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Alternative Cardio Exercises to Lose Weight There are many hundreds of thousands of individuals who struggle with weight loss. These people typically strive diligently to lose the excess weight they carry with mixed results. For some, simply eating right and performing regular exercise is enough of an effort to make their target weight. But for others, the process can be more difficult. This is especially true for individuals who, for a variety of reasons, cannot actively participate in the standard cardiovascular exercises that most people participate in to lose weight. Cardiovascular exercise has been shown to be one of the most effective exercise methods for those who are striving to lose weight. Common cardio exercises such as running, walking, climbing stairs, and using an elliptical machine have all been proven effective at strengthening a person’s cardio health, burning calories, and shedding pounds. But the common theme for all of these cardio exercises is the use of a person’s legs; and for some individuals who are striving to lose weight, using their legs while exercising is not an option due to other health concerns or physical limitations.

Cardio Without Legs? In order for these individuals to lose weight and stay healthy, alternative cardio exercises may wish to be considered. In coordination with a well-balanced and nutritious diet void of excess sugars and fats, a person who finds an alternative way to experience cardio exercises without using their legs will be able to enjoy the same weight loss and overall health of those who are able to use standard cardio exercises to fulfill this need. One great way for a person who cannot use their legs while exercising or for one who does not want to use their legs while performing cardio exercises to still receive the benefits of a cardio work out is to make good use of a punching bag. Using a punching bag, either will standing still or from a chair, gives the body a great cardio work out without the use of the legs. Instead, the person’s arms are performing the vigorous movements that get the heart rate up and the cardio health a boost. Working the bag as fast as one can for a period of three minutes in a set will provide the cardio workout one is looking for.

Hitting the Pool If a punching bag is not a good fit for the needs of the person looking to perform healthy cardio, then perhaps turning to the pool would be a respectable alternative. Swimming laps in a pool, like the other standard cardio exercise, has long since been a proven and effective cardio work out. Swimming is likewise less impactful on a person’s back, hips, knees, and ankles, making it a quality exercise for those who wish to avoid over use of their legs while exercising. Other options for those who want to lose weight through cardio exercise but who cannot use their legs while exercising include any action that works the big muscles in the arms and hips, such as rowing, air boxing, pushups, and rope pulling. For those more drastic cases, some may wish to consider undergoing weight loss surgery. Weight loss surgery performed by medical professionals is a viable option for those who cannot lose weight through maintaining a proper diet and regular exercise. Photo Credit: RosieTulips, Michael Daines, Mike Darnell

Alternative Cardio Exercises to Lose Weight