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Understanding the Dynamic Nature of Electrosurgery Advancements in Technology Electrosurgery machines are dynamic pieces of equipment that can be modified to many different situations. These units not only help to streamline medical procedures and make them more precise and effective, but also have the power to be adapted to the situation at hand. The equipment utilizes a focused flow of electricity down to a hand held tip, which then affects the tissue that the field comes in contact with. It is the frequency of the pattern that affects the tissue, with higher frequencies that are emanating from the tip having the most potent effect. Everything about the electrosurgery machine can be changed up to fill different roles. The most obvious element that can be changed up is the intensity of the electricity that is flowing through the tip. Different frequencies cause different effect in the human body. During the course of a normal medical procedure, the doctor may need to use the equipment in differing roles based on the need at hand. The equipment is able to achieve this end because of the variety of possible uses that it has. The most obvious function of the unit is to produce a field of energy that can effectively cut into soft tissue. When one thinks of surgery of any kind, it is usually this function that stands out the most to people. In order to achieve a cutting effect, the frequency ion the machine is turned up to very high levels, so that it is able to penetrate into soft tissue and bisect it in a very focused manner. With the machine configured in this way, it is possible for the professional to penetrate with exacting precision into the tissue, without causing undue damage to the patient. The precision and accuracy that the setting engenders makes it perfect for getting into the body without hurting it.

Coagulation Another use for the equipment is to coagulate different areas within the body. In order to cause tissue to coagulate, the machine has to be turned down to a lower frequency.

With this lower frequency, the current is able to close open endings, eliminating bleeding and allowing for a clear path into the body of the patient. Such a setting is highly useful should something happen that causes bleeding, as it can be immediately taken care of. Another use for different frequencies involves the desiccation of soft tissue and other elements that might be found in the body. Desiccation is the drying out of cells, so that they are eliminated in form and function. In the clinical setting, this function could allow for the removal of harmful biological elements, without having to physically remove them and possibly cause a lot of damage to the person. Instead, causing them to shrivel up is a viable alternative, and it is one that can be a lot safer.

Versatility in Electrosurgery Along with the ability to change up the flow of energy coming from the generator, the medical professionals also have the ability to change up the tip in order to get different effects. The tip of the units can make a pronounced difference in what happens when energy flows. For example, it is the possible for the unit to be fitted with a blade attachment, in order to facilitate better cutting. Likewise, it can also be fitted with a ball attachment, which is better for the purposes of desiccation. The size of the head that is used will make all of the difference in the results that are derived from the experience. Smaller heads will concentrate the energy more effectively, and should require less power overall in order to get an effect. It all comes down to what the job is, and the kind of results that professionals want to get out of the experience. It is possible to exactly tailor the parameters of the machine to match the needs of the situation, and even make things different on the spot should the need arise to do so. Electrosurgery machines are invaluable in nature because they are precise and do less damage, while being modular enough to be adapted to the situation at hand. Such a dynamic nature makes it possible for the professional to change things according to need, greatly streamlining the procedure at hand.

Understanding the Dynamic Nature of Electrosurgery  
Understanding the Dynamic Nature of Electrosurgery  

Medical advances are made because of technology. One of the foremost surgical technologies is the electrosurgery machine.