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Polishes for Paint Defect Repair

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Menzerna – manufacturers of polishing compounds since 1888

To a productive partnership

We have the expertise that allows Menzerna to create innovative products – for your benefit. Quick, reliable and customer oriented. Get top quality with Menzerna polishes. We can make your polishing processes measurably more reliable and cost-effective. Benefit from our expertise. Our team includes chemists, engineers and application engineers. We support you in optimizing your polishing processes with formula development, consulting and training – all geared to your competitive success.

• Perfectly polished surfaces for your customers

• Reliable and cost-effective polishing processes Your benefits • Special formulations to meet your individual requirements

• Competent technical advice

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Products that fit your needs Polishes for aftermarket applications Developed for industry, used in body shops – aftermarket professionals benefit from the many advantages of Menzerna’s high-performance polishes: One-stop shoping Menzerna polishes are a complete and balanced system for paintwork repairs. If required, we can recommend reliable suppliers for accessories. Safe and easy to use Low error costs: A clearly-indicated color code and labels that can be read quickly prevent errors and contribute to process safety. Perfect mirror finish in one step Save time: Our one step polishing process is usually all it takes to remove sanding marks and signs of wear and tear. Menzerna polishes are versatile and fit for all applications. No need for time-consuming changeovers: Menzerna polishes are easy to use with all established machines, pads and sanding materials as well as with all paint systems.

Polishes for the automotive industry Perfect surfaces, reliable polishing processes. Menzerna polishes provide top-notch results: Perfectly polished surfaces Menzerna polishes remove sanding marks and signs of wear and tear quickly and reliably – without holograms and haze. All our polishes are silicon free and safe for paint shop applications.

Innovative formulations Menzerna provides polishes for all established paint systems, sanding materials and polishing pads. For special cases, we develop formulations to meet your specific process requirements. Every day brings new learning opportunities, helping us to continuously improve our formulations, improve surface quality and reduce your cycle times.

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Technical consulting – worldwide Our application engineers and dealers can advise you on the best ways to apply and optimize your Menzerna polishing systems. They have access to a central database with information about hundereds of polishing processes. This ensures that you get the right answers to your questions.

Menzerna´s offering

Your benefits

• Hologram and haze free scratch removal • Safe for use on fresh paint

Impeccable surfaces for your customers

• Repeatable polishing results • Comprehensive training programs

Stable and cost-effective polishing processes

• One-step polishing process • Excellence in production and logistics

Reliability and on-time performance

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„OEM Spot Repair“ - Process Large Area Spot Repair





(off assembly line)

Step 1


Step 2 S

Product Designation

2500-3000 Step 1

To process with:

„Body and Paint“ - Process


Foam Pad F










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Removes Sanding Marks Grid:























Application Body & Paint Refinishing


Step 2 S

Spot Repair Grid

Properties Cut

L Lambswool

Microfibre Cloth M

OEM Spot Repair

Body and Paint

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Quality and safety are Menzerna values that benefit company and customer alike. We are continuously investing in leading edge production facilities and training, thus we continuously improve productivity and costs effectiveness. Menzerna’s high production volumes allows for the efficient use of large mixing and filling machines and guarantee constant quality at low costs.


Perfecting processes for peerless quality

Menzerna retail competence

Strong partnerships for market success

Annual risk assessments help us to identify internal and external risks to our business. Based on this assessment we take actions to eliminate or contain the possibility of interruptions to our operations.

Menzerna provides:

High-quality products for your customers • A complete system of polishes – tailored to industry and aftermarket requirements • Regular updates on Menzerna´s latest developments

We use a comprehensive quality management system (ISO 9001) to identify deviations quickly and to deal with their causes. Safety comes first. This is why all Menzerna suppliers are subjected to strict quality controls and verifications before they are approved.

Competent technical consulting • Menzerna Hotline for technical advice • Close consulting from our application engineers • Information on complementary products (polishing machines, pads, grinding materials)

Benefits for you • • • •

As a Menzerna dealer, we will provide you with a high-quality package of products and services designed to benefit the customer and ensure your own success.

Constant high product quality Competitive prices Short delivery times On-time delivery

Comprehensive sales support • Basic and advanced training courses with Menzerna trainers • Individual training courses tailored to your requirements • Comprehensive product documentation Exclusive access to the dealers’ section of the Menzerna website with a wide range of product brochures, image databases and specialist articles • Support for advertising campaigns

• Total customer satisfaction due to quality products

Your success as a Menzerna dealer

• Competence through training and wide-ranging technical documentation

• A strong market presence through effective sales support

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Lead customers and leading suppliers of industrial minerals and other raw materials are included in the development of new formulations from the very beginning.

Setting new standards with creativity

At the Menzerna “TECH ACADEMY”, new products are systematically tested under real-world conditions. Customers and r&d partners find an environment to learn and experiment. In expert conferences, we explore new approaches to complex issues in surface technology. The “TECH ACADEMY” is a place where r&d meets application and training to create new solutions and set new standards in industrial polishing.

Benefits for you • Short development times • Practice-oriented training programs • Tried-and-tested, high-quality products

Responsiveness to new requirements and speed in developing new products are the hallmarks of the Menzerna culture. Over one third of our sales comes from products that did not exist five years ago. This is the result of an active culture of innovation, which guides us as we develop products, processes and organizational structures. Innovations come from close cooperation between our specialists with lead customers as part of the VOMC* process.

Benefit from our passion for perfect surfaces!

* Voice of Menzerna Customers


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