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Determining If Maternity Insurance Is Right for You If you are currently expecting a child, congratulations! This is an exciting time for you and your family. You are probably busily making preparations for your new baby’s arrival. The preparation a new baby requires a lot of shopping and a lot of planning. However, although you will give birth soon, there are things you will need to think about while you are still pregnant. One of these things is maternity health insurance. It is likely that you have never heard of maternity health insurance. This article will help you learn a little bit more about this type of insurance so you can decide if purchasing maternity health insurance will be a good choice for you and your unborn baby. What Does Maternity Health Insurance Cover?

Maternity health insurance is not an insurance plan that can stand on its own, but instead it is a supplement to a conventional and traditional health insurance plan. Maternity health insurance helps cover costs that are related to your pregnancy and delivery. Sometimes, if women do not have maternity health insurance, they can receive inadequate prenatal care that is seriously lacking in quality. Another reason to get maternity health insurance is

because there can be mountains of unexpected fees associated with your pregnancy and delivery. If you do not have maternity health insurance, then you will most likely have to pay these unexpected fees out of pocket. This can create a great stress and strain on your budget, bank account, and family relationships. One of the best ways to get maternity health insurance is to find a health insurance plan that has the option of including maternity insurance. That way, when you do become pregnant further down the road, the maternity insurance will be an option for you. If you had already secured a health insurance plan before you were pregnant, and then after becoming pregnant you realize that your health insurance plan does not provide maternity coverage, you can request a maternity rider. A maternity rider is an insurance addendum that can be added to your preexisting health insurance plan that will allow for additional coverage. Where is it Available?

If you want maternity health insurance, you should be aware that many states require a waiting period before you can start receiving the benefits from this insurance. The waiting period often varies between 6 months to 1 year. These waiting periods vary by state, however, so it is important to look up the regulations in your state before purchasing any maternity insurance. The medical costs that maternity insurance covers will be anything related to a woman’s pregnancy. The different costs are separated into the categories of inpatient and outpatient services. Before you secure a maternity health insurance plan, make sure that the

plan you choose will help you reduce out of pocket insurance costs and will help your pregnancy and birth be more financially stable and supported. As mentioned earlier, the regulations and availability of maternity insurance will differ state by state. This is why it is important to find out your state’s rules about maternity insurance so that you can find the most applicable insurance plan that will fit your needs. Photo Credit: Chris Moseley, anonymous to you, Meg Hourihan

Determining If Maternity Insurance is Right for You  

If you are currently expecting a child, congratulations! This is an exciting time for you and your family.

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