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Connecting with Others during a Memorial Service A memorial service is a special time for people. After the passing of a loved one, there are many different emotions and feelings that are going to affect people that need to be addressed. Losing someone who is close is a harrowing experience, and it is an experience that has the potential to severely try those who are already having a rough time in life. It is natural for the period following losing a loved one to be filled with

Purpose of the Service The memorial service allows people to find context ad healing as they come to grips with their loss. These services are meant to be a time of mourning, as well as a time to remember with joy the life that someone lived. Such times are times to share stories about the deceased and to pay respects, while grieving with others. The other people that are going through the experience are a great source of comfort during these times, because of the connection that they have with everyone else in attendance. Leaning on others and sharing in the experience with them allows for deep connections with them to be made at this time. These connections make it so that friendships are deepened and a greater sense of love is felt for everyone else. These times are trying, but with the help and support of loved ones and friends in attendance it is possible to find catharsis and healing. The healing process is one that will take time, but can ultimately be achieved.

How the Service Helps the Grieving It is the sharing of feelings and emotions with others that makes these experiences so very powerful in nature. With a common bond of loss and the need to heal, it is easy to know why people would feel so close to each other. Being able to talk with others and express feelings is one of the best ways to address them. Those that are having a rough time but do not have a good way to express or vocalize it will likely not be as comforted as those who choose to share with others. Hearing others talk during these events is one of the best ways to get insight into the kind of the person that the deceased was. Every person has different bonds and interactions with each other, which makes it so that everyone has something different to offer. Even those who were closest tort he deceased may be pleasantly surprised by something hat they did, or the person that they were. Hearing about a loved one and learning more about them helps people to feel closer to them and start to understand the loss that they are feeling.

Likewise, getting up and sharing a story helps others to learn, completing an arc that exists between one person and the others that are in attendance. It is during these times that people can laugh and cry as they acknowledge that they have had a loss, but they are better for knowing their loved one. It is a combination of all of these things that makes a memorial service in Salt Lake City such a special time. It is a uniquely rough experience, as people come to grips with a loss that will impact their lives in a very real way. However, there also is the potential for joy and hope to be found in sharing with others and leaning on them throughout the experience. Finding hope in such an experience is one of the best ways overall that people can heal and start to find their own context. Everyone will be different in what they get out of the experience. But, hopefully everyone will realize that they are loved and that it is a precious thing. Facing down the hard parts of life is a real challenge. However, with the help of others it is possible to emerge from the experience as a better person, with a greater knowledge and understanding of what is truly important in life, through connecting with other loved ones. Memorial services in Salt Lake City are a time for reflection and mourning and healing and connecting. By connecting with others in attendance, people can find some context and healing as they are supported by others who are going through the same thing.

Connecting with Others During a Memorial Service