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Should You Visit the Dentist When Pregnant? Pregnancy can be the best-worst time of any woman’s life. The best times include one simple element, the excitement of getting ready for a baby. Few things get you ready for it better than the constant visits to the doctor. While there, he lets you hear the heartbeat for the first time, see the baby for the first time and find out its gender. In a few lucky cases, doctors can report twins to excited new families. Nearly every other part of it can be thrown in the hard times category. Pregnancy makes you nauseous more often than not; it ruins your taste for your favorite foods and keeps you from some of your favorite activities. Your body is undergoing such a drastic change that it is difficult for it to react normally to everyday things.

How does pregnancy affect dental care? How does this affect your dental care though? Should it keep you from visiting your dentist in Lincoln for needed work? Studies have been done that give evidence for both sides of the argument. On the negative side, dental work can be harmful to the developing baby. During pregnancy, the baby gains nutrients directly from the mother. This means that the baby’s vitals are attached to yours. Anything you ingest gets ingested to a small degree by the baby. Your dentist in Lincoln could require you to take certain medications to help out with the procedure.

Medication The medication not only affects the mother, but it also affects the baby. The implications of such exposure are scary enough. Although nothing has been proven on the matter, there are correlations that suggest the medications affect the baby’s development. Many expecting mothers will often refrain from seeing their dentist in Lincoln due to this concern.

On the other side of the argument, medications can be safely administered to the mother without fear of hurting the baby, just as long as the medications are controlled. If anesthesia is required, only give as much is absolutely necessary, as the baby will feel its effects as well. Other drugs are created specifically for pregnant women, allowing them to get the medical help they need without hurting the child. Antibiotics like penicillin, amoxicillin and clindamycin have alternative versions that are safe for a mother to ingest while she upholds her health.

X-rays X-rays can be avoided when they come up, although they are often helpful in taking care of your teeth, they are not necessary every visit. If you had one done last visit—within the last 6 months—you don’t need them again until next year anyways. If you had them done a year ago, you can wait until the pregnancy is over to get them taken again. Although there are no conclusive studies saying it is unhealthy for the baby, why take a chance when you can take the safe road? Your teeth will be fine until the baby comes. Ask your dentist in Lincoln about what he thinks you should do for your pregnancy. Although some methods may be safe for most people, you don’t ever want to assume that it’s true for you too without getting confirmation. Your child’s health is worth more a visit. Photo credit: josemanuelerre, jfraser

Should You Visit the Dentist When Pregnant?