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Brand Essence Squeeze-Ums, as a company, believes that desserts can be healthy and enjoyable at the same time. You should be able to have your cake and eat it too. Our line of frozen desserts are crafted from time-honored recipes and our goal is to bring families together again. We hope to inspire you to create new memories with your loved ones, and to remember the good ol’ days when the family would gather to share in the experience of dessert. Love, Grandma S.


release date 02.28.2007

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essence logo variations usage guidelines do’’’s and dont’s colors codes swatches fonts headlines subhead body

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tone and voice how to write copy




graphic elements


combining the ingredients


narrative & moodboard

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final thoughts



Logo Variations

Seal with Ribbon (no


Seal with Ribbon (with


Seal with Ribbon


We have cooked up a wide selection of logos for you to use in creating your designs. These approved logos are great for every application and will look warm and inviting when used correctly. (normal



1in. use only)


use, horizontal placement)

release date 02.28.2007

Seal with Ribbon (alternative)



dark backgrounds)

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No Color Seal


use as transparency)


B & W Seal

colorless copies only)

Please don’’t take anything away from our designs, and add only the tag line. If you need a variation not shown, just drop us a line and we’ll review your request.


Logo Usage (CLEAR-SPACE) Clear Space without Tag Line

Clear Space with Tag Line

We make it healthy...you make it memorable. *Use the left ribbon tail and orientate it to face outward when creating clear space.


“X” = 50%

release date 02.28.2007

Logo Usage (GUIDELINES) Ribbon with Tag Line

Logo Animation (for use in motion


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Logo Usage (SOME BASIC DO’S) Here are some examples of our logo being used well, in keeping with our tradition.


release date 02.28.2007

Do: Use the best version of the logo for the background it’’s being placed on. Use only the black and white version for colorless printing. Pay close attention to the clear space at all times. Use the tag-line if room is available. It is part of our brand identity.

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Logo Usage (SOME BASIC DONT’S) Here are some examples of what not to do with our logo. If you do, we will know and might just have to take your privileges away. Do Not:





release date 02.28.2007

Do not place a logo version that competes with the background.

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Do not use the black and white logo for color prints and always use clear space.


Color (CODES) The perfect dessert starts with heritage and ends with tradition. Our goal is to provide a sense of heritage and nostalgia to our customers. To aide you in giving the perfect look to our brand, we kindly ask that you keep with our traditions. Primary Color Codes

Secondary Color Codes


C = 3 M = 10 Y = 81 K = 0 RGB (250,219,78)


C = 52 M = 0 Y = 1 K = 0 RGB (103,205,242)


C = 25 M = 98 Y = 99 K = 22 RGB (155,31,32)


C = 1 M = 67 Y = 99 K = 0 RGB (241,117,34)


C = 51 M = 65 Y = 75 K = 55 RGB (76,55,41)


C = 39 M = 59 Y = 100 K = 29 RGB (127,89,35)


C = 2 M = 6 Y = 39 K = 0 RGB (250,232,170)


C = 44 M = 0 Y = 99 K = 0 RGB (155,203,60)


C=8 M=8 Y=8 K=0 RGB (231,227,225)


C = 24 M = 89 Y = 75 K = 15 RGB (231,227,225)

*Use a gradient overlay from white to black with an overlay� blending mode for variance.


release date 02.28.2007

Color (SWATCHES) cranberry




caramel (SECONDARY)


key-lime blue-ice

sunburst titanium


*The primary color palette is for everyday use. The secondary color palette is for a pre-teen target audience only. back to table of contents


Fonts (TIMELESS TRADITIONS) The fonts we have chosen were originally designed during the late 1920’’s to 1950s. Our company is about time honored traditions and want to provide a since of nostalgia to our customers. For these reasons, please stick with the fonts we have chosen.


This is a casual, handwritten font that was created in 1955. At headline scales, readability is good and it provides a comforting and inviting feel. Please use a -10 kerning when creating headlines.

Futura Medium


This font has an efficient and forwardness feel and was designed during the late 20s. Representative of the Bauhaus style, it is a perfect compliment to Mistral’’s casual and inviting feel.

Futura Book (BODY COPY)

Body copy should always be written in Futura Book. 14

release date 02.28.2007

Tone and Voice (HOW TO WRITE COPY) Tone and Voice, while often used interchangeably are and should be considered different. Voice is the personality of the writer while tone is used to reflect mood or attitude in relation to the audience. When writing body copy for our target audience, keep the following guidelines in mind. The tone and voice should come across to the audience as a conversation with grandma. Warm, familiar and informative in nature. It should be a little direct, as grandma’’s usually are, but just a touch. When writing, it may help to think about when you were a child and the feelings you’’d get when visiting grandma and the smell of chocolate baking or vanilla wafting through the air. back to table of contents

Focus Words


wholesome nostalgic warm traditional remember when rich “scents” wafting through the air 15

Photography (GOOD CHOICES) When advertising our brand, great consideration should be used in selecting appropriate photographs. Here are some examples of photographs that have a traditional and nostalgic feel:

delicious 16

tradition release date 02.28.2007


wholesome 17

Graphic Elements (STYLES) Whether you use cli p art or isolated images, the graphic elements you use should support the feeling of nostalgic, healthy and wholesome desserts that the entire family can enjoy together. Here are some examples of approved graphic elements.

healthy 18

nutritious release date 02.28.2007


warm 19

Combining the Ingredients Whether you use cli p art or isolated images, the graphic elements you use should support the feeling of nostalgic, healthy and wholesome desserts that the entire family can enjoy together. Here are some examples of approved graphic elements.


release date 02.28.2007

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Brand Narrative (AND MOOD BOARD) The struggle to eat more healthy foods often leads us to eating less and makes us feel guilty for having or even wanting dessert. Well, we say “No More!” Squeeze-Ums offers a line of healthy frozen desserts perfect for any time of year and for any occasion…or no occasion at all. Now, you can select from personal sized or family sized desserts that are healthy, nutritious and delicious. With Squeeze-Ums frozen desserts you simply grab, pinch off the top and enjoy right out of the pouch or squeeze-um into a baking dish, bake as directed then enjoy. No matter which variety of Squeeze-Ums you try, you’ll fall in love with and forget the guilt of having your cake and eating it too. Packed full of Omega-3’s and antioxidants, Squeeze-Ums delivers quality, nutritious healthy desserts that will leave you feeling good about eating dessert, just the way it should be. Dynamic Mood Board (45 second presentation)


release date 02.28.2007

Final Thoughts Squeeze-Ums believes that far too many people experience guilt when having dessert instead of experiencing pleasure. We want our brand to reflect the nostalgia of grandma’s cooking with the health benefits demanded by today’s modern family. From the cool, dusty whites we use to the deep chocolate brown, everything should feel inviting and warm. Images of healthy grains and superfruits will help convey the healthy aspects of our brand. We encourage you to try our brand and experience for yourself all the warm, fuzzy feelings our desserts provide. Then, you can design the ads you’ll create with passion and coniction.

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Squeeze ums style brand guide  

Style Branding Guide for fictitious company, Squeeze-Ums. Full Sail University MFA program, MDM615 Design Strategies.

Squeeze ums style brand guide  

Style Branding Guide for fictitious company, Squeeze-Ums. Full Sail University MFA program, MDM615 Design Strategies.