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Improving Oral Health through Diet One of the biggest contributors overall to your oral health is the diet that you take in. it is a simple concept- eating healthy leads to better oral health overall. There are definitely some rules to follow when it comes to the best diet to implement in your daily life. Basically, better oral health is going to require heightened attention to good habits and wise choices. A lot of dental issues come about because of food which is acidic or gets stuck on the teeth. Similarly, tough or chewy foods also have the potential to cause issues, due to the way that they can pull out fillings and do damage along the surface of the teeth.

Candy To begin with, candy and sweets should always be taken in moderation. These foods have sugars and compounds in them which can prove to be quite corrosive to the surface of teeth. Sticky sweets are even worse, due to the way that they can physically stick to teeth for a long time and erode away at them. Moderate the intake of sweets in order to get better results right off the bat.

Fruits Another thing to keep in mind is the fact that certain fruits are acidic. That is not to say that people should avoid fruit- far from it. The body naturally needs fruit throughout the day in order to be as whole and well as possible. However, things like citrus fruits and pineapple and apples and others all have acids in them which can erode the surface of teeth or cause cavities. While completely cutting off fruit is not an option, people can certainly regulate it and pay extra care to brushing and flossing after the fact. Essentially, it is important to be aware of what food may hold and work on improving consumption.


It is also a good idea to better regulate the use of chewing gum. Chewing gum not only can pull fillings and do damage that way, but also is heavily sugary and is bad for jaws as a side effect- it is a very good idea to cut back. When it all comes down to it, eating healthy and avoiding excesses of foods and drink which can lead to oral decay should lead to better results overall. As such, it is a good thing to implement throughout daily life. It definitely takes some time and effort, and building up these good habits over time can be a bit difficult as well. That being said, such an investment is completely worth it all in nature. You should be able to notice improved results within a short amount of time after changing up your diet to better suit your oral health. Be sure to talk to your dentist with any questions or concerns which you might have. Dentists are professionals who are dedicated to making sure that you and your mouth are healthy. As such, their advice and insight should prove invaluable when it comes to picking out foods, as well as how to implement better habits overall. Photo Credit: Pink Sherbet Photography, c r i s, canonsnaper

Improving Oral Health through Diet