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Acknowledging Winter’s Danger Differing areas across the country experience differing exposures and severities to the winter months, but almost all experience the chill of winter at some point in the year. Beyond just being cold, the months of winter experienced across the nation often bring with them dangerous winter storms. The National Weather Service has come accustomed to calling these winter storms the Deceptive Killers. This ominous designation was so applied to winter storms on account of the sharp increases of deaths that occur following the passing of such a storm.

Secondary Hazards of Winter Storms Most of these deaths are not due to direct exposure to the storm but are rather tied indirectly to the deceptive killer by way of traffic accidents, and extreme cold combined with the frequent loss of power following a debilitating winter storm. By being aware of how to fully prepare ahead of time for the onslaught of a winter storm, those individuals who live in cold areas will be able to guard themselves and provide defenses from the lethal winter storms of this year. Firstly, a family or individual can begin to prepare themselves by equipping their home or apartment with an emergency kit. This emergency kit should be ready equipped with the supplies and material that the individual or family will need to survive any disaster, a winter storm included. Items in the home’s emergency kit should include things such as extra blankets, batteries, flashlights, clothing, canned or dried food stuffs and a supply of fresh water. These and other items as deemed by the family will be useful in any emergency but will likewise come in handy during a winter storm. Specific items that a family or individual may want to include in their emergency kits for the event of a winter storm might be a supply or rock salt or sand to provide traction along the exterior of the home, snow shovels, additional warm clothing or blankets, space blankets that reflect body heat, and fuel for an indoor stove or a battery powered portable space heater.

Being Prepared for Winter’s Danger Taking precautions during the winter storm will also become paramount. Driving is especially dangerous on icy roads and should be avoided wherever possible.

If a person does need to drive somewhere during or immediately following a winter storm they should use extreme caution while doing so and be sure that they have medical health insurance as well as car insurance. They should inform someone of their destination and route as well as confirm they have arrived at that location once they have done so. Having up to day medical health insurance will provide an individual with the security and care they may need due to an injury sustained during a winter storm. Maintaining an up to date medical health insurance plan is a critical part of being prepared for winter storms By being prepared beforehand for a winter storm, individuals and families in the United States can be in the best position possible to not only weather the storm but mitigate damages to their home. Photo Credit: blmiers2, Tyler Wilson, Chung Ho Leung

Acknowledging Winter’s Danger