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Understanding the Advantages of Blister Packaging Many of us have taken over the counter medications. They come in a small box which is labeled with all the necessary information concerning the drug. Inside we find small sheets of thin metal and plastic which contain the individual pills. This type of packaging is called a blister pack.

Why A Blister? The name derives from the fact that each pill is contained within its own small plastic bubble, or blister. It is also known as a push-throughpack in some areas of the world. This name came into use because the pills, in most cases, must be pushed through the thin metal sheet in order to be used. The design was developed in order to ensure the safety of children. Small children are not able to remove the medication from the package, preventing them from ingesting it. Additionally, the packaging does prevent contamination from spoiling the medications properties. In some cases, this type of package is used for sample medications. Countries other than the United States do not usually repackage pharmaceuticals, so push-through-packs are often the most used packaging for prescription medication in the rest of the world.

Understanding the Benefits There are two main benefits of using blister packaging. First, because each pill is contained within its own separate blister, there is less of a chance that the pills will be contaminated as a whole. Secondly, printing on the metal sheet can incorporate days of the week so that patients are more aware of when they need to take their medication. The metal sheets are often made of aluminum. A three step process is used to create this type of packaging. The first step of the process is making the blisters in the plastic. Sometimes, the plastic is heated so that it can be easily shaped. The plastic is then placed over molds that are the proper shape.

A small amount of pressure is put on the plastic so that it goes down into the molds. Once this step is complete, the medication is then placed inside of the blisters. The work of filling the package is often done by automated machines because the task would be incredibly tedious and slow if done by human laborers. Finally, the packages are sealed with the aluminum sheets, which are attached to the plastic with an adhesive.

Aluminum Packaging Another process involves using only aluminum for the packaging. During this process, the aluminum is simply stretched into molds to create small blisters. The aluminum prevents any type of contamination from occurring. However, there are some disadvantages to this type of package. For one thing, using aluminum for the entire package requires a much slower fabrication process than that involved with plastic. Also, an individual cannot see through the package. Finally, it is not possible to form aluminum into 90 degree angles. Thus, the blister pack must have a slightly greater surface area than a plastic one would. Hospitals use a specialized form of the plastic package. The plastic used to create the blisters is thicker than normal. Pushing in on the plastic is impossible. However, the aluminum covering can be peeled away, allowing a patient to take his medication.

Not Just For Medication Blister packs are used for other goods, not just medications. Many brands of pens and pencils are distributed in this type of packaging. Action figures are also sometimes sold in blister packs. The process for creating these packages is largely the same as the one for packaging prescription medications. Instead of an aluminum covering, though, cardboard or some type of paperboard is usually stuck to the plastic. Indeed, many products are sold in this type of packaging.

One of the primary advantages of the blister pack is that it allows the consumer to see what he is buying. Almost every facet of the product is exposed to the view of the buyer. However, the product is protected from damage by the plastic and paperboard. Also, the packaging may contain some kind of anti-theft feature. Blister packs provide a great way for companies to show their products to those who might buy them. But, at the same time, the products are kept safe. Many packaging companies are able to package products in this manner and in other ways. If you want to better display your product, consult one of these companies today.

Understanding the Advantages of Blister Packaging  

Blister packaging has not only helped the world of medicine but also many other manufacturing businesses. There are many different types of...