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Understanding the Negative Effects of Obesity It is often hard to have an open and honest discussion about obesity and its related health issues due to the fact that many consider it to be a personal and sensitive issue. While insensitivity with any personal or medical issues should justly be avoided for the sake of prudence, choosing to not face the realities of the negative effects of obesity on the human body for the same sake of prudence is no longer a matter of sensitivity but of ignorance. There are many thousands, perhaps millions, of Americans who suffer from obesity, and many more who suffer unknowingly from obesity. The medical definition of obesity is anyone who has a twenty percent higher mark on their BMI, or body mass index, than what the normal healthy range should be. Because there are many who are at or beyond this twenty percent markup from the health BMI, there are many who consistently are in jeopardy of incurring one or some of the multiple increases in health problems that are commonly seen in those who struggle with obesity. These health issues are real and they are dangerous for any and all who may contract them, which is why, insensitive or not, it is vastly important for those who are or who may become obese to be aware of the additional medical conditions that their obesity exposes them to.

Developing Joint Issues One of the main and common damaging health effects that is typically seen in those who are obese are problems incurred on the joints. Arthritis and other harmful conditions that can deteriorate joints are typically seen in obese individuals, and some eventually require the aid of a knee replacement surgeon or other such specialist to help them cope with the damage done to their body’s joints. But consulting with a knee replacement surgeon may be the least on the list of concerns that those with obesity may be facing. The additional conditions and health problems that those who are obese routinely suffer from can be much more intimidating, and even life threatening.

While nearly anyone is at risk for nearly any of these following conditions and health issues, those who are obese have been shown to be at a significant increase in risk at incurring one of these health problems due to their being overweight. Because it is their obesity which brings the added risk of other health issues, many have termed the medical condition of obesity as the gateway condition as it is the conduit that other health issues arrive upon.

Serious Health Issues Some of the more serious health conditions that can arise from being obese include those that can affect the cardiovascular system, such as the occurrence of heart diseases including heart attacks and heart failure, the emergence of type 2 diabetes, digestive problems that include liver issues and GERD, and issues with the repertory system that can lead to conditions like sleep apnea or asthma. Being obese can even increase the likelihood of the risk from certain forms of cancer including breast cancer, kidney cancer, esophageal cancer, and others. By becoming aware of the additional health issues that obesity can lead to, people will be able to better understand how their body weight can affect their overall health. School of Veterinary Medicine and Science, mrd00dman, sriram bala

Understanding the Negative Effects of Obesity