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Causes of Frequent Back Pain A sudden or even gradual onset of chronic back pain can be quite unsettling. Most people don’t even want to consider the fact that something might be wrong with their back or spine, and this can lead to them refusing to diagnose the problem. While there are some serious medical problems that are accompanied by back pain, there are also a whole host of relatively minor issues that carry the same symptom. No matter why your back is hurting, figuring out the reason why is always better than waiting for it to get worse. Read through some of these causes of back pain to get an idea of what might be causing yours.

Stress Yes, you read that right. Your worrisome backache might simply be the result of stress. Whether it’s pressure at work or simply a busy lifestyle, you might be able to lessen your back pain (or perhaps get rid of it completely) by learning how to better manage the stress in your life.

Strain Unlike stress, which is a mental state that can affect your body, strain refers to problems with your muscles or ligaments that your body lets you know about by sending pain signals to your brain. However, sometimes these signals manifest as a general feeling of discomfort, which can leave you guessing as to exactly what is hurting and what you did to cause it. Ask yourself if you recently lifted something heavy or made any abrupt or unnatural body movements to cause strain.

Disk Problems Sometimes back pain can signify bulging or ruptured discs in your spine. Problems with your discs result in increased pressure on your nerves, which might be why you are feeling pain. There are procedures available to help correct this problem, so see your doctor to determine whether or not this is the case.

Infection Surprisingly, some back pain can be caused by infections. Bacteria carried through the bloodstream, or as a result of surgery or injury can infect your spine. Antibiotics can usually help stop a spinal infection.

Fractures If you have been involved in an incident where your spine was subject to a high amount of force (for example: an auto accident), your back pain could be the result

of a fracture in your vertebrae. It is important to see a doctor immediately if this is the case. While some of these causes of back pain may seem intimidating, the good news is that the medical community has made many great strides in not only being able to fix spinal problems, but also in the ability to reduce back discomfort. Furthermore, a decent amount of back discomfort can be lessened by methods other than surgery or medical procedures, so feel free to contact a chiropractor in American Fork or Lehi to see if they can help you with your situation.

Causes of frequent back pain  
Causes of frequent back pain