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Helping Hard of Hearing Seniors Use the Telephone Again Nobody wants to admit that they have lost their hearing. In our younger years, we like to believe that we’re invincible and the current ride that we’re on is never going to end. When we get older and our physical capabilities begin to decline, our pride gets in the way. We would rather continue to operate at a reduced capacity than admit to the ones that we love that we need some help. The fact remains that receiving assistance for things like hearing loss can improve the quality of someone’s life in so many ways. The amount of tools that are available for the hard of hearing are plentiful. In every facet of life, we can find something that will turn the sound back on.

Struggling on the Telephone With the dominant presence of cell phones, talking on the phone is a regular part of our daily lives. We want to hear the things that our loved ones say and when we don’t, it’s one of the most embarrassing things for us. Investing in the best captioned phone will make this worry a thing of the past. The volume of the conversation will be amplified. Individuals who are suffering from severe hearing loss can read off of a captioned phone without any problems. Hard of hearing phones are beginning to become sophisticated. There are companies that are even providing free hearing loss phones to senior citizens that are on a fixed budget.

Finding Free Hard of Hearing Phones Seniors that are interested in locating free hard of hearing phones should begin to look for services that advocate for the needs of older generations. Many services are out there ready and willing to help seniors with whatever they need. They realize that a lot of seniors don’t have family members that are capable or willing to help them out on a consistent basis. They will come in and test a senior’s hearing to see if they qualify for a free caption phone. If the senior passes the test, a representative from the service will even install the captioned phone for the senior. Being able to depend on a captioned telephone service will enrich a senior’s live in many ways.

Learning to Reach Out Again People who are hard of hearing had a tendency to retreat within themselves. They know that they can’t hear what other people are saying so they stop trying. Hard of hearing phones eliminate this worry from their minds, allowing them to break out of their shells and communicate again. The life of a senior citizen is often isolated, especially if they have a number of setbacks. Giving them the opportunity to associate with other people on a regular basis has the potential to only

produce good things for them. It’s important to remember that they might have other needs as well. Providing them with the full scope of care will allow them to live a healthy and productive life. It all starts with addressing the issue of their difficulties hearing people on the telephone.

Recognizing hearing loss in seniors  
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