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What was stolen:  Board bag:  •

Starboard Triple Board bag, about 250cm long x 60cm wide, dark blue, well used, with Chris  Pressler’s name, number and address on it.   

Windsurf board:  •

2011 Starboard Flare 98 Wood Carbon (white, with lime green graphics) with Dakine footstraps  on it, no vent screw.  Board had Dakine and Sailworks stickers on it.   

Windsurf sails:  • • • •

Sailworks prototype sails with no printed sizes or specifications on them.  All sails had Starboard,  Dakine, Streamlined and CAN 9 stickers on them.    5.6 is of grey material with black and green graphics  5.0 has green checkered graphics, same as 2011 Sailworks Revolutions  4.6 is yellow/black, similar to 2010 Sailworks yellow/black revolutions. 

Windsurf masts:  •

Two black 2 piece Sailworks Backbone reduced diameter masts.  430 and 400cm each in a silver  reflective Sailworks mast bag. 

Windsurf boom:  •

Black with some yellow Streamlined carbon boom with white Dakine harness lines and purple  rdm Streamlined boom head. 

Windsurf harness:  •

Green Dakine T‐5 size M harness, no bar.   

Wetsuits: •

Prolimit 5/3 long suit, and 2 prolimit shorty wetsuits.   

What to do if you see or hear anything about this equipment:  Contact your local police with any information and me,   The above was reported stolen in the 15th district in Vienna on the evening of Monday January 24th,  2011 at the Polizeiinspektion Tannengasse 8‐10 police station.  Austrian police contact: Tel.: +43 ‐ (0)1  31310   

Starboard triple boardbag similar to this one with Chris Presslers name, number and address on it.

Green Dakine T-5 harness, Starboard Flare 98, 5.6 Sailworks sail, Streamlined boom as seen here.

5.6m Sailworks sail, Streamlined boom and starboard Flare 98 as shown here.

5.0m Sailworks with checkered green/black/white graphics. The stolen sail did not have the Colgate sticker on it. Stolen boom identical to the one shown here.

yellow/black 4.6 Sailworks

2 masts similar to this

Prolimit 5/3 wetsuit like this one + 2 shorty Prolimit suits.

Philip Soltysiak's stolen equipment  
Philip Soltysiak's stolen equipment  

Information and photos regarding the windsurfing equipment stolen from Philip Soltysiak in Vienna, Austria on January 24th, 2011.