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HOT Crossing Over

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© Philip Dupont 2008

Crossing over... to take over

Oh, you donʼt like the word ”order”?

Read the story of Jesus crossing over from the west side of the lake and over to the region of the Gadarenes, also called Decapolis. These events are deeply prophetic for the church in Europe in 2006. In Europe we have had moves of God. This continent has been privileged by being exposed to the Gospel short after the major breakthrough in Jerusalem and the supernatural birth of the church there. All the letters of the New Testament are letters to churches in Europe: Rome, Galatia, Ephesus, Corinth, Thessalonica, Philippi... the letters of John were sent to 7 different churches in Greece and Turkey. Oh yes, Europe has received good biblical teaching (Matt 5-7). But false religion (dead works, worship of saints and of Mary etc) crept in like leprosy... but God intervened and healed (Matt 8). True faith was restored as well as healings and miracles (Matt 8). But what now?

So, you have had a dominating father, a controlling mother, a dictatorial schoolteacher, an abusive pastor or a manipulative teamleader? Please stop whining! Get over it, forgive, be restored, shake off the offence, let God your healer and comforter intervene in your situation and set you free. We all have a life story. Donʼt let the past form your future! Or else your future will be even more depressing and disappointing than your present. Choose life and reject death! ”But Philip, I am doing so well, our church is growing, the worship is loud and vibrant!” Wonderful! Jesus and his disciples were doing well, too. Maybe even better than you are. But the order came. Doing well is not a point of attention or focus, doing right is. Jesus was not doing well in Getsemane as he was sweatening blood, or in the court of Pilate where he was butchered... but he was doing right . He was functioning under orders. ”Not my will...” he said, but the will of the Father. If you go for the well, prosperity will be temporary. If you go for the right, prosperity will become permanent. Make the good a launching pad for the right. Donʼt stay where you are, cross over with Him, there is much more land to take! His orders will uncover the nature and the level of... ... your love for Him ... your commitment to Him ... your righteousness in Him ... your death in Him ... your response to Him

#1 The ability to function under the government of God must be desired, established, loved, cultivated and developed ”When Jesus saw the crowd around him, he gave orders to cross to the other side of the lake.” (Matt 8,18) The Spirit says... ... to the church: itʼs time to cross over ”to the other side” and conquer new territory. Not because nothing is happening on ”this side”. Good things happened for Jesus and his disciples and good things happen in our days. Teaching, restoration, faith, healings, even crowds some places... even though it is not very common on this continent. Why then cross over? Because God says so. Being prophetic is not limited to words of prophecy and words of knowledge but it also means understanding the times and know what to do. It means an understanding of the priorities in Godʼs agenda and the chronology of action. Didnʼt Jesus care for the crowds? He definitely did. Actually, it is when he saw the crowd around Him that he gave new orders. It is also when he saw the crowds that he went up the mountainside and sat down (Matt 5,1). In both situations Jesus acted and the disciples had to align. In Matt 5 it is recorded that when Jesus went up on a mountainside and sat down, they came to him. In Matt 8 it is recorded that when Jesus got into the boat, his disciples followed him. We need to rediscover the Kingdom of God.

Order brings priorities. If there is no order, no agenda, everything has same importance. This is not the way to irreversible breakthrough but the certain way to inevitable breakdown. You must have priorities. When you have priorities, chronology is important. First conception, then pregnancy and then birth. Mess this up and you have disaster. First ploughing, then sowing, then watering, then fertilizing, then harvest. Mess this up and you have poverty. Oh, Christians hate that. But when they have an accident they are happy that the service of emergency, the nurses and the surgeons know about order and priorities. Elsewhere, they might be put in a box in stead of in a bus home. But in the name of charismatic improvisation and spontaneity which are camouflage for laziness, disorder and rebellion- we have called order for control, lack of creativity, absence of God.

Things are going to change dramatically... Itʼs already happening. God is rising and his enemies will be scattered. Make sure, that you are a Kingdom-person and that you align. Make sure, you as a pastor come to Him when He goes up on a mountainside and sits down to teach you. Make sure, you as a believer follows Him when he gets into the boat and cross over to the other side. Make sure, you donʼt stay back on the beach with your ministry and your fruits and your projects and initiatives and your crowds.

Order creates harmony. Balance generates compromises, dilution and separation. A married man does not keep a balance between his wife and other women. His ”yes” to her means ”no” to all others. Itʼs not balance, but order and harmony. Children donʼt keep a balance between home and the neighboursʼ family. Home is home. Even when the neighboursʼ toys are better. Your destiny, the divine track for your life, the mandate of your church is not negotiable; the blueprints for apostolic churches and for ministry are not for discussion and human experiments. As little as the force of gravity and the tracks of the planets. Inside the frame of Kingdom order anything can happen, nothing is impossible or too wonderful. The importance of priority and chronology

Itʼs not an association, itʼs not a group of people, itʼs not primarily a fellowship... itʼs a Kingdom... a Kingdom! Itʼs essential that we realize we have walked away from a basic and vital revelation. John the Baptist didnʼt preach repentance, he preached the Kingdom. And people repented. Jesus didnʼt preach the gospel of salvation, or the gospel of deliverance, or the gospel of healing, or the gospel of financial prosperity or church planting and growth... but He preached the gospel of the Kingdom. In these years God begins to give orders. Man has been in charge for too many years. Now God will take back his legitimate position and role. We know when God shares, when God gives, when God speaks. But we will know when God gives orders. A King gives orders and it doesnʼt make him a dictator.

HOT Crossing Over

Itʼs not about balance, but about order, Kingdom order.

#2 Make up your mind: choose between security and rest! ”Then a teacher of the law came to him and said: ”Teacher, I will follow you wherever you go.” Jesus replied: ”Foxes have lairs and birds have nests, but the Son of Man has no place to lay his head.” (Matt 8,19-20) This teacher of the law was a good man, he was a disciple. Matthew wrote that the next person asking Jesus a question was ALSO a disciple. So this one was mentioned as a disciple. But Jesus sees

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© Philip Dupont 2008

behind words, also sincere words. And the coming assignment demanded more than sincere willingness and faithfulness. So Jesus who knows even what we donʼt know wanted to help him to align his soul-life in order to position him for what was going to happen in the near future. The issue here is the soulish dynamics in the inner man. Let me mention certain components of these dynamics: 1. how much pressure can you take? 2. how dependant are we to certain sources of security, like comfort, material things, money, things? 3. how dependant are we on people: family, friendships, meetings... even the pastor? Jesus said in other words: ”All these issues will be shaken and challenged... so make up your mind! Can you change? Can you align? Can you walk with me in freedom? Can you trust me and live from my rest?” You know, soulish issues donʼt suddenly become a problem. They are mostly like dormant viruses which are triggered and stirred in a specific situation.

locked into a death-spiral. You know what? I thank God for a joyful, Jesus-focused and determined s pirit which can revitalize our soul-life. I thank God for a spirit well-fed on the Word of God so we have guidelines of protection. Shimei (2 Sam 16,5-8) was a man offended by the rise of David to kingship. He belonged to the house of Saul and believed that David had usurped royal position. And when David had to leave Jerusalem under the attacks of his own son Absalom, Shimei ran after him and cursed him, threw stones after him. He had carried family offences for a long time and it had accumulated, and were never brought into order by the Word of God. Moses said: You must not curse a prince in your people.” (Ex 22,27). This Word could have settled the matter, calmed the storm.

3. Lawless emotions are the architect behind certain strongholds Absalom carried a dangerous virus. It might be considered as legitimate, as his sister had been raped by her brother and his brother. But whatever the legitimate reasons for this emotional wave, it originated a quiet, cool and murderous stronghold in his mind. He 1. Uncontrolled soulishness is a violent and destructive force committed premeditated murder on his brother. But the wave didnʼt I am conscious that this is a strong statement. I have seen people stop there, it rose higher. He planned to steal the heart of his fatherʼs strong in the spirit carrying a tremendous potential, used by God in people. Then he built a cold-blooded conspiracy against his father. awesome ways, be messed up by an uncontrolled soul-life. When soul Lawlessness spread from emotions to his mind - and he made is mentioned, it covers 3 areas: the intellect (the reason, the mind), the demonic plans - and to his will - he fulfilled all of them, didnʼt turn right emotions and will (the ability to take decisions and stick to them). So a or left -. A fire burned in his bones, his emotions. And a stronghold was soulish person is a person whose inner man is dominated, formed and built in his mind. His will became controlled by the intellect, or by emotions or by will (stubbornness and their slave. This inner cocktail almost devastated the whole family and stiffness). accelerated uncontrollably to the point where the whole Kingdom of Study 1 Cor 2 and 3 and it will hit you. Let me give you a list of the his father was on the verge to collapse. But finally the soulish tsunami misery which is the consequence of uncontrolled soulishness in a was stopped... by a tree. We have to watch over our souls, we have to church: throw the anchor of our soul into the presence of God... so no carnality (chapter 2) lawlessness rises inside of us, chaotic, rebellious, unchallenged and childishness (chapter 2) uncontrolled. immaturity (chapter 2) spiritual ignorance (chapter 2) So, you want to conquer new territory? comparison and jealousy (chapter 2) Do you still need crutches, your teddy bear and your pacifier? wrong admiration for ministry, pastors or guest-speakers (chapter 3) Hey listen! God knows what it takes to re-conquer lost territory, He is rebellion and rejection of fatherhood (chapter 4) totally conscious of the fact that the devil will not let it happen the easy gross sexual immorality (chapter 5) way. He will fight. As they crossed over a violent storm rose without aggressive and self-righteous behaviour (chapter 6) any warning and threatened their lives. As soon as Jesus sat his feet disorder in marital life (chapter 7) on Decapolis-soil two multi-demonized men threatened Him. Welcome anarchic use of spiritual equipment (chapter 12 to 14) to Decapolis! So you want to conquer new territory? Aha, you want your church to affect the city and the region? You know Did they have a strong spirit? Yes. what? It is possible! Actually, it is Godʼs ultimate plan for this time. The Were they equipped with supernatural gifts? Yes yes. Kingdom of God is going to break out on the European continent. Were they full of Godʼs presence? Yes yes yes. Islamic totalitarism behaviour will collapse and thousands of Muslims Were they rich in revelation and understanding? Definitely. will come to God and be added to His house. Yes thousands of But uncontrolled soulishness developed an internal storm in their humanists will enter the Kingdom. Yes we are going to see an hearts and in the house which threatened their very existence and explosion of signs and wonders, unusual in character and in numbers. mission. The enemy was not outside, but inside. They were their worst Yes church buildings will be packed with passionate believers and our enemies, not the devil. Sometimes Satan doesnʼt need to destroy our post modernsociety will be penetrated by Kingdom-carriers, in all lives or the church... we do it ourselves. And we do it well. sectors and on all levels. Yes tremendous wealth will flow into the house of God to fulfil its mandate. But it will definitely not happen 2. Your spirit is a stabilizing, vitalizing, healing and protecting factor in through mediocre, religiously contaminated, compromising, wussy your inner man Kumbaya-singing beach boys. Nobody is listening to James wrote in his letter (1,21) that we must receive the word which is them. In this pluralistic environment people donʼt believe in God. But it planted in us and which has the capacity to save our souls. Salvation doesnʼt mean that they believe in nothing, it means that they believe in here goes far beyond being born again. Another helpful scripture is: anything. In this case believers must have something, carry something ”Let us run fixing our eyes on Jesus... For consider him who has beyond ”anything”. God is calling his church. Leave the beach and endured such hostility by sinners against himself, so that you will not cross over... there is a lot of new territory to conquer together with the grow weary and lose heart.” (Heb 12,1-3) which tells us how to keep King of kings. But... watch your soul-life. Let God crash-test your inner our souls strong, protected from mental and emotional exhaustion. man. When you are in the boat and the storm is violent and the waves What are the symptoms? Our thoughts are tired and cannot keep on are high, itʼs too late to cope with addictive patterns. You are in track. Our emotions are affected by the words, the faces and the danger, you bring others in danger and the success of the mission is reactions of people... and develop an emotional climate of depression. in danger. The time is for accurate alignment, training and positioning. Our will is paralyzed and we are HOT Crossing Over

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© Philip Dupont 2008

#3 Spiritual order in the inner man

Three men carrying the same soulish genes

”Another disciple said to him: ”Lord, first let me go and bury my father.” But Jesus told him: ”Follow me, and let the dead bury their own dead.” (Matt 8,21-22) Did Jesus have a problem with this disciple going back and participate in his fatherʼs funeral. I am sure he didnʼt. The words of Jesus to him had to do with what was going on in this manʼs life... his inner man. The point here is that soulish disorder had to be fixed. Remember: this man is a disciple, not Mr. Anybody in the crowd. He was a good man and totally determined to keep following Jesus... even to cross over to the other side of the lake. It means that in this process of transition internal issues must be settled. There must be spiritual order in our inner man. Otherwise we become a dangerous person... for ourselves, for others and for the mission. Jesusʼ words were radical: follow me, cut this emotional tie off! It doesnʼt mean that there is no room for emotions. It means that emotions or other soulish dynamics must not rule our inner man. Our spirit must be in charge. People ruled by their soul must stay out of spiritual leadership. Because the internal disorder they carry will go external. Thatʼs how marriages break down, thatʼs why churches fall apart. God is speaking to us to redefine such vital issues. Redefinition when understood and implemented will reposition us so we can rise to the challenges of the future.

Asahel and Abishai were just like Joab. David appreciated them and loved them highly. He gave them positions, honour and responsibilities. But he was scared of them. Asahel? He ran like a wild gazelle... and he chased Abner even though the battle was over. But inside of him something was not over. A fire was still burning, a violent storm was raging. He couldnʼt stop. Something took over and drew him into self-destruction. Two times Abner asked him to drop it. No he had to go and ran into death. Like Judas. Abishai? No difference, the same genes. Donʼt come close to his sword. Read about him in 2 Sam 16,5- 14 and 19,17-24. He raised his spear and killed 300 men. Oh yes, he was a mighty man for David. Again and again David had to correct them: ”What do you and I have in common, you sons of Zeruiah?” Now guess who killed Absalom even though David had explicitly forbidden anybody in his army to touch his son? And he made it very clear for Joab and Abishai. But Joab killed Absalom. Was one javelin plunged through Absalomʼs heart enough? No. Joab used three javelins. Itʼs time to re-establish spiritual order... ... in our lives and in the church... and in the leadership. Soulish dynamics can be tools in the hands of murderous demons. To destroy God-set ministry, to remove fathers from their positions or bring discredit over their lives. There are too many spiritual orphans around dreaming about being fathers and trying to act like fathers. There are too many offended people in Godʼs house carrying the seed of betrayal. There are too many people affected by grief.

Let me introduce Zeruiahʼs 3 sons 1 Chron 2,16 says that one of king Davidʼs sisters was Zeruiah and she had 3 sons. All three were warriors in the army of David. What to say about these 3 brothers? They were powerful men, well- trained, well-equipped and very skilled. Actually Joab was the commander-inchief. Asahel was as fleet-footed as a wild gazelle... this is the report of the Bible. Abishai was totally fearless. All three were loyal servants of the king, ready to die for him or for Godʼs purposes for his life and the nation. The dream of every pastor. But there is more to it... A tragedy took place, a terrible mistake happened. Abner, the commander-in-chief of late King Saul, a key-man decided to leave the house of Saul and join king David. King David received Abner and made peace with him but Joab could not take it and killed him. After the funeral David said to his men: ”Do you realize that a prince and a great man has fallen in Israel this day? And today, though I am the anointed king, I am weak, and these sons of Zeruiah are too strong for me.” What a statement! David was devastated. How could it happen? Such good men, powerful and skilled. And a prince, a statesman had been killed. Death in the boat Oh yes, itʼs possible. King David had 3 men in his ”boat”. Good but dangerous men. Even though David was anointed as the national leader, he feared them, he felt weak and in danger. We can have death in our ”boat”. Good people, powerful and skilled... but they carry soulish dynamics which can spread death at the worst moment of our common journey. There can be people like this in churches, in leadership- teams. By the way their motherʼs name was Zeruiah which means ”wounded”. A preacher said recently: ”Offended people carry the seed of betrayal.” This violent virus can be dormant for months and years. But suddenly it is activated. Was Joab, who assassinated Abner a bad guy? Listen: he won tremendous victories for his king. He was so loyal that in a certain situation he let David come and receive the honour of a victory he just won in order not to take the glory for himself. What a man! But he carried a virus. And his brothers did too. At the very end of his life, as David gave the throne and the crown to his son Solomon, he told him about Joab and advised him to get rid of him (1 Kg 2,5).

HOT Crossing Over

Jesus said: FOLLOW ME! Redefine your priorities, ask God to heal you and deliver you from the poisonous bite of the snake of offence, get rid of soulish disorder and re-establish Kingdom-order in your inner man. This is a time of grace for the house of God. There is territory waiting for us on the other side. But the transition requires inner order. Make sure it happens. #4 Develop a storm-mentality ”Without warning, a furious storm came up on the lake, so that the waves swept over the boat.” (Matt 8, 24) It is about our capacity to handle storms. The question is not if the storm comes, but rather when the storm comes. How do we manage the time before the storm hits our lives and our churches, how do we manage during the storm. What do we do after the storm? What do we do if itʼs a disaster and what do we do if we have triumphed? First things first. Remember the first three keys: Learn to function under Kingdom government From security to rest Spiritual order in the inner man Why? If you do not live in a certain measure of Kingdom government... If you drink from the polluted waters of human security instead of coming to rest in Him... If you carry spiritual disorder in your inner man, if you are outside of father-son order, if you live in an orphanage... ... then do not join this destiny-fulfilling, territory-conquering, devilthreatening and power-releasing journey. Stay on the beach and learn about government, learn about the true rest that will keep you away from panic, manipulation and the sin of dead works, establish order in your inner man and in your life. In other words: get some values, spine and muscles! This is not for chickens, itʼs for eagles! God can make you one. Jesus said: ”Come, follow me and I will make you...”

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© Philip Dupont 2008

Learn how to read the situation and keep focused The situation here is that Jesus slept! How to cope with that? As long as the sea is still and the weather nice, there is no problem... let Him sleep. However, everything explodes and he is still sleeping. Let me help you: He watches you! He is not in the spot, you are. How do you react, or how do you act? How do you speak? How do you relate with your boat-fellows? How is the emotional life doing: has the external storm become an internal one, shaking your inner man? How is the spirit of obedience now... He said: let us cross over! Are you still obeying? Can you keep on track? Or do you swim back to your mother, or your pastor? Or jump over board after hitting, blaming or even cursing your boat-partners? The question here is: can you read the situation? They could not. How do we read these events? This is the way: If Jesus was worried, there would have been all good reasons to worry and he would take them with Him into the battle But Jesus was sleeping, so there was no danger whatsoever... keep rowing! In other words, the size of the waves are not the measure, you and your emotions are not the measure... God is. If God is at peace, you can be at peace and work. If God is on alert, be too. Therefore, we must learn how to read a situation! That is the reason we must be prophetic, in order to discern what and who is working behind the scene. That is the reason why we must become apostolic so we can measure accurately after the truth God has built into our spirit.

puddle-cell groups, where they debate irrelevant issues, going nowhere and doing nothing. Learn how to handle... .. fears. The inner wars are tougher than the outer wars. Have and develop a strong spirit. Love God, it will destroy your fears. ... criticism well. Select accurately who is talking into your life. Donʼt pay attention to all voices. Realize that not everybody speaks Kingdom-truth! Know that the most important critic is time. Donʼt react, act strongly with great courage and accurate wisdom. Love and bless everybody but keep moving forward as you cross over to the other side. ... defeats. Turn every defeat into a feast: God is still in the boat of your life. Grow stronger, grow mature, be an adult son of God. ... successes. Donʼt go hype, stay sober and accurate. Thank God for the breakthroughs -small and big- , rejoice and keep walking in destiny! With you for a serious, genuine and lasting breakthrough, Philip Dupont p

The threshold of pain must rise There is no growth without pain. There is no change without pain. But we live on a continent where pain is removed, denied or just ignored. In addition, a certain category of faith teaching, a polluted one, has fuelled this spirit working in western society. Preaching to EastEuropean or Asian believers is very different from speaking to Danish Christians. Listen, we must learn to take and carry more. Put away your Italian suit and crocodile-gloves and get sweaty, dirty and bloody. This is not for boys. Not because of a stupid religious martyr dream... you are not a Muslim, you are a son of God! You have a destiny in God, a race to run and you are determined to cross the finishing line, you carry a conviction of a changed city and nation. You have seen in your spirit God breaking through in factories, schools, universities and office-towers because he placed some of his best sons and ambassadors there. I bought a book in one of the many airports I am going through; the book turned out to be quite pathetic but the title was good: ”Shut up, stop whining and get a life!”. Just loved it! A wrong word from somebody at church, the leader of the kids's-church has not showed sufficient attention to your wonderful kids, somebody took your chair, the pastor didnʼt greet you the way you expected, nobody has discovered your amazing powerful spiritual gift. How much can you take? Learn how to turn every trauma into a trainingopportunity! Decide to be a pit bull... ... not a puddle! Puddles donʼt like being in a rocking boat on a stormy lake, away from mum and dad, becoming wet and the captain of the boat is sleeping. Puddles hate to get out in the wild, test their stormskills, take a demonic bull by the two horns... or just do something besides complaining or have your hair teased at the salon. Your soonto-be ex-puddle-buddies might freak out when they realize you have left them in their pink, air-conditioned doghouses to step into the boat, without them, cross over and conquer your God-given new territory. They do this because you shame them, you remind them of the passion they once had and of the mediocre, comfortable and boring doghouse-life in their Feng Shui gardens. And they might try to force on you their fears and their balanced and lukewarm compromises so you become like them again and go back to your or their disinfected HOT Crossing Over

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© Philip Dupont 2008

It's time to cross over  

It seems like God's people have now walked 2000 years in a blessed but meaningless wilderness. Time to move on!

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