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Recovering from the Holidays: Dental Style The holidays have likely taken their toll on your teeth by now, and not just from Christmas through New Year’s. In a lot of ways, the holidays began back at Halloween. Since then, children and adults have been indulging in excessive amounts of sweet treats and delicious meals. More than just straight sugars have been building up on your teeth as well. Any carbohydrates consumed turn into harmful sugars that eat away at the enamel of your teeth if not properly cared for. Since there’s a very good likelihood that they have been consumed in excessive quantities consistently since about mid-October, it is safe to assume that you’re hoping you’re okay. You may even cringe at the idea of heading to the dentist in fear of a diagnosis. A cavity might just ruin your day. What if there are two or three? That could be really bad news to start off the New Year. Well, there’s good news in this regard. A significant portion of your overall dental hygiene is determined by your diligence in keeping them clean and protected over a long period of time. Just as you’re not going to gain a permanent ten pounds from a thanksgiving dinner, you’re not going to get a cavity in just a day, especially if you generally take good care of your teeth. Long-term care goes a long way for cavity prevention.

Remember to do What You Always Do That being said, it is still a good idea to get started on your normal dental hygiene schedule again as soon as possible. Here is just a quick reminder of things to take care of every day. First, brush morning and night. Brush your teeth right after breakfast and right before you go to bed. This will help you wipe away that disease creating plaque that will sit on your gums and teeth for several hours if you don’t get them off. Plaque can cause gingivitis, a gum inflammatory disease that can lead to more severe gum disease, periodontitis. The sugars from plaque sit on your enamel and tear into them, causing cavities. Cavities are a small hole that can be safe havens for even more tooth decay. Cavities are filled to put off those implications and keep your teeth from eating themselves up from the inside out. After your baby teeth, these are the only pearly whites you have left. Take care of them by removing that plaque as soon as you can, twice a day should be sufficient. In the interest of getting rid of it right away, consider brushing after every meal.

Brushing can’t reach everything though. The spaces between your teeth are almost impossible for the brush to reach. Floss is the best tool on the market today to reach into those spaces and dig that leftover food out. Use a large piece and work the string around the edges of every tooth. Use a fresh part of the string for each new crevice. Floss every evening before you go to bed to keep them safe. Get back into these daily habits as soon as possible to best avoid any permanent damage from the past several months of riotous eating. McPherson Dental Care is the home of a dentist in Salina KS that cares about your teeth. Photo Credit:,

Recovering from the Holidays: Dental Style  

The holidays have likely taken their toll on your teeth by now, and not just from Christmas through New Years. In a lot of ways, the holiday...

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