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Common Dental Problems While some people are blessed with teeth that look perfect and are resistant to decay. There are others of us, however, that are plagued with unfortunate looking smiles that decay at seemingly exponential rates. These are the people that cannot escape their local dentist office in Oklahoma or who drop thousands of dollars at orthodontists in Cincinnati. Here is a list of common dental problems as well as steps you can take to alleviate them.

Unattractive Smile Some of us just don’t have good looking smiles and this drives us to the dentist seeking help. We spend money on braces and whitening procedures. One thing you probably should avoid is getting veneers, hoping that it will correct your smile. Veneers are expensive and there is a lot that could go wrong with them. They can be placed in the incorrect location, stained improperly, or even sculpted poorly. You will be better off sticking to the conventional means of correcting that unfortunate smile. Speak to your dentist to hash out a plan to correct this problem.

Bad Breath This is probably the most common problem that people can have. While you may not think that this is actually a dental problem, most causes of halitosis are usually related to dental issues. Gum disease, cavities, bacteria on the tongue or even oral cancer can lead to halitosis. Instead of just rinsing your gums with mouth wash to masque that bad breath, consult with a dentist to see if there is an underlying problem.

Tooth Decay Tooth decay is another common issue that people face. Chances are you are not one of those rare people that never have a cavity in their life. Cavities are caused when the plaque on our teeth interacts with sugars and then begin to decay our teeth. The best way to avoid cavities is to brush twice a day, floss and have frequent visits with the dentist. Avoid eating too many sugary foods.

Gum Disease This occurs when the gums around our teeth become infected. This can cause tooth loss because the gums around the teeth die. The same steps for preventing cavities apply to preventing gum disease. Since this is the leading cause of tooth loss in adults, make sure you brush twice a day and floss.

Oral Cancer Oral cancer is a serious ailment that can actually be deadly. It afflicts millions of people in the United States. Hundreds of thousands of people are diagnosed with this form of cancer every

year but it is easily cured if diagnosed early. Be sure to visit your dentist regularly to check for this as well as any of the other problems detailed in this article. You are certainly not alone in these dental ordeals. All of us suffer from some form of dental problem or another. The power is in your hands to care for your mouth appropriately. Learn from this list of common problems as well as others to be sure that your teeth stay with you well into old age.

Common dental problems  
Common dental problems