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Lore of Egypt By Philip Parzygnat

On God

“Understanding God is more than a journey in faith.�

Tribesman With death comes sorrow and with war comes faith. In the beginning man respected nature but with time man’s desires led to hunting and eventually war. With suffering is born creativity. To the tribesman of Africa before the time of Egypt, creativity flourished in prophecy. The tribesman would spend countless days understanding reality and predicting the future of man. Their belief in magic gave birth to religion and in faith they identified man as image of a higher being, God.

The Nile Valley The birth of a magical people began in the Nile Valleys. Of all men born in the world at that time, the members of the Nile Valley were responsible for understanding the nature of spirituality and the power of God and his people. They devised spells to look deep into the future to times when man is close to transcendence. To the Egyptians the people of God are those men and their women that live in a time where man is omnipotent, omnipresent, and omniscient. They devised strategies to call God and his people to influence the primitive Egyptians.

The Obelisk One day God presented himself to the people of Egypt for the first time as the Egyptians were deep in meditation. They all begin to write on papyrus and describe their thoughts in a meditative trance. In the presence of God they felt as if he watched his people from a place. A place in heaven. The scribes of Egypt identified God by his eyes and in faith built several obelisks with the the eye of God engraved at the pinnacle. For centuries Egyptians built an empire based on the findings of these primitive scribes. All lore is developed upon this foundation but throughout Egyptian history God never appeared again.

The Eye of Horus When the Eye of Horus was first identified the scribes where magically presented too much detail about the future and God. They struggled to capture every detail of the setting and power of Horus. They wrote a story of creation as described by the meditative trance. Upon the downfall of Egyptian success due to a deep fear of the afterlife and philosophy in general, the eye closed and God in the form of an overseer failed to appear for centuries to come.

Darkness At present, we are all still in darkness with respect to God’s Eye. A day will come in the future when the Eye of Horus opens again and all members of humanity will fall into a meditative trace too miraculous to debate. This will be the crossroad we so desperately seek. At the crossroad a scale will be mystically placed into perspective and Horus will speak of deeds and cruelties. In modern times the miraculous event will freeze all people in the meditative trance and show them true evil throughout time. This will help motivate men to build the City of Light.

Light When Horus is finished presenting himself to mankind as he once did in Egypt, all men will fall in savage fear, a fear greater than that of the Egyptians upon their realization that life is more than just natural reality. They will rise from fear and begin to work on the City of Light. A city meant to be inhabited by the roots of a tree that leads to Horus and his people. This will be the greatest of human events. One that will be talked about until the end of the human endeavor.

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