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philip kuruvita photography

2010 aipp tasmanian photographer of the year

We don’t remember days, we remember moments -

Portrait photography has to be more than just a record of what you look like - your drivers licence will do that! What I want to do is capture what it means to be a part of your family. The little interactions, the shared joke, a moment when the whole meaning of being a family is summed up in just a simple glance. I want to get you to forget about the camera and really get into the moment - take the opportunity to connect with each other and share a few minutes of good old fashioned family time with each other. If I can achieve that, the photography is easy! and in years to come, the images will remind you of that special time

capturing the essence ...

the portrait experience

our promise to you.... Because Philip Kuruvita Photography is a small, personal and exclusive studio, right from the start you’ll be dealing directly with the people who will be photographing you. We believe this is essential. From your initial enquiry, whether it be by phone or email, you will be treated with dedication, warmth and respect. From the time you start your portrait experience you’ll be consulted at every step by Philip or Vicki who have over 20 years experience in running a successful photographic studio.

guarantee As with all our portrait photography, we offer a total satisfaction guarantee with the images that you have to choose from or we will reshoot the session at absolutely no additional charge to you. As our name is on all our work, we want to see only the best images hanging on your walls for everyone to admire. It’s your assurance that we will be working as hard as we can to give you the best possible images.

the portrait consultation The first step in the process is a complimentary portrait consultation. You can sit down over a hot cup of coffee or a cool drink and Philip can share some ideas with you and help you plan your photography session. You will be able to discuss the different options and styles available, ideas on locations, what to wear, etc. He will also cover the range of products available, the pricing structure and our client-friendly payment plan so you will have all the information you need. Philip will then book an appointment for your photo session. Payment of the session fee is payable when booking. This consultation is totally obligation free and usually takes about 20 minutes. We value the effort you make in arriving on time for appointments, allowing the full allocated time for us to give you the personalised service that we have become known for. If for any reason you are unable to keep your appointment, we would appreciate the courtesy of a minimum 48 hours notice.

the photographic session


The next step is the actual portrait photographic session

There are really three options for the location for your

which usually takes between 60 and 90 minutes.

photography session:

Our aim is to create beautiful, timeless images which

The first preference for me for a family portrait is the family

show what it means to be a part of your family

home. While it is not necessary to show large areas of the

Families don’t all sit neatly on the couch , facing the

house, the small details that are in the background, are

same way and smiling, except for a portrait, and while

your family’s details, and in years to come the images

we can do a shot like that as part of your photography

will help place your family in that house, at that point in

session, it will only be a small part of the overall

time. There are always lots of options for me to provide

experience. If I can get you to forget about the fact that

you with a variety of images, and shooting at home has

you are being photographed, and actually be in the

the added benefits of everyone is a bit more relaxed,

moment of interacting with the members of your family,

the kids have other things that they can be doing when

the images will have a real, genuine look that no amount

it is their siblings turn to have portraits taken, and they

of posing can achieve.

can be actively engaged in the image making process,

In consultation with Philip you will have chosen a location

they can have input about where they would like their

for your portrait, whether it be at your family home, one

pictures taken, and show things in the pictures that are

of Launceston’s beautiful parks or at our studio. Wherever

important to them. (This may not always be what Mum

you have chosen, we aim to make this a fun and

and Dad had in mind, but if we can keep them happy

delightful experience for everyone involved. The more

and interested we have a much better chance at getting

relaxed you are about the experience the more natural

what we want in the end)

the images will be. The second option is our studio, where we have a number of choices, the classic dark background which enables us to focus solely on the people being photographed. When shot in conjunction with plain, dark clothing, the result is a simple , elegant portrait that really emphasises the hands, faces, and expressions of the people in the portrait, without any other distractions. There is also a light, highkey background which in conjunction with plain, light clothes creates a light breezy portrait. This also works well with jeans and bare feet! Our third choice is in our rock garden where the boulders and ferns work together to create an environment that kids love. There are so many things to do, see and touch, and once the game of jumping from boulder to boulder starts, getting them home may be harder than you thought! A studio session usually involves a combination of these options to give you some variety to choose from.

The third option is in one of the many parks and gardens around Launceston. I always feel that it is best to go somewhere that your family has been going to as part of your life together anyway. If you always go with the kids to city park, then the images will remind you of the fun times you have had over the years. If you have never been there before, the images will only remind you of the photo session, and while I am sure that this will bring back pleasant memories, it won’t be as strong as if you have prior history there.

photographing kids - keeping the parents under control!

what to wear

We always allow enough time so that the session can

Simple and plain - our aim is to photograph the people

move along at it’s own pace. If it takes a bit more time

not the clothing. Solid colours are better than stripes,

for your 2 year old to relax and allow himself to be a part

patterns or Hawaiian shirts!! Long sleeves look better than

of the photo session, that’s alright! Kids are really not that

short. Children’s clothes with large logos or their favourite

good at pretending to be happy, so telling them to sit still

cartoon character should be avoided. The aim is to

and be good for the nice photographer man really has

ensure that no one person stands out from the group.

very little benefit other than to raise the level of tension in

Some popular combinations are black polonecks or

the room, which in turn makes my job even harder.

denim jeans teamed with white shirts, but whatever you choose it is vital that everybody looks and feels

The hardest thing about photographing children is


keeping the adults under control!! Some parents can’t help themselves, and feel that it is essential that they jump around pulling faces and whooping up a storm in an attempt to make their child smile. Most of the time all this does is add confusion and fear to the child’s life! They are in a strange environment, with a strange man that they may have only met once before pointing a big camera at them, and the adults that have protected and nurtured him since birth are now acting like a couple of stark raving lunatics - the kids have absolutely nothing to smile about. It tends to work much better if I can engage with the children in a quiet, one on one way that allows them to communicate directly with me. That way when they smile (and they will) it will be at me and the camera, and not looking past me at some one else By the time children are 3 or 4 years old we are able to have wide ranging discussions about all sorts of things and if we can talk about things that interest them, the expressions will be real

archival importance One of the most amazing pieces of photography that I have seen in my life was a series of images, snapshots really, taken of a father and a daughter. Perhaps it is because I have two daughters of my own, but the series starts of with a young man standing on the end of a jetty holding a little baby. The picture was taken by his wife, the mother of the baby, and the series is just a repetition of that shot ending up with a 48 year old woman standing next to a bent over old man. Father and Daughter each year for over 40 years! Each image is quite simple, the series is amazing, and tells us so much

photographing babies and being prepared! The studio is the best location for small babies. They don’t have an area at home that they relate to yet, their environment is really in the arms of Mum or Dad, and so I am more than happy to do individual portraits of babies that have Mums shoulder or Dad’s arms in it If we are shooting babies, and especially if we are shooting them in the nude, come prepared for accidents! spare clothes and towels, wipes and nappies will probably be needed at some stage it happens every time, and if I get a shot of you being weed on, we give it to you for free!!

about the lives that these two people have led. For many of you we are at the start of the story, and you have the opportunity to create a piece of photographic art that will describe the story of your family. In years to come, when your children are looking at these images with their children, and their grand children these images will have grown in importance and value, and will be an important family document. While we do offer DVDs and screen saves as part of our price list, I am passionate about ensuring that every family that I photograph ends up with something that is as archival as possible given todays materials. We print our images onto acid free 100% rag art paper using the best pigment inks, a combination that has been tested to withstand even fading for 90 years when framed under glass.

payment Your portrait order must be confirmed by payment of 50% deposit at time of ordering with the balance to be paid on completion of your order in approx four weeks or by our client-friendly payment plan. We accept cash, cheque, Visa and Mastercard All copyright remains with the studio and your image files are stored in our permanent storage system.

viewing and ordering session After the Portrait Session, you’ll be invited in to an exclusive viewing and ordering session in our studio. Relax and enjoy a cool drink or cup of coffee as we show you all the images taken on the day so that you can choose those images you’d like to have as yours. This viewing ensures you’ll be delighted with your selection when you receive your portraits as we can show you your images at the size that the finished portrait will be and if the shoot has been taken at your house we can also show you what they will look like on your wall. This session is usually scheduled for a couple of days after the photographic shoot and takes place at our Studio. We will show you a slideshow of your images and then we will go through ,a process of sorting the images into Yes, No and Maybe folders until we can identify the images that you would like to purchase. Family photographs are among the most precious possessions that we have and we appreciate that you will want to make the right choices. It is therefore essential that all decision makers be available for the viewing. The viewing session can take between one and two hours to view your images and make your selections. We suggest that you have someone to look after small children during this time as they find it less than interesting and therefore make it hard for you to concentrate on your selections. However we understand the constraints under which parents work, and if this is not possible perhaps you could bring along a favourite game or toy that will help keep them entertained. If you are unable to make a decision at your viewing session, you are welcome to arrange another time to view your images again - these additional sessions are charged at $150.00

tell all your friends!! On completion of your portraits, we’ll give you some giftcards which we’d love you to give to your friends or family that you think would enjoy coming to visit us. As an additional thank you we will apply a $50 credit to your account for each giftcard redeemed. By referring at least two such people to us, you’ll help ensure our studio will be around for years to come, perhaps to photograph your children’s children and theirs.

about philip kuruvita m.photog.IV FAIPP Internationally recognised Master photographer Philip Kuruvita produces evocative imagery, that captures the special relationships of families. His ability to make people feel relaxed and comfortable in front of the camera ensures that your portrait session is filled with fun and good humour. He has won numerous awards and distinctions for his work and he is consistently asked to judge at the Australian Professional Photography Awards. His images have been accepted into the prestigious AIPP Travelling Exhibition, the ACMP Australian Photographers Collection and the global M.I.L.K. Photography Collection. Philip was awarded the distinction of Master of Photography by the Australian Institute of Professional Photography (AIPP) in 1999, and has been awarded Gold bars in 2003, 2005, 2007 and 2009. In June 2009 he was honoured with a Fellowship of the AIPP. He has served on the Board of the Australian Institute of Professional Photography as Chairman (2006-2008), President (2004-2006) and Vice-President (2001-2004). Philip has been asked to speak at numerous events around Australia about his photography and In February 2009, Philip was invited to speak at the Wedding and Portrait Photographers


conference in Las Vegas. He





Professional Photographer of the Year in 2010 - an award which he has won on five occasions.

philip kuruvita photography 18 upton street launceston tasmania 7250 p: 03 63342462 f: 03 63340732 e:

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