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Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Screen Size: 10.1” Storage capacity: 16GB Price: from £359 Weight: 508g Connectivity: Wi-Fi

What makes Galaxy Tab 3 great? Large screen makes it easier for writing Allows to zoom in considerably to read small text Very good screen brightness Built-in GPS Storage capacity can be expanded with micro SD card

The Cost of connecting to the Internet At home From £2.50 a month + line rental (from £14 a month) – on average £18 a month. Some providers have special offers, for example, Tesco Broadband offered free Broadband for the first 12 months, then £6 + line rental £15.40 Out and about You need a tablet with 3G built in, and it costs more: Galaxy Tab 3 10.1 with 4G will cost £459 Mobile broadband starts from £8 a month for light use – emails, Web browsing and reading news online). Other options are £15 a month for heavy use – allowing to watch movies, download music, and make Skype calls. Some Mobile Broadband providers offer pay monthly tablet package deals – a good option if you don't want to pay for the phone line rental.

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