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Introduction Innovative Workspace Environments, (IWE), is a progressive and dynamic Company that specializes in providing clients with quality technical furniture solutions. All of the environments that we serve rely heavily on technology. These environments require hardware and technology to be housed and incorporated into our furniture platforms, whether it is a Bench Desk, an Airport Check‐in Counter or a sophisticated Command and Control Center Console. This technology is constantly changing and evolving so at IWE we are always reviewing new products and market developments to ensure that our designs are current and above all, “Innovative”. IWE services include the design, manufacture, project management, delivery and installation of customized technology based furniture products and solutions. Our Mission Statement: Develop and provide innovative workspace environments utilizing scientific performance, health and wellness research strategies and apply our in depth experience gained over 30 years of working in this sector to change the user productivity within the commercial furniture environment. IWE Goals and Objectives: As collaborative and sophisticated interactive technologies have become the norm in workplaces, we are committed to addressing these trends with innovative work environments that are mission‐responsive and sustainable.

Command and Control Consoles - Axxon

Control Room Console Solutions - AXXON

IWE provide a full end-to-end service including design, scoping, production supply, project management and installation of solutions. Through this approach our clients are left with one contact for the entire project, reducing the effort required from the client’s representatives. IWE design team oversees every aspect of the AXXON manufacturing process ensuring that the desired levels of quality and detail are met. Through this approach we are able to control the project ensuring client expectations are met.

Modular Consoles - AXXON

IWE has worked intensively in the Control Room market in all sectors, including installations of CCTV Monitoring Control Rooms, Emergency Services Control Rooms, Network Management Control Rooms and more. AXXON is designed to meet the requirements of most Command and Control Center applications. We fully recognize that this type of procurement is aimed at providing a high quality modular solution that will be ergonomically pleasing as well as being highly durable, providing many years of life without showing premature signs of wear or ageing. AXXON

Modular Consoles - AXXON

. Rear monitor rail to allow installation of adjustable screen arms and convenience power / USB / data modules. . Lift out panels to provide access to continuous cable tray and in desk power plug strip. . Worksurface fitted with durable polyurethane front edge.

. Rear or front access to the CPU Storage void. . Integral cable management system, vertical and horizontal. . CPU mounted on roll out trolley with cable management chain. . Ventilation grilles fitted to access doors.

Modular Consoles - AXXON

. AXXON Consoles are available with fixed or electrically height adjustable worksurfaces to provide easy access to IT equipment. . Height adjustable sit stand consoles provide ergonomic flexibility to the different users that will work at these consoles on a 24 x 7 shift pattern.

. Electrically height adjustable consoles are fully cable managed. . IWE can provide or advise on the extended cable lengths that are required for these consoles.

Modular Consoles - AXXON Cyber Center - Control Room

Modular Consoles - AXXON Dubai - Control Room

Bench Desk - In-Fyniti

Bench Desk - IN-FYNITI

The IWE IN-FYNITI Bench Desk is sophisticated and contemporary system that incorporates the cable management and technology integration features common in our Command and Control Center products. This extremely versatile system is available in an extensive range of sizes and with an almost infinite range of finishes and accessories.

Bench Desk - IN-FYNITI

IN-FYNITI Bench Desk has been designed to offer the open plan design expected from bench systems but with the added features of central glass or fabric panels and clever mobile storage pedestals that can offer added privacy to the users.

Bench Desk - IN-FYNITI

IN-FYNITI Bench Desk available in contemporary modern finishes and materials.

IN-FYNITI Bench Desk also available with lift-out-panels for quick IT access.

Bench Desk - IN-FYNITI

IN-FYNITI Bench Desk with integral horizontal cable management.

Bench Desk - IN-FYNITI

IN-FYNITI Bench Desk with fabric central divider panels.

IN-FYNITI Bench Desk with glass central divider panels.

Bench Desk - IN-FYNITI

IN-FYNITI Bench Desk with sliding and lift off worksurface to provide cable tray access.

Airport Counters - Gate Technologies

Airport Counters - Gate Technologies

IWE have partnered with Gate Technologies to offer a unique range of International Airport Counters to the US market. Counters can be supplied from a range of standard generic designs or custom made to client / architects specifications. Check In Counters – Immigration Booths – Security Counters – Gate and Concession Counters.

Airport Counters - Gate Technologies London Gatwick

Each counter is designed to accommodate airport specific technology hardware. IWE and Gate Technologies help with the deign process to ensure that all equipment is integrated within the counter and that flexibility is built in to allow for future technology upgrades.

Airport Counters - Gate Technologies Abu Dhabi International Airport

Airport Counters - Gate Technologies Doha International Airport - Qatar

Airport Counters - Gate Technologies Kingston Airport - Jamaica

Collaboration - CWS

Collaboration - Video Conference Units

Within the IWE portfolio, is a range of collaborative furniture products that we have developed in partnership with audio visual experts CG Alliance. These products have been designed as free standing units that can be quickly installed without disturbing the fabric of the building. All products are available in a range of finishes to match existing interiors.


- Video Conference Units


- Idea Wall Collaboration Table


Accessories IWE has a range of Console and Furniture accessories that compliment and enhance our products.

Custom mounts

Adjustable monitor arms

SUNALEX Task Lighting


Console Gallery Network Operations Console

120 degree Console

Broadcast Console

Operation Centre Console

Console Gallery Electric Height Adjustable

Electric Height Adjustable Command Console

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