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Living with Chronic Pain There are many thousands of Americans, perhaps even millions of Americans, who live each day of their lives in pain. Chronic pain likewise affects many individuals in Utah, and living under the strenuous circumstances of chronic pain can be nearly unbearable. For those in Utah who do live with chronic pain, there is hope. Often times, a person’s chronic pain can be dispelled by proper treatment of the ailing body part or system. For example, there are many who suffer chronic pain in their knees or hips. This pain in these individual’s knees and or hips may be caused by the deterioration of the joint and can be fixed by a relatively simple joint replacement operation in Utah.

Joint Replacements Utah joint replacements are a common surgical procedure that has left many individuals free from their previous chronic knee or hip pain. By replacing the knee or hip joint, orthopedic surgeons in Utah can effectively eliminate the causations of chronic pain for those who suffer their chronic pain in their knees and hips. For those who live with chronic pain in other areas of their body, it is advised that you make an appointment with your doctor to discuss treatment options and to see if the chronic pain is indicative of any larger medical issues. Orthopedic surgeons in Utah are among the best in the nation and can give ample advice on how a surgical procedure may eliminate or greatly reduce the feelings of chronic pain suffered by many. Still, however, there are those individuals in Utah who seemingly cannot find any respite from their chronic pain. For these individuals, perhaps some of the following suggestion can be used to stem the tide of incessant pain.

Meditation and Relaxation One suggestion from those who themselves live with chronic pain is for those who suffer from similar pain to learn how to perform deep breathing or meditation exercises to help themselves manage their chronic pain. Deep breathing and meditation exercises cause the body to relax, even while feeling pain, and this release of stress from the body can help to reduce the feelings of chronic pain.

Similar to deep breathing and mediation exercises that can reduce and eliminate the physical stress put on a body, a person who suffers from chronic pain may gain relief if they will strive to eliminate emotional stress from their minds. The stress of a hard day at work, school, or in the home can cause chronic pains to intensify, but by being able to eliminate stress from daily life through taking breaks, enjoying a hobby, or similar stress reducing activities, a person will be able to limit the stress they feel and, in many cases, simultaneously reduce the chronic pain they feel.

Less Alcohol In addition to giving the body a break from stress, both physically and mentally, a person who suffers from chronic pain may be able to find relieve from their constant or frequent pain by reducing their alcohol intake, if they drink alcohol, as this can interfere with a person’s sleep schedule and make the chronic pain worse. These and other strategies can help a person chip away at their chronic pain, and some may even wish to join a support group to give them further aid in their daily struggle with chronic pain. Photo Credit: Mike Baird, Robin Geschonneck

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There are many thousands of Americans, perhaps even millions of Americans, who live each day of their lives in pain. Chronic pain likewise...

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