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WELCOME Merry Christmas, and welcome to the first edition of Faces of Launceston, a quarterly magazine that introduces you to some of the people who make Launceston the vibrant city that it is. This magazine will give you the opportunity to look behind the scenes and delve a little bit deeper into the stories and the people that make Launceston such a great place to live.


Donald Pitt - Faces of Launceston 2013



n 1995, Faces of Launceston started life as a series of photographic exhibitions. Black and white portraits of people in the city, with a short comment from them about their life in Launceston. Over the last 18 years, we have photographed nearly 400 people in the course of 6 exhibitions. The most recent one is hanging at the NEW gallery, UTAS, at the Newnham campus and is on show until the 6th December.   The project has now evolved into this magazine which will bring you a more detailed story about some of the people in this city. The exhibitions will continue (in 2015 it will be 20 years since we started this project) and this magazine will fill in some of the gaps. The face of Launceston has changed quite a bit since we started this project. The city itself has evolved, locations like the Seaport are very different places to when I first photographed there, and people have moved on or are no longer with us. In years to come, people will be able to look back on these photographs and learn a lot about the people and the lifestyle that we led here at the start of the 21st century. Photographing people has always been my passion, and whether it is the people of the city that we live in or the members of your family,

Neil Bose - Faces of Launceston 2013

these photographs will become a historical record of our time. When your children are showing their grandchildren the pictures of how we lived here in 2013, I am sure that Launceston will be a very different place. We hope you enjoy the stories, we always welcome feedback, and would love to hear from you. One of the things that has never been a problem is finding new and amazing people

to include in this project. Everyone knows someone that they think would be ideal. So if someone pops into your head while you are reading this, and you think that they may be a great candidate for an exhibition or a magazine story, drop us a line and we will have a chat with them!

FACES OF LAUNCESTON published by Philip Kuruvita Photography 18 Upton Street, Launceston TAS 7250 03 6334 2462


WATSONS JEWELLERS Constant innovation and evolution and a simple philosophy of making sure that the customer is happy is the secret behind the ongoing success of Watsons Jewellers.


rom their prominent position opposite the Brisbane street Mall, in the very centre of the city, this family run operation is one of the most recognisable businesses in the city. Proprietor, Neil Watson is the third generation of jewellers who have been looking after the needs of the community since the shop was started by his grandfather in 1925. Neil’s father worked in the company for 50 years before retiring and now Neil and his team of 8 dedicated staff continue the traditions of fine design, attention to detail, and unrivalled customer service. “The secret to our success has always been the people we interact with. The staff are an amazing group of people with a wide range of experience, and a mix of ages.” Neil has learnt to listen to his staff for up to the

minute information about what the clients are looking for, and what is trending out there in the jewellery world. This interaction between the person sourcing and the sales staff means that the stock is not just one person’s idea of what would sell but a joint effort which results in the customer having a wide range of styles and designs to choose from.



“We also have the most amazing and wonderful clients” said Neil. “Many of them have done business with us for several generations, and they know that we will go out of our way to make sure that the piece of jewellery that they are looking for is perfect in every way. Sourcing high quality diamonds, coloured stones and pearls from around the world, Neil says that while fashion and tastes change quickly due to the speed of communications available

via the internet and global reporting, there will always be a demand for the classics.

give it a modern twist.  

A solitaire diamond will never go out of fashion, and when designing an engagement  ring, Neil looks to take this classic look and

“A proposal of marriage is a really big moment  in a young man’s life, and can be more than a little scary. It is nice to be able to help people to achieve their vision for this important occasion” said Neil.

“..there will always be a demand for the classics. A solitaire diamond will never go out of fashion..”.

“Being involved at this exciting stage of a couple’s life is one of the best parts of being in this industry. We often get guys ringing back the next day to let us know how it went, and that she said Yes!”

WATSONS JEWELLERS 106 Brisbane St, Launceston TAS 7250 03 6331 7646



HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS Broken computers have a way of bringing people together!


chance meeting with Bronwyn Walkem at the computer shop as we both struggled with ill behaved laptops reminded me of an image that we had made a few years before, and I decided to follow up and see how it was doing! As a birthday present, one of Bronwyn’s sons had organised to get a family portrait done for Mum.  With siblings spread between Hobart and  Melbourne, each with their own families, partners and children, this was no easy matter.

“I look at this portrait everyday, and would never want to be without it in my home”

“It brings back very fond memories of that time together and always makes me smile�


Quite a few months after the initial inquiry, we managed to get the whole family together as they celebrated New Year’s Eve together in Launceston. The resulting image of the whole family was a great success. Organising a big group like this, in a way that shows the family dynamic, keeps the children entertained and the animals interested, requires a mixture of organisation, showmanship, vision and a dash of good fortune. When I caught up with Bronwyn it was great to see the portrait hanging in a sitting room that is used every evening. “I look at this portrait everyday, and would never want to be without it in my home” said Bronwyn. “The family has grown bigger, and there are quite a few more grandchildren now, but this image captured our family as it was that summer. It brings back very fond memories of that time

together and always makes me smile”. For me, it was great to see the work that I do appreciated, and becoming such an important part of a families collective memory. Making our studio available to our clients when they need us, at times like the holiday season,feels right. Having spent nearly 2 years trying to get my own family together for a group portrait that my Mum was after, I could understand the challenges involved, and felt that having done the hard work of gathering the family together, the least I could do

was to be available to take the photographs. I love the fact that we can continue doing our job of recording the times and lives of the people of Launceston “It is always hard to get everyone together in the same place at the same time” said Bronwyn, “this year we are going to Melbourne to my son’s house for Christmas, but perhaps at Easter time we will all be together again and I will definitely be organising another shoot to capture the next instalment of our family history.”

PHILIP KURUVITA PHOTOGRAPHY 18 Upton St, Launceston TAS 7250 03 6334 2462



DINNER IS SERVED Quality Dining Made Easy


tarting in the kitchens of the Dorchester Hotel in London under the guidance of world renouned Chef Anton Mosimann, John T Bailey has had an amazing journey though the world of fine dining. Working throughout Europe at places like Hotel Vier Jaherzieten, Munich, Richards Restaurant Windermere in the English Lakes district and finally being enticed to Australia by Kerry Packer to open Perisher Valley Ski Resort and Noosa International.

If you have ever wanted to serve a confit of duck in an orange sauce, or slow cooked beef cheeks in a bourguignon sauce but can’t get organised to spend a day and a half in the kitchen to prepare it, Dinner is Served is the answer to your dilemma.

John then joined The Regent of Sydney with Serge Dansereau (now Bathers Pavilion) before returning to Queensland to open Palm Meadows Golf Resort for Japanese owner Daikio. It was there that John’s love affair with Tasmania evolved.  Over 45% of John’s menu was sourced from the Apple Isle so it was no surprise that John’s next move was to Tasmania as Executive Chef at the Sheraton Hobart Hotel. John has been based in Tasmania ever since and has taken Tasmanian products far and wide on his journeys around south east Asia presenting, teaching, and sharing his passion for Tasmanian produce at places like Raffles Hotel Singapore, Grand Hyatt Bangkok, The Excelsior Hong Kong, Westin Hotel Kyoto Japan and the Peninsular Hotel in Manila. John and his wife Lee ran and owned the multi award winning restaurant, The Banc, in Swansea for 7 years before settleing in Launceston to offer a remarkable service for all those people who love and appreciate fine food, but who may not have the time or the skills to prepare meals from scratch. If you have ever wanted to serve a confit of duck in an orange sauce, or slow cooked beef cheeks in a bourguignon sauce but


can’t get organised to spend a day and a half in the kitchen to prepare it, Dinner is Served is the answer to your dilemma. Using only the best, locally sourced fresh ingredients, these meals are lovingly created in John’s commercial kitchen, and vacuum packed and ready to go. All you need to do is to simmer the sachet in boiling water for 10-15 minutes while you prepare any accommpaniments and your dinner party is ready for your guests. The vacuum

packs seal all the natural flavours and juices in, and clean up is just a matter of a saucepan that has had water in it. The meals are free from preservatives, artificial colouring as well as being gluten free, and there is a wide range of dishes and flavours including vegetarian options so that you can accommodate all the dietary requirements of your guests.

Years of international culinary experience and a dedication to fine food, prepared using only the very best of seasonal produce allows you to be totally confident when you announce to your dinner guests that Dinner is Served!

DINNER IS SERVED John and Lee Bailey 1 Dineen St, Mowbray Heights TAS 7248 0448 070 063 John 0419 894 656 Lee


FULLERS BOOKSHOP You just have to walk into Fullers Launceston bookshop to realise that the people here are very proud of what they do.


live Tilsley and his team make sure that all tastes are covered with everything from bestselling authors like Richard Flanagan, Alex Miller and Tim Winton, recent fiction, through history and biographies to art and cooking. The team at Fullers pride themselves on their extensive range of locally published Tasmanian titles, and Clive points out that visitors to the area are always very

eager to take local books back home with them. One of the reasons that Fullers is Tasmania’s leading independent bookseller is that they make sure that all age groups are catered to. Their children’s titles span the ages from birth through to young adult and Fullers have a regular program of in-store events that allow



writers such as Christina Booth and Lian Tanner to meet their audience in person. Peppa Pig is a favorite with the younger members and Fullers has a wide range of products to cater to Peppa’s legions of fans. Fullers is also the ABC Centre for Launceston, this year winning the award for the best ABC Centre in Australia. They stock the usual range of products that are available at ABC Centres, including DVDs and a large range of music CDs.

Fullers Bookshop has also published a number of books recently. Aboriginal history in Tasmania has been a popular subject, with three books published to date. On the second weekend of March 2014, Beaconsfield plays host to Festival of Golden Words - a rare chance to get close to some of Australia’s best writers and hear what drives them and inspires them. Fullers Bookshop will be the bookseller for the festival.

FULLERS BOOKSHOP 93 St John St, Launceston 7250 03 6334 8499



alk into Toro’s spanish restaurant and it feels like you have been transportrd to a restaurte in Andelucia. Images and statues of the magnificent spanish fighting bulls, and the blood red and saffron yellows of the spanish flag combine to create an atmosphere condusive to fine food and good company. The staff at Toro’s have a way of being relaxed and friendly while at the same time managing to be attentive and efficent so that the service almost goes unnoticed. There is always someone when you need them, but they are never overbearing nor do they make you feel rushed. This is a good thing because one of the great things about Toro’s is that it feels like you have come to a place where you can relax, unwind and enjoy the company of your friends and family and it doesn’t take long for the staff know your name and what you like to eat and drink,

1000 salsa club members, attest to the fact that this is a restaurant that people keep coming back to  and you know that your dining experience will be consistently good no matter how many times you visit The food is an amazing mix of traditional Spanish recipes, the saffron infused rice, fresh seafood and spicy sausage of the Paella  is a classic, and the Tapa’s plates are a



fantastic way to try a variety of different flavours, and is a great way to nibble your way through an evening without repetition. Toro’s was the first Spanish restaurant in Launceston way back in 2004 and tapas was a new concept - “Eat when you drink, drink when you eat” is the philosophy behind Tapas. One Tapa per person and a different one with each drink is the idea, and while that all seems quite normal now at the time, it was a very novel way of eating. But there is something for everyone. Toro’s pride themselves in producing some of the finest steaks available, and every month

“it feels like you have come to a place where you can relax, unwind and enjoy the company of your friends and family” there are the brave few who sign up for a steak challenge. A 1 kg steak in half an hour or a massive 2 kg steak in one hour and your name goes onto the wall of fame and achieve legend status within the group. Fresh seafood and a dazzling array of desserts means that you are never going to be hungry. Run by the ever smiling Stewart Laurie, Toro’s has

been in operation for almost 10 years and has gained numerous awards over that time. They have been in the current location for over 18 months now and it has been their attention to detail and their willingness to fullfil their customers requests that has made them so successful over the years. Customers know that if there is something a little different, or a special request that they may have, the staff at Toro’s will do whatever is in their power to oblige. “Every customer is special here and we want them to have the perfect dining experience every time they visit, so if we have to go out of our way to make their requests a reality, then that is what we do.”

TORO’S 2/126 Charles Street, Launceston TAS 7250 03 6331 8676



TAMAR VALLEY PANTRY Nestled in the fertile valley of the Tamar River, Launceston and it’s surrounds are home to some of the most extraordinary food producers in the country.



estled in the fertile valley of the Tamar River, Launceston and it’s surrounds are home to some of the most extraordinary food producers in the country. Primary producers, and artisan food makers are accented by amazing cool climate wines and distinctive beers. Fish farmers, cheese makers, truffles and oils - the Tamar Valley richly deserves its reputation as a gourmet destination. For a number of years now we have been aware of the fact that while there are hundreds of cookbooks from around the world readily available, there was none from the Tamar Valley, so we decided to make that right! Tamar Valley Pantry is a beautifully produced book featuring some of the finest producers in the region. Stunning photography by Tasmania’s only Grand Master of Photography Philip Kuruvita, and mouth watering recipies from John T Bailey, one of Tasmania’s most respected and trusted chefs.

The book is 240 pages of glorious colour and shows off not only the amazing food and wines of the area but the stunning landscape from which it is produced. Misty mornings on the river and beautiful sunsets in the mountains that surround the valley makes this more than just a cookbook. The recipes will make your mouth water and entice you into the kitchen, and the landscapes will make you grateful that you live here or even more determined to visit again if you don’t.

For any Launcestonian living away, be it on the mainland or further afield, this book will make the perfect heartfelt gift and is sure to make them long for home and family. If like me, you have come to the Tamar Valley from somewhere else (I came from Sydney and have never regretted the move) then you have been asked why you live in Tasmania in general and Launceston in particular, this book will be a complete and eloquent answer.

TAMAR VALLEY PANTRY Published by Philip Kuruvita Photography 18 Upton St, Launceston TAS 7250 03 6334 2462


to claim these offers


just mention that you have read this emagazine to the businesses listed or print this page to redeem

Buy any Tasmanian book and receive a copy of Pedder, The Story, The Paintings by Max Angus free! Offer open until stocks run out.

FULLERS BOOKSHOP 93 St John St, Launceston 7250 . 03 6334 8499 .

Complimentary cleaning of 5 of your jewellery pieces

WATSONS JEWELLERS 106 Brisbane St, Launceston 7250 . 03 6331 7646 .

Receive 2 x 10� reprints when you order a wall portrait from your portrait session

PHILIP KURUVITA PHOTOGRAPHY 18 Upton St, Launceston 7250 . 03 6334 2462 .


to claim these offers

just mention that you have read this emagazine to the businesses listed or print this page to redeem

Receive a bottle of house wine for the table when you order a main meal or equivalent

TORO’S 2/126 Charles St, Launceston 7250 . 03 6331 8676 .

Receive a limited edition signed and numbered artprint by Philip Kuruvita when you order 2 or more Tamar Valley Pantry books via our website

TAMAR VALLEY PANTRY 18 Upton St, Launceston 7250 . 03 6334 2462 .

Order 5 Dinner Is Served meals and receive the 6th free

DINNER IS SERVED 1 Dineen St, Mowbray Heights 7248 . 0448 070 063 .

FACES of launceston

INVERESK SHEDS From their inception in 1911 through to its closure in the early 1980’s, The old rail yards at Inveresk was one of the largest industrial complex in Tasmania. The rolling stock is no longer there, and the massive blacksmith shops and workshops are now silent, but the area has been transformed into an Arts and Cultural precinct with the QVMAG Museum and Art Gallery (incorporating many of the features of the old Railway Workshops), The University School of Architecture and Academy of the Arts. A lot of the site’s original facade has been retained, and this image gives you a glimpse of how the area looked in it’s glory days.


Faces of launceston emag summer2013  

Quarterly magazine that looks at the people and businesses that make Launceston Tasmania

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