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Different Kinds Of RBC Mutual Funds

There are numerous different types of RBC mutual funds. Every One provides rewards and incentives to folks who want to invest their funds to get much more in the process. And no matter what kind of mutual funds the investor wishes, RBC guarantees they have the answer. Here are the types of RBC mutual funds available: Capital Market Funds. For short term, minimal risk, and top quality investments, the cash market funds will fit you perfect. It gives stability plus a minimal investment risk. The money market funds provide you with the benefit of investing your cash for a short- term goal or if you're preparing for a sudden emergency. RBC mutual funds have four of those: 1.RBC Canadian Money Market Fund 2.RBC CanadianT- Bill Fund 3.RBC Premium Money Market Fund Monthly 4.RBC$U. S. Money Market Fund Who Needs Money Market Mutual Funds?

Fixed Income Funds. This type of mutual fund investment offers a steady stream of money whilst preserving the capital. It is invested on bonds as well as home loans. RBC mutual funds have got 9 of these: 1.RBC Advisor Canadian Bond Fund 2.RBC Bond Fund 3.RBC Cash Flow Portfolio 4.RBC Canadian Bond Index Fund 5.RBC Canadian Short- Term Income Fund 6.RBC Enhanced Cash Flow Portfolio 7.RBC Global Bond Fund 8.RBC Global High Yield Fund 9.RBC Global Corporate Bond Fund

The Top Gold Mutual Funds Companies Canadian Equity Funds. People who want to invest their funds on a mutual fund with their shares going directly to Canadian companies can choose the Canadian equity funds. Here, the investor can experience the progress and activity of Canadian economic system. RBC mutual funds have nine of these: 1.RBC Blue Chip Canadian Equity Fund 2.RBC Canadian Equity Fund 3.RBC Canadian Growth Fund 4.RBC Canadian Index Fund 5.RBC Canadian Value Fund 6.RBC Dividend Fund Monthly 7.RBC Energy Fund 8.RBC O'Shaughnessy Canadian Equity Fund 9.RBC Gold And Silver Fund

Balanced Funds. The balanced funds are combination of money market investments, equity, and also fixed income. The portfolio manager has the power to adjust the investment depending on his / her view about the economy. RBC mutual funds have 9 of these: 1.RBC Balanced Fund 2.RBC Balanced Growth Fund 3.RBC Global Balanced Fund 4.RBC Select Balanced Portfolio 5.RBC Select Choices Balanced Portfolio 6.RBC Select Choices Conservative Portfolio 7.RBC Select Choices Growth Portfolio 8.RBC Select Choices Aggressive Growth Portfolio 9.RBC Select Conservative Portfolio

Foreign Equity Funds. This lets the investor to explore and try the companies of other countries and experience the economical gains it might provide. RBC mutual funds have got 5 of these: 1.RBC International Equity 2.RBC International RSP Index Fund 3.RBC O'Shaughnessy International Equity Fund 4.RBC European Equity Fund 5.RBC Asian Equity Fund

Different Kinds Of RBC Mutual Funds  

Who Needs Money Market Mutual Funds?

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