rebuilding the City after the Great Fire T.M.M. Baker New perspectives on the story in an account of how and why the new City of London was rebuilt as it was after 1666. A4, 208pp, ’00 978  1  86077  113  2 £27.50 THE MANSION HOUSE  Sally Jeffery A major study of the residence for the Lord Mayors of London during their year of office. Lge 4to, 352pp,   ’93 978  0  85033  890  4 £75.00 WHITTINGTON TO WORLD FINANCIAL CENTRE The City of London and its Lord Mayor Sir John Stuttard Royal 8vo, 304pp, ’08 9781  86077  586  4 £25.00 STATIONERS’ HALL: A History in Pictures Compiled by Vernon Sullivan, assisted by Keith Hutton Lge 4to, 224pp, ’04 9781  86077  259  7 £45.00 THE STATIONERS’ COMPANY: A History of the Later Years 1800-2000 edited by Robin Myers Lge 4to, 282pp, ’01 978  1  86077  140  8 £29.99

CRIMINAL LONDON: A Pictorial History from Medieval Times to 1939 Mark Herber London’s medieval records contain many references to murders, fights, forgery and vagrancy.The capital was the centre for conspiracies, riots and revolts, while its wealth and relative anonymity made it a magnet for vagrants, thieves, robbers and gangs of criminals from the entire kingdom. The author provides a well-researched and splendidly illustrated account of criminals and crime over the centuries - and of those who spent their lives pursuing them: the police, thief-takers, magistrates and judges. Lge 4to, 224pp, 50/362 ills, ’02

THE CRYSTAL PALACE: A Portrait of Victorian Enterprise Patrick Beaver The Crystal Palace was built in Hyde Park to house the treasures of the world for the Great Exhibition of 1851. It became a microcosm of Victorian life, industry and leisure, reflecting every aspect of its age. Designed by Joseph Paxton as a temporary structure its success meant that when it closed it was moved to Sydenham and rebuilt. ‘... widely regarded as the most authoritative book written about the history of the famous glass Crystal Palace ...’ Kentish Times Lge 4to,  limp,  152pp,    224 ills, rpt’01 978  1  86077  198  9   £14.99

978  1  86077  199  6


THE SADDLERS’ COMPANY Vol.1: Hold Fast, Sit Sure – a history, 1160-1960 Vol.2: Treasures and Plate – the collection Kingsley M. Oliver  978 0  85033  958  1 Limited stock Quarto,  2 vols.,  470pp,    ’95 the set £75.00 A HISTORY OF THE WORSHIPFUL COMPANY OF FELTMAKERS 1604-2004  Rosemary Weinstein Quarto, 192pp, ’04 978  1  86077  298  6 £40.00 THE SCRIVENERS’ COMPANY: A History Brian G.C. Brooks and Cecil Humphery-Smith Quarto, 112pp, ’01 978  1  86077  119  4 £35.00 A HISTORY OF THE HABERDASHERS’ COMPANY Ian W. Archer Quarto, 368pp, ’91 978  1  86077  798  3 £30.00 THE HABERDASHERS’ COMPANY IN THE LATER TWENTIETH CENTURY  Ian W. Archer Quarto, 192pp, ’04 978  1  86077  318  4 £30.00 THE DISTILLERS’ COMPANY: A Short History Michael Berlin Quarto, 96pp,   ’96 978  1  86077  030  2 £25.00

Tottenham: A History Christine Protz A long-established and pecu­liarly independent settlement which experienced constant migration from the earliest date,Tottenham has a documented history stretching back to the Conquest, when it was one of the manors of the Danish Earl Waltheof, of Northumberland and Huntingdon. By the 15th century Londoners were moving into Tottenham, whose population of long-established peasant families was gradually replaced by successful merchants and tradesmen. They built fine houses with gardens (and occasional moats) and began a rapid period of enclosure. This readable and highly informed narrative is complemented by a wide range of illustrations. The author’s original research is supported by an unusually rich source of documentary evidence. Royal 8vo, 144pp, 150 ills, ’09 9781  86077  599  4 £18.99


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london (cont.)

tHE History of the Worshipful Company of Fuellers Roderick Braithwaite Murder, drownings, riots, bribery, the pillory – with infusions of the spirits of Chaucer, Shakespeare, Handel, Samuel Pepys, Daniel Defoe, Charles Dickens and many other great British names: not quite what you would expect to find in the thousand-year history of a London Livery Company. But then The Worshipful Company of Fuellers is no ordinary Livery. For a start, it is unique in the world of the Liveries, in being the only Company in the world (and the Livery concept is indeed a global, not just European, phenomenon) to focus on the planet’s most critical area of concern: energy. It is also one of very few such Companies to have been able to ‘re-brand’ itself triumphantly from its distant medieval roots – originally those of the ‘Woodmongers’ – and re-emerge in its own right in the latter part of the 20th century.

246x197mm, 228pp, 150 ills, Apr’10

978  1 86077  578  9

London’s Country Houses Caroline Knight From the mid-16th century the rich and successful usually had a London house, and often a country estate; but more important in many ways was the suburban house within easy reach of London, where they could send their families for the summer and from which they could keep in contact with their business or the court. This book is the first to address the history of these houses, concentrating on those that still exist, while giving some indication of the major lost ones as well. It includes plans and images of most houses listed as well as information on owners, architects, landscape design, building materials and styles. The area covered by this book lies within the M25 motorway, which sliced through the country round London in the late 20th century. Quarto, 416pp, 280 ills, rpt’08 Leatherbound edition

978  1 86077  506  2 £220.00


THE Vintage Years: The Vintners’ Company in the 20th Century Andrew Robinson From the Company’s early history to the 20th and early 21st centuries and through two World Wars, this attractive, readable and enjoyable book records its links with the Royal Family, visits to vineyards overseas, Swan Upping, Masters of Wine, feasts and fiestas, conviviality and the Megascheme, tradition and evolution. With a light and amusing touch, highlighting important and memorable events, the author leads the reader through the highs and lows of the Company.

Lge 4to, 256pp, ’08, 50/150 ills, 978  1 86077  444  7 £25.00

Regent Street: A Mile of Style Hermione Hobhouse Regent Street has long been celebrated as London’s premier shopping street. The Prince Regent’s favourite architect, John Nash, planned and executed Regent Street in the second decade of the 19th century. Nash’s grand scheme for it to be a major thoroughfare included a vision of it as a fashionable rendezvous where ‘those who have nothing to do but walk about and amuse themselves may do so’ – a far cry from the pace of life in today’s Regent Street. Regent Street is, in fact, the largest single piece of retail marketing in London belonging to a single owner. The Crown Estate now has the task of reconciling traffic needs, the demands of Victorian enthusiasts, and the expectations of shopkeepers and their customers with the management of one of London’s premier streets. Regent Street is well set up for the next 100 years.This book describes one of the most complex schemes in London’s urban development, recording nearly two hundred years of social change. It interprets the creation of the whole area from St James’s Park and Waterloo Place north to Regent’s Park with Park Crescent and the park villas.

Lge 4to, 208pp, 150 ills, ’08

978 1 86077 248 1


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london (cont.)

THE MIDDLE AND LOWER THAMES From Sonning to Teddington Josephine Jeremiah The upper part of the Thames was the focus of an historical journey in the author’s previous book, The Upper and Middle Thames from Source to Reading (see p. 18). This second volume, featuring the middle and lower reaches of the non-tidal Thames, is a continuation of the journey downriver. In this latest Thames portrait, the evocative collection of 18th-century aquatints, 19th-century engravings and early 20th-century postcards will delight river enthusiasts and riverbank residents alike. Locks, ferries, bridges, inns and boats as well as village and town scenes are depicted, along with images of people enjoying themselves just ‘messing about on the river’.

Royal 8vo, 144pp, 170 ills, ’09 COUTURE OR TRADE: A Pictorial Record of the London College of Fashion Helen Reynolds Quarto, 128pp, ’97 978  1  86077  066  1 £14.99 A History of the Worshipful Company of Glovers of London Ralph W. Waggett £25.00 Quarto, 136pp, rpt’08 978  1  86077  539  0 A History of THE WORSHIPFUL COMPANY OF FARMERS 1952-2002  Michael Berlin Quarto, 128pp, ’01 978  1  86077  169  9 £35.00 CITIZENS AND FOUNDERS: History of the Worshipful Company of Founders 1365-1975 Guy Hadley Limited stock Quarto, 212pp, ’76 978  0  85033  233  9 £30.00 QUEEN’S PARK: Kensal, Brondesbury and Harlesden A Pictorial History  Len Snow Quarto, 128pp, ’06 978  1  86077  416  4 £15.99 THE DUKE OF NORFOLK’S DEEDS AT ARUNDEL CASTLE Properties in London and Middlesex, 1154-1917 edited by Heather Warne Royal 8vo, 304pp, ’05 978  1  86077  377  8 £25.00

METROPOLITAN POLICE IMAGES Michael R. Arden, Eleanor Fletcher and Christopher Taylor Police Vehicles are one of the most visible aspects of policing work. Many will remember the black Wolseley patrol car which roars out on to London’s Embankment from what was then New Scotland Yard, warning bells ringing, in the opening clip of the 1960s TV series ‘No Hiding Place’. The fascinating photographs in this book, drawn from the archives of the Metropolitan Police Service, demonstrate the range of historical vehicles that have been deployed since 1829, from horse-drawn prison carriages to high-performance cars in more recent years. This range of photographs has never been published before and reveals many intriguing features of policing history for the very first time. Large 4to, 160pp, 204 ills,  ’08 978  1  86077  501  7 £16.99

Havering Village, Ardleigh Green and The Harolds A Pictorial History Chris Saltmarsh and Norma Jennings Following the success of the first sell-out book, the book’s tour of the area descends from Havering-atte-Bower to Harold Hill, before crossing the old Roman road into the Victorian settlement of Harold Wood. Included for the first time is the once tiny hamlet of Ardleigh Green. Tourists and residents alike will appreciate this fascinating assortment of photographs and memories.

Royal 8vo, 128pp, 200 ills, ’09 978  1  86077  552  9

978  1  86077  583  3 £16.99


ST MARTIN-IN-THE-FIELDS: Church and Parish The Revd Malcolm A. Johnson Limited stock Royal 8vo, 192pp, ’05 978  1  86077  323  0 £20.00 ELTHAM: A Pictorial History John Kennett Limited stock Quarto, 128pp,  ’95 978  1  86077  004  3 £13.99 ELTHAM PALACE E.J. Priestley Royal 8vo, 192pp, ’08

978  1  86077  478  2 £18.99

‘ONLY A WOMAN’: HENRIETTA BARNETT Social Reformer and Founder of Hampstead Garden Suburb Alison Creedon Royal 8vo, 208pp, ’06 978  1  86077  430  0 £20.00 HAMPSTEAD GARDEN SUBURB: Arts and Crafts Utopia? Mervyn Miller Lge 4to, 288pp, rpt’06 978  1  86077  404  1 £30.00


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MIDDLESEX  •  Surrey MIDDLESEX Michael Robbins Royal 8vo, limp, 496pp, ’03

978  1  86077  269  6 £17.99

DOMESDAY BOOK: MIDDLESEX Gen. ed. John Morris Series notes page 6. Lib.ed. 978 0  85033  131  8 Limited stock £12.00 Limp 978 0  85033  136  3 Limited stock £7.00 HENDON: A Pictorial History  Stewart Gillies and Pamela Taylor Quarto, 128pp,  ’93 978  0  85033  875  1


‘STRIKINGLY ALIVE’: The History of the Mill Hill School Foundation, 1807-2007 Roderick Braithwaite A4, 400pp, ’06 978  1  86077  330  3 £37.00 ACTON: A History Jonathan Oates Quarto, 144pp, ’03

978  1  86077  277  1

STAINES: A History Pamela Maryfield Royal 8vo, 142pp, ’04

978  1  86077  420  1 £15.99


A HISTORY OF PINNER Patricia A. Clarke Royal 8vo, 224pp, ’04 978  1  86077  287  0 £16.99 Pinner: Hatch End, North Harrow and Rayners Lane: A Pictorial History Patricia A. Clarke Royal 8vo, 128pp, ’07 978  1  86077  465  2 £15.99

A HISTORY OF SURREY DCH Peter Brandon Quarto, 152pp, ’98 978  1  86077  031  2 £15.99 DOMESDAY  BOOK: SURREY Gen. ed. John Morris Series notes page 6. Lib. ed. 978  0  85033  132  5 Limited stock £12.00 Limp 978  0  85033  134  5 £7.00 THE CHURCHES OF SURREY  Mervyn Blatch Quarto, 256pp, ’97 978  1  86077 002 9 £30.00 VIEWS OF SURREY CHURCHES C. T. Cracklow Exterior drawings prepared in 1823 to accompany Manning and Bray’s History of Surrey. Limited stock Octavo, 166pp, ’79 978  0  85033  361  9 £7.50 THE SHERIFFS OF SURREY  David Burns A5, limp, 96pp, ’92 978  0  85033  847  8 OLD WEST SURREY Gertrude Jekyll Quarto, 288pp, ’99


978  1  86077  095  1 £25.00

THE PALACES AND PARKS OF RICHMOND AND KEW (2 vols): John Cloake THE PALACES OF SHENE AND RICHMOND Quarto, 272pp,  ’95 978  0  85033  976  5 £37.50 RICHMOND LODGE AND THE KEW PALACES Quarto, 272pp,  ’96 978  1  86077  023  4 £37.50

ABBOTSWOOD Guildford’s Most Unusual Estate Michael Drakeford Abbotswood is a favoured suburb in Guildford.This major new study takes the reader back to Edwardian developer Alfred G. Taylor, the father of a fascinating family, and his talented architect, A. Claude Burlingham. The estate became the basis for several more quality developments in north-east Guildford between the two World Wars, including the Gang Hill estate, and significant parts of Merrow, such as Fairway and three roads off Trodds Lane. Early features captured on photographs, both historical and contemporary, offer an insight into the homes of the estate. The book will fascinate those interested in Guildford’s local history, but will also appeal to anyone with a broader interest in the period, and in particular the Arts and Crafts style, as well as those hoping to replicate the characteristic and distinctive Limited stock architecture of the period.

Lge 4to, 336pp, 450 ills, ’08

978   1 86077  521  5 £25.00

CRANLEIGH: A History Christopher Budgen Cranleigh has claimed for some time to be the ‘largest village’ in England. As long ago as the 1920s, travel writers were dismissing it as a village aping the ways of a town. Cranleigh’s past still remains relatively obscure, though continuing research has led to recent and revealing new discoveries, such as evidence of settlement here during the Iron Age, a thousand years earlier than the expected first Saxon settlement. This readable and extremely informative account brings together many previously unpublished photographs of the village and its people. Royal 8vo, 144pp, 130 ills, ’08  978  1  86077  503  1 £15.99

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Surrey (cont.)

Camberley: A History Mary Ann Bennett The town of Camberley is built on a grid laid out by an ex-Sandhurst gentleman cadet in 1860. The former heathland, waste of the manor of Frimley, had been planted with fir trees after the Enclosure Act of 1801. Now these were harvested and the pattern of Yorktown, developed 50 years earlier when the Royal Military College was built, was followed. Following the Second World War, land sold piecemeal by the Ministry of Defence was used to build estates where residents of the metropolitan boroughs of Surrey could be rehoused. This beautifully illustrated narrative outlines the development of Camberley from Mudd Town of 1851 to the present. The author draws widely on the memories of residents interviewed as part of a Surrey Heath Museum project.

Royal 8vo, 160pp, 150 ills, Oct ’09

978 1  86077  557  4

COTTAGES AND COMMON FIELDS OF RICHMOND AND KEW John Cloake Quarto, 552pp, ’01 978  1  86077  195  8 £75.00 KEW PAST David Blomfield Quarto, 152pp, rpt’04 CROYDON PAST John Gent Quarto, 144pp, ’02

978  1  86077  293  1


978  1  86077  223  8 £15.99

SUTTON: A Pictorial History Frank Burgess Quarto, 128pp, ’93 978  0  85033  855  3 £13.99 EPSOM PAST Charles Abdy Quarto, 144pp, ’01

978  1  86077  180  4 £15.99

EWELL PAST Charles Abdy Quarto, 144pp, ’00

978  1  86077  135  4 £14.99

LEATHERHEAD: A History Edwina Vardey Quarto, 144pp, ’01 978  1  86077  189  7 £15.99


THE MOTORWAY ACHIEVEMENT Building the Network in Southern and Eastern England Sir Peter Baldwin, Robert Baldwin and Dewi Ieuan Evans The busy motorway network of Southern and Eastern England has, over 40 years, overlaid a vast and mostly earlier road system. The area’s motorways now total 657 miles – nearly one third of the UK’s motorway system but by length only 0.013 per cent of all UK roads. Connecting London and its surroundings to seaports and airports has created many structural challenges for engineers. The author includes the visionary ideas for motorways advanced by Lord Montagu of Beaulieu from 1906 to 1928, looks at changes in traffic control systems and envisages the extra links and motorway widening works needed to serve international trade and meet the challenges of congestion, pollution and using different fuels. see also p.8 246x197mm, 320pp, 170/30 ills,  ’07 978  1  86077   446  1 £30.00

Life and Work on SURREY HEATH Mary Ann Bennett The area known today as Surrey Heath, formed in 1974, is made up of the villages of Chobham, Bisley, Bagshot,Windlesham, Sunningdale, Lightwater,West End, Frimley, Frimley Green, Deepcut, Mytchett and Camberley. The lack of a large river, the nature of the soil and, especially, the vast acreage of unproductive heathland created a region which was slow to develop economically, the low population numbers relying on a traditional way of life until enclosure of the heathland in the early 19th century brought the first changes. This book examines the period during which the use of the heathland harvest changed, from the time before the 19th century, when smallholders, weavers and potters were prominent, up to the post-enclosure arrival of the army and the nursery trade. It features the schools, institutions and large estates that came to the area to make use of the allotments of former heathland, along with the industry which grew up around the local fir plantations and the health benefits they brought.

Royal 8vo, 176pp, 145 ills, ’07

978   1 86077  492  8



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Surrey  •  KENT

VIRGINIA WATER: A History Dorothy Davis The village of Virginia Water shares its name with the lake at the southern end of Windsor Great Park created in 1746 by the Duke of Cumberland, who was then the Ranger of the Park. The area was part of Windsor Forest, a royal hunting ground for many centuries, and the history of the park, the road to its south-east and the settlements in its vicinity are inextricably connected. This book follows Virginia Water’s journey from royal domain to pleasure park, with the lives of highwaymen, poachers and scavengers to gardeners, gamekeepers and road-builders.

Royal 8vo, 160pp, 220 ills,  ’09

978  1  86077  490  4 £17.99

ESHER: A Pictorial History Anthony Mitchell Quarto, 128pp, 95 978  0  85033  961  1 £13.99 SURBITON PAST Richard Statham Quarto, 144pp,  ’96

A HISTORY OF WOKING Alan Crosby Lge 4to, 224pp, ’03 978  1  86077  262  7 £20.00 A MIRACLE AT WOKING: A History of the Shahjahan Mosque Muslim P. Salamat Royal 8vo, limp, 144pp, ’08 978 1  86077  580  2 £9.99 A HISTORY OF CHOBHAM Robert Schueller POD Quarto, limp, 218pp, rpt’05 978  1  86077  366  2 £14.99 STOKE NEXT GUILDFORD Lyn Clark Quarto, 112pp, ’99 978  1  86077  122  4 £14.99 FARNHAM PAST Jean Parratt Quarto, 144pp, ’99

978  1  86077  105  7 £14.99

HAROLD FALKNER: More than an Arts & Crafts Architect Sam Osmond Quarto, 160pp, ’03 978  1  86077  253  5 £25.00 HASLEMERE G.R. Rolston Octavo, limp, 128pp

978  1  86077  026  6 £14.99

978  1  86077  372  93

POD 14.99

WIMBLEDON: A Pictorial History Richard Milward Quarto, 128pp, PPC,  rpt’10 978  1  86077  639  7 £14.99 WEYBRIDGE PAST Neil White Quarto, 144pp, ’99

978  1  86077  086  9 £14.99

WALTON PAST Bryan Ellis Quarto, 144pp, ’02

978  1  86077  211 5 £15.99

COBHAM: A History David Taylor Quarto, 160pp, ’03

978  1  86077  247  4 £16.99

HATCHMENTS IN BRITAIN Vol. 5: Kent, Surrey, Sussex Series notes page 9. Gen. eds. Peter Summers and John E. Titterton Octavo, 1985 978  0  85033  535  4 £14.99 ON EAST HILL: Life on the North Downs recalled by Jack Hollands Monty Parkin Limited stock A5, limp, 96pp,  ’07 978  1  86077  414  0 £8.00 THE NORTH DOWNS Peter Brandon A book from a much-loved local historian, with magnificently reproduced photographs. Quarto, 304pp, ’05 978  1  86077  353  2 £25.00

AN ESTATE FOR ALL SEASONS A History of Cobham Park, Surrey and its Owners and Occupiers  David Taylor Royal 8vo, 112pp,   ’06 978  1  86077  431  7 £17.99

ROYAL TUNBRIDGE WELLS: A History C.W. Chalklin The site of Tunbridge Wells was once a wilderness of forest and heath, but after discovery by London society in 1606 the Wells became one of the leading English watering places. Towards the end of the 18th century a leisured class of retired professional and business men, and single gentlewomen, began to settle here. The grant of self-governing powers to the town in 1835 saw the beginning of modern Tunbridge Wells. Since the 1960s the history of the local community has been studied alongside the lives of the visitors. This infor­mative, readable and fully illustrated account brings together the best of the published work on Tunbridge Wells, and includes much new material. It will appeal to all those with an interest in this fascinating place.

Royal 8vo, 160pp, 130 ills,  ’08

978  1  86077  526  0


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KENT (cont.)

DOMESDAY BOOK: KENT Gen. ed. John Morris Series notes page 6. Top £16.00 Lib.ed. 978  0  85033  153  0 Limp 978  0  85033  154  7 £10.00 SIDCUP: A Pictorial History John Mercer Quarto, 128pp,  ’94 978  0  85033  907  9 £13.99 BECKENHAM Eric Inman and Nancy Tonkin Quarto, 160pp, ’02 978  1  86077  197  2 £16.99 SEVENOAKS PAST  Christopher Rayner Quarto, 144pp, ’97 978  1  86077 056 2 £14.99 SEVENOAKS PEOPLE AND FAITH edited by David Killingray How Christianity influenced the politics, social order, economy, judicial structures, culture and architecture of the area. Royal 8vo, 208pp, ’04 978  1  86077  297  9 £15.99

A HISTORY OF MOUNT SION Roger Farthing From Queen Anne to the whimsical pub landlord said to have given Mount Sion its name, from the Quaker Seale and the Baptist Jordan to Beau Nash said to have had a house or gaming rooms in the village, these and many other fascinating people and questions are discussed. This important new work will be warmly welcomed throughout the area, not only by the ‘villagers’, and by local historians everywhere as a splendid example of ‘in depth’ investigation of one small district. Quarto, 496pp, 200 ills, ’03 978 1  86077  263  4 £50.00

Portrait of Canterbury John Boyle and Elizabeth Edwards

SITTINGBOURNE: A History John Clancy Royal 8vo, 128pp, ’07 978 1  86077  462  1 £15.99

John Boyle traced the city’s history from the earliest times – including its continuing record of growth from the Saxon period onwards; the story of the coming of St Augustine; the founding of the cathedral, and the growth of the medieval city around it – to the rebuilding of Canterbury after a third of its central area was destroyed by aerial attack in 1942, and years later the coming of the new university. Now Elizabeth Edwards updates his portrait for the 21st century. Royal 8vo, 208pp, 100 ills, ’09

HYTHE: A History Martin Easdown and Linda Sage Quarto, 144pp, ’04 978 1  86077  300  1 £15.99 ASH: An East Kent Village  David Downes Quarto, limp, 176pp,   rpt’02 978 1  86077  208  0 £12.99 CHURCH LIFE IN KENT: Church Court Records of the Canterbury Diocese 1559-65  A. J. Willis Octavo, 110pp, ’75 978  0  85033  202  5 £9.95 CANTERBURY MARRIAGE LICENCES A.J. Willis Limited stock Vol.1, 1751-80, ’67 978  0  85033  039  7 £30.00 Vol.2, 1781-1808, ’70 978  0  85033  040  3 £30.00

978 1 86077 532 1

SEAL: The History of a Parish Jean Fox, David Williams and Peter Mountfield Royal 8vo, 272pp, ’07

Limited stock 978  1  86077  464  5 £20.00

MARK BEECH: The Unknown Village Timothy Boyle Covering the church, agriculture, local politics, the Poor Law, the cricket club, the World Wars and the hurricane of 1987, this is more than a village history. Quarto, 176pp, ’99 978 1  86077 091 3 £25.00 LAMBERHURST SCHOOL W. Morland Octavo, limp, 56pp, ’73 978 0  85033  092  2


TENTERDEN: A Pictorial History  Aylwin Guilmant Quarto, 128pp,   ’91 978 0  85033  785  3 £13.99 COOPERS AND CUSTOMS CUTTERS: The Worthingtons of Dover  Jan Worthington See page 7


A HISTORY OF SUSSEX DCH J.R. Armstrong, eds. R. Pailthorpe and D. Zeuner Quarto, 168pp,  rpt’02 978  0  85033  946  4 £15.99

Dover in the Second World War Terry Sutton and Derek Leach During the Second World War Dover endured almost daily attack from huge German guns on the French coast, some 21 miles away. In addition, Luftwaffe pilots regularly machine-gunned people in the streets during their numerous bombing raids. Consequently, the population of more than 40,000 in 1939 dwindled by 1940 to an estimated 16,500. Meanwhile, hundreds of Royal Navy personnel and soldiers arrived in Dover to hit back at the enemy, whose fortifications on a clear day could be seen on the cliffs of Calais. Dover’s war was quite unlike anywhere else’s and this fascinating look at England’s front-line town will enlighten residents and visitors alike. Quarto, 160pp, 150 ills, May’10  978  1  86077  619  9 £18.99


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sussex DOMESDAY BOOK: SUSSEX Gen. ed. John Morris Series notes page 6. £15.00 Lib.ed. 978  0  85033  145  5 Limited stock £8.75 limp 978  0  85033  146  2 TOP THE SOUTH DOWNS Peter Brandon Quarto,  280pp,   ’98

978  1  86077  069  2 £25.00

EDWARD HERON-ALLEN’S JOURNAL OF THE GREAT WAR: From Sussex Shore to Flanders Fields edited by Brian Harvey and Carol Fitzgerald Limited stock Edward Heron-Allen was a solicitor by profession but he was also a distinguished zoologist (F.R.S.), historian, Persian scholar and translator. This is his chronicle of the impact of the First World War on the lives of himself, his family and friends in Selsey and London. Royal 8vo, 304pp, ’02 978  1  86077  200  9 £20.00 THE STRUCTURAL DEVELOPMENT OF SUSSEX CHURCHES  J. L. Denman Limited stock Quarto, limp, 64pp, ’67 978 0  85033 087  8 £2.50

THE DISCOVERY OF SUSSEX Peter Brandon This book examines the social, cultural and environmental changes which went into the making of modern Sussex from the end of the 18th century, particularly those that resulted from the invasion of wide-eyed Londoners as tourists and health-seekers, writers and artists, weekenders or permanent residents, in the half-century up to 1939. The remarkable efflorescence of painting, writing, arts and crafts, domestic architecture, and landscape design and planning was deeply affected by the nostalgia for the countryside which accompanied the rapid and largely unplanned metropolitan growth.

Quarto,  288pp,  36/80 ills, May’10

EAST SUSSEX EVENTS David Arscott Drawing on rare photographs and old picture postcards to illuminate an intriguing array of disasters, celebrations, foul deeds and curiosities, this book features fires, accidents and war, royal visits, grand openings and celebrations. Quarto, limp, 144pp, ’03 978 1  86077  251   1 £15.99 HASTINGS PAST Rex Marchant Quarto, 128pp, ’97 BEXHILL-ON-SEA A History Julian Porter Quarto, 144pp, ’04

978  1  86077 046 3 £14.99

978  1  86077  616  8

HORSHAM: A History Susan Haines Quarto, 176pp, 160 ills, ’05


978  1  86077  332  7 £16.99

VICTORIAN HORSHAM: The Diary of Henry Michell 1809-1874  Kenneth Neale Limited stock Octavo, 112pp, ’75 978  0  85033  228  5 £9.99 LEWES PAST Helen Poole Quarto, 144pp, ’00

978  1  86077  127  9 £14.99

978  1  86077  295  5 £15.99

BRIGHTON COLLEGE 1845-1995  Martin D.W. Jones Quarto, 288pp,   ’95 978  0  85033  978  9 £25.00

BURGESS HILL Hugh Matthews, with a final chapter by Mark Dudeney Royal 8vo, limp, 208pp, rpt’06 978  1  86077  437  9 £14.99

GEORGIAN BRIGHTON Sue Berry Royal 8vo, 224pp, ’05 978 1  86077  342  6 £25.00

EASTBOURNE: A History John Surtees Quarto, 144pp, ’02 978  1  86077  226 9 £15.99

HOVE: A Pictorial History Eddie Scott Quarto, 128pp,   ’95 978  0  85033  981  9 £13.99

HAILSHAM AND ITS ENVIRONS Charles A. Robertson POD Quarto, limp, 256pp 978  1  86077  370  9 £15.99

PORTSLADE: A Pictorial History Claire Green Quarto, 128pp,   ’94 978  0  85033  888  1 £13.99

Rye: A History of a Cinque Port to 1660 Gillian Draper

with contributions by David Martin, Barbara Martin and Alan Tyler This new illustrated history traces Rye’s origins from the Norman Conquest until beyond its period of great prosperity under the Tudor monarchs. Many inhabitants were fishermen or smallscale merchants and owned vessels which they supplied for the king’s ship-service, transporting members of the royal family across the Channel or, in wartime, carrying horses and provisions for soldiers. In times of truce Rye’s mariners turned to piracy and wrecking, disrupting the cross-channel trade on which the town’s economy also depended. An Ancient Town which formed part of the important Cinque Ports confederation in the Middle Ages, Rye has remained a small town ‘almost suspended in time’. This fascinating account explains why modern Rye has its unique appearance and will enlighten those wanting to know more about its past.

Royal 8vo, 320pp, 8/40 ills, Oct’09

978  1  86077  607  6


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sussex (cont.)

A SENSE OF PLACE West Sussex Parish Maps Kim Leslie Maps made by local people in celebration of where they live as part of the West Sussex Parish Maps Project. 322x286mm, 304pp, ’07 978 1  86077  564  3 £35.00 WEST SUSSEX EVENTS Spencer Thomas Single events such as ‘Acts of God’, series of events such as emigration, bare-knuckle prize-fighting, smuggling, riots; and ‘repetitive events’ including epidemics, murders, processions, and commemorations. Quarto, limp, 144pp, ’03 978  1  86077  261  0 £15.99 CINEMA WEST SUSSEX: The First Hundred Years Allen Eyles, Frank Gray and Alan Readman A4, 256pp,   ’96 978  1  86077  035  7 £19.99 VILLAGE PARLIAMENTS: The Centenary of West Sussex Parish Councils,  1994  Valerie Porter Limited stock Quarto,  limp,  128pp,  ’94 978  0  85033  894  2 £4.99 Hurstpierpoint College 1849-1995: The School by the Downs Peter King Quarto, 320pp, ’97 978  1  86077  043  2 £25.00 A HISTORY OF EAST GRINSTEAD M.J. Leppard Quarto, 224pp, ’01 978  1  86077  164  4 £19.99 100 BUILDINGS OF EAST GRINSTEAD M.J. Leppard Royal 8vo, 192pp,  ’08 978  1  86077  381  5 £12.99

WORTHING: A History Chris Hare Worthing officially became a town in 1803, though the population then was no more than one thousand. The town developed very quickly, and fashionable society moved in after the visit in 1798 of George III’s youngest daughter, Princess Amelia. Attempts to reform the character of the town were often strongly resisted, with annual confrontations between angry mobs and the local police. The town’s reputation for scandals and demonstrations continued into Victorian times, as the riots against the Salvation Army ensured the town gained national attention for all the wrong reasons. The same is also true of the typhoid epidemic of 1893 and the visit of Oscar Wilde in 1895 - just prior to his disgrace and downfall. In the 20th century a new Worthing emerged, this time with conflicts between generations rather than classes.The town authorities that sought to ban rock’n’roll in the 1950s and still censored cinema films until the 1980s found it difficult to embrace change and follow a new direction. The shift in English society from rural values to urban culture is reflected in the history of this south coast resort, and this beautifully illustrated account will appeal to all those with an interest in Worthing’s history.

Royal 8vo, 224pp, 130 ills, ’08

978  1  86077  504  8


BYGONE STEYNING, BRAMBER AND BEEDING Aylwin Guilmant Quarto, 128pp, ’88 978  0  85033  669  6 £13.99

WORTHING AT WAR The Diary of C.F. Harriss edited by Paul Holden

HENFIELD Through the Lens of Marjorie Baker Alan Barwick (editor) In 2006 Henfield Parish Council accepted a bequest from the family of the late Marjorie Baker, the village photographer, of an archive of approximately 30,000 negatives covering her life’s work between the 1930s and 1990s. Royal 8vo, 160pp, ’07 978  1 86077  470  6 £15.99

Of all the historical documents charting Worthing’s past, few are more important than a wartime diary called ‘Hotchpot’, compiled with religious dedication by Broadwater resident C.F. Harriss. Mr Harriss was a retired lawyer who lived with his wife in Rectory Gardens throughout the Second World War, and his diary, now in the hands of West Sussex Library Service, charts in intimate detail the daily lives of people during this turbulent time. Mr Harriss hoped the giant tome, split into two volumes, would assist future historians attempting to probe through the mists of oblivion. He wrote, ‘It was written at the time and so supplies an exact and vivid record of wartime life, a true and intimate example, in the colour of the moment, of what ordinary citizens felt, thought and said.’ The diary is remarkable chiefly on account of Mr Harriss’s literate and informed manner, and provides what is almost certainly an accurate commentary on civilian morale as news of the progress of the war reaches the seaside town.

LANCING COLLEGE  Basil Handford Royal 8vo, 336pp, ’86

Limited stock 978  0  85033  621  4 £25.00

WORTHING PAST Sally White Quarto, 144pp, ’00

978  1  86077  146  6 £14.99

THE QUEEN ALEXANDRA HOSPITAL HOME: A History David S. Farrant Royal 8vo, 160pp,  ’08 978  1  86077  518  5 £14.95 EAST PRESTON & KINGSTON An Illustrated History R.W. Standing Royal 8vo, 192pp,  ’08 978  1  86077  384  6 £18.99

Royal 8vo,  224pp,  40 ills, Apr’10

978  1  86077  618  2



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sussex (cont.)

ELGAR, VICAT COLE AND THE GHOSTS OF BRINKWELLS Carol Fitzgerald and Brian W. Harvey Despite the volume of literature already written about Elgar there is one aspect of his creative work which has been comparatively neglected: the period 1917-21 when the Elgars rented an ancient cottage, Brinkwells, from the artist Rex Vicat Cole. Here, Elgar wrote his mature chamber music and most of one of his finest works, the Cello Concerto. This book examines Elgar’s music in a way that is accessible to the non-specialist reader, and depicts the countryside’s pantheistic influence, in particular the legend surrounding a sinister group of dead trees nearby that so preoccupied Elgar when writing his chamber music. It also reveals the artistic legacy of Rex Vicat Cole, whose surviving work has been consistently underestimated. Using hitherto unpublished photographs and privately owned paintings, the authors present a detailed and accurate picture of wartime life at Brinkwells and the profound influence that this arcadian place had on two creative artists.

Royal 8vo, 244pp, 10/57 ills,  ’07 RUSTINGTON: A Pictorial History Mary Taylor Quarto, 128pp, rpt’09 978  0  85033  615  1 £14.99 FERRING PAST  Ronald Kerridge and Michael Standing Limited stock Quarto, 160pp, ’93 978  0  85033  886  7 £15.95 ST BARNABAS’ HOSPICE A History David Farrant Limited stock Quarto, limp, 72pp, ’98 978  0  85033  971  0 £4.95 THE DUKES OF NORFOLK John Martin Robinson Limited stock Among the more memorable were the Poet Earl, the Collector Earl and the Whig extrovert. Quarto, limp, 296pp, ’95 978  0  85033  973  4 £12.99 THE RIVER LAVANT   Ken Newbury Limited stock Royal 8vo,  limp,  80pp,  rpt’00 978  1  86077  162  0 £6.99 CHICHESTER REMEMBERED Phil Hewitt Social and anecdotal history from the Chichester Observer’s ‘Remember When’ column. Royal 8vo, limp, 176pp, ’04 978  1  86077  299  0 £11.99 CHICHESTER HARBOUR: A History John Reger The long and fascinating history of one of England’s finest seascapes, half in Hampshire, half in Sussex. Quarto, limp, 176pp, ’96 978  1  86077  019  7 £13.95 The Rhythm of the Tide Tales through the Ages of Chichester Harbour Jeremy Thomas Nostalgic interludes distil the timeless aspects of the harbour while the history of the region is told in a series of chronological chapters, ranging from the arrival of the Romans to the evacuation from Dunkirk. Royal 8vo, limp, 160pp, ’08 978  1 86077  483  6 £12.99 CHICHESTER: A Documentary History Roy Morgan Quarto, 240pp, ’92 978  0  85033  851  5


978  1  86077  442  3


St John’s Chapel and the new town, Chichester: A History Alan H.J. Green Royal 8vo, 192pp, ’05 978  1  86077  325  9 £25.00 ST RICHARD’S HOSPITAL AND THE NHS: An Oral History Chris Howard Bailey Quarto, 208pp, ’98  978  1  86077 068 5 £14.99 CHICHESTER CATHEDRAL An Historical Survey ed. by Mary Hobbs Quarto, 400pp,  ’94 978  0  85033  924  6 £40.00 THE ORGANS AND ORGANISTS OF CHICHESTER CATHEDRAL N. Plumley, M. Gillingham and J. Lees Quarto, limp, 64pp, rpt’99 978  0  85033  664  1 £2.50 THE IMPOSSIBLE THEATRE: The Chichester Festival Theatre Adventure Leslie Evershed-Martin Covers the practical and financial backing; how the theatre was designed; how Sir Laurence Olivier became its first director and how near disaster the first season was. Royal 8vo,  limp,  164pp,  ’86 978  0  900592  17  1 £4.95 OLIVER WHITBY SCHOOL, CHICHESTER: A History Peter J. Hughes Quarto, 160pp, ’02 978  1  86077  212  2 £20.00 The Building of GEORGIAN CHICHESTER Alan H.J. Green Royal 8vo, 150pp, ’07 978  1 86077  456  0 £20.00 A HISTORY OF THE PREBENDAL SCHOOL  N. Ollerenshaw Limited stock Octavo, 108pp, ’84 978  0  85033  552  3 £9.95 THE CHARLTON HUNT: A History Simon Rees Quarto, 304pp, ’98 978  1  86077  076  0 £35.00 HATCHMENTS IN BRITAIN Vol. 5: Kent, Surrey, Sussex Series notes page 9. Gen eds. Peter Summers and John E. Titterton Limited stock Octavo, ’85 978  0  85033  535  4 £14.99

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The Royal Hospital Haslar: A Pictorial History Eric Birkbeck, Ann Ryder and Phil Ward The Royal Hospital Haslar was the first of three hospitals built in the 18th century for sailors and marines and is the last to remain in service. Reputed at one time to be the largest red brick building in Europe, Haslar’s standards during the Peninsular and Crimean Wars earned the hospital a reputation among military authorities that was unequalled. Sir John Richardson, eminent Arctic explorer and physician at Haslar, even corresponded with Florence Nightingale when the nursing reformer was campaigning for changes in the way casualties of war were treated. Described as the noblest of institutions by Queen Victoria, the hospital has provided medical care to the Royal Navy for over 250 years. The photographs in this fascinating illustrated history will stir the memory of staff, patients and visitors.

Large 4to, 128pp, 200 ills, ’09 DOMESDAY BOOK: HAMPSHIRE Gen. ed. John Morris Series notes page 6. Lib.ed. 978  0  85033  157  8 Limited stock £18.00 Limp 978  0  85033  158  5 £11.25 A History of THE HAMPSHIRE & ISLE OF WIGHT CONSTABULARY, 1839-1966 compiled by Ian A. Watt Royal 8vo, 208pp, rpt’06 978 1  86077  383  9 £15.99 A HISTORY OF EAST MEON F.G. Standfield POD Quarto, limp, 182pp 978  1  86077  368  6 £14.99

978 1  86077  589  5


ROYAL HAMPSHIRE COUNTY HOSPITAL Barbara Carpenter Turner Quarto, 206pp, ’86 978  0  85033  606  1 £14.95 HAMPSHIRE COUNTY CRICKET CLUB, 1946-2006 Dave Allen Royal 8vo, 240pp, rpt’07 978 1 86077 448 5 £20.00 ST JOHN'S WINCHESTER CHARITY Barbara Carpenter Turner Limited stock Quarto, 96pp,   ’92 978  0  85033  843  0 £9.95

HAMBLEDON: The Biography of a Hampshire Village  John Goldsmith Quarto, 160pp,   ’94 978  0  85033  921  5 £15.00

WINCHESTER ORDINATIONS 1660-1829 A. J. Willis Pt. 1. Ordinands’ Papers 1734-1827 978  0 85033 059 5 £20.00 Pt. 2. Bishops’ Registers, etc.   978  0  85033  060  1 £20.00

LONDON’S LOST ROUTE TO PORTSMOUTH P.A.L. Vine Quarto, limp, 208pp, rpt’07 978  1  86077  514  7 £15.99

FARNBOROUGH PAST Jo Gosney Quarto, 144pp, ’01 978  1  86077  186  6 £14.99

SOUTHSEA PAST  Sarah Quail Quarto, 144pp, ’00 978  1  86077  145  3 £14.99

FARNBOROUGH: A Pictorial History Jo Gosney Quarto, 128pp, ’05 978  1  86077  347  8 £14.99

CHANDLER’S FORD: A Pictorial History  Barbara Hillier Quarto, 128pp,   ’94 978  0  85033  896  6 £13.99

ALDERSHOT PAST Stephen Phillips and Gillian Picken Quarto, 144pp, ’00 978  1  86077  144  6 £14.99

FORDINGBRIDGE AND DISTRICT: A Pictorial History  Anthony Light and Gerald Ponting Quarto, 128pp,  ’94 978  0  85033  897  3 £13.99

Emsworth: A History Robert Whitfield Quarto, 144pp, ’05 978  1  86077  346  4 £16.99

BISHOP’S WALTHAM: A History Barbara Biddell Quarto, 176pp, ’02 978  1  86077  235  1 £25.00

FLEET AND CROOKHAM A Pictorial History Peter Pimm, Stanley G. Knight, Tony Wright and Percy Vickery Quarto, 128pp,   ’94 978  0  85033  926  0 £13.99

The River Hamble David Chun

The Hamble rises at Bishop’s Waltham in Hampshire and flows into Southampton Water. The tidal river below Botley has served as an important local conduit for the carriage of goods and commodities, particularly timber, underwood and flour, and a number of industries, including fishing and salt production, have over the centuries flourished on its banks. King Henry V’s fleet was stationed on the river and in the 18th and 19th centuries it was an important location for naval shipbuilding, not least because of the ample supplies of timber to be found in the valley. One of Nelson’s flagships, HMS Elephant, was built there in the 1800s. Quarto, 128pp, 95 ills, ’09 978 1  86077  538  3 £16.99


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dorset  •  wiltshire

A HISTORY OF POOLE Cecil N. Cullingford POOLE has been an important harbour since Roman times. By 1248, the crusading Lord of Canford had given the town its first charter of self-government, after which it quickly became a major port and the principal town of a large area that included Wimborne and Hengistbury Head. This remarkable book, providing a comprehensive history from earliest times to the present day, covers the recent rise of the holiday resort of Bournemouth along the wild ‘North Shore’ that had once been the prime smuggling coast in all England. The first full history of Poole since John Sydenham’s of 1839, Cecil Cullingford’s work not only adds nearly two further centuries but draws on his own extensive original research and more recent sources including the work of H.P. Smith and of the Poole Historical Trust. First published in 1988, the book was an instant bestseller and has long been out of print. The author’s death has deprived him of the pleasure of seeing this second edition in print, which is revised, updated and redesigned. It will be warmly welcomed as the authoritative history of this flourishing town.

Royal 8vo, 272pp, 150 ills, ’03

A HISTORY OF DORSET   DCH Cecil N. Cullingford ‘... a fascinating insight into the early days of Dorset and its important role in shaping the nation ...’ Prime Time Quarto, 152pp, ’99 978  1  86077  093  7 £15.99 DOMESDAY BOOK: DORSET Gen. ed. John Morris Series notes page 6. Lib.ed. 978  0  85033  489  0 Limited stock £18.00 Limp 978  0  85033  490  6 £11.25 DORCHESTER PAST  Jo Draper ‘A town lucky in many ways, not least because it has Jo to tell its story.’ Dorset Magazine Quarto, 144pp, ’01 978  1  86077  175  0 £14.99 BOURNEMOUTH PAST Elizabeth Edwards Quarto, 144pp, ’98 978  0  85033  962  8 £14.99 FERNDOWN: A Pictorial History Roger Guttridge and Audrey Greenhalgh Quarto, 128pp, ’97 978  1  86077  038  8 £13.99 WAREHAM: A Pictorial History  Lilian Ladle Quarto, 128pp,   ’94 978  0  85033  900  0 £13.99 SWANAGE PAST David Lewer and Dennis Smale Quarto, 208pp, ’04 978  1  86077  311  1 £16.99 BLANDFORD FORUM: A Pictorial History Ben Cox Quarto, 128pp,   ’95 978  0  85033  952  9 £13.99 BRIDPORT PAST Gerald Gosling Quarto, 144pp, ’99

978  1  86077  107  1 £14.99

HATCHMENTS IN BRITAIN Vol. 7: Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, Somerset, Hampshire, Isle of Wight, Gloucestershire Series notes page 9. Gen. eds. Peter Summers and John E. Titterton Octavo, ’88 978  0  85033  651  1 £14.99

978  1  86077  267  6


DOMESDAY BOOK: WILTSHIRE Gen. ed. John Morris Series notes page 6. Limited stock £16.00 Lib.ed. 978  0  85033  159  2 limp 978  0  85033  160  8 £10.00 SALISBURY PAST Ruth Newman and Jane Howells Quarto, 144pp, ’01

978  1  86077  177  4 £15.99

Salisbury Cathedral: The West Front A History and Study in Conservation edited by Tim Ayers Quarto, 144pp, ’01 978  1  86077  152  1   £40.00 A HISTORY OF TIDWORTH AND TEDWORTH HOUSE David J. Croman Quarto, 96pp, ’91 978  0  85033  812  6 £15.00

SALISBURY PLAIN: Home of Britain’s Military Training Henry Buckton Salisbury Plain is the UK’s largest military training area, measuring approximately 25 miles across and 10 miles from top to toe. In addition the Plain is surrounded by settlements with further strong military connections, including the city of Salisbury itself. During both world wars this extensive tract of land was utilised by British, Commonwealth and American troops. It has witnessed the testing and development of numerous weapon systems, and was the birthplace of Britain’s military aviation.The Plain was also central to the development of tank warfare, and Larkhill has become synonymous with the Royal Artillery and generations of Gunners everywhere.

Royal 8vo, 160pp, 123 ills, ’08 978 1 86077 494 2


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A HISTORY OF BRISTOL AND DCH GLOUCESTERSHIRE   Brian Smith and Elizabeth Ralph Quarto, 152pp, ’96 978  0  85033  993  2 £15.99


DOMESDAY BOOK: GLOUCESTERSHlRE Gen. ed. John Morris Series notes page 6. Limited stock £16.00 Lib.ed. 978  0  85033  320  6 Limp 978  0  85033  321  3 £10.00

The Arts and Crafts Movement in the Cotswolds has attracted much interest in recent decades, the appeal of the simple life and of traditional values detached from the pressures of modern society having as much allure now as it did a century ago. Most of these studies have referred to the work of architects in the region, but the subject has not received the specialist attention it deserves, until now. This book examines the impact of the Movement on the Cotswold landscape, on the survival of its building traditions and on modern attitudes to building conservation.

THE COUNTRY HOUSES OF GLOUCESTERSHIRE This three-volume survey is a landmark in the ‘English County Houses’ series, bringing to a conclusion the remarkable story of Gloucestershire’s rich heritage of country houses. Vol. 1, 1500-1660  Nicholas Kingsley Quarto, 296pp,  ’01 978  1  86077  124  8 £30.00 Vol. 2, 1660-1830  Nicholas Kingsley Limited stock Quarto, 336pp,  ’92 978  0  85033  806  5 £30.00 VOL. 3, 1830-2000  Nicholas Kingsley and Mike Hill Quarto, 336pp, ’01 978  1  86077  120  0   £30.00

Royal 8vo, 192pp, 100 ills, ’08


the Kennet and aVON nAVIGATION: A History Warren Berry

The Kennet and Avon Navi­gation linked Bristol with London, via Reading and the river Thames, in 1810. It was considered a major feat of Georgian engineering, with stone and iron bridges, a 500-yard tunnel, pumping stations and two aqueducts over the Avon valley. But the most spectacular structure was the 19-lock flight climbing Caen Hill. Includes photographs, wharf and other plans, diagrams and engravings.

Royal 8vo, 144pp, 150 ills, ’09 TEWKESBURY Anthea Jones Royal 8vo, 224pp, ’03

978  1  86077  564  2

978  1  86077  275  7 £18.99

FRAMPTON ON SEVERN: Portrait of a Victorian Village Rose Spence ‘To back up her rich visual harvest, the author, Rose Spence, dug deep into public records, and managed to identify all the householders ... The result is a fascinating glimpse of life in a Victorian rural community.’ The Independent Quarto, 160pp, rpt’01 978  1  86077  151  3 £19.99

978 1 86077 548 2 £20.00


THE COTSWOLDS Anthea Jones Quarto, 224pp, rpt’97

See p.15

978  0  85033  883  6 £25.00

A VICTORIAN RECTOR AND NINE OLD MAIDS Michael Boyes Quarto, 240pp, ’05 978  1  86077  373  0 £25.00 DYING FOR GLORY: The Adventurous Lives of Five Cotswold Brothers Michael Boyes Quarto, 208pp, ’06 978  1  86077  394  5 £20.00 BRISTOL PAST Donald Jones Quarto, limp, 136pp, rpt’07

Limited stock 978  1  86077  511  6 £14.99

THE BRISTOL AVON Josephine Jeremiah Quarto, 144pp, ’05

978  1  86077  362  4 £15.99

A HISTORY OF CLIFTON Donald Jones Royal 8vo, 208pp, limp, rpt’08 978  1  86077  517  8 £15.99 MONTPELIER: A Bristol Suburb Mary Wright Royal 8vo, 160pp, ’04 978  1 86077 284 9 £17.99 CHELTENHAM: A History Jill Waller and Sue Rowbotham Quarto, 144pp, ’04 978  1 86077 314 1 £15.99

Kingsdown: Bristol’s Vertical Suburb Penny Mellor and Mary Wright Kingsdown was built as Bristol’s first planned suburb in the 18th century. The Georgian suburb became increasingly fashionable, but the economic collapse following the war with France led to the financial ruin of many of the investors and developers who were building Kings­down. The Victorian and Edwardian periods were a time of consolidation, sanitary improvements and growing urbanisation, but after the Second World War many houses were deemed unfit and were demolished, despite passionate protests. Now the area’s architectural qualities are much appreciated and a vibrant community makes the care for Kingsdown’s unique heritage a priority.

Royal 8vo, 128pp, 60/14 ills, ’09

978  1  86077  601  4



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somerset  •  devon  •  cornwall

TORQUAY & PAIGNTON: The Making of a Modern Resort Henry J. Lethbridge Torquay and Paignton have changed dramatically over the past two centuries. In 1793 the Revd John Swete was charmed by the lush, peaceful countryside of this part of the South Devon coast, but within decades these ancient settlements and, to a lesser extent, Brixham had been developed into what became known as the English Riviera. This important new book, while briefly reviewing the earlier history, describes and explains that transformation in fascinating detail. It is also the story of the three families, the Palks, the Carys and the Mallocks, who, despite their uneasy relationship with each other, were largely responsible for the emergence of Torbay as a celebrated and elegant Victorian resort. Patronised by English and European royalty and aristocracy, and distinguished Victorians, from Disraeli to Dickens and Wilde, it also attracted wealthy invalids who came to enjoy the sea air. Each town has kept its own character, as the author reveals in this readable and very welcome new account of their past.

Quarto, 256pp, 100 ills, ’03

978  1  86077  260  3

DOMESDAY BOOK: SOMERSET Gen ed. John Morris Series notes page 6. Lib.ed. 978 0  85033  367  1 Limited stock £22.00 £13.00 Limp 978 0  85033  368  8 TOP THE VALE OF TAUNTON PAST  Tom Mayberry Quarto, 144pp, ’98 978  1  86077  044  9


Thinking about Transport: Lessons from Langdons R.W. Holder As an insight into what makes a successful transport company tick, this book is invaluable. 246x175mm, 128pp, ’08 978  1  86077  537  6 £16.99

Tavistock: A History Gerry Woodcock ‘The Gothic town of the West’ brings to mind the great age of copper mining and the changes to the town-centre that accompanied it, yet residents and visitors today would still recognise the truth of what one impressed tourist wrote in 1892: ‘The town has a leisurely and beautiful appearance, and the people do not seem to need to kill themselves and slay each other in the mad rush of life which spoils so many other towns.’ This is the first single-volume general history of the town and is fully illustrated, reaching back as far as the town’s first thousand years, which were dominated by the Abbots of Tavistock Abbey and then by the Earls, later Dukes, of Bedford.

Royal 8vo, 144pp, 150 ills, ’08    978 1  86077  500  0 £15.99


WELLS: A Pictorial History Tony Scrase Quarto, 128pp, ’92 978  0  85033  814  0


WESTON-SUPER-MARE PAST Philip Beisly Quarto, 144pp, ’01 978  1  86077  174  3 £14.99 A HISTORY OF BRIDGWATER J.F. Lawrence, revised and completed by J.C. Lawrence Royal 8vo, 240pp, ‘05 978  1  86077  363  1 £17.99

DOMESDAY BOOK: DEVON Gen. ed. John Morris Series notes page 6. £44.00 Lib.ed. 978  0  85033  491  3 TOP Limp 978  0  85033  492  0 £24.50 TWO THOUSAND YEARS IN EXETER

W.G. Hoskins, edited by Hazel Harvey ‘A simple, accessible prose... with scholarly diligence... Today’s updated edition, complete with lavish new illustrations, is published by Phillimore, which over the years has produced a wealth of well-researched and readable books.’ The Guardian 978  1  86077  303  7 £15.99 Royal 8vo, 192pp, ’04

TEIGNMOUTH H.J. Trump Quarto, limp, 154pp

POD 978  1  86077  371  6 £14.99

THE DISCOVERY OF DARTMOOR Patricia Milton Royal 8vo, 256pp, ’06 978  1  86077  401  0 £18.99 PLYMOUTH: A Pictorial History  Guy Fleming Quarto, 128pp, ’95 978  0  85033  963  4 £12.95 A HISTORY OF ILSINGTON Bill Ransom Royal 8vo, limp, 112pp, ’05 978  1  86077  351  6


DOMESDAY BOOK: CORNWALL Gen. ed. John Morris Series notes page 6. Lib.ed. 978  0  85033  155  4 Limited stock £14.00 TOP £8.25 Limp 978  0  85033  156  1

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Channel Islands

A PEDESTRIAN TOUR THROUGH THE ISLANDS OF GUERNSEY AND JERSEY William Gerard Walmesley A traveller’s guide from 1821. Quarto, 96pp,   ’92 978  0  85033  837  9 £20.00 FROM SAIL TO STEAM: Studies in the Nineteenth-Century History of the Channel Islands Caroline Williams Octavo, 192pp,   ’01 978 1  86077  159  0 £19.99 VICTOR HUGO IN JERSEY Philip Stevens Limited stock Quarto, limp, 160pp, rpt’02 978 1  86077  203  0 £12.99 THE MEMOIRS OF LORD COUTANCHE: A Jerseyman Looks Back H.R.S. Pocock Limited stock Lord Coutanche was Bailiff of Jersey from 1935-61. Octavo, 240pp, ’75 978  0  85033  210  0 £4.95

GUERNSEY under OCCUPATION The Second World War Diaries of Violet Carey edited by Alice Evans

OLD JERSEY HOUSES  Joan Stevens Vol. II (after 1700) Quarto, 264pp, ’77 978  0  85033  269  8 £9.99 VICTORIA COLLEGE   D.J. Cottrill Octavo, 128pp, ’77 978  0  85033  285  8


THE PARISH CHURCH OF ST SAVIOUR F. de L. Bois Limited stock Quarto,  184pp,  ’76,  de luxe 978 0  85033  237  7 £30.00 GUERNSEY: Pictures from the Past  Carel Toms Quarto, 128pp,  ’91 978 0  85033  783  9 £13.99 ST PETER PORT: People and Places Carel Toms Lge 4to, 144pp, ’03 978 1  86077  258   0 £16.99 ALDERNEY: FORTRESS ISLAND T.X.H. Pantcheff Octavo, limp, 112pp, rpt’03 978 0  85033  432  6


The diaries kept by Violet Carey during the occupation of Guernsey show precisely how the German invasion affected the lifestyle of an upper-middle-class woman. In her remarkably down-to-earth style, the diarist provides an honest account of events and does not attempt to disguise incidents of scandal or misconduct on the part of her countrymen, or of humanity on the part of the Germans. More light-hearted entries illustrate the delight that she and many of her friends took in defying the invader simply by sticking to firmly held principles. The diaries also indicate the pressures experienced by the island’s leaders as the writer is related to Bailiff Victor Carey and her husband is Jurat of the Royal Court. An introductory section shows how, as the occupation lengthened and shortages became more acute, the veneer of civilisation could be stripped away and the privileges afforded by wealth, education and class rendered irrelevant.

Royal 8vo, limp, 256pp, 66 ills, ’09 978  1  86077  581  9 £14.99

Jersey: A Crown Peculiar edited by Peter Hunt

Limited stock

JERSEY is ‘peculiar’ in that it has been loyal to the Crown of England since 1204, but not to the English Parliament. This new book celebrates this unique island at the beginning of the 21st century ... its history, governance and the way of life of the islanders, past and present. Set in the bay of St Malo, Jersey has been a vital outpost in England’s defence against France during the two nations’ many conflicts and was, with its sister islands, the only British territory occupied by Germany during the Second World War. This book provides an entertaining exploration of Jersey’s story and character. Written by specialists in their various subjects - which include languages, architecture, natural history and cultural heritage - and carefully edited into an integrated narrative, it is beautifully illustrated. In addition to its great appeal to Jersey folk and the island’s many visitors, the book will attract a wider readership among those who enjoy interesting accounts of interesting places.

Lge 4to, limp, 128pp, 70/8 ills, ’05

978 1  86077  307  5



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The England’s Past for Everyone illustrated paperback series provides a new approach to local history publishing. The books, driven by the internationally respected research standards of the Victoria County History and published by Phillimore, explore the unique histories of the people and places around us. The series provides an insight into the resources and methods used by local historians and will be a valuable tool for readers inspired to research their own locality. Get involved. The Medway Valley a Kent Landscape Transformed Andrew Hann

The first Victoria County History publication in Kent for over 75 years, this book traces the impact of industrial development and decline on the valley and its people and describes the pivotal role of the river in all aspects of village life during two centuries of change and upheaval. Royal 8vo, limp, 192pp, 90/10 ills, ’09 978 1  86077  600  7 £14.99

Exmoor: The Making of an English Upland Mary Siraut This is a study of ten parishes on the southern slopes of Exmoor, part of an upland region and National Park which straddles the counties of Somerset and Devon. It asks two main questions: why did people choose to settle in this challenging upland region, and how did they adapt to the conditions? Royal 8vo, limp, 208pp, 106/10 ills, ’09 978  1  86077  597  0 £14.99

Sunderland: Building a City Gill Cookson

Illustrated with modern and historic photo­ graphs and drawings, and with specially commissioned maps and plans, this book explores the city’s most interesting and impressive features. It will be indispensable to anyone interested in the retention and restoration of the city’s historic assets. Royal 8vo, limp, 192pp, 90/10 ills, ’10 978 1  86077  547  5 £14.99

Ledbury A Market Town and its Tudor Heritage Sylvia Pinches

Visitors and inhabitants alike can empathise with Ledbury-born Poet Laureate John Masefield, who ‘felt the beauty of the place and the mystery of its past … through century after century’. This book tells the town’s story from 1558, when Elizabeth I confiscated the bishop’s manor and estate, through a period of great prosperity in the 16th century to the present day. ‘This publication is a deeply informed account of Ledbury’s past and will be of incalculable value in planning its future.’  Sir Roy Strong Royal 8vo, limp, 192pp, 106/10 ills, ’09 978 1  86077  598  7 £14.99

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Henley-on-Thames: Town, Trade and River Simon Townley Set amidst the tree-covered slopes of the Chilterns at a picturesque bend in the river, Henleyon-Thames is best known for its attractive timber-and-brick buildings, its graceful 18th-century bridge, and its annual Royal Regatta, established in 1839. Ordinary townspeople and riverworkers feature prominently, alongside merchants, landowners, and prosperous incomers. The book draws on extensive research over several years, some of it carried out with the help of volunteers and local groups. Its broad perspective casts new light on the town and its relationship with the river. Royal 8vo, limp, 192pp, 90/10 ills, ’09 978 1  86077  554  3 £14.99 BOLSOVER: Castle, Town and Colliery Philip Riden and Dudley Fowkes Limited stock This book, which brings the history of Bolsover to life, is an outstanding achievement and will be enjoyed by many far beyond our fascinating patch of England.’  Dennis Skinner, MP for Bolsover Royal 8vo, limp, 208pp, ’08 978  1  86077  484  5 £14.99 BRISTOL: Ethnic Minorities and the City, 1000-2001 Madge Dresser and Peter Fleming ‘This is a richly textured book, full of compelling human stories, many of which have not been published before. It should prove a valuable resource for all those interested in not only how Bristol, but the nation as a whole, came to be what it is today.’  Trevor Phillips Royal 8vo, limp, 272pp, ’07 978  1  86077  477  5 £14.99

Burford: Buildings and People in a Cotswold town

Antonia Catchpole, David Clark and Robert Peberdy ‘Living alongside the past is a wonderful satisfaction, understanding it is even better. I can’t think of a more rewarding demonstration of both those qualities than this delightful volume.’ Bill Bryson Royal 8vo, limp, 256pp, ’08 978  1  86077  488  1 TOP  £14.99

Codford: Wool and War in Wiltshire John Chandler

‘Praised by Trollope and W.H. Hudson for the beauty of the surrounding landscape, cursed by the mud-soaked trainees of two World Wars, the whole story is refreshingly retold in this new approach to local history.’ Rex Sawyer Royal 8vo, limp, 192pp, ’07

978  1  86077  441  6 £14.99

Cornwall and the Cross: Christianity 500-1560 Nicholas Orme

‘The Christian faith in Cornwall is more than fifteen hundred years young and it could not have a more dedicated, learned and attractive writer to help us all be aware of the heritage which is ours.’  The Rt Revd William Ind, Bishop of Truro Royal 8vo, limp, 206pp, ’07

978  1  86077  468  3 £14.99

Cornwall and the coast: Mousehole and Newlyn Joanna Mattingley

‘This book puts into focus the necessity for a deep knowledge of history in planning for the present and the future. It states the importance and excitement of the past, implying the unique character of these two little places.’  Jeremy Le Grice Royal 8vo, limp, 192pp, ’09 978 1  86077  489  8 £14.99

Ledbury: People and Parish before the Reformation Sylvia Pinches This volume explores a quiet corner of England from the earliest times until the middle of the 16th century. Using the evidence of the landscape itself, physical remains, artefacts and buildings, and tantalising glimpses from old documents, it has been possible to chart the history of this little market town and the surrounding countryside for nearly five hundred years. The story extends from the reign of the first Elizabeth to the present day. It traces the ups and downs of a market town which has benefited from its location on the route between Hereford and Worcester but remains a small town. Ledbury has enjoyed its share of changes in trade, transport, social provision, architecture, industry and leisure, developments which have individually and collectively helped to shape the town today. But what strikes the visitor is its Tudor heritage, which continues to reflect the unexpected and untold riches generated. Royal 8vo, limp, 192pp, 90/10 ills, Apr’10 978 1  86077  614  4 £14.99


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Hardwick Hall: A Great House and its Estate Philip Riden and Dudley Fowkes One of the most magnificent great houses of the Elizabethan period, Hardwick New Hall stands prominently on high ground overlooking the valley of the river Doe Lea in north-east Derbyshire. Built in the 1590s by Elizabeth, Countess of Shrewsbury (best known to history as ‘Bess of Hardwick’), the hall is one of the best preserved examples of the work of the architect Robert Smythson and stands in stark contrast to the ruinous remains of the Old Hall also built by Bess in the 1580s. This book looks at the history of both the halls and the wider estate, the changing fortunes of the Cavendish family, and the growth and eventual decline of the coal mining industry in the area. The story continues to the death of the 10th Duke of Devonshire in 1950, taking in the transformation brought about by the expansion of coal mining in the late 19th century and the impact of the closure of the collieries in the late 20th century on the estate communities, some of which have prospered and others face an uncertain future. This book is a must for all those interested in the social and physical history of this great hall and its surrounding villages. Royal 8vo, limp, 192pp, 100/20 ills, ’09 978 1  86077  554  4 £14.99

Parham: An Elizabethan House and its Restoration Jayne Kirk This book tells the story of the house, and of the three families – the Palmers, the Bisshopps and the Pearsons – who owned it for more than 400 years and brings to life the practical and aesthetic problems of the house’s restoration. Restoration and repair has ensured that Parham still stands today. A precious archive of drawings, letters and other papers has revealed much new evidence about changes to the fabric. This has been supplemented by specially commissioned studies of the roof, and of the decorative plasterwork and panelling. Professional and volunteer archaeologists have searched the park for traces of the monastic grange and village that once stood somewhere within it, while personal recollections have added yet another perspective. All the findings have been masterfully pieced together by Jayne Kirk, who has thrown a brilliant light onto the hidden history of this intriguing country house. ‘Parham is parcelled history … Such places are infinitely precious’. Sir Simon Jenkins, Chairman of the National Trust. Royal 8vo, limp, 192pp, 100/8 ills, ’09 978  1  86077  485  0 £14.99

Sunderland and its Origins: Monks to Mariners Maureen M. Meikle and Christine M. Newman Sunderland was once the seat of one of the most important centres of learning in the whole of Europe. The community of monks at Anglo-Saxon Wearmouth nurtured the great scholar and ­historian Bede and produced illuminated manuscripts and buildings of astonishing sophistication. Their remarkable stone church still stands across the river from his birthplace on ‘the sundered land’, its extraordinary cultural value recognised by its nomination in 2006 as a World Heritage Site. Sunderland and its Origins not only tells the story of Bede’s ­scholarly world and the Wearmouth monastery founded by ­Benedict Biscop, but for the first time maps the history of the surrounding settlements, as Wearsiders carved a living from the sea, the river and the increasingly important coal trade. The story of the city’s formative centuries, its local events and personalities are here woven into a greater historical narrative. ‘It ought to be possible to tell the history of the nation from any one place, and this fascinating and accessible portrait of Sunderland more than meets that challenge.’  Michael Wood Royal 8vo, limp, 224pp, 135/15 ills, ’08 978  1  86077  479  9 £14.99

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Index Abbotswood: Guilford’s Most Unusual Estate, 29 Acton: A History, 29 Age of Arthur, 5 Alderley Edge. See Wilmslow and Alderley Edge: A Pictorial History Alderney: Fortress Island, 40 Aldershot Past, 36 Alexander, Frederick Matthias, 7 Amersham, A History of, 20 Anderson Families, 7 Apprenticing in a Market Town: William Harding’s Charity, Aylesbury, 20 Archives: The Very Essence of our Heritage, 3 Arthurian Period Sources, 5 Ash: An East Kent Village, 32 Ashridge: A Living History, 21 Ashridge, A Prospect of, 21 Atherstone: A Pleasantly Placed Town, 15 Avon, The River: A Pictorial History, 16 Aylesbury: A History, 20 Aylesbury: A Pictorial History, 20 Aylesbury: The Story of William Harding’s Charity, 20 Bagshawe, J.R., Marine Artist, 11 Banbury: A History, 19 Banbury, Victorian, 19 Barges and Bargemen, A Social History of the Upper Severn Navigation, 1760-1900, 13 Barnett, Henrietta, ‘Only A Woman’, 28 Basildon Plotlands, 23 Beaconsfield, A History, 20 Beckenham, 32 Bedfordshire, A History of, 21 Beeding. See Steyning, Bramber and Beeding, Bygone Bexhill-on-Sea: A History, 33 Billericay: A Pictorial History, 24 Birkenhead: A History, 9 Birmingham, The Diocese of, 15 Birmingham’s Open-Air Schools, 15 Bishop’s Stortford: A History, 21 Bishop’s Waltham: A History, 36 Blackwater Estuary. See Maldon and the Blackwater Estuary: A Pictorial History

Blandford Forum: A Pictorial History, 37 Bolsover: Castle, Town and Colliery, 42 Boston: A Pictorial History, 17 Boulton, Matthew, 7, 16 Bournemouth Past, 37 Bournville: Model Village to Garden Suburb, 15 Bowland and Pendle Hill, 9 Bramber. See Steyning, Bramber and Beeding, Bygone Breath of Fresh Air, 15 Brentwood: A History, 24 Bridgwater, A History of, 39 Bridlington Lifeboat, 1905-2005, 11 Bridport Past, 37 Brighton, Georgian, 33 Brighton College, 33 Bristol and Gloucestershire, A History of, 38 Bristol Avon, 38 Bristol: Ethnic Minorities and the City, 1000-2001, 42 Bristol Past, 38 British Samplers, 5 Broads. See Norfolk and Suffolk Broads Brunel, Marc Isambard, 5 Bulteels, 7 Burford: Buildings and People in a Cotswold Town, 42 Burgess Hill, 33 Burnley: A Pictorial History, 9 Burton Upon Trent: A History, 16 Bury St Edmunds, A History of, 23 Cam, River. See River Great Ouse and River Cam Camberley, A History, 30 Cannock Chase Past, 16 Canterbury, Portrait of, 32 Canterbury Marriage Licences, 32 Canvey Island: A History, 24 Carey, Violet, Second World War Diaries, 40 Catalogue of Silver in the Grosvenor Museum, Chester, 12 Chandler’s Ford: A Pictorial History, 36 Channel Islands, From Sail to Steam, 40 Charlton Hunt: A History, 35 Chelmsford: A History, 25 Cheltenham: A History, 38 Chesham: A Pictorial History, 20

Chester, Picturesque, 12 Chester: A History, 12 Chichester, Georgian, 35 Chichester: A Documentary History, 35 Chichester Cathedral, 35 Chichester Harbour: A History, 35 Chichester Harbour, Rhythm of the Tide, 35 Chichester Remembered, 35 Children’s Front, 4 Chilterns, Hilltop Villages of the, 20 Chobham, History of, 31 Church Court Records, 2, 32 Church Plate of the Diocese of Chester, 12 Cinema West Sussex, 34 Citizens and Founders, 28 The City of London and its Lord Mayor, 26 City-State and Nation, 15 Civil Engineering Heritage, East Anglia, 8 Civil Engineering Heritage, Wales, 8 Civil Engineering Heritage, West Midlands, 8 Clacton-on-Sea: A Pictorial History, 25 Clacton Past, 25 Cleethorpes: The Creation of a Seaside Resort, 17 Cleethorpes, Street Names of, 17 Clifton, A History of, 38 Cobham: A History, 31 Cobham Park, Surrey and its Owners and Occupiers, 31 Codford: Wool and War in Wiltshire, 42 Colchester: A History, 25 Collieries and Coalminers of Staffordshire, 16 Coopers and Customs Cutters, 7 Cornwall and the Coast: Mousehole and Newyn, 42 Cornwall and the Cross: Christianity 500-1560, 42 Cotswolds, The, 38; see also Dying for Glory Cotswold Arts and Crafts Architecture, 38 Cottages and Common Fields of Richmond and Kew, 30 Country Houses of Gloucestershire, 38 Couture or Trade, 28


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Coventry, A History of, 15 Coventrys of Croome, 7, 14 Cranleigh: A History, 29 Crewe: A History, 12 Criminal London, 26 Crookham. See Fleet and Crookham: A Pictorial History Croydon Past, 30 Crystal Palace, 26 Cumberland and Westmorland, A History of, 9 Cumbria, Stone Circles of, 9 Curtis-Bennett Chronicle, 7 Darlington: A Pictorial History, 10 Dartmoor, The Discovery of, 39 Datchet Past, 20 Daventry Past, 18 Dedham, Flatford and East Bergholt: A Pictorial History, 23 Dissenting Forbears, 7 Distillers’ Company: A Short History, 26 Domesday Book, 6 Doncaster, A History of, 11 Dorchester Past, 37 Dorset, A History of, 37 Douglas, James, 4 Dover in the Second World War, 32 Droitwich: A Pictorial History, 14 Duke of Norfolk’s Deeds at Arundel Castle, 9, 28 Dukes of Norfolk, 35 Dundonnell of the Mackenzies, 8 Durham City, 10 Dying For Glory: The Adventurous Lives of Five Cotswold Brothers, 38 East Bergholt. See Dedham, Flatford and East Bergholt: A Pictorial History East Grinstead, A History of, 34 East Grinstead, 100 Buildings of, 34 East Hill: Life on the North Downs Recalled, 31 East Meon, A History of, 36 East Preston & Kingston: An Illustrated History, 34 East Sussex Events, 33 Eastbourne: A History, 33 Eden Valley and the North Pennines, 9 Edgbaston: A History, 15 Edward Heron-Allen’s Journal of the Great War, 33 Eldred, The Saxon House of, 7

Elgar, Vicat Cole and the Ghosts of Brinkwells, 35 Elgin’s Love-gift, 8 Eltham: A Pictorial History, 28 Eltham Palace, 28 Emsworth, 36 Enclosure Records for Historians, 2 Epping and Ongar: A Pictorial History, 25 Epsom Past, 30 Esher: A Pictorial History, 31 Essex in History, 23 Essex Police, A History of the, 23 Ewell Past, 30 Exeter, Two Thousand Years in, 39 Exmoor, The Making of an English Upland, 41 Falkner, Harold, 31 Farmers, A History of the Worshipful Company of, 28 Farnborough, A Pictorial History, 36 Farnborough Past, 36 Farnham Past, 31 Felixstowe: A Pictorial History, 23 Feltmakers, The History of the Company of, 26 Ferndown: A Pictorial History, 37 Ferring Past, 35 First Food Empire: The History of J. Lyons & Co., 5 Flatford. See Dedham, Flatford and East Bergholt: A Pictorial History Fleet and Crookham: A Pictorial History, 36 Fordingbridge and District: A Pictorial History, 36 Frampton on Severn, 38 Friendly Invasion: Memories of Operation Bolero, 5 Frinton and Walton: A Pictorial History, 25 From Sail to Steam, 40 Fuellers, a History of the Worshipful Company of the, 27 Genealogy for Beginners, 3 Gerrards Cross: A History, 20 Gibside and the Bowes Family, 7 Gibson, George Stacey, 25 Gildas, 5 Gloucestershire, Country Houses of, 38. See also Bristol and Gloucestershire, A History of Glovers’ Company, 28 Glympton Park Estate, 19

Grays Thurrock: A History, 24 Great Ouse, River. See River Great Ouse and River Cam Great Yarmouth, A History of, 22 Grimsby, Making the Town, 19001914, 17 Grose Motors, 18 Guernsey and Jersey, A Pedestrian Tour through the Islands of, 40 Guernsey: Pictures from the Past, 40 Guernsey Under Occupation, 40 Gwynedd: Inheriting a Revolution, 13 Haberdashers’ Company, A History of the, 26 Haberdashers’ Company in the Later Twentieth Century, 26 Hadleigh Past, 25 Hailsham and its Environs, 33 Halesowen, A History of, 14 Hamble, River, 36 Hambledon, 36 Hampshire & Isle of Wight Constabulary, 1939-1966, 36 Hampshire County Cricket Club, 36 Hampstead Garden Suburb, 28 Harborne: A History, 15 Hardware Man’s Daughter, 7 Hardwick Hall, 43 Harriss, C.F., the War Diaries of, 34 Harrogate Past, 11 Haslemere, 31 Hastings Past, 33 Hatchments n Britain Series, see individual counties Hathersage in the Peak: A History, 16 Havering Village, Ardleigh Green and The Harolds, 28 Hawkwell. See Hockley, Hullbridge and Hawkwell Past Hendon: A Pictorial History, 29 Henfield: Through the Lens of Marjorie Baker, 35 Henley-on-Thames, 19 Henley-on-Thames, Town, Trade and River, 42 Heron-Allen, Edward, Journal of the Great War, 33 Hertford: A History, 21 Hertfordshire, A History of, 21 High Wycombe Past, 20 Highams Park and Hale End, A History of, 25 Hills of Hawkstone and Attingham, 7

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Hilltop Villages of the Chilterns, 20 Hockley, Hullbridge and Hawkwell Past, 23 Hoddesdon: A History, 21 Horsham, Victorian, 33 Horsham: A History, 33 House Histories for Beginners, 3 Hove: A Pictorial History, 33 Howgill Fells, 9 Hullbridge. See Hockley, Hullbridge and Hawkwell Past Hulme, William, and His Trust, 9 Huntingdon: A Pictorial History, 21 Huntingdonshire, A History of, 21 Hurstpierpoint College, 34 Huxley, The Evolution of Nettie, 4 Hythe: A History, 32 Ilford: A History, 25 Ilkley: A History, 11 Ilsington, A History of, 39 Impossible Theatre, 35 Index to Domesday Book, 6 Industrial Revolution in Shropshire, 13 Industrial Windmill in Britain, 5 Ipswich in the Second World War, 23 Iron Bridge, The, 5 Ironbridge and Coalbrookdale, ‘The Most Extraordinary District in the World’, 13 Isle of Man: A Pictorial History, 9 Jaywick Sands Estate, The Story of, 25 Jersey: A Crown Peculiar, 40 Jersey Houses, Old, 40 Just a Little Charity: A Social History, 4 Keighley: A Pictorial History, 11 Kennet and Avon Navigation, A History, 38 Kettering, A History of, 18 Kew. See Cottages and Common Fields of Richmond and Kew; Palaces and Parks of Richmond and Kew Kew Past, 30 Kidderminster, A History of, 14 King’s College Choir Book, 21 King’s Lynn, 22 King’s Norton, 14 Kingsdown, Bristol’s Vertical Suburb, 38 Knutsford: A History, 12

Lamberhurst School, 32 Lancaster: A History, 9 Lancing College, 34 Langdons, Lessons from, 39 Lavant, The River, 35 Leatherhead: A History, 30 Ledbury, A Market Town and its Tudor Heritage, 41 Ledbury: People and Parish before the Reformation, 42 Legion of Frontiersmen, 5 Leicestershire Events, 18 Leigh-on-Sea: A History, 23 Leighton Buzzard and Linslade, 21 Letchworth: The First Garden City, 21 Lewes Past, 33 Lincoln, A History, 17 Links Along The Line, 9 London: Rebuilding the City after the Great Fire, 26 London’s Country Houses, 27 London’s Lost Route to Portsmouth, 36 Lord Lieutenants and their Deputies, 5 Lost Landscape: Matthew Boulton’s Gardens at Soho, 16 Louth: A Pictorial History, 18 Lowther Family, 7 Ludlow: An Historical Anthology, 13 Lune Valley and the Howgill Fells, 9 Maldon and the Blackwater Estuary: A Pictorial History, 24 Mallory Family, A History of the, 7 Malvern, The Forest and Chase of, 14 Malvern Girls’ College, 14 Man of Many Talents, 4 Mansfield: A Pictorial History, 17 Mansion House, 26 Maps for Historians, 2 Mark Beech: The Unknown Village, 32 Marlow, A Pictorial History, 20 Medway Valley, A Kent Landscape Transformed, 41 Memoirs of Lord Coutanche, 40 Metropolitan Police Images, 28 Middle and Lower Thames, 28 Middlesex, 29 Midland Peasant, 3 Mill Hill School Foundation, The Story of, 29 Miller, Sanderson, and his Landscapes, 4 Milner-White, Eric Milner, 7

Milton Keynes, Street Names of, 20 Miners and Mariners of the Severn Gorge, 13 Moffats, The, 7 Montpelier: A Bristol Suburb, 38 Morecambe Bay, 9 Motorway Achievement, Midlands, 8, 13 Motorway Achievement, NorthEast, 8, 10 Motorway Achievement, NorthWest, 8, 9 Motorway Achievement, Southern and Eastern England, 8, 30 Motorway Achievement, The Last Fifty Years, 8 Motorway Achievement, Wales, 8, 13 Mount Sion, A History of, 32 Mr Adams’ Free Grammar School, 13 Musical Handbells, 4 Nene, The River: A Pictorial History, 18 Nennius, 5 Newcastle and Gateshead Before 1800, 10 Newcastle upon Tyne: A Modern History, 10 Newport Pagnell: A Pictorial History, 20 Nisbet of that Ilk, 7 Norfolk and Suffolk Broads, 23 Norfolk in the First World War, 22 Norfolk in the Second World War, 22 North Downs, 31 Northamptonshire, A History of, 18 Northumbria, History and Identity, 547-2000, 10 Norwich, A History of, 22 Nottingham, A Centenary History of, 17 Old Hitchin, 21 Old Title Deeds, 2 Old West Surrey, 29 Oliver Whitby School, Chichester, 35 Ongar. See Epping and Ongar: A Pictorial History Order of the Bath, 5 Organs and Organists of Chichester Cathedral, 35 Ormskirk: A History, 9 ‘Outrageous Waves’, 3 Owen, Alice: The Life, Marriages and Times of a Tudor Lady, 7


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Paignton. See Torquay and Paignton: The Making of a Modern Resort Palaces and Parks of Richmond and Kew, 29 Palaces of Shene and Richmond, 29 Parham: An Elizabethan House and its Restoration, 43 Parish Church of St Saviour, 40 Peak District, The Discovery of the, 16 Pedestrian Tour through Guernsey and Jersey, 40 Pedler Family History, 7 Pendle Hill. See Bowland and Pendle Hill People at Home, 2, 16 Peterborough Past: The City and The Soke, 18 Phillimore Atlas and Index of Parish Registers, 3 Pinner, A History of, 29 Pinner, Hatch End, North Harrow and Rayners Lane, 29 Plymouth: A Pictorial History, 39 Poole, A History of, 37 Portslade: A Pictorial History, 33 Prebendal School, 35 Princes Risborough Past, 20 Queen Alexandra Hospital Home, 34 Queen Anne’s School, Caversham, 20 Queen’s Park: Kensal, Brondesbury and Harlesden, 28 Raikes, Pedigree of, 7 Rayleigh: A History, 23 Reading: A History, 20 Regeneration Through Heritage, 4 Regent Street, A History of, 27 Researching the History of a Country House, 2 Revel, Hugh, 7 Richmond. See Cottages and Common Fields of Richmond and Kew; Palaces and Parks of Richmond and Kew Richmond and Swaledale, 11 Richmond Lodge and the Kew Palaces, 29 River Great Ouse and River Cam: From Brackley to King’s Lynn, 18 Rochford: A History, 23 Romford: A History, 24 Rowley Regis: A History, 15 Roxburgh, William, 4 Royal Hampshire County Hospital, 36

Royal Horticultural Society, A History 1904-2004, 5 Royal Hospital Haslar, 36 Royal Leamington Spa, 15 Royal Tunbridge Wells: A History, 31 Rustington: A Pictorial History, 35 Rye, A History, 33 Saddlers’ Company, 26 Saffron Walden, 25 Sail to Steam, 40 St Albans, A History of, 21 St Barnabas’ Hospice, 35 St John’s Chapel and the New Town, Chichester, 35 St John’s Winchester Charity, 36 St Leger, 7 St Martin-in-the-Fields, 28 St Neots, 21 St Neots Past, 21 St Patrick, 5 St Peter Port, 40 St Richard’s Hospital: An Oral History, 35 Salisbury Cathedral: The West Front, 37 Salisbury Past, 37 Salisbury Plain, 37 Scarborough: A History, 11 Schools at War, 4 Scriveners’ Company, 26 Sea-Scouting, A History of, 4 Sea Painter: The Life and Work of J.R. Bagshawe, 11 Seal: The History of a Parish, 32 Sevenoaks Past, 32 Sevenoaks People and Faith, 32 Severn, The River: A Pictorial History, 14 Shene. See Palaces of Shene and Richmond Sheriffs of Surrey, 29 Sherwood Forest and the Dukeries, 17 Shirley: A Pictorial History, 15 Shoeburyness: A History, 24 Shrewsbury, The Suburbs of, 13 Shropshire Hill Country, 13 Sidcup: A Pictorial History, 32 Signposts to the Past, 2 Sittingbourne: A History, 32 Skipton and Craven Dales, 11 Soho, Matthew Boulton’s Gardens at, 16 Solihull Past, 15 Sources for Local Historians, 2

South Benfleet, 23 South Downs, 33 South Woodham Ferrers: A Pictorial History, 24 Southend: A History, 23 Southend, Hospitals of, 23 Southport: A History, 9 Southsea Past, 36 Southwold: Portraits of an English Seaside Town, 23 Stafford Past, 16 Staffords, The, 7 Staffordshire, Colliers and Coalminers of, 16 Staines: A History, 29 Stamford Past, 17 Stationers’ Company, 26 Stationers’ Hall: A History in Pictures, 26 Steyning, Bramber and Beeding, Bygone, 34 Stockport: A History, 9 Stoke next Guildford, 31 Stoke Poges: Everyone A Hero, 20 Stony Stratford Past, 20 Story of Domesday Book, 6 Stourbridge, A History of, 14 Sunderland: Building a City, 41 Sunderland and its Origins: Monks to Mariners, 43 Surbiton Past, 31 Surrey, A History of, 29 Surrey, The Churches of, 29 Surrey Churches, Views of, 29 Surrey Heath, 30 Sussex, A History of, 33 Sussex, The Discovery of, 33 Sussex Churches, Structural Development of, 33 Sutton (Surrey): A Pictorial History, 30 Sutton Coldfield: A Pictorial History, 15 Swaledale. See Richmond and Swaledale Swanage Past, 37 Swinley Special, 20 Sworn to Serve: A History of the Essex Police, 23 Tamworth: A History, 16 Tavistock: A History, 39 Teesdale, The Discovery of, 10 Teignmouth, 39 Telford: A Pictorial History, 13 Tenterden: A Pictorial History, 32 Tenth-Century Studies, 4

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Tewkesbury, 38 Thames, Middle and Lower, 28 Thames, Upper and Middle, 19 Thetford, History of, 22 Thinking about Transport, 39 Tidworth and Tedworth House, 37 Tithe Surveys for Historians, 2 Torquay and Paignton: The Making of a Modern Resort, 39 Tottenham: A History, 26 Tracing the History of a Business, 3 Trafford Park, 9 Treffry Family, 7 Trent, The River, 16 Tunbridge Wells, see Royal Tunbridge Wells Tyneside in the Second World War, 10 Upper and Middle Thames, 19 Vale of Evesham: A Pictorial History, 14 Vale of Taunton Past, 39 Valette, Adolphe, 4 Victor Hugo in Jersey, 40 Victoria College, 40 Victorian Rector and Nine Old Maids, 38

Village Parliaments, 34 Village Records, 2 Vintner’s Company in the Twentieth Century, 27 Virginia Water: A History, 31 Wagners of Brighton, 7 Walthamstow Charities, 24 Walton. See Frinton and Walton: A Pictorial History Walton Past, 31 Wareham: A Pictorial History, 37 Warrington, A History of, 12 Well-Heeled: Public Benefit Boot Company, 5 Wells: A Pictorial History, 39 Welwyn Garden City Past, 21 West Bridgford Past, 17 West Bromwich: A History, 15 West Durham: The Archaeology of Industry, 10 West Sussex Events, 34 West Sussex Parish Maps, 34 Westmorland. See Cumberland and Westmorland, A History of Weston-super-Mare Past, 39 Weybridge Past, 31 Whitby, A History of, 11 Whittington to World Financial

Centre: The City of London and its Lord Mayor, 26 Wickford: A History, 23 Widdrington Women, 7 Wigg Family, 7 Wigginton Constable’s Book, 19 Wilmslow and Alderley Edge: A Pictorial History, 12 Wimbledon: A Pictorial Histoy, 31 Winchester Ordinations, 36 Witham: A Pictorial History, 25 Witney: A History, 19 Woking, A History of, 31 Woking, A Miracle at: A History of Shahjahan Mosque, 31 Wolverhampton, A History of, 16 Woodbridge: A Pictorial History, 23 Worcester Cathedral, 14 Worthing: A History, 34 Worthing at War, The Diary of C.F. Harriss, 34 Worthing Past, 34 Worthingtons of Failsworth, 7 Worthingtons of Medieval England, 7 Wye, The River: A Pictorial History, 13 Yeomen and Colliers in Telford, 13 Yorkshire Fisherfolk, 11


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