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The Larger Picture of Weight Loss Many looking to lose a lot of weight are looking for a one time fix all. They want a diet that will work no matter what. They want weight loss surgery. They want liposuction. They want a single, simple answer to solve all of their problems. Whichever product gathers the public’s attention is often chosen as that single, simple answer. More recently, exercise programs like Zumba and Crossfit have caught the world by storm. They are a series of intense workouts made fun.

The Truth About Fad Diets In the same way, diet plans work the same way. One second everyone is drinking a slim fast on the way to work, the next they’re talking about Atkinson’s. When people commit to these plans, they see weight loss happen. The truth is that many of these exercise programs and diets actually work. People drop pounds when they take part in these plans. The consistent exercise combined with healthier eating make all the difference. The weight stops dropping as soon as the fad is over though, and that is where the problem lies. They are driven more by the excitement of the community rather than personal progress. Their focus is so much on the perceived single answer—exercise, food, or weight loss surgery—that they lose sight of the bigger picture: you lose weight when you consistently exercise and eat right. That’s the single answer that many forget about.

Consistency is the Key to Weight Loss It’s the consistent exercise and balanced diet over an extended period of time that will help you return to a more healthy weight. The exercise does three important things for you. For one, it keeps up your calorie usage. The best way to burn your stored fat is to get active. Your body will burn them up over time with consistent effort. For another, your body will often speed up its metabolism to keep up with the demand on calories. One of the big reasons it slows down in the first place is because it’s not needed. Your body is an efficient machine that will only expend as much effort as is necessary. When you refuse to exercise, your body won’t expend the effort to burn the fats for energy it’ll never use. Instead, it’ll slow itself down to a comfortable pace.

Returning to a lifestyle of exercise will often incite it to pick back up again to keep up with the demand. Finally, a lifetime of exercising will strengthen your body to last in your old age. On the diet side, a balanced diet will provide two important things for you. One, the diet will give you the right number of nutrients to repair itself after exercise, energize it during exercise, and work at its best day-in and day-out. For another, it will provide you enough energy to exercise more comfortably. You fatigue slower and you find you can do more. If you turn your lifestyle into one filled with consistent exercise and a balanced diet, you’ll notice a healthy shedding of pounds without weight loss surgery or extreme diets. You’ll return to a healthy, normal weight that you can be happy with. Photo Credit: Newtown Grafitti, Remo del Orbe

The Larger Picture of Weight Loss  

Many looking to lose a lot of weight are looking for a one time fix all. They want a diet that will work no matter what.