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Is Invisalign Right for Your Smile? Invisalign is a great new product that can help align your teeth back to normal. They are clear little trays that go over your teeth. They are virtually invisible, which makes them perfect for everyday wear. They gently realign your teeth without the need of unsightly and painful braces. All you have to do is put them on for about two weeks at a time, and then put in a new set to try for another two weeks. They meld easily into your everyday activity with little to no discomfort.

Compared to Traditional Braces They are quite an innovative solution to traditional braces, especially for adults. Before you seek out a set for yourself from an Invisalign dentist in Santa Cruz, experts suggest that you take a smile assessment to see if you need them in the first place. This smile assessment is available on their website and helps you see if you really need an Invisalign dentist in Santa Cruz. The first thing they look for is your age. They take adults, teenagers and kids into account and treat them specially. Next they ask you what kind of problem you want to fix, they provide images as examples. They want to know if you have an overbite, under bite, open bite (your teeth won’t close), a cross bite (top teeth not aligned to bottom), over jet issue (top protrude), spacing or crowding issue, or generally straight. Answer then move on. They then give you cool 3D models to compare to your bite. Choose the one that most closely resembles you and move on. They then look for a previous dental history to accurately make a recommendation. Apparently things like having braces before or pulled teeth can make a difference in how they can help you. Interesting questions include asking if you have false teeth, have had cosmetic work done or if you have acute periodontal disease. Check all that apply to your situation and move through.

What is Your Goal? Here is the cool part; the program then asks you what your goal for your straightening is. There are five choices that can affect the type of trays you get.

One choice is to straighten without anyone noticing. They can make them even more unnoticeable than you first thought. The second is to minimize irritation to the gums or mouth, meaning they are made to be comfortable. The third focuses on ensuring your oral hygiene is kept up throughout the entire process. The fourth allows you to eat whatever you want whenever. Finally, the fifth is to take into consideration a busy schedule by minimizing visits to your Invisalign dentist in Santa Cruz. Choose your preference and then move on. The questions go on to ask you a few more specifics that really narrow down your smile and financial situation. Overall, the entire process covers the shape of the smile, what you want done with it, and how you can best pay for it. The program is considerate of almost every detail so that you are prepared to go to you Invisalign dentist in Santa Cruz.

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