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Select the most popular World of Warcraft online game World of Warcraft online game is one of the best ever developed and is the fourth in the War craft series in PC games. This is popularly referred to as WoW and is a multiplayer game; it is a role-playing game set in the Warcraft universe. About World of Warcraft online game In this game the player will be allowed to create, develop and control a character that you choose in the virtual world of warcraft ;you will get into the role of a Warcraft hero adventuring into a vast world where thousands of players can interact. It is your choice if you wish to carry on a quest with the other characters or fight your way through the game to gain dominance over others. You will make a lot of friends and foes as you progress. It should be mentioned that the team who have been involved in building this game have done an excellent job; there is no dearth of quests to be made taking you into uncharted territory where new monsters, heroes and villains would be coming up. There are live teams that constantly update the adventures to make all this possible. The players acquire skills in developing the characters as they progress in the World of Warcraft online game. The three primary professions being tailoring, blacksmithing and mining there are a lot of secondary skills too but here warfare is the most important one. Some more about World of Warcraft online game In this game the hero that you have created will undergo several adventures during which will be able to acquire powerful weapons and collect things like suits of armor, magical rings, lots and lots of gold and so many other artifacts and with all these will grow more in strength. And for any reason if the player loses connection there is no need to panic, this game is built with a auto save feature and you can start from the point you left and will not lose the progress made so far. This game allows the player to create up to 11 various characters per realm and each of the character created will get you a different gaming experience. There are seven realms in the WoW universe and are like parallel dimensions. Characters created will be able to interact with the others of the same realm. The most prominent part in the World of Warcraft online game is questing and once your character completes the mission the player gets experience points, items or in-game money. The questing revolves round the main story line and a chain of events is formed which further expands as the game progresses.

Apart from questing and exploring the World of Warcraft offers the player social aspects of gaming too. They can communicate with other friends and if necessary they can form into a group to complete the mission they have set out on. If you wish to go on a World of Warcraft online game on a trial basis you can download a trial version; by not giving it a trial you will be sure to miss on one of the best games ever.

Select the most popular World of Warcraft online game