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Planning an East Coast Vacation If a family lives on the west coast of the United States, then chances are that an affordable, fun, and new vacation destination for this year’s family get away could include the east coast of the country. The eastern United States is full of history, large cities, tourist destinations, and plenty of fun, which makes it a great option for those families that want to get away from their norm while not overspending or even leaving the country. Planning a trip to the east coast is much like planning for other vacation destinations; expect that United States citizens do not need to worry about hassles with passports or other worries of foreign travel. Still, however, a family should plan carefully their vacation to the east coast so that the trip can be enjoyable for all without the family having to overspend.

What is the Best Time of Year? One of the first steps to planning a successful family vacation to the east coast is to plan when the trip will be taken. While most families choose to take vacations in the summer, as this tends to work best with the kid’s school schedules, a vacation back east can be undergone at any time of the year. If, however, a family does decide to take a vacation to the east coast during the winter months, they should remember that the central to northern parts of the east coast will have winter weather and will perhaps have fewer attractions open to the public during the winter season. New England winters can be a great skiing destination, however, so if that is the type of vacation the family desires than winter would the appropriate season. After deciding on the season of the vacation a family can sit and discuss what particular sites each family member would like to see. From the beaches of Florida to the White House in D.C., and with the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia, Times Square in New York, and, the cathedral of baseball itself, Fenway Park in Boston, there will be plenty of attractions for the family to choose from. Obviously, a family may not be able to traverse the entire eastern seaboard to look at all of these and many other different attractions, but choosing a few within the same geographical area will give the family the ability to have a schedule for the vacation. If, however, the family does wish to travel up and down the coast line, a few tips for such travel may come in handy.

Take Advantage of Public Transportation The first tip is that the east coast utilizes trains much more than does the west coast. For this reason, often a ticket on a train is all one will need to travel from city to city in the upper north east. The second tip is directed to finding hotels. To save money and time, a family may wish to find lodging in hotels that are near but yet outside major population areas, bouncing from one hotel to the next on their way up or down the east coast. For example, hotels near Stamford, CT, can be secured if a family is traveling from New York to Boston as hotels near Stamford, CT, will be in between the two cities and at a much more affordable cost. By planning out the trip in detail beforehand, families who choose the east coast as their vacation destination this year will not be disappointed. Photo Credit: Stefan Georgi, Werner Kunz, Christopher Schoenbohm

Planning an East Coast Vacation  

If a family lives on the west coast of the United States, then chances are that an affordable, fun, and new vacation destination for this ye...

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