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Famous People who Wore Dentures Many may ask if there have been rich and famous people who wear dentures. The truth is that there are many who have. No matter how much money they made, dentures were economical long lasting and could be made to look really aesthetically pleasing. False teeth have been around since the time of the ancient Egyptians. Here are some famous people that wore dentures.

George Washington It has been rumored that he had a set of wooden teeth but this is unfounded. Washington, like many other’s during that time, had problems with regular toothaches, decay, and tooth loss. Much of this happened because of the unbalanced diets as well as genetics. Scientists and found that George Washington’s teeth were made of actual animal teeth, ivory, and gold. He started losing his teeth when he was in his early 20s and it seems like he was employing regular dental medicines and tooth cleaners to relieve his pain.

Clark Gable That charismatic charmer who was known as a regular Casanova also had dentures from the age of 32. This was mostly due to the fact that he had a terrible gum disease at that age and dentists had to remove his teeth. He was actually hospitalized when he found out he had an infection of the gums. HE waited out in Alaska for his new dentures to be fitted. The infection came back though and he had to forgo filming for MGM. The Director docked him two weeks pay and sent him to Columbia Pictures. Columbia Pictures was far from popular but Gable performe d his most famous of films for them and actually won an Oscar.

Winston Churchill The man who led the resistance during World War II, the man who gave amazing speeches and inspired the hearts of millions, was also the owner of dentures. Churchill relied heavily on his dentures to maintain his speaking style. Many of our words in English require the use of our teeth, so it wasn’t just about the look but being able to speak clearly. He had a very distinct voice and he wanted to maintain that. Getting dentures is not something that is just for looks. There is often a protective and functional role to dentures. We can see that with Washington that he was having severe pain and that getting dentures actually allowed him lessen that pain. Clark Gable was able to achieve his Oscar award winning film after having his teeth extracted and receiving his set of dentures. Lastly Winston Churchill was able to speak much more clearly and maintain his great oratory skills due to the right set of dentures.

Whatever reason you have for getting dentures, it is important to work with professionals and know what the best options are for you. With today’s technology and dental methods, dentures look as close to real teeth as possible. Many celebrities have implants or dentures and it has helped them with their overall appearance. If you have been thinking about getting dentures for a while, make sure you talk to a professional Dentist in Mt. Pleasant Michigan.

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Famous People who Wore Dentures