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Keeping Your Teeth Healthy During the Holiday Season The holidays are one of the most snack intensive times of the year. As people go to parties and enjoy candy and eat sumptuous meals, they tend to ingest a lot of things that can possibly harm their teeth. It is essential for people to keep track of their oral health and make a dedicated effort to preserving it during these times. Since the holidays tend to have colder weather and shorter days, it often makes it so that most people feel like snacking while enjoying the sedentary lifestyle.

Basic Oral Health Tips As such, it is worth looking into some basic tips for improving oral health at this time. While basic, they stand to make a world of difference when it comes to the results which people are able to achieve. First of all, it is essential that people make every effort to floss after meals. While this should technically be done after every meal throughout the year, the holiday season requires a special effort. People more often than not either skip or barely do some of the oral care tips that should be done over the course of the year- and that is to be expected somewhat. It is rare for people to be able to keep up a flawlessly perfect routine. Some deviation falls within the norm, but the holidays require special attention because of the amount of snacking and candy intake that people are going to experience. Therefore, flossing should be a priority for people to take up and focus on during this time of year. It is also a good idea to work on portion control wherever possible. Whether it is giving people single plates at dinners rather than relying on buffet style offerings or putting candy in containers, exercising portion control is one of the best ways to preserve oral health. With dedicated containers being used for food with defined amounts, it can stop people from taking too much and overindulging in a sitting. Keeping candy out of sight until it is requested also tends to keep individuals from thinking about it too much. Another good tip to keep teeth in good shape during the holidays is to encourage everyone to drink more water. When we drink water, it naturally flushes away some of the accumulations which build up on the teeth.

Don’t Forget to Drink Water Drinking a lot of water really does help, while simultaneously serving to fill everyone up just a little bit so that they won’t eat as much. Through all of these efforts and emphasizing good self-control, the results should be pronounced enough to make a difference.

The holidays are a time for family and fun and good food. No one suggests that it should be otherwise. Just make an extra effort to take care of everyone’s teeth while they enjoy this special time of year. This investment will pay off later- after all no one wants to have to deal with a cavity problem when they are enjoying the holidays, rather than visiting a dentist in Santa Cruz.

DJB_Keeping Your Teeth Healthy During the Holiday Season  
DJB_Keeping Your Teeth Healthy During the Holiday Season