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N°6 - 2012 - € 5,50 - Poste Italiane SpA – Sped. in a.p. – D.L. 353/03 conv. in L. 46/04, art. 1, comma 1, DCB Milano










N°6 2012

Precisely one-third of the book, 333 courses, are located in the U.S. The same was true of the first edition, issued in 2010, an expansion of a European course guide d’Algue published. We marveled at the audacity when the inaugural came off the Writing from Chicago press, and still do. Are these the 333 courses we – or you – Monday, December 24, 2012 would pick? Certainly the top courses would be on anyone list of courses to conquer, or at least attempt to conquer. Therein is The big day, or, as Hammond’s very own Jean Shepherd, some of the fun, going along and checking off courses that whose “A Christmas Story” tale was only about the 324th-best should, or should not, be included. thing he authored, would have written – THE BIG DAY – is Only 15 of the thousand courses rate 100 points – the almost upon us. numbers fall off in increments of five, which nothing less than a Those adults fortunate enough to be gifted with a childlike “75” listed. Most of the usual suspects are there: Augusta wonder likely no longer yearn for an air rifle. You can put National, Cypress Point, Pine Valley, the Old Course. One is someone’s eye out with a poorly-struck golf ball as well. But those who play more proficiently – and we trust in our audience not: Pebble Beach, a mere “95.” None of those 15 at the pinnacle are from the Chicago area, there are only those who do so – need not only the equipment but Chicago Golf Club, that sublime Macdonald-Raynor creathat ladies and gentlemen of a certain class deserve, but tion of the 19th century, last revamped a large fashion in somewhere to play. advance of a 1920s Walker Cup, is at the 95 ranking, along That brings us to an uncommon publication, a guidebook with Medinah Country Club’s often-changed No. 3 course, the that covers the six golfing continents and any island large and Joan Rivers of layouts. warm enough for someone to strike a ball in anger. The title Phil Mickelson won’t be happy to discover that Cog Hill’s tells all in its brashness – “The Rolex World’s Top 1000 Golf Dubsdread course, the Rees Jones renovation of which he so Courses,” by Gaetan Mourgue d’Algue, aided by his daughter heavily criticized during the 2011 Western Open/BMW ChamKristel and Bruce Critchley, a former Walker Cupper now pionship, was given a lofty 90 ranking, the same as Butler covering the game for Sky Sport in the United Kingdom. National, Shoreacres, and Lost Dunes, a summer hangout of It should be wrapped and waiting for you under the tree on many golfing Chicagoans in Bridgman, Mich. And that 90 for the morrow. If it is not, then count up your Christmas money, Dubs, a Dick Wilson-Joe Lee layout, was five points higher hie yourself to, or the publisher’s website than the 85 registered for Pine Tree Golf Club in Boynton (, or your favorite bookseller after you Beach, Fla., generally acknowledged to be Wilson’s best ready this, and glom onto a copy. D’Algue is a longtime publisher and golfer who couldn’t resist layout. The three other Chicago-area courses listed are all private the temptation to organize 200 what are called “inspectors,” a and all rated at 80: Beverly, Conway Farms and Rich Harvest term lifted from Michelin’s famed gastronomic guides, to pick Links. Gather a group of Chicago golf architecture buffs in the the best courses, then rate them, then tell everyone. Often, such tomes disappoint. This one does the opposite. It same room – get an extra bartender if you do so – and you’ll find that Beverly and Conway Farms will rank well ahead of delights, it informs, it nudges one to find a way to get to a Rich Harvest, if Rich Harvest is ranked at all. As the horsecourse long rumored to be a worthy test. It presents facts and opinions, but doesn’t mix them. What’s more, it goes into great player says when his nag in the fourth race finishes after the start of the fifth race, go figure. detail. Each course gets a description of some 200 to 225 words, You will find, for instance, the best hotels and restaurants giving the reader the flavor of the course and a bit about its within a short distance of El Rincon de Cajica, a members-only history. Curiously, the guide’s essay on Conway Farms has club in Columbia designed by Robert Trent Jones in 1957, and Tom Watson graduating from Lake Forest College, which will one earning an 80 score on a 75-to-100 scale from an unnacome as news to Watson and the registrar at Stanford, where med panel of experts. Each of the thousand courses in the he was an All-America player. (Perhaps everyone was thinking guide, a 1,344-page hardcover nearly two inches thick, of Conway Farms member Luke Donald, the Northwestern contains such information, as well as key statistics on the alum who has had a fair amount of success in recent years.) course, details about the club – to play Rincon you’ll need to That may call into question a fact-checkers fancy, but of the know a member – and a small map where the location is other courses with which we’re familiar, that’s the only howler. indicated by the simple word “golf.” Consider the D’Algue guide the golf equivalent of Michelin’s What it does not have is lavish color photos of each course in the honey light that golf course photographers lust for. This is unmatched hotel-restaurant efforts. At $35, the price is a trifle compared to the value received. (And you may eventually be a thinking golfe’rs guide to the game across the world, not a able to finance a golf trip with it; Amazon has a seller trying to book masquerading as a real estate brochure. Instead, the peddle a copy of the first edition for $1,600!) There is nothing descriptions conjure pictures in the mind as surely as Vin else like it in the game. Scully does describing a pickle for a pitcher in the late innings at Dodger Stadium. – Tim Cronin

Vendredi 21 DĂŠcembre 2012

Vendredi 21 dĂŠcembre 2012


Il y a 2 ans est parue la première édition du Guide Rolex 2010 des 1 000 Meilleurs Golfs du Monde. En 2012, l'équipe de D'Algue Selection, sous la houlette de son fondateur Gaëtan Mourgue d'Algue, par ailleurs fondateur du magazine Golf Européen et du Trophée Lancôme, s'est réunie pour produire un deuxième opus des plus beaux parcours de golf du monde. L’objectif, passionnant mais herculéen : passer en revue le meilleur des parcours de golf de la planète, pour n’en garder que les 1 000 premiers et établir ce recueil en partenariat avec Rolex, sponsor majeur du golf international et défenseur reconnu des valeurs et traditions du jeu de golf. des États-Unis (NCAA) en 1995, et ancienne joueuse du circuit européen féminin, et de Bruce Critchley, éminent commentateur pour Sky Sports au Royaume-Uni. Leur implication a donné naissance à ce classement original et totalement indépendant des meilleurs parcours du monde du Guide Rolex 2012. 200 inspecteurs en quête de golfs d’exception Les principes du Guide Rolex 2012 des 1000 meilleurs parcours de golf du monde sont fondés sur la visite d’une grande partie de 32 000 parcours recensés sur la planète golf, menée par une équipe experte de 200 inspecteurs « 107 nouveaux entrants, dont 35 aux États-Unis Ces dernières années, le rythme de construction de nouveaux golfs s'est considérablement ralenti, en comparaiau moment de la première édition du Guide des 1000 meilleurs golfs du monde Rolex a désormais vu le jour, et quelques-uns ont été unanimement salués par la critique. Par rapport à l’édition du Guide Rolex 2010, certains parcours ont été éliminés, non pas à cause de leur qualité qui nouveau classement.

Une nouveauté notable sur la carte du monde des golfs depuis les deux dernières années : Hainan, une île de près de 500 kilomètres de long située dans la Mer de Chine. Après avoir servie de colonie pénitentiaire, cette portion de terre est aujourd'hui un important centre de développement touristique.

Hills en Chine continentale, a créé près de la capitale Haikou pas moins de 10 nouveaux tracés, dont certains s'étendent sur des champs de lave volcanique. Rénovation des golfs en Europe subtile d'antiques joyaux du golf est davantage à l'ordre du jour, avec un recul de la construction de nouveaux parcours. Ces rénovations des golfs européens ont été aussi soigneusement menées que s'il s'était agi de constructions, avec bien souvent la contribution des meilleurs architectes de golf. C'est le cas notamment du Golf des Aisses, seul nouvel entrant en France, qui a subi en 2010 une exceptionnelle rénovation menée de main de maître par Martin Hawtree. À l'Est du Vieux continent, on recense de nouveaux golfs dans des pays tels que la Bulgarie, Chypre et la Grèce, dont les plus remarquables font leur entrée dans cette deuxième édition du Guide Rolex des 1000 meilleurs golfs du monde. Répartition géographique des plus beaux parcours parmi 66 pays 1/3 représente les États-Unis, marché leader dans le monde. Un 2ème groupe est composé des grands parcours du Royaume-Uni et de ses anciennes colonies, auxquels s'ajoutent ceux de la vieille Europe (29% des golfs classés). occupe toujours une place importante dans ce dernier groupe des golfs les plus prestigieux, mais c'est bien la Chine qui est aujourd'hui le moteur du développement du golf dans cette région du monde. des golfs sélectionnés dans le Guide Rolex 2012 (12% des golfs classés).. Top 15 parmi le Top 1000... Au sommet du classement, seulement 15 golfs ont reçu la note maximale de 100, et il ne s'agit pas forcément des mêmes que dans la première édition ! Amazon, dans les principales boutiques de golf (Golf Plus, US Golf ) et dans les pro-shops sélectionnés au prix de 35 euros. A savoir que l'histoire, la tradition et la contribution au développement du jeu de golf restent les principaux critères permettant de séparer les « meilleurs » des « très bons »... A lire : Le Guide Rolex des 1000 Meilleurs Golfs du Monde Publié le 21 décembre 2012

Rolex Top 1000 Makes Top 50's Top 10 The first snowfall of the season has turned the grounds around our Kansas City headquarters into something out of 14th-ranked Currier and Ives, so I have authorized a bonus packet of seasoned apple-cider mix for all hourly staff and sent them outside to build snow forts under a deep-blue sky. With quiet descending upon Catch Basin, I’m free to thumb the pages of the recently-published second edition of The Rolex World’s Top 1000 Golf Courses. And when I say “thumb,” I mean it literally.* The Rolex Top 1000 presents as a $35 hardcover book of nearly 1,400 pages — too big to be a pocket guide, too text-heavy to be a coffee-table book, but absolutely perfect for stuffing into your carry bag when your brother-in-law caddies for you at the member-guest. The term “golf atlas” certainly applies, stuffed as it is with maps, travel recommendations, and Lonely Planet-style mini-essays on the favored courses. *When I say “literally,” I don’t mean that I use only one thumb or fail to deploy the usual eight fingers. I’m using “literally” figuratively, as we all do. My favorite mis-usage of the word is still that BBC documentary voice-over relating how a reluctant Edward David, Prince of Wales, “was literally catapulted onto the throne of England.” Nevertheless, the nut of the book is the course ranking itself, which was put together by “D’Algue Selection,” one of the stranger noms de plume I’ve encountered in my decades of course ranking. It has something to do with European Tour pioneer Gaetan Mourgue d’Algue, but the freshest fingerprints belong to his daughter Kristel (the 1995 NCAA Champion and a former European Women’s Tour player) and the British Walker Cupper Bruce Critchley, a Sky Sports UK commentator. They have assembled some 200 “independent, yet fully qualified” course raters and turned them loose on the world’s 31,569 golf courses, winnowing their reports down to a not-so-exclusive club of a thousand. That, of course, is precisely what we do here at Catch Basin — the difference being that we filter out the pulp, the still-straining-for-recognition 950, and serve up the pure juice of the Top 50. So now is probably the time to concede that I find myself in a position analogous to that of John Stewart when reviewing another outfit’s

course ranking. Just as Stewart, a purveyor of fake news, hates to break character in front of the Comedy Central cameras, I am loath to admit that my Top 50 is a snide, satirical attack on course rankings in particular and lists in general, even though they be the meat and potatoes of 21st-century media. Having fully disclosed, I now swear on a pile of used golf gloves that The Rolex World’s Top 1000 Golf Courses is the ne plus ultra of golf atlases. It is the most comprehensive compendium of laudable links ever committed to print, and it belongs in every golfer’s library between Herbert Warren Wind and P.G. Wodehouse (assuming the shelves are not alphabetized.) Oh, I have a few quibbles. The Rolex rankings are all wrong, for one. Carnoustie better than Carne? Oh, puleeeeze. Bethpage Black better than Sand Hollow? Nonsense! And where is Medicine Hole? That Black Hills beauty isn’t even listed, suggesting that D’Algue Selection is biased against rock-strewn, nine-hole munis. But that, as I say, is a quibble. What I love about the Rolex 1000 is its conviction. The editors have taken the reports of their 200 raters and reduced their plethora of impressions and random data to a single number: a score. But unlike the Top 50, which ranks according to Euclid’s “Perfect 10” proposition, Rolex follows the “100 scale” of the American public school system. National Golf Links scores a hundred under this system. Ft. Meade City Mobile Home Park Golf Course, one can only assume, brings up the bottom with a score of 1. Rolex’s scoring is plainly deficient in one respect: It relies on round numbers. (Top 50 scores are published in hundredths, but our Cal Sci mathematicians round off at six decimals when assembling their master list.) That said, Rolex trumps the Top 50 and all other course rankings with an inspired numerical ploy: rounding to the nearest five! Some courses score 90 (Kapalua Plantation), and some courses score 95 (Kingsbarns), but no course scores 91 or 93. Why is this ”inspired”? Think about it. The Top 50, thanks to its precision, has a single top-ranked course, Askernish Old, with a membership of 18 golfers struggling to survive on a wind-swept Hebridean island. Rolex, on the other hand, doesn’t name a world’s-best course. It proclaims a 15-way tie of 100-point courses, all of them golf shrines (Augusta National, Cypress Point, St. Andrews Old) with international constituencies eager to gobble up copies of a book naming their track “the world’s best.” Just thinking about it, I’m tempted to lock up Catch Basin and leave our marketing guys to spend the night in the cold. Well-played, D’Algue Selection, whoever (or whatever) you are. Top 50 on TV: Nothing this week, but I’ll take a closer look at the Rolex rankings in an upcoming post. In the meantime, you can pick up a copy of the second edition in golf stores and selected pro shops, as well as on

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Mercoledì 12 Dicembre 2012 12:53

Rolex: i campi più belli del mondo In primo piano Scritto da Luca Barassi

la copertina della seconda edizione

Seconda edizione della guida in lingua inglese firmata da Rolex e pubblicata da D’Algue Selection. “The Rolex World’s Top 1000 Golf Courses” presenta e classifica i percorsi più belli e interessanti nei cinque continenti, in un magnifico volume impreziosito da decine e decine di pagine con cartine dei vari Paesi realizzate da Michelin. Ai vertici assoluti, 15 campi che hanno meritato il massimo punteggio di 100/100. Sette si trovano negli Stati Uniti (Augusta National, Bethpage Black, Cypress Point, Maidstone West, National Golf Links, Oakmont e Pine Valley), sei nelle isole britanniche (Carnoustie, Muirfield e St. Andrews Old in Scozia, Royal Birkdale in Inghilterra, Royal County Down in Irlanda del Nord e Portmarnock in Irlanda) e due in Australia (Kingston Heath e Royal Melbourne West). Diciassette invece i percorsi italiani segnalati, uno in più della precedente edizione. Il massimo punteggio nel nostro Paese (90/100) lo guadagnano Biella Le Betulle, Castelconturbia (Giallo + Blu), Royal Park – I Roveri (Trend Jones Sr.) e Torino La Mandria (Blu). A quota 85/100 seguono Bogogno (Bonora), Is Arenas e Nazionale, mentre a quota 80/100 figurano Bogogno (Del Conte), Gardagolf (Bianco + Rosso), Pevero e Verdura (West). Chiudono i sei percorsi italiani segnalati con la votazione di 75/100 e cioè Acaya, Donnafugata (Links), Is Molas (Championship), Milano (Rosso + Giallo), Olgiata e Villa d’Este. “The Rolex World’s Top 1000 Golf Courses” nella nuova versione 2012 è già in vendita nelle pagine dello shopping sul nostro sito - sezione Libri - al prezzo di 35 euro.

Review: The Rolex World’s Top 1000 Golf Courses By: James A. Frank

Golf needs a book like The Rolex World’s Top 1000 Golf Courses. It tries to do something that is both important and valuable: Identify the 1,000 best—and therefore most desirable—courses on the planet. It is, all at once, a bible, a bucket list, and a Baedeker. It is also a source for endless 19th-hole discussion, the catalyst for argu ments and one-upping of friends. By not merely listing but ranking what the editors consider the grandest grand in golf, The Rolex guarantees itself a spot on the bookshelf of every course-hound and wannabe club snoot. This is the guide’s second edition (the original debuted in 2010), with courses hailing from Argentina to Wales. (What, no golf in Algeria? Zambia?) The new version includes 107 new entries, 35 of which are in the U.S., including such stalwarts as the North Course at Los Angeles CC and Firestone South, and such newbies as Bandon Dunes’ Old Macdonald. Every course is rated on a 100-point scale, but the grading system is less than perfect and my major frustration with the book. There are six grade levels: 100, 95, 90, dropping in five-point increments to 75, but no gradients between those fixed points. So there are long lists of courses rated at 80 and 85, but nothing at 82 or 84, so no judgment on whether Amata Spring in Thailand, with 80 points, is better than Northern Ireland’s County Sligo, also with 80. And even more frustrating, at least from where we live, how they stack up against other 80 scorers such as Yale and Spanish Bay. I understand why the rating was done the way it was, but I wish it were more precise. A wealth of information is provided on the single page accorded each course. The obvious is all there: address, phone numbers, web sites, even GPS coordinates and altitude, plus distance from a nearby city and proximity to an airport. There’s also a tiny inset map (which is sometimes helpful, sometimes confusing), and quick answers to questions such as “easy to walk” and “signature hole.” Every page also lists six or so items classified as “Around Golf,” including nearby hotels, restaurants, and POIs—points of interest. The only thing missing is photography, which would be both expensive and space-grabbing. That’s what the web address is there for, I guess, so you can take a look for yourself. I’ve come to respect the 200 or so words used to describe each layout. I used to think they didn’t say enough about the course and too much about incidental history or geography, but the more of them I read the more I realize that they are effective snapshots of what to expect from each venue. Most are about all you’ll need—along with the fact that the course is on the list—to decide whether or not you’re tempted to make the trip.

Golf Magazine DĂŠcembre 2012

Golf Magazine DĂŠcembre 2012

Golf Magasinet Nr. 14/2012

Vendredi 14 et Samedi 15 DĂŠcembre 2012

Mercredi 12 Décembre 2012

Evasion : les 1.000 meilleurs golfs du monde

En 2010 est parue la première édition du guide Rolex - les 1.000 Meilleurs Golfs du Monde. Fort du succès et de l'appréciation suscités par cette publication, l'équipe de D'Algue Selection, sous la houlette de son fondateur Gaëtan Mourgue d'Algue, s'est réunie pour produire cette deuxième édition, qui passe à nouveau en revue les parcours de la planète pour ne garder que les 1.000 meilleurs.

Gaëtan Mourgue d'Algue fut l'un des meilleurs golfeurs français de sa génération. Fondateur du maga zine Golf Européen et du Trophée Lancôme, il fut également l'un des principaux instigateurs du circuit européen. Pour cette publication, il a reçu le soutien précieux de sa fille Kristel, championne universitaire des États-Unis (NCAA) en 1995, et ancienne joueuse du circuit européen féminin, et de Bruce Critchley, joueur de Walker Cup et éminent commentateur pour Sky Sports au Royaume-Uni. Ensemble, ils ont per suadé Rolex de s'associer à ce projet ambitieux. Leur alliance a donné naissance, une nouvelle fois, à ce classement original et totalement indépendant des meilleurs parcours du monde. Les principes restent les mêmes que pour la première édition. Des quelque 32.000 parcours recensés sur la planète, une grande partie ont été visités et critiqués par une équipe de 200 inspecteurs indépendants et parfaitement qualifiés. Naturellement, ils ont apporté une attention particulière aux golfs qui ont vu le jour depuis 2010, sans toutefois délaisser ceux qui figuraient déjà dans la première édition. Ainsi, certains parcours qui avaient déjà été inspectés mais n'avaient pas été retenus, ont à nouveau été visités, et cette fois-ci inclus. D'autres au contraire ont été éliminés, non pas parce que leur qualité a baissé, mais parce que des golfs récemment créés ou rénovés méritent aujourd'hui de figurer dans ce guide. Ces dernières années, le rythme de construction de nouveaux golfs s'est considérablement ralenti, en comparaison de la frénésie qui a caractérisé la fin du 20e siècle. Cependant, la plupart de ceux qui étaient en gestation au moment de la première édition de ce guide ont désormais vu le jour, et quelques uns ont été unanimement salués par la critique. On pense notamment aux nouveaux tracés venus s'ajou ter à ceux, déjà exceptionnels, que l'on trouve en Tasmanie, ou à Bandon Dunes dans l'Oregon. Leur inclusion dans les pages de la présente édition ne fait qu'ajouter à la réputation d'excellence de ces lieux respectifs.

Jeg spurgte så, om caddielivet var rigtigt beskrevet, sådan som Donegan havde gjort det, hvortil han med et smil svarede; ’It is all lies’ – altså ’Det er løgn det hele’. Dette var nok til, at jeg nu følte mig overbevist om, at Lawrence Donegan havde fat i den lange ende og faktisk havde skabt et nogenlunde troværdigt billede af det knap så glamourøse liv som caddie for en gennemsnitspiller, dog tilsat spandevis af god britisk humor. Rolex World's Top 1000 Golf Courses En anden bog, af en helt anden slags er ’The Rolex World’s Top 1000 Golf Courses’. Et digert opslagsværk, som netop er udkommet i sin anden udgave. En bog der er fantastisk at bladre i på de lange mørke vinteraftener. En bog der giver rigeligt brændstof til dagdrømme i den kolde vinter og en bog der kan bruges som værktøj til planlægning af en golfrejse.

Er der en golfspiller i familien, eller spiller du selv golf og ønsker dig golfrelaterede julegaver, vil Teetime i denne og flere kommende artikler, give dig gode råd og tips til at finde den helt rigtige gave. I denne første artikel, handler det om golfbøger. Four Iron in The Soul Der findes et væld at spændende golfbøger på markedet, en af de mest underholdende jeg har læst, er Lawrence Donegans ’Four Iron in The Soul’. Donegan er en britisk golfskribent, der i 1996 tog et års orlov fra dagbladet The Guardian, for at prøve tjansen som caddie på European Tour.

Ikke overraskende beskrives 1000 baner i bogen, blandt dem er i øvrigt seks danske baner. Men man kan også finde ukendte perler i eksotiske lande som Argentina, Uruguay, Brunei, Østrig, Israel og sågar Finland. Bogen rangerer ikke banerne fra nummer et til nummer tusind, men giver hvert enkelt anlæg et antal point, og med en maksimum score på 100 point. Tre af de seks danske baner har fået 85 point, som er det højeste for en dansk bane. Af de 1000 golfbaner i bogen, har 15 opnået 100 point, blandt dem er Augusta National, Carnoustie, St. Andrews, Old m.fl. Det er kun baner i USA, Storbritannien og Irland der er oppe på 100 point.

Lawrence Donegan kom på bag’en for Russ Drummond, en forholdsvis upåagtet spiller, der aldrig rigtig opnåede det helt store i sin karriere. Dog lykkedes det netop den sæson hvor Donegan var caddie, at kvalificere sig til The Open Championship.

Førstnævnte bog, Four Iron In The Soul, er ikke udkommet på dansk, men kan købes i Teetimeshoppen, til 149,- kroner, dog blot 109,- for medlemmer. Rolex Top 1000 kan til også købes i Teetimeshoppen, standardpris 299,- , men blot 249,- for medlemmer.

Bogen er særdeles humoristisk skrevet og handler om livet på European Tour, set fra en caddies synsvinkel. Om mange mænd i små værelser, om lange rysteture i overfyldte minibusser (for at spare penge), om dårlig mad, sure sokker, om missede cuts på stribe og om hvordan livet som caddie for en ikke særligt højt profileret spiller leves i det daglige, endda i en tid hvor pengene i golf ikke var nær så store som i dag.

I Teetimeshoppen findes også et væld af andre bøger, bl.a. flere af den amerikanske forfatter, John Feinstein, der har skrevet mange gode golfbøger, flere om de amerikanske majors, samt eksempelvis Mark Frost’ ’The Greatest Game Ever Played’.

Et par år efter jeg havde læst bogen, deltog jeg i en Pro Am, hvor englænderen Simon Dyson var proen på vores hold. Jeg spurgte Dysons skotske caddie, om han havde hørt om bogen og det havde han.

Også John Daly kan man finde i udvalget af bøger i Teetimeshoppen, bl.a. ’My Life In and Out of the Rough’. Endvidere findes der et væld af instruktionsbøger og naturligvis de uundværlige bøger om golfreglerne. Se hele udvalget af golfbøger i Teetimeshoppen SKRIV INDLÆG

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10 Colorado Courses Among World's Top 1,000 U.S. Am hosts Cherry Hills, CommonGround included in Rolex book by Gary Baines , 10/25/2012

Golf course rankings have become commonplace these days. Just about every major golf publication carries some variation on the theme, and the rankings often provide good fodder for discussions around the water cooler. But few of the rankings take on the entire world, and far fewer still are as extensive as those in a 1,300-plus-page book that first came out two years ago, and which recently published its second edition. The title of the book pretty much tells the story: "The Rolex World's Top 1000 Golf Courses". It's the work of a French family (Morgue d'Algue) which specializes in golf publishing, and the book is the brainchild of Gaetan Morgue d'Algue, a three-time French amateur champion. Also playing a major role in putting together the publication was Kristel Morgue d'Algue, the 1995 NCAA women's champion from Arizona State. How much credence to put in this book's rankings -- as opposed to those of any other publication -- is obviously a matter of personal opinion. But the Morgue d'Algue family did publish the popular Peugeot guide of Europe's top 1,000 golf courses. For the world book, more than 200 anonymous course "inspectors" were used, all knowledgeable in golf architecture. Colorado is well-represented in the second edition of the World's Top 1000 Golf Courses, which is a feather in the state's cap considering there are more than 32,000 registered golf courses on the planet. About a third of the top 1,000 are in the U.S., but there are 66 countries represented, including Egypt, Cambodia and

Vietnam. All told, 10 Colorado courses made the list: Ballyneal Golf Club, the East Course at the Broadmoor (pictured at left), Castle Pines Golf Club, Cherry Hills Country Club (pictured at top), Colorado Golf Club, CommonGround Golf Course, Denver Country Club, Sanctuary, and both the Fazio and Norman Courses at Red Sky Golf Club. That's a pretty good mixture of courses for the Centennial State. We have one public facility (CommonGround, which is owned and operated by the CGA and CWGA), one resort (Broadmoor), two resort/private (the courses at Red Sky) and six private clubs. We have one course from the eastern plains (Ballyneal), one from southern Colorado (Broadmoor), two from the Western Slope (the courses at Red Sky) and six from the extended Denver metro area. And we have three courses completed before 1925 (Denver, Broadmoor and Cherry Hills), six finished in the last 15 years (Sanctuary, the two at Red Sky, Colorado Golf Club, Ballyneal and CommonGround, the most recent addition, debuting in 2009), and one in the 70-some years in between (Castle Pines). The 10 Colorado courses have hosted a combined 16 USGA championships, with the latest being the 2012 U.S. Amateur as Cherry Hills took on the primary role and CommonGround (pictured at left) was the supporting course. Those 10 courses also have been the sites of more than 30 tour events between the PGA, LPGA and Champions circuits. The Rolex book doesn't rank the courses in 1-1,000 order. Rather, the facilities that make the list are rated in five-point increments from 75 to 100, with 100 being the best. Here's how the Colorado courses fared in that regard: Cherry Hills 95; Castle Pines, the Broadmoor East and Ballyneal 90; Denver Country Club, Colorado Golf Club, Sanctuary and the Fazio Course at Red Sky 85; CommonGround and the Norman Course at Red Sky 80. Only 15 courses received ratings of 100, including seven in the U.S.: Augusta National (Ga.) , Bethpage Black (N.Y.), Cypress Point (Calif.), Maidstone West (N.Y.), National Golf Links of America (N.Y.), Oakmont (Pa.) and Pine Valley (N.J.).

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From the United States: Augusta National, Bethpage (Black), Cypress Point, Maidstone (West), National Golf Links, Oakmont and Pine Valley. From Great Britain and Ireland: Carnoustie (Championship), Muirfield, Portmarnock (Championship), Royal Birkdale, Royal County Down (Old) and St Andrews (Old). And from Australia: Kingston Heath and Royal Melbourne (West). In compiling the book, the team made a few interesting observations of the state of worldwide golf courses:

Grading the best For as long as golf is played golfers will enjoy listing the golf courses they have played. It’s addictive. And Gaetan Mourgue d’Algue, founder of both Golf European magazine and the Trophee Lancome, was in a position to take the urge one step further than most. Together with his team at D’Algue Selection, sponsors Rolex and a team of worldwide course experts he created, in 2010, the first edition of the Rolex World’s Top 1000 Golf Courses. This year the second edition was launched, with over 200 inspectors locating and reviewing 32,000 courses worldwide. Flicking through the book it is a striking reminder of how golf has become a worldwide sport. There are entries from Bulgaria, Cambodia, Costa Rica, Egypt, Fiji, Guatemala, Israel, Norway, Pakistan, Russia, Venezuela and even the Northern Mariana Islands (they are in the Pacific, by the way). As always in such projects there is fun to be had in identifying the courses you have played – and the courses you dream of playing. But the Rolex Top 1000 is so extensive you come across options you might never have considered before. Gaetan Mourgue d’Algue hopes that one day the guide will be viewed as the Michelin guide is in cuisine. He explains the three key principles in ranking the courses: “The first point is the quality of the site, then the quality of the architecture, and finally the quality of the maintainence.” Golfers don’t just like to list courses played, of course. They also like to rank them and so does the Rolex Top 1000. And after their extensive research which ere the only courses were ranked 100/100?

- Since the gold-rush days of the 1980s and 90s the pace of new construction has slowed significantly. - Fewer courses doesn’t mean magnificent new courses are not being built. Bandon Dunes in Oregon and Barnbougle Dunes in Tasmania are high quality new entries. - The continuing growth of China. The Chu family have already built 12 courses at the Mission Hills complex and they are now constructing another ten layouts in the north of Hainan Island. Once a penal colony the island is now a 300-mile long centre for tourism. - The trend in Continental Europe is for the sensitive renovation of old masters, using expert course designers. - But on the edge of Europe new courses are cropping up – in, for example, Bulgaria, Greece and Cyprus. - The split of courses in the book remains the same: the largest geographical group is the United States, with British, old Commonwealth and Europe next biggest. Japan is still well represented but China is playing catch up. You can buy the book here. And see the D’Algue Selection team discuss the latest edition:

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LES 1000 MEILLEURS GOLFS DU MONDE by D’Algue Selection

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The Rolex World’s Top 1000 Golf Courses er ute med sin andre utgave, der verdens beste golfbaner kåres. Den første utgaven kom i 2010, og 107 baner er med for første gang i 2012utgaven. Blant dem Oslo Golfklubb. Guiden er imidlertid en videreføring av Peugeout Golf Guide, som har kommet ut annethvert år siden 90-tallet. Veldig hyggelig Oslo og Miklagard får begge 85 poeng av 100, i en guide der 15 baner oppnår maksimal score. Oslo GK var ikke ferdig ombygget i tide til å kunne presenteres i 2010-utgaven. Men nå er altså Norges eldste golfbane med. — Det er en veldig hyggelig nyhet. Både at vi er med, og at vi rangeres så høyt, sier daglig leder Niels Vik i Oslo Golfklubb.

Rolex-guiden har valgt hull 13 som signaturhull. Vik er ikke uenig i det, men nevner at arkitekt Steve Forrest selv har utpekt hull 14 som signaturhullet. Fire norske baner I tillegg til Oslo og Miklagard med 85 poeng, er også Bjaavann og Moss og Rygge rangert, begge med 80 poeng. Bro Hof Slott Stadium Course utenfor Stockholm rangeres som Skandinavias beste med 90 poeng. I tillegg til Miklagard og Oslo får de svenske banene Barsebäck, Falsterbo, PGA National, Sand og Visby samt danske Holsterbro, Lübker og Scandinavian alle 85 poeng. 32.000 baner Et panel på 200 profesjonelle spillere, golfarkitekter og golfskribenter har regionsvis vurdert verdens 32.000 golfbaner.

— Det er stort for oss å bli anerkjent for den kvaliteten banen vår har fått.

Panelet har så valgt ut banene som de mener fortjener å presenteres blant de 1000 beste i verden. Blant de 15 banene med 100 poeng er seks europeiske, samtlige linksbaner og samtlige på De britiske øyer. Nemlig St. Andrews Old, Carnoustie Championship og Muirfield i Skottland, Royal Birkdale i England, Portmarnock Championship i Irland og Royal County Down i Nord-Irland. Rolex Golf Guide selges hos Den selges også i større golfbutikker og utvalgte pro-shoper i Europa. Emneord

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Le Point 26 Juillet 2012

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        di Roberto Roversi 2

MA RZ O 2 0 1 2

Il Mondo del Golf

Portmarnock: l’impegnativo green della buca 18 e, sullo sfondo, la clubhouse


pochi chilometri da Dublino si trova uno dei links più prestigiosi e conosciuti del golf mondiale: il Portmarnock Golf Club. Costruito su una piccola penisola di sabbia che si insinua tra il mare e la terraferma, questo tracciato esprime soprattutto l’essenzialità del golf. Niente fronzoli o inutili abbellimenti, ma solo il gioco che si confronta con l’asprezza naturale di un percorso disegnato più dalla mano del Creatore che da quella di un architetto. Non a caso l’ideatore del Championship Course, W.C. Pickemam, un broker assicurativo scozzese, non era un vero e proprio esperto di design golfistico ma, grazie alla spontanea predisposizione dell’area, ne ricavò un tracciato considerato tra i più belli del mondo. Nel 1894, assieme ad alcuni amici, Pickeman decise di acquistare quel pezzo di terreno dalla famiglia Jameson, titolare dell’omonima e celebre distilleria irlandese di whisky, per costruirci un campo da golf. Su quella distesa lievemente ondulata e caratterizzata da basse dune di sabbia, vennero dapprima realizzate nove buche, inaugurate il giorno di S. Stefano del 1894, e successivamente, nel 1896, furono aggiunte le altre nove. Il tracciato originario non ha visto molti cambiamenti se non quello del 1927 quando venne inserita l’attuale buca 15, forse la più spettacolare del percorso. Nel 1971, poi, vennero realizzate altre nove buche, ma ad attirare i tantissimi golfisti che arrivano al Portmarnock Golf Club da ogni parte del mondo è il percorso classico costruito quasi 120 anni fa. Esposto al mare su tre lati, il Championship Course è spesso in balia del vento contro il quale non possono offrire grande protezione le basse dune di sabbia che in molti casi fanno da cornice alle buche. Proprio questa sua caratteristica, cioè quella di essere abbastanza piatto, lo rende più simile ai links scozzesi che a quelli irlandesi. Il vento è sicuramente la variabile che più di ogni altra influenza il gioco sul percorso di Portmarnock, ma giocare in un links senza vento è un po’ come leggere un libro giallo conoscendo in anticipo il nome dell’assassino. Non c’è gusto. Su questo campo, però, non è solo il vento a creare problemi. Il Championship Course è anche un tracciato piuttosto lungo con i suoi 6.700 metri abbondanti misurati dai tee arretrati. Se si usano i tee più avanzati, in ogni caso, non si scende sotto i 6.000 metri, una lunghezza del tutto rispettabile tenuto conto della conformazione delle buche, senza dimenticare che a complicare le cose ci sono anche gli oltre 120 classici bunker da links collocati lungo il percorso. Un particolare curioso riguarda i tee delle donne, ovviamente non previsti dal disegno originario, che sembrano essere stati posizionati quasi controvoglia. Non c’è da stupirsi più di tanto, visto che in questo circolo le donne possono giocare, ma non sono ammesse come socie. Quando si viene su questo campo, inoltre, è bene ricordarsi di dare un’occhiata attenta alle norme di etichetta previste in tema di comportamento e abbigliamento, giusto per evitare spiacevoli situazioni. L’imponente clubhouse, ricostruita nel 2004 nel rispetto dello stile originario, è una sorta di piccolo museo dove trovano spazio oggetti e ricordi di grandi campioni del passato e di personaggi che hanno caratterizzato la vita del Portmarnock Golf Club, sede di diverse edizioni dell’Irish Open, di una Walker Cup e di una Canada Cup (oggi diventata World Cup) disputata nel 1960 e vinta dagli USA con Arnold Palmer e Sam Snead. Le buche iniziali di Portmarnock fanno subito capire che qui non si scherza. Le prime tre, che sulla destra costeggiano il lato di mare che guarda la terraferma mentre a sinistra regnano cespugli di erica e rough, sono lunghe quanto basta per richiedere segue

Il Mondo del Golf

MARZ O 2012




Portmarnock Championship Course – 18 buche, par 72, out 3.810 yarde (3.483 metri), in 3.656 yarde (3.343 metri), totale 7.466 yarde (6.816 metri).


MA R Z O 2 0 1 2

Il Mondo del Golf

!"#!$"%&''! DEL MONDO

un primo colpo preciso e sufficientemente potente. Si tratta di dogleg a sinistra abbastanza simili dal tee di partenza, ma diverse nella parte finale per via del posizionamento e del disegno degli enormi green. Proprio la qualità e le caratteristiche dei green, grandi, duri e veloci, sono una delle peculiarità di Portmarnock. Qui, tra le altre qualità necessarie per affrontare al meglio questo percorso, bisogna sapersi destreggiare molto bene con il putt in mano. Le pendenze sono abbastanza intuitive e sincere da leggere, ma se ci si allontana troppo dalla bandiera diventa quasi impossibile cavarsela con soli due putt. La 4 è la buca più difficile del campo con i suoi 430 metri di lunghezza e con un green, seminascosto da una duna e da un albero, raggiungibile solo con un gran secondo colpo. Molto spettacolare è il par 5 della 6 con un fairway piuttosto stretto, simile a un piccolo fiume verde incanalato tra due sponde fatte da dune di sabbia sulle quali prospera un rough fitto e alto. Bello il colpo d’occhio offerto dal green affacciato sul mare. Sono sicuramente più spettacolari le seconde nove buche, a cominciare dalla 11, un par 4 con il tee shot cieco che deve atterrare in un fairway cosparso di bunker. Un piccolo gioiello è la buca 12, un par 3 in salita che punta verso il mare e dove per volare i 150 metri che separano il battitore dalla buca può servire qualsiasi bastone presente nella sacca. A deciderlo sono il vento e la posizione della bandiera su un green di ampie dimensioni, pieno di avvallamenti e protetto da una grande duna che lo separa dalla spiaggia retrostante. È un altro par 3, quello della 15, a regalare emozioni intense e uno scenario davvero straordinario. Il protagonista, assieme al disegno della buca, è il mare, ben visibile sulla destra, dove c’è anche un lungo fuori limite che accompagna il giocatore fin dal tee. Un posto senza protezione dove è impossibile difendersi dal vento che quasi sempre soffia dal mare, spazzando di traverso il green. In questi casi, per arrivarci, bisogna avere il coraggio di tirare verso la spiaggia sperando di aver scelto il ferro adatto e la giusta traiettoria. Grande buca, bella

e, a v Cours lungh in ava Molti Ian W nhard corso cinqu esista

Pagin 1 ci so sabbi obblig In bas della diffici

e, a volte, quasi impossibile. Ma la vera sfida del Championship Course di Portmanock inizia alla buca precedente, un par 4 non lunghissimo con un green in salita disegnato su più livelli. Da lì in avanti il gioco si fa veramente duro. Molti dei grandi campioni del golf mondiale, da Bobby Loke a Ian Woosnan, da Severiano Ballesteros a Ben Crenshaw, da Bernhard Langer a Padraig Harrington, hanno giocato su questo percorso e quasi tutti sono stati concordi nell’affermare che le ultime cinque buche di Portmarnock siano uno dei finali più difficili che esistano. E se lo dicono loro c’è da crederci assolutamente. DoPagina accanto: sul tee della 1 ci sono i sacchetti con la sabbia per sistemare i divot. È obbligatorio portarli con sé. In basso, una suggestiva veduta della 18, una delle buche più difficili del campo.

100 per Portmarnock: punteggio massimo della Guida Rolex, assegnato a soli 15 percorsi in tutto il mondo. Dall’alto: la vista sul mare dal tee della 15; la clubhouse; i tre caratteristici bunker che attraversano il fairway della buca 16.

po aver superato le impegnative 14 e 15, la buca 16, un par 5 di 520 metri, può sembrare relativamente semplice, ma con il vento in gioco e un green super difeso non è il caso di sottovalutarla. Restano poi da giocare la 17 e la 18, due terribili par 4 in grado di rovinare malamente anche un’ottimo score, soprattutto in una giornata ventosa. Sono tra le buche più lunghe del campo e il loro fairway, tra bunker e dimensioni ridotte della “landing area”, è tutt’altro che accogliente. Se lo si sbaglia non c’è scampo al cattivissimo rough e ai cespugli di erica che lo delimitano su entrambi i lati. Per non smentire la sua fama di percorso duro e selettivo, il Championship Course ha voluto far soffrire i giocatori fino all’ultimo, difendendo i due green conclusivi come una fortezza, abbondando in pendenze insidiose e racchiudendoli in una sorta di conca circondata da una vegetazione di arbusti che arrivano a pochi passi dal collar. Ma è proprio questo il vero fascino di Portmarnock, il senso di una sfida continua con una natura che ha modellato un superbo campo da golf nel quale il superfluo è stato bandito, ma dove si può trovare tutto quello che serve per esaltare il gioco, vero e unico protagonista. Probabilmente non è un campo molto spettacolare dal punto di vista scenografico, di quelli, cioè, che fanno stropicciare gli occhi con panorami suggestivi. Portmarnock, che pure presenta alcuni scorci di rara bellezza, non si preoccupa più di tanto dell’apparenza e punta dritto al cuore del giocatore per regalargli sensazioni forti, da intenditori. Riuscire ad eseguire un bel colpo su questo campo, difficile e aspro come pochi, è un’emozione che, a volte, non ha prezzo per un vero golfista. INFORMAZIONI E PRENOTAZIONI Portmarnock Golf Club Portmarnock Co. Dublin Tel. 00353 (0) 18462968,

Il Mondo del Golf

M ARZO 2 0 1 2


November 27, 2011

THE SUNDAY EXAMINER, November 27, 2011 — 81

On course to find the world’s best THE ROLEX WORLD’S TOP 1000 GOLF COURSES Produced by D’Algue Selection (Amazon, $35) EVERY golfer would love the challenge of trying to identify and play the world’s top 1000 courses. Golf tourism is one of the biggest growth areas and Tasmania’s Barnbougle Dunes is a classic example of a tourism attraction based on a golf experience. A team of experts has done all the hard work and not only is Barnbougle on the list but it seems certain that the adjoining Lost Farm will make the second edition. For the stats people, there are 32,000 courses in the world. Of the top 1000, 362 are in the US, 282 are in Europe, 237 are in the Asia-Pacific and 119 are elsewhere. A team of golf professionals, sports journalists, globe-trotting players and former champions have assessed and ranked the top 1000. A top score of 100 was only awarded to two Australian courses — Kingston Heath and Royal Adelaide. So, if you are a keen traveller and golfer get The Rolex guide. It provides maps, courses prices and the availability of nearby hotels and restaurants. — MARTIN GILMOUR

Worth the weight

BE YOUR BEST By GeoffHuegill (Ebury Press, $34.95) IF ever pictures spoke a thousand words. Even before embarking on the message GeoffHuegill has to say, a reader would be inspired by the accompanying photos. There is one image, midway through the chapter From Hero To Zero, which shows the former Olympic swimmer drink in hand, shirt buttons struggling and collar spreadeagled to reveal extra chins. Having piled 45 kilograms onto his 90 kilogram swimming weight, he was also spending money he didn’t have, behav-

Golf Region Hiver 2010 / 2011 GOLF PARTENAIRE

LE GOLF DE LA PALMYRE : un vĂŠritable Club est nĂŠ !

RESULTATS PRO : Classement des tricolores sur les diffĂŠrents circuits.


SUD OUEST 1"3*4*-&%&'3"/$&

Poitou-Charentes Aquitaine

HIVER 2010 / 2011 INTERVIEW OLIVIER BROUSSE Le PDG de Saur revient sur le rapprochement entre les deux chaĂŽnes de golf Formule Golf et BlueGreen.

A Lâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;AFFICHE LIGUE POITOUCHARENTES Grand prix de la ligue, Grand prix de Niort, Ordre du MĂŠriteâ&#x20AC;Ś dĂŠcouvrez tous les rĂŠsultats.

LES EXPERTS REGLES Jean Bertrand de BouĂżn rĂŠpond Ă vos questions.

Inside Golf August 2011

Ao端t 2011

Play Golf Mai 2011 Découverte


Les 1000 meilleurs golfs du monde Parmi les références indispensables sur le monde du golf qu’il est bon d’avoir à portée de main, le Rolex Top 1000 vient détrôner la précédente version : le célèbre Peugeot Golf Guide. Par Vincent Borremans - Photos : Members Only


dité par la même maison que le Peugeot Golf Guide, dont l’appellation est abandonnée au profit du Rolex Top 1000, cet ouvrage réutilise les clés qui ont fait le succès de son prédecesseur. On n’abandonne pas une formule qui gagne ! Pilotés par des "inspecteurs" internationaux, reconnus pour leur compétence en matière de golf, les clubs de golf visités sont ici aussi passés au peigne fin pour renseigner au mieux le lecteur. C’est ainsi qu'il est vite devenu une véritable bible du golf, un peu comme le Parker, le Hachette ou le Gault et Milliau des vins ou le Michelin des restaurants.

Belle renommée Les 200 inspecteurs voyagent au gré de leur vie golfique et amendent, si besoin, les considérations. Cette

mécanique a donné toute la crédibilité à l’ouvrage, d’autant que les cotations sont centralisées par l’éditeur lui-même et son comité, et non pas par un seul inspecteur. Il n’en reste pas moins que la subjectivité reste de mise, puisqu’il s’agit de jugements humains. Et puis, il y a un important courrier des lecteurs qui, notamment pour la Belgique, a fustigé les problèmes passés de l’entretien de certains clubs qui obtiennent une cote plus basse que celle qu’ils mériteraient avec un parcours manucuré.

Et la Belgique ? Si plus d’un tiers des lauréats se trouve aux Etas-Unis, la Belgique en compte malgré tout sept, alors que 22 clubs sont choisis pour l'hexagone et sept également pour nos voisins hollandais. Il semble qu’aucun golfeur

voyageur ne serait choqué si le Limburg golf d’Houthalen trouvait sa place dans le guide et ce, très certainement, quand les greens sont bons et fermes et la bruyère en fleur ! C’est le Royal Hainaut qui s‘en sort le mieux avec une cote de 85 (dû sans doute à l’architecte Tom Simpson) en prenant la deuxième place derrière le Zoute qui affiche un flatteur 90. A cette note-là, les greens zoutois pourraient retrouver leur fermeté et leur "roulé" d’antan tout au long de l’année… On l’a dit, l’avis des inspecteurs est subjectif, mais il n’en reste pas moins un excellent mode de découvrir et de choisir un futur parcours. Outre la fiche technique bien utile, les renseignements des bons restaurants et hôtels sont autant d’informations recherchées par les golfeurs voyageurs. 

Royal Zoute Golf Club

Royal Golf Club du Hainaut

Royal Golf Club de Belgique

Plus d'infos : ()EA6N<DA;B6>'%&&

May 2011

24/10/10 73 ADROP

front end. And, just to heighten the excitement, he finished the final straight with the fuel light flashing. Kiwi pair Shane van Gisbergen and John McIntyre finished third while Jamie Whincup was sixth. Carnage was expected from the moment organisers released details of the remodelled track. The race was just seconds old when the viper struck. Most Team bosses started with their No. 2 drivers on the grid and trouble struck when Mark Winterbottom’s copilot Luke Youlden tried to sneak past Jacques Villeneuve at turn one. Villeneuve, standing in for Paul Dumbrell, corralled him into the wall. That altercation did not floor Youlden but at the hairpin that followed both he and the Canadian were effectively knocked out in a 12-car pileup that finished with Villeneuve facing the wrong way.


Alain Menu (Holden) 2:20:26.6205. 8. Jonathon Webb/Sebastien Bourdais (Ford) 2:20:27.4299. 9. Karl Reindler/Fabrizio Giovanardi (Holden) 2:20:40.2605. 10. James Courtney/Warren Luff (Ford) 2:20:40.4481


consistent speed while under a yellow flag and the Ford pilot was slapped with a harsh penalty that cost him the race. That left Tander, whose team bosses fought a black flag ruling earlier in the action-packed race, to claim the win ahead of Triple Eight pair Craig Lowndes and British driver Andy Priaulx. When asked if he felt for Courtney, Tander had no sympathy. ‘‘No, I’m sure he didn’t feel for me at Abu Dhabi when I got my penalty," Tander said. ‘‘He’s not getting my surfboard either. I was bemused as to what was going on. I actually thought he got (the penalty) for going early. ‘‘It didn’t surprise me." Tander and his co-driver Cameron McConville both deserve credit for a smart and gutsy performance. While others fell victim to the carnage around them, the Holden factory team kept their heads. It could have gone pear-shaped when they faced a black flag for a mechanical failure earlier in the day. There were three restarts in the race which featured several collisions. As it crossed the finish line, Tander’s car looked like it had come from a wreckers, such was the damage to the

Winners: The Garth Tander / Cameron McConville Holden leads the Gold Coast 600 field yesterday

Royal course’s hole-in-one with Rolex SCOTT WALSH GOLF

Late run needed: David Lutterus


NORMALLY, 100 is the type of number to avoid in golf; but for Royal Adelaide it’s the score of a lifetime. South Australia’s premier golf club is now regarded as one of the world’s best courses, having scored a perfect 100 in a newly released international review, Rolex World’s Top 1000 Golf Courses. Royal’s championship layout was one of only 15 across the globe to top the 100-point questionnaire, in rarefied company with British Open venues including the Old Course at St And-

rews, Carnoustie, Muirfield and Royal Birkdale, and iconic US course Augusta National. The only other Australian course to hit the perfect 100 was the venue for Tiger Woods’ Australian Masters victory last year, Kingston Heath. Kingston Heath is the reigning No. 1 course on Australian Golf Digest’s Top 100 list, while Royal Adelaide tumbled from sixth to ninth this year. The Rolex guide claims to be the most ‘‘independent guide to the best of golf’’. Royal Adelaide general manager Andrew Gay said the 100-rating would promote Adelaide as a golf tourism

destination. ‘‘We are very excited by the prospect of being rated next to those courses,’’ Gay said. ‘‘The book is still on order and we haven’t seen it yet, so I don’t know whether it was the actual club, the quality of the turf or the facilities. But I would imagine this will be great for Adelaide – we don’t have the number of courses that Melbourne has, but this shows that we do match them for quality.’’ AT least seven Australians are set to retain their full playing rights on the US PGA Tour next year, with safe positions in the top-125 money leaders – but Adelaide’s David Lutterus will

need a late-season charge to have any hope of joining them. Robert Allenby (17th), Jason Day (20th), Adam Scott (27th), Stuart Appleby (37th), Michael Sim (62nd), Matt Jones (69th) and Steve Elkington (90) hold tickets to the 2011 season. Aaron Baddeley (120th) is in danger of missing the cut, while Aron Price is in the frame for automatic exemption. James Nitties, Mathew Goggin, Jarrod Lyle and Nick O’Hern have a chance at conditional spots, while Rod Pampling (174th) and Lutterus (204th) seem likely to drop off the list.


May 2011

GRAND COURSES: The Rolex World's Top 1000 Golf Courses is a great resource tool, naming the finest layouts around the globe. Selections (362 in the U.S., 282 in Europe, 237 in Asia-Pacific, 119 elsewhere) are graded and feature thumbnail descriptions. Some choices are quirky (a course in Pakistan? Two in Venezuela?), and the omissions are almost as interesting as the picks, meaning this book will start as many arguments as it ends.

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Reiseplanung Petra Himmel | 11.01.2011 | 21:01 Uhr Für all’ jene, die so früh im Jahr zuhause im Schnee sitzen und scharf darüber nachdenken, wie schön es jetzt auf irgendwelchen Golfplätzen sein könnte: Der Führer "The Rolex World’s Top 1000 Golf Courses" ist zumindest aus meiner Sicht im Moment neben "Golf Digest Places to Play" der beste Platzratgeber, den man in die Hand nehmen kann. Wobei sich das Golf Digest-Exemplar ohnehin auf Nord- und Südamerika sowie die Karibik reduziert. Im Rolex-Guide dagegen findet auch Europa breiten Platz. Die Bewertungen der Anlagen sind erfreulich ausgiebig. Wer sich einmal durch die ziemlich aufwändigen kleinen Symbole gearbeitet hat, wird feststellen, dass er hier ein ziemlich verlässliches Nachschlagewerk an der Hand hält, mit dem er tatsächlich guten Gewissens auch Clubs ansteuern kann, die ihm bisher nicht bekannt waren. Bewertet werden die Plätze nach einem Punktesystem wie man es ansonsten aus Weinführern kennt. 100 Punkte sind das Maximum. 15 Plätze erreichen sie: Augusta National, Bethpage Black, Carnoustie Championship Course, Cypress Point, Kingston Heath, Muirfield, Oakmont, Pine Valley, Portmarnock, Royal Adelaide, Royal Birkdale, Royal County Down Old, St. Andrews Old, Sunningdale New und Torrey Pines South. Die meisten der 1000 besten Kurse finden sich wie erwartet in den USA (362). Wer nach Exotischem sucht, wird aber auch in Staaten wie Fidschi oder Taiwan fündig. Das deutsche Aufgebot ist wie zu erwarten ziemlich klein. Gerade einmal elf Plätze schaffen es in die Auswahl. Am besten schneidet der Faldo-Platz am Scharmützelsee mit 90 Punkten neben dem Hamburger Golfclub Falkenstein mit der gleichen Punktzahl ab. Die anderen Plätze sind: Seddiner See Südplatz 85 Punkte Köln Refrath 85 Punkte Sporting Club Scharmützelsee Arnold Palmer Platz 85 Punkte Club zur Vahr Garlstedter Heide 85 Punkte Rethmar 80 Punkte Frankfurter Golfclub 80 Punkte Fleesensee Schlossplatz 80 Punkte Budersand 80 Punkte Motzener See 75 Punkte Gut Lärchenhof 75 Punkte Man merkt der deutschen Auswahl an, dass Deutschland nicht wirklich eine Destination ist, die häufig besucht wird, ansonsten hätte sicher der eine oder andere neue oder redesignte Platz einen Weg in das Ranking gefunden. Die Bewertungen in den USA, Großbritannien oder Irland fallen deutlich fundierter aus und angesichts der Tatsache, dass Deutschland mit den elf Anlagen ohnehin nur ein winziges Detail darstellt, ist dieses Manko ja durchaus zu verkraften. Mehr Infos unter

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DĂŠcembre 2010

Le Journal du Golf Décembre 2010 n°63 t décembre 2010 >


WWW .jo Urna LDUgo LF. Fr



LE RÊVE D'ADAM Dubai World Championship O Up & down 2010


Les Français champions du monde

Lansing State Journal December 12, 2010 Michael Patrick Shiels

Top hotels, resorts offer luxury, style The closing days of the year often have us looking back and remembering the best moments - or resolving to create memorable adventures in the coming year. Along with 26 other travel industry people, I serve on the Cigar Aficionado Magazine expert rating panel. Every few years, the magazine, as in the current issue, reveals "The World's Best Hotels and Resorts" as determined by our panel. The Beverly Hills Hotel in California was named the "Best Large City Hotel" in the United States. In the article I am quoted as saying, "With its hidden bungalows and iconic, old Hollywood nature, the 'Pink Palace' will have you posing poolside in your fluffy robe or taking an important phone call with the other glitterati in the Polo Lounge." Four Seasons was named the "Favorite Large Hotel and Resort Brand." My reasoning was that "Four Seasons is consistently creative in an understated manner, yet there is always an elegant crispness and reliable simplicity." Other winners and honorable mentions in the issue were the Four Seasons George V and Hotel Crillon in Paris; Four Seasons Hualalai and Mauna Kea, along the Kohala Coast of Hawaii's Big Island; Grand Del Mar, San Diego; The Sanctuary at Kiawah Island; Gleneagles and the Turnberry Hotel, Scotland; Little Nell, Aspen; Kauri Cliffs, New Zealand; and the Ritz Carlton Bachelor Gulch, Vail. Still more of my "best of" opinions were revealed in a new book. Rolex, the legendary Swiss watchmaker, has partnered with golf publisher D'Algue Selection to release "The Rolex World's Top 1,000 Golf Courses." The handy guidebook was essentially written by golf star Kristel Mourgue d'Algue. She came to the U.S. and was an accomplished collegiate and amateur golfer at Arizona State University, was runner-up in the British Amateur championship and played professionally. She recruited an army of golf writers worldwide, who surreptitiously visited and ranked every aspect of notable golf facilities. The result is not only independent judgment but also factual accuracy: length, par, price, practice facilities, nearby hotels and restaurants, points of interest, maps, and driving time between the course and destinations. The handsome hardcover is the size of a Bible, and can serve as one. Which Michigan courses made the world's top 1,000 list? Arcadia Bluffs, Oakland Hills south course, Forest Dunes, Lost Dunes, Bay Harbor links-to-quarry, Tullymore, Black Lake, Hawkshead, and Shanty Creek's Cedar River course. Whether you are revisiting a course you've played in these pages, or seeking something new, you can let your mind wander near and far on a snowy Sunday without leaving your easy chair. Certainly you and your golfing friends can debate omissions and rankings, which is all part of the fun. "The same elegance and precision reflected in the sport are the quintessential qualities of a Rolex timepiece," writes Bruno Meier, CEO of Rolex. For your copy, go to

Golf Weekly 9 December 2010

De gratis krant van golfend Nederland | jaargang 5 | nr.33 | donderdag 9 december 2010 |

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De golfers van het jaar! Als een grote verrassing kwam het niet: Joost Luiten en Christel Boeljon werden tijdens het Golf Awards Gala gekroond tot de beste golfers van 2010. Ze werden beloond met mooie woorden, een bekertje en zelfs patat! Pag 8-9


De volgende GOLF Wee kly verschijn begin febr t uari!

Madame Figaro Samedi 4 DĂŠcembre 2010

Golf Magasinet Nobember 2010

Norsk Golf Nobember 2010

Paris Match Novembre 2010

Mercredi 3 Novembre 2010

Les 1000 meilleurs golfs du monde Sous ce titre, les golfeurs tiennent désormais leur bible. Parmi les parcours classés par ce guide,

le premier du genre, 362 sont situés aux Etats-Unis, 282 en Europe (dont 22 en France), 237 entre Asie et Pacifique, et 119 dans divers pays. D'Algue Selection Ed., 35 euros.

An Invaluable Guide To 'World's 1,000 Finest Courses' By Asian Golf Daily Team

Singapore (October 28): Pulling together any global guide is a challenge of enormous proportions. Just imagine, then, the planning and logistics that go into producing a tome containing the finest golfing venues on the planet. Bouquets, therefore, go to the D'Algue Selection, which has published a stunning new book entitled 'World's Top 1,000 Golf Courses'. Fit to grace the bookshelves of all genuine golf fans, what is especially impressive about this offering is the breadth of its coverage. Given that there are some 32,000 golf courses dotted around the world, it was no easy task. To assist, a network of more than 200 independent inspectors, consisting of golf champions, sports journalists and globe-trotting golfers was called into action. Each and every course was the subject of an in-depth examination based on a 100-point questionnaire aimed at establishing levels of site excellence, quality of course architecture and standards of maintenance. To complete the picture, the publishers have produced a comprehensive list of practical information, some recommended hotels, restaurants and sites of local interest, together with local maps to help with ease of access. As an extra bonus, the book also contains a copy of the Simplified Rules of Golf published by the Royal & Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews. Of the 1,000 listed courses, 362 are to be found in the United States, 282 in Europe, 237 in Asia-Pacific and 119 elsewhere. Of the Asia-Pacific courses that are featured, Australia leads the way with 65, followed by China (40) and Japan (36). A large proportion of the Asia Pacific selection feature in the Asian Golf Monthly Awards, the largest annual poll of golf course facilities in the region. For the most part, the China courses are located close to the major cities, predominantly in the south of the country, and on Hainan Island. While these are all modern-day courses with brand-name designers, most of those in Japan are the work of home-grown architects, the majority dating from 1957, the year Japan won the Canada Cup, sparking the region's original golfing boom. A top score of 100 was been awarded to just 15 exceptional courses, each of singular historical and architectural merit, of which seven are in the British Isles (Carnoustie, Muirfield, The Old Course at St Andrews, Royal Birkdale, the Championship Course at Portmarnock, the New Course at Sunningdale and the Old Course at Royal County Down); six in the United States (Cypress Point, Torrey Pines (South), Augusta National, Pine Valley, Bethpage (Black), and Oakmont) and two in Australia (Kingston Heath and Royal Adelaide). The book, which is sponsored by Rolex, has received acclaim from a host of notable commentators, including CBS Sports' Jim Nantz and writers Dan Jenkins, John Hopkins and Asian Golf Monthly managing editor Spencer Robinson. Robinson said: "This work will prove to be an invaluable source of information for all those who are intirgued with the dramatic growth of golf in the Asia-Pacific."

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LES 1000 MEILLEURS GOLFS DU MONDE by D’Algue Selection

Golf Européen Août 2010 Ao没t 2010

Journal du Golf Ao没t 2010

Golf Weekly 5 augustus 2010

De gratis krant van golfend Nederland | jaargang 5 | nr. 21 | donderdag 5 augustus 2010 |

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Een gedeelde negende plaats in het Iers Open leverde Joost Luiten 60.800 euro op, zijn grootste cheque sinds zijn tweede plaats in het KLM Open van 2007. Pag 2-3 >>

Luiten kan weer lachen


Nationale Golfkampen

Hier krijg je de mogelijkheid om in één week het GVB te halen. Op dit unieke kamp komen kinderen met alle facetten van golf in aanraking. Met veel individuele aandacht van ervaren pro’s en diverse golfspelen wordt het een week om nooit te vergeten! Kijk voor alle data en locaties op (8-14 jaar) WWW. NATIONALESPORTKAMPEN .NL

Nationale Sportkampen

Vanaf 5 jaar kunnen kinderen al deelnemen aan het Sport&Spelkamp, waar kinderen in de sportieve onderdelen ontzettend veel plezier hebben! Vanaf 8 jaar is er keuze uit Multisport (diverse sporten) en Multicreatieve kampen. In het geweldige middagprogramma zijn de luchtkussens aanwezig! Ben jij er ook bij? WWW.NATIONALESPORTKAMPEN.NL

GOLF365 World's Top 1000 courses By Matt Cooper - 19th August 2010

Following the success of Europe's Top 1000 Golf Courses - the Peugeot Golf Guide - which they have published for the past 15 years, D'Algue Selection has now put together an even more ambitious guide detailing the top 1000 golf courses worldwide. Gaëtan Mourgue d'Algue, one of France's finest golfers of his generation, and founder of Golf Européen magazine and the Trophée Lancôme, as well as being one of the main instigators of the European Tour, ably supported by his daughter Kristel, NCAA individual champion and former European Women's Tour member, plus Bruce Critchley, Walker Cup player and respected commentator with Sky Sports UK, persuaded Rolex to come on board for this far-reaching venture. As a major sponsor of golf globally and with deep respect for the game's values and traditions, Rolex is a natural partner of D'Algue Selection which has produced a genuine and totally independent world ranking for golf courses. There are some 32000 courses to be found around the world and the very best of them have been assiduously assessed by a network of over 200 independent inspectors, consisting of former champions, professional golfers, sports journalists and globe-trotting players, all with a passion for the game. Each course has been the subject of an in depth examination based on a 100 point questionnaire to establish levels of site excellence, quality of course architecture and standards of maintenance. To complete the picture Rolex have produced a comprehensive list of practical information, some recommended hotels, restaurants and sites of local interest, together with local maps to help with ease of access. As an extra bonus, the book also contains a copy of the Simplified Rules of Golf published by the Royal & Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews. Of the 1000 listed courses, 362 are to be found in the United States, 282 in Europe, 237 in Asia-Pacific and 119 elsewhere.

GOLF365 A top score of 100 has been awarded to just 15 exceptional courses, each of singular historical and architectural merit, of which there are 7 in the British Isles (Carnoustie, Muirfield, The Old Course at St Andrews, Royal Birkdale, the Championship Course at Portmarnock, the New Course at Sunningdale and the Old Course at Royal County Down), 6 in the United States (Cypress Point, Torrey Pines (South), Augusta National, Pine Valley, Bethpage (Black), and Oakmont), with 2 in Australia (Kingston Heath and Royal Adelaide). In Europe, England is the most widely represented with 60 courses, followed by Scotland (43), Ireland (31), then Spain (23), France (22), Italy (16), Germany (13) and Sweden (13). While Scotland and Ireland have the finest collection of links courses, England is blessed with some exceptional inland layouts and Great Britain as a whole is of course where so many of golf's great course architects grew up and contributed to what is still regarded as the Golden Age for course design throughout the world. Continental Europe has been relatively slow to adopt the game widely, though there have been courses there right from the start; back then, it was seen more as a past-time of Royalty and the nobility than something for the masses. For its part, France had a long golfing tradition and can claim an ideal climate and brilliant, diverse landscape on which to lay out courses, though for the time being the country is still some way short of fulfilling its potential. Spain only really got going after 1975 and for 30 years golf truly exploded in Andalusia and, to a lesser extent, Catalonia. Sweden is a country that has consistently punched above its weight on the fairways of the world and during these last few years has produced some fine courses, mostly from the hand of established international designers. Generally speaking, very few new courses have opened in Europe since 2005 and only a few countries can seriously talk about a development phase. They include Turkey, where new resorts offer the best value for money, and Russia, which is coming around to a sport still reserved for a happy few but where 24 courses are under construction. In the United States, the halcyon days are gone and new courses have become few and far between. The country and its 17000 golf courses have fallen prey to the economic crisis. Having said that, the United States remains the world's leading golf country through the excellence of its private courses, the variety of public courses and resorts, and quality and understanding of service. Right now, the real golf boom is in Asia and particularly China, where 40 courses have found a place in the Guide. For the most part they are located close to the major cities, elsewhere predominantly in the south of the country, and on Hainan Island. India too would seem to be a country with unlimited potential thanks to space available and a burgeoning economy.

GOLF365 In the Asia-Pacific region, golf was first established in Australia with courses dating from the early 1920s and with many to be found round Melbourne and its magnificent Sandbelt. In all, the country has provided the Guide with 65 courses. No surprise that Japan comes third with 36 entries out of a collection of 2500, mostly the work of home-grown architects and the majority dating from 1957, the year Japan won the Canada Cup. As for the rest of the world, Canada is leading the way with 36 courses selected in the Guide, enjoying beautiful landscapes and announcing over 1 million golfers. South Africa also has outstanding natural beauty but golf development has inevitably been held back by the country's ongoing economic and social problems; that said, some outstanding new courses are starting to emerge. In Central America, principally Mexico, today's top architects, such as Nicklaus, Weiskopf and Norman have helped with the creation of a number of high-end quality resorts. Argentina, a nation blessed with more internationally famous golfers than you will find in the whole of Latin America put together, has long traditions in the game but relatively few courses to show for it. This initial and original Global Guide has already received an enthusiastic welcome from several wellknow journalists. John Hopkins of The London Times has written: "Call yourself a serious golfer? Then this is the book for you. Don't leave home without it. It is invaluable." Dan Jenkins of Golf Digest says, "The spirit of golf is very much alive in this splendid Rolex book. Your duck hook or soaring slice can't possibly spoil it for you." Spencer Robinson of Asian Golf Monthly suggests, "This work will prove to be an invaluable source of information for all those who are intrigued with the dramatic growth of golf in the Asia Pacific." Whilst Jim Nantz, of CBS Sports, says, "The fun of discussing the Rolex Top 1000 can only be topped by the actual quest of playing them." The Rolex World's Top 1000 Golf Courses is on sale at Amazon, in major golf stores and selected pro-shops at the price of 35 euros, 25 pounds sterling and 35 US dollars. For more information go to -

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The Rolex WORLD’S TOP 1000 GOLF COURSES “There is no more comprehensive guide to the world's best places to play. Don't plan your next golf trip without giving this book a look.” George Peper, Links Magazine

“The best guide book in golf. With it by your side you will always be on the fairway.” “Call yourself a serious golfer? Then this book is for you. Don’t leave home without it. It is invaluable.” John Hopkins, The Times, London

“The spirit of golf is very much alive in this splendid Rolex book. Your duck hook or soaring slice can’t possibly spoil it for you.” Dan Jenkins, Golf Digest

“Each course you play offers a special memory and that is why the Rolex guide is required reading for those who love golf.” “The fun of discussing the Rolex Top 1000 can only be topped by the actual quest of playing them.” Jim Nantz, CBS Sports

“There are three necessities for successful global golf travel: a love of adventure, a robust golf bag and this jaw-droppingly comprehensive and thought-provoking book.” Alex Jenkins, Hong Kong Golfer

“This work will prove to be an invaluable source of information for all those who are intrigued with the dramatic growth of golf in the Asia Pacific.” Spencer Robinson, Asian Golf Monthly

The Rolex World's Top 1000 Golf Courses - Press Book  

A shared passion for great golf courses has led the legendary Swiss watchmaker ROLEX and golf publisher D'Algue Selection once again to prod...

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