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Understanding Flossing, Its Importance and Its Varieties Your dentist in Newton KS has told you since you were a kid that simply brushing your teeth twice a day is not enough to stave off cavities and tooth decay. Furthermore, even a quick inspection of your gum line can tell you that brushing is not doing a complete job of cleaning your teeth. Brushing rarely clears plaque from the gum line because the bristles of the toothbrush barely skim the gum line, even when concerted efforts to do so are attempted. This inability of cleaning the gum line, which can directly lead to the formation of gingivitis and other gum diseases, is alone reason enough for you to know that simply brushing, even twice daily, is not getting the job done. No, unfortunately there is more that a person must do to ensure their oral health. It is a step that goes beyond brushing their teeth regularly.

Flossing Promotes Healthy Teeth If you have noticed that your dentist in Newton, KS, always asks you if you have been brushing your teeth, then you will most likely likewise recall that seemingly always, the follow up question to “have you been brushing your teeth?” is inevitably “and have you been flossing?” And there is the second step that is absolutely critical to the overall oral health of a person’s mouth; the second step of flossing must be compiled with the first step of brushing before a person can truly achieve quality and complete oral and dental health. Flossing teeth is an essential role in cleaning teeth properly. Floss reaches in between teeth to clear the harmful bacterium that exists in the small gaps and along the gum line that most toothbrushes cannot reach.

Here again, most individuals may understand that the combination of both brushing and flossing is pertinent to quality oral health, but were you aware that there are different types of dental floss which can be used to differing affects? Knowing these differing types of floss can increase the effectiveness of your daily flossing and improve your overall oral health.

Types of Floss First, there are different types of floss coatings that are available on the market. Waxed floss, mint or other flavored flosses, and fluoride coasted flosses all exist and can be purchased for those who desire. The flavored flosses really only serve to provide a fresh feeling in the mouth of the person who is flossing, but waxed flosses and fluoride coated flosses both serve additional purposes of making flossing smoother, in the case of the wax coated floss, and providing fluoride to the spaces between teeth in the case of fluoride coated flosses. Flosses also come in differing shapes to provide different advantages to those who desire. Flat threaded floss, for example, is designed to cover more surface area of the tooth when used properly and rounded floss is relatively easier to fit into small spaces. While remembering to floss every day is vital to your oral health, so to may be the kind of floss you choose to use. Consider experimenting with the different types of floss to find the type that works best for you. Photo Credit: Pink Sherbet Photography, nikkorsnapper, & pattyanne:made via PhotoPin cc

Understanding Flossing, Its Importance and Its Varieties  

Every time you visit the dentist they ask you, "Have you been flossing?" Learn how to pass this little test with a few easy tips!