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10 Bizarre Themed Cruises Cruising is truly an extravagant experience -- just how people expect it to be. Yet, for some, they find it boring and uneventful. Despite the negative perception, here is a list of the most exciting and weird yet fun themes aboard one cruise holiday packages. Oh and yes, don’t forget to take photos! Nude Themed Cruise Interesting, isn’t it? You will surely be amazed of this theme. With a touch of art and nudity, you will have to expect the unexpected. Before you buy cruise packages, make sure you pack a lot of workout, diet and confidence to show them what you got. Anyway, it wouldn’t be that awkward if everybody else is doing that, right? Well, they sure do! That’s what they came for – to have fun!

Vampire Themed Cruise Vampire themed cruise was last spotted in Alaska, though they sail in a lot more places. It happened during a week-long floating convention where fans and enthusiasts mingle at a vampire themed dress ball. Added feature of the event was the attendance of “Dracula: The Un-Dead” co-author and a lot more. So, if you’re one of those blood-sucking creatures, then this cruise is for you!

Cougar Themed Cruise You might like this theme for a cruise. And oh, it’s not the feline type of cougar! This cruise is for bachelors or singles who are looking for older men/women. You can have a little fun time with some experienced ladies and gents, make friends, or look for your soul mate. Who knows, right?

Elvis Themed Cruise This is the best cruise experience for big fans of “The King!” Highlights of the event includes meet-andgreet several of Elvi’s movie co-stars and impersonators. Here, you can mingle with people of the same interest. Indeed, birds with the same feather have some time to flock together. Isn’t it just amazing? So, have fun and party ‘till you drop with Elvis’ hits.

Apple Themed Cruise Maybe you are one of those with an overwhelming Apple addiction. If yes then have your way on this “MacMania” themed cruise. This event has numbers of seminars and classes like “Getting to Know Your First iPad” and “Speeding up Your Mac.” Tech geeks will sure to enjoy this event as they can meet

people with the same interest as they do. Indeed, it is truly a great venue for all Mac savvy to convene under one sail – get it?!

Star Trek Themed Cruise Star Trek cruises started back in 1992, where they organized cruises for big fans of the renowned Star Trek TV show and movies. Aboard the cruise, you can have great opportunity to rub elbows with Star Trek actors and crewmembers.

Saw Themed Cruise This film is maybe one of the most famous horror/suspense sequel movies of all time. The Saw Themed cheap cruises of Carnival Glory sailed in August 2012 from New York to Canada. Travelers relished the event given a chance to meet the actors. Some enthusiasts even participated in the Saw tattoo contest.

Quilt Themed Cruise Quilt lovers also have their chance to enjoy both cruising and quilt making. These cruise features quilting seminars spearheaded by the world-famous and award-winning quilt makers. Passengers don’t need to bring their sewing machines because it’s already provided on-board. Thus, travelers exploited their experience in this one of a kind event.

Richard Simmons Themed Cruise If you are into fitness, then Richard Simmons might be your symbol. This fitness icon will get you into shape as you cruise aboard the Richard Simmons themed ship. Thus, to buy cruise holidays is also a great opportunity to lose weight rather than to gain some.

Titanic Themed Cruise In April 2012, a British Cruise line commemorated the first century anniversary of the infamous sinking of Titanic. The ship mimicked the route taken by the Titanic in New York City. Thankfully, it arrived safe and sound. The memorial service ship carried the same number of 1,309 passengers as the Titanic. More so, passengers participated in the event as they wore periodic wardrobes during the commemoration. Authentic meals were served along with calming tunes of period-appropriate music. Also, there are 50

passengers who were directly related to the passengers of the Titanic during her maiden journey in 1912. Thus, the event successfully created the authentic Titanic feel to honor the celebration. Ergo, cruise holidays are fun and exciting -- an incredible and utmost experience even to those who are used to it! Now, the decision is yours -- to make the most out of your vacation packages.

10 Bizarre Themed Cruises  

Cruising is truly an extravagant experience -- just how people expect it to be. Yet, for some, they find it boring and uneventful. Despite t...