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Official Newsletter of the Governor of the West Virginia District

Volume 4 Issue 2 June 2011

Phil in the blank For most of you summer vacation has already started! Summer is a new window for Key Club. Summer is the perfect time to set goals! Whether they are you club goals, division goals, committee goals, or personal goals. Taking some time during the beginning of summer to create and plan these goals is essential. When you do take time to plan, keep in mind that your success as a leader will impact the quality of your clubs for years to come. Take the time now to plan your year! We have already discussed the goals of the District, and you should each try to incorporate those goals into your personal and position goals . Make your goals be known and stick to them. When constructing your goals be sure to keep them S.M.A.R.T. Keep them Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timely. I hope you all enjoy your last few days of school and any camps or activities that you will be doing before I see you, and as always if you have any questions please give me a call. Yours in Friendship and Key Club Service,

Philip Mickinac Philip Mickinac 2011-2012 West Virginia Key Club Governor

Contact Information:

Myself with Alabama District Governor Jeremiah Stone at Governor and Administrator Training Conference (GATC)

In this issue! Goal Setting................. 1 Kiwanis ......................... 2 Circle K ......................... 2 KC Alumni Association2 ICON Packing ............. 3 CMN .............................. 3 Suspended Clubs ....... 4 Membership ................ 4 Newsletters................... 4 MRF’s ............................. 4

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Life after Key Club With about a quarter of our members graduating this year and the turnover of membership, now is the time to push for those seniors who have graduated to continue their service in the Kiwanis Family. In West Virginia, after Key Club, members can join Circle K, Kiwanis, and the Key Club Alumni Association.

Kiwanis The Suncrest Kiwanis Club formed a club satellite at WVU that now has over 20 members, most of whom are former Key Club members in their 2nd year of college. The WVU Kiwanis Club is a branch of the Suncrest Kiwanis Club but they have their own meetings and service project. Additionally, anyone over the age of 18 anyone can always join a Kiwanis club, the sponsors of Key Club. An incentive for Kiwanis Family members to join Kiwanis is that the discount given for the first two years of membership. Kiwanis Clubs provide the opportunity for former Key Club members and friends to continue their service with the Kiwanis Family!

Key Club Alumni Association Graduating soon? Don’t worry about leaving Key Club behind. Become a charter member of the all new Key Club International Alumni Association. Connect with old friends, make new ones and stay on top of Key Club International’s accomplishments and activities when you join. Membership is free through June 2011! Learn more and sign up at

Circle K

Are you looking for a way to continue your involvement in community service? Is serving the children of the world important to you? In college, you will find that many clubs and organizations promote volunteerism and community involvement. In fact, many universities have adopted a servicelearning program. However, these programs, clubs and student organizations do not offer the blend of service, leadership and fellowship that you will find in CKI. Members are committed to service as an important element of club activities. As a collegiate organization, CKI holds the promise of today’s student becoming tomorrow ’s leader. It exists to meet the personal needs of the individual collegian though the qualities of leadership, the rewards of service, and the unique spirit of friendship. Leadership, service and fellowship; the embodiment of the three tenets of CKI are necessary to shape the future, realized in the colleges and universities of today. In West Virginia there are 6 Circle K club at the following Colleges or Universities: West Virginia University, Bethany College, Concord University, Marshall University, Potomac State College, and Wheeling Jesuit University.


KEY CLUB <your club/district> newsletter

Children’s Miracle Network Who is Children's Miracle Network?

Travel:  Papers for Dink  Identification  Backpack with something to do on flight  iPod and headphones  Comfortable Shoes Packing:  Dress Clothes, Business Professional enough for 4 days  Swimsuit  SUNSCREEN (Not tanning lotion)  Toiletries and medicine  Camera and batteries  Sandals  Tennis Shoes  Dress Shoes  Materials needed for a quick board meeting  Charger for laptop if needed  Eliminate walk donations  Cash  Postcard given at DCON shown below:

Children’s Miracle Network is a non-profit organization that raises funds for more than 170 children’s hospitals. Countless individuals, organizations and media partners unite with Children’s Miracle Network hospitals to help sick and injured kids in local communities. Donations to Children’s Miracle Network create miracles by funding medical care, research and education that saves and improves the lives of 17 million children each year. This year alone, Children’s Miracle Network hospitals will provide charity care worth billions, yet these children’s hospitals depend on community support to help fund their vital services. Through its continuous efforts to help kids, Children’s Miracle Network has raised more than $3.4 billion to date, most of which is donated a dollar or two at a time by caring individuals. If you are looking for something new that your club can get on board with, try the Children’s Miracle Network this summer!

Our only Children’s Miracle Network hospital in West Virginia is the WVU Children’s hospital! This is always a project to keep in mind not only because it is local, but also because it is one of Key Club International’s three international service projects! How can I help??? Fundraising Ronald McDonald House Children’s hospital Visit the Hospital Make cards Do a book drive Buy stuffed animals Contact the hospital with an idea.



Newsletters and MRF’s! CONGRATULATIONS You have all finished your first newsletter and should have started working on your second. I would like to thank you all for completing a May Newsletter! I thoroughly enjoyed reading all the newsletters. Everyone should have received an evaluation from Kaylee. If you have not received an evaluation of your newsletter please send me an email. If you have any questions about your evaluations please contact Kaylee. If you are lacking some ideas

on what to put in your newsletter please explore both the Key Club International and West Virginia District Websites. To the right is a list of ideas as a starter for your newsletter. I have emailed all of you Monthly Report Form (MRF’s). There are three different report forms; one for Lieutenant Governor, one for Executive Board Members, and one for all appointed positions. These are crucial for us to see how you are preforming. Remember that both Newsletters and MRF’s are due on the 10th!

Membership Minute Remember to continue 1444 Members to push our main goal for 41Active Clubs the year: the 8, 16, 24 4 suspended clubs plan. Just as a reminder we want to build 8 new or reactivated clubs, have 1,600 paid by December 1st, and have a 24% increase at both conventions.

Congratulations to Summers County High School Key Club for reactivating your charter! a Kiwanis-family member


Dues and Goals Major Emphasis Program Service Partners Key Club Websites Officer Duties Fall Rally/DCON Service Project Ideas Club Recognition Applying for Awards Upcoming events Icebreakers

Suspended Clubs: South Harrison- 3b Riverview- 8&9 Liberty- 3b Grafton- 4 Lieutenant Governors, If you have a club in your division that is still on the suspended club list please continue to push for them to pay their dues! Remember if they don’t pay by the 1st of October they will become inactive.

Governor Newsletter June  

June Newsletter

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