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Obesity: Acting as a Gateway to other Health Issues Obesity, or being overweight, is often considered as something of a taboo topic in modern American society. While most are aware of some of the negative effects of being obese, few if any people like having an open and honest discussion about obesity and its detrimental effects on the body because they do not wish to seem insensitive to those who struggle with their weight. While being insensitive to the struggles of those who suffer from obesity is certainly something to avoid, neglecting the topic as a whole can be even more detrimental if it means that those who are obese never learn the dangers of being overweight. In order to first take care of the issues that face them, those who are overweight or obese need to strive to understand all the dangers that their extra weight presents to their bodies.

Defining “Overweight” First, harsh realities of what constitutes being overweight exists, and many thousands of Americans are indeed considered to be overweight even though they themselves may not know it. A person is considered to be overweight, that is to say medically obese, if their weight is twenty percent above the normal weight range of a person of their age, height, and build, which is scientifically calculated as a person’s BMI or body mass index. Many may be surprised to discover that they themselves are considered to be overweight, which means that they are or can be prone to the many health risks associated with obesity. There are many different health risks that persons who are obese are more likely to be susceptible to, and knowing these different risks can help to motivate a person into weight loss, help them understand why they may be contracting these health issues, and help them to become more knowledgeable about what health conditions they may face in the future.

Issues with being Overweight One of the main health issues that those who are obese are more likely to contract than are those who are not obese is cardiovascular issues. The cardiovascular system in the body is primarily responsible for the circulation of oxygenated blood throughout the body and issues with this system can be very detrimental to a person’s health. Some of the serious health issues that can arise from cardiovascular problems include heart disease, high blood pressure, high levels of cholesterol, and increased risk of suffering a stroke. Being obese leaves a person with a greater chance of suffering from these cardiovascular issues. Other health issues that those who are obese are more likely to face than those who are of a healthy weight include type 2 diabetes, digestive problems including gallstones and liver problems, respiratory

issues like sleep apnea or asthma, and an increased percentage of incurring arthritis. Being obese has also been shown to increase the likelihood of some forms of cancer. With all of these health risks facing those who are overweight, some may turn to drastic measures like undergoing a weight loss surgery in Mexico. But before booking the flight for the weight loss surgery in Mexico, people who are overweight should strive to reach healthy weight levels for their body types through conventional ways so that they can reduce the risk of these and other health issues.

Obesity acting as a gateway to other helath issues