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How Obesity Influences Diabetes Obesity is more than just a problem when you look in the mirror. It is a health issue that can have longterm consequences on your way of life. You’ve likely heard that it can cause heart problems: including an attack, high blood pressure, or complete failure. On top of that it can cause obstructive sleep apnea (meaning that your sleep is interrupted to restart your respiratory system when breathing becomes shallow or often halted). It can also lead to osteoarthritis (as the extra weight and pressure increases the stress and wear on the joints. High cholesterol and gout are other possibilities.

Leading to Type 2 Diabetes Did you know that it has the potential to give you type 2 diabetes though? One of the major causes of type 2 diabetes is obesity. The second most common cause is lack of physical activity which—surprise, surprise—leads to obesity. But that doesn’t quite make sense. Though it seems natural that obesity could influence the heart and joints of a body, how can it influence the sugar levels in your blood stream? The following is what’s happening in the body to make that possible. Your body converts food into energy and sends it throughout the body using the body’s international freeway system: the blood stream. Your body also creates insulin that travel with the sugar. Insulin is like the taxi service that takes the energy from the blood stream into the muscles, fat, and liver. Sugar isn’t meant to stay in the blood stream though as it can wreak havoc. It’s meant to exit into important physical components of the body. Without insulin, the sugar remains in the blood stream, causing hyperglycemia. This can lead to type 2 diabetes. Now if you have an excess of fat, your body has difficulty using insulin in the right way. If it can’t use insulin properly, then the sugars can’t escape the highway into the needed organs/muscles, leaving it to the disastrous consequences to follow. Too much sugar in your blood stream can cause the following problems: bladder, kidney, skin, or other infections occur more frequently or heal slower, fatigue, hunger, and increased thirst and urination. It’s not a pretty picture to paint.

Weight Loss Surgery as a Solution Weight loss surgery in Mexico can help you avoid this problem, but if you are overweight, it’s best to get the surgery sooner than later. This type of diabetes generally sets in slowly, giving little to no warning before it hits. You usually have to wait for the preliminary signs to kick in to notice something’s wrong: blurred vision, bladder problems, or unnaturally common infections. If you can’t afford weight loss surgery in Mexico then consider other weight loss techniques. Begin consuming smaller portions and creating a more balanced diet. Begin exercising and living an active lifestyle. An active lifestyle is different than just exercising every day. It’s finding excuses to walk instead of drive, climb stairs instead of ride the elevator, etc. So if you fear that you’re overweight and on your way to diabetes, consider changing your life with a weight loss surgery in Mexico or change your eating and exercising habits. It could be all you needed for lasting health.

How obesity influences diabetes