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Safety first, Even when Whitening Teeth Almost everybody wishes that they had a dazzling smile with pearly white teeth gleaming for all to see. But in the pursuit of such a smile there are many that come dangerously close to doing harm to their teeth, and still others who unfortunately do cross that line and cause irreparable damage to their teeth.

Taking the Whitening Trend Too Far The recent trend of more and more individuals who are damaging their teeth has been brought about, according to some, because of the wave of over the counter tooth whitening products available to the ordinary consumer. Many of these products are safe and effective for whitening teeth when used appropriately and when their directions are followed exactly, but because untrained consumers are using them on their own teeth without consulting their dentist there is an increase in the number of people accidently harming their teeth by inappropriately using whitening products. Because of this, the first way for a person who is considering using whitening products on their teeth to remain safe while doing so is to consult their dentist. Cosmetic dentists in Santa Cruz will be able to assist individuals who are considering using whitening product on their teeth by advising them on what brand to use, what type of whitening product to use, and how frequently they should apply the whitening product to their teeth. In addition, cosmetic dentists in Santa Cruz specialize in the aesthetics of dentistry and will be able to offer their professional teeth whitening services to those who desire. By having the dentists perform the tooth whitening process in their controlled and professional environment, a person will be able to rest assured that their teeth whitening process is both safe and effective.

Whitening Through Your Dentist After consulting with the dentist, a person who still wishes to perform their own tooth whitening project by using over the counter products will need to be aware of some the dangerous pitfalls that in-home tooth whitening products can produce. One of the major pitfalls to in-home tooth whitening is not following the directions of the individual products.

Because they think it will boost performance or because they are in a rush to whiten their teeth, some individuals ignore the directions printed on the labels of tooth whitening products and so incur harm to themselves. The most ignored precaution given on the labels of whitening products is the time limit for which the product should be applied to teeth. A person performing their own teeth whitening project should never leave the at home tooth whitening products on their teeth for longer than stated on the printed label of the product. Doing so can permanently damage tooth enamel and leave the teeth vulnerable to decay in the future as well as overly sensitive to both hot and cold foods or drinks. Another major pitfall that in-home whitening products present is the danger of an individual becoming a tooth whitening addict. With the avialabilty of the whitening products and with a scewed sense of results, some individuals may become addicted to whitening their teeth because they feel they have not yet reached the shade of white they are hoping for. A person should always strive to achieve safety first when whitening their teeth. Doing so will safeguard one’s teeth and ensure their dental and oral health in the future.

Safety First When Whitening Teeth  
Safety First When Whitening Teeth