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Should you brush your teeth before going to bed? This is the question we asked several (fictional) people. Here are their responses. John, 43, single, electrical engineer: “Uh, well I guess that depends on what you ate for dinner. If you ate something really smelly like spicy octopus or something it would probably be a good idea to brush before you sleep. I mean, who wants sticky, smelly chunks of tentacle in their mouth all night? But if you just ate some cornflakes or something, I don’t think you need to worry.” Kimberly, 18, dating, high school senior: “Oh definitely. In health class, they showed us all these disgusting pictures of old people that didn’t brush well and how their teeth were all decaying and falling out and it was disgusting. Like, I almost puked. There is no way that I wouldn’t brush at least twice a day, maybe three times. And I’m making my boyfriend promise to brush too. If this goes anywhere, I’m not marrying a man whose teeth are going to fall out by the time we’re forty.” Eddie, 7, single, second grader: “We should brush our teeth every day probably more than once or twice because it’s good for you. Miss Frizzle went into a mouth and looked at all the yucky stuff that was in the mouth and the yucky stuff was attacking the teeth and making holes and bad stuff like that and if we don’t brush we will have the yucky stuff in out mouth too and it’s bad. Except I don’t like to, so sometimes I don’t. Don’t tell my mommy.” Mildred, 79, widowed, rest home poker champion: “You see this here? These are my dentures. I have them because I didn’t brush often enough. So brush unless you want to end up like me kiddo.” Jared, 26, single, unemployed college graduate: “Yes. Absolutely. Brush your teeth every day, morning and night for at least two minutes. It will keep your teeth healthy and white, improve your breath, and increase your chances with the ladies. Trust me - no one wants to kiss, date, or even flirt with someone who has bad teeth. Bad teeth just won’t fly man. So brush!” Karen, 24, engaged, free-lance photographer: “Definitely brush. I take a lot of people’s pictures, and there is just no way is the pi cture turning out well if someone’s got nasty teeth. Brush, brush, brush and come to me! I can make you a model! Dr. Abram, 51, married, dentist: “It is important that everyone brushes twice a day. It is essential to brush at night because your mouth will dry out during the night causing bacteria to fix to your teeth,

damaging the enamel. Nighttime is the perfect breeding time for oral bacteria. You don’t want them making a home in your mouth overnight.� Conclusion: brush every night. For more oral hygiene advice or for excellent dental service, visit your Lincoln Dentists. Dentists in Lincoln NE are well equipped to meet your every oral need.

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Should you brush your teeth before going to bed?  
Should you brush your teeth before going to bed?  

Whether or not one should brush right before bed is a question some have asked themselves and there are many different opinions.