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Eating for a Healthier Body Millions of Americans feel like they could stand to lose a few pounds, and many millions have tried but failed in attempts to do so. In fact, nearly every person in America who goes on a specialized diet to lose weight will put that weight back on plus some in the coming years. Nearly all individuals who go on a specialized or promoted diet lose various amounts of weight only to put up to two thirds of the weight they lost back on within a year. And studies have shown that within five years nearly all persons who have gone on a specialized commercial diet regain all of the weight they lost during the diet and most often have added to their weight, making them heavier than they were even before they initiated their diet.

A Holistic Approach to Weight Loss But more and more people are coming to the realization that commercialized diets on the whole cannot be completely trusted. Most such diets enact weight loss within an individual because they take away a necessary component of human diets, whether it is carbohydrates, proteins, fats, or what have you. Because these diets take away important food groups to total health, the body responds by burning the energy it needs to survive from its reserves, which can eventually be harmful to the body. During this time when the body is burning its reserve stores of energy, typically fat in the case of dieters, it is also not getting the proper amounts of nutrients that it needs to be fully functional and completely healthy. For this reason, it is common for dieters to lose weight while simultaneously exposing themselves to injury or sickness due to their bodies being deprived vital nutrients and foods that help the body protect and heal itself. This is not to say that a change of diet cannot help a person to lose weight, and in fact, changing one’s diet to include healthier foods is one of the best ways to promote overall health and weight loss. But it is the change of diet to wholesome foods that are rich in nutrients and vitamins, such as vegetables, grains, and fruits, that will do the most overall good for a person. Even if weight loss is not immediate or drastic, eating a healthier diet will promote overall health in the body and make a person feel better about their personal appearance.

Exercise Can’t be Overlooked While switching one’s diet is a fundamental step to take towards achieving overall health in the body, so too is giving the body regular exercise. It should here be noted that regular exercise does not have to mean a gym membership or even an hour a day of working out at home. Regular exercise can be anything, done regularly, that promotes activity in the body. Playing sports, swimming, going to the racket ball court, hiking, or just simple walks around the local park can give the body the regular exercise it needs to stay healthy when coupled with a healthier diet. For those in Utah who have successfully undertaken the above steps to a healthy body and still feel like their weight is a danger to them, perhaps it is time to consider a lap band procedure in Utah. A lap band procedure in Utah is a surgical procedure designed to help a person lose weight by limiting the number of serving sizes an expanded stomach can hold, but with all surgical procedures, a lap band procedure in Utah should be considered thoughtfully and thoroughly prepared for. Photo Credit: Lablascovegmenu, cava_cavien2, My Yoga Online

Eating for a Healthier Body  

Millions of Americans feel like they could stand to lose a few pounds, and many millions have tried but failed in attempts to do so.

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