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KEY CLUB Official Newsletter | Division 26 | Pacific Northwest District | Key Club International | Issue 8

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Hey Key Clubbers!8 – Division 26 Unicorn Utopia – Pacific Northwest District – Key Club International – June 2012 – Issue 3 I hope you all are enjoying the wonderful weather Seattle has been giving us lately! Please use this opportunity and go outside! Stay active!  Many of our schools in our division have participated in Relay for Life and I have heard positive feedback from many of our members! I’d like to thank all of those who participated in this event!

TABLE OF CONTENTS Cover Page.........................1 Letter from the LtG…........2 DCM Info……………...........3 Upcoming Events..............4 Seattle Rally…………………..5 Divisional News..….…........6 Executive Board.................7 Kiwanis Info......................7 Rainbow Board.................8 Officer Info…………………..9

In about a month Seattle Rally will be hosted at Hazen High School, so be prepared for that! The theme will be revealed soon, along with what workshops, so look out for that! I also expect 99% of you guys to attend, we’re 1 of 2 of the divisions that actually “live” in Seattle, so let’s go show the other divisions who own the city! Also, the July DCM will be hosted at Lincoln Park by Evergreen HS, there will be BOYS ONLY wet t-shirt contest and a water balloon fight! This DCM is also a potluck! More info will be on page 2! As always, let me know if you have any questions! In Service and Dedication,

Philip Nokeo Philip Nokeo PNW Division 26 Lieutenant Governor In andInternational Service, KeyLove Club 206-355-1984

Page 2 – Division 26 Unicorn Utopia – Pacific Northwest District – Key Club International – July 2013 – Issue 4

DCM INFO June DCM Recap Although the weather was burning hot, this DCM was a relaxing one! Thank you Garfield HS for planning it! I’d also like to thank Andrea Wong for taking charge and being a sweetheart!

July DCM Saturday, July 20th 1:00PM – 3:00 PM July’s DCM will be a potluck hosted by Evergreen HS! Event List! -Icebreakers! -BOYS Only Wet T-shirt Contest -Water Balloon fight -Miracle Minute What to Bring! Evergreen: Pizza Cleveland: Watermelon + Fruits Highline: Soda + Water Mt. Ranier: Napkins, forks and plates Garfield: 2 main dishes Franklin: 2 main dishes WSHS: Snacks/Chips CSHS: 1 main dish and fruits

Page 3 – Division 26 Unicorn Utopia – Pacific Northwest District – Key Club International – July 2013 – Issue 4



JUNE – JULY July 20th- Evergreen July DCM

AUGUST – SEPTEMBER August 12 – 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM – Seattle Rally – Hazen High School September 17* – September DCM – Hosted by Chief Sealth HS – TBD

OCTOBER – NOVEMBER October 12* – October DCM – Hosted by Evergreen HS - TBD November 17* – November DCM – Free to host – TBD

DECEMBER – JANUARY December 14* – Ice Skating Social – Castle Ice Arena in Renton January 4* – LtG Election Rally – TBD

FEBRUARY – MARCH February 8* – February DCM – Free to host – TBD March 8* – March DCM/Pre-DCON Rally – Free to host – TBD March TBD to March TBD – DCON 2014 – Hotel In Downtown!

* = Tentative Date

Page 4 – Division 26 Unicorn Utopia – Pacific Northwest District – Key Club International –July 2013 – Issue 4

Seattle Rally! Rep D.26! I hope you all are excited for Seattle Rally! It is expected to be one of the biggest in the PNW, so watch out! The theme this year will later be released! There will also be many fun workshops such as “Dating 101” hosted by me!

You DO NOT have to be in Key Club to come to Seattle Rally, so invite all your friends and make new friends! Registration is only $5 and the money covers all the fun workshops and lunch.

When: Monday, August 12, 2012 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM Where: Hazen High School 1101 Hoquiam Ave NE Renton, WA 98059

Why: To meet Key Clubbers from all around the Seattle are (divisions 18/20m to 38!)

REGISTRATION: I will be sending out a link for the packet later this month! So be on the look out! You will also have to fill out and bring a waiver, so don’t forget that! That link will also be provided shortly! You will pay $5 when the link to earlier registration is released and $7 when the late fee is initiated.

Page 5 – Division 26 Unicorn Utopia – Pacific Northwest District – Key Club International - July 2013 – Issue 4

DIVISIONAL NEWS Divisional Goals Divisional 13)Increase 7) Increase communication throughGoals Facebook and email

1) 8) Increase communication Facebook 14)Increase Increase attendance atthrough divisional events and email 2) Increase at divisional events 15)Educate 9) Educate membersattendance about Key Club International 3) Educate members about Keyrelations Club International 16)Help 10)Help clubs improve Kiwanis 4) Help clubs improve relations 17)Become 11)Become a stronger divisionKiwanis as a whole! 5) Become to a stronger division as a whole! 18)Contribute 12)Contribute the Eliminate Project 6) Contribute to the Eliminate Project

What is The Eliminate Project?

Description: Kiwanis International and UNICEF have joined forces to eliminate maternal and neonatal tetanus. This deadly disease steals the lives of nearly 60,000 innocent babies and a significant number of women each year. The effects of the disease are excruciating — tiny newborns suffer repeated, painful convulsions and extreme sensitivity to light and touch.

Our Goal: To raise money during each DCM and each event to donate towards the Eliminate Project! I plan to raise $1000 by the end of my term! And I’ll need you guys to help me!

Who wants a spot in a DCON promo video?  One lucky member in our division will get the opportunity to be featured in a promo video for DCON!  Attend a majority of divisional events, like DCMs and Seattle Rally  Be a member in good standing with your home club  Have Spirit! Good luck to everyone!

Page 6 – Division 26 Unicorn Utopia – Pacific Northwest District – Key Club International – July 2013 – Issue 4

EXECUTIVE BOARD & KIWANIS INFO 2013 – 2014 PNW Executive Board Governor Trang Tran Secretary Hakikat Bains

Treasurer Eric Grewal

KIWANIS CLUB OF SEATTLE First Tuesday of every month 12:00 PM Columbia Tower in Downtown Seattle 5th Avenue and Columbia St. Seattle, WA 98104 Contact email: Jessica Smith

KIWANIS CLUB OF INDUSTRIAL SEATTLE Every Tuesday 7:15 AM Salvation Army Rehabilitation Center 1420 4th Ave S Seattle, WA 98134 Contact email: Joel Ware


Convention Chair Denny Lim

District Administrator John Jay

Assistant District Administrator Tom Saunders

Every Tuesday 6:30 PM Camp Schoenwald Memorial Park 16030 Sylvester Rd. Burien WA 98166 Contact email: Jim Dow

WEST SEATTLE KIWANIS CLUB 1st and 3rd Wednesdays at 7 AM 2nd Wednesday at 12:00 PM Be’s Restaurant in the Junction 4509 California Avenue SW Seattle, WA 98116 Contact email: Shari Sewell

WHITE CENTER KIWANIS CLUB 1st and 3rd Wednesdays at 12:30 PM White Center Pizza and Spaghetti House 10231 16th Ave SW Seattle, WA 98146 Contact email: Bill Tracy

Page 7 – Division 26 Unicorn Utopia – Pacific Northwest District – Key Club International – July 2013 – Issue 4


June (total)

Chief Sealth






July Sec. Rep.

June DCM

40 40 20

Franklin 40

Highline John F. Kennedy


Mount Rainier


20 20

60 60





30 200







New Start Seattle Lutheran West Seattle





 Attending DCMs – 10 points per returning member & 15 points per new member  Reading my newsletter – 5 points per member (see below for more info)  Secretary report filled out on time – 20 points  Weekly emails from the secretary – 20 points  Bulletins/newsletters from the editor – 20 points  Attending Kiwanis meetings – 10 points per member  All officers of a club attending a DCM – 25 points

Big schools are bolded in the chart and small schools are not. At the end of the year, the two schools with the most points will win a pizza/ice cream party! One winner will be a big school and another winner will be a smaller school. Try to get as many points as you can!

Text/call me at 206-355-1984, or email me at, or Facebook message me with the answer to the question below if you want more Rainbow Board points! REMEMBER TO INCLUDE YOUR NAME AND SCHOOL. Who recently became elected as an International Trustee from the PNW? (Hint: She used to be on the District Board)

Page 8 – Division 26 Unicorn Utopia – Pacific Northwest District – Key Club International – July 2013 – Issue 4

Club Officer Contact Info Chief Sealth High School

Cleveland High School

President – Rose Nguyen – Vice President – Tony THai – Secretary – Andrea Francisco – Treasurer - Denise Felipe – Editor – Ashley Lew –

President – Coi Tran – Vice President–Susan Lu Secretary – Adwoa Nimako – Treasurer–Anh Editor

Evergreen High School

Franklin High School

President –Selah Tim - Vice President – Caroline Le – Secretary – Ann Lai Treasurer –Sandra Le – Editor – Nicole Do –

President – Kirsten Garcia – Vice President – Mark Workinger– Secretary – Kelly Duong – Treasurer – Sanigah Ysa – Editor – Nurrina Chaumath –

Garfield High School

Highline High School

President – Terri Tran – Secretary – Angel Yu – Treasurer – Emily Wong – Editor – Reanne Wong –

President – Eric Nguyen – Vice President –Angelica Yu– Secretary – Rachael Tang – Treasurer – Christina Nguyen – Editor - TBD

Mount Rainier High School

New Start

Vice President – Andrea Wong –

President – Tammy Do – Vice President – Jennie Le – Secretary – Kevin Ngo – Treasurer – Angela Troung – Editor – John Bularan–

Seattle Lutheran High School

West Seattle High School

President –Camille Pahl– Vice President – Carina Andrews – Secretary –Angel Cucio – angelrose097 Treasurer – Grant Doerr – Editor – Carolyn Bolling –

President – Saphiyah Toulas – Vice President – Sharon Prom Secretary – Brian Fontillas – Treasurer – Daseray Dang – Editor – Jimmy Le – Public Relations –

Page 9 – Division 26 Unicorn Utopia – Pacific Northwest District – Key Club International – July 2013 – Issue 4

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July NL  

Read It! :D