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If you need a printing job done, the first thing that must be tackled is finding a good print company with the latest printing equipment. You may not know that a print broker can make this job far easier for you, and can ultimately save you money. A good print broker knows everything there is to know about printing, CMYK printers, offset printing, gloss laminates, catalog printing, and other print jobs. A print broker has the ability to understand your needs and arrange to have your print job completed by a print shop that provides quality at an affordable price. A print broker will visit print shops and meet technicians to learn the ins and outs of each print shop’s operations. For example, catalog printing can be difficult for you to manage by yourself. It is a complex project that requires attention to detail in order to get the best results. Your print broker can recommend the best CMYK printers for the job. CMYK refers to printing that is based on four colors: Cyan, magenta, yellow and black. Depending upon chemical pigments, these four can be mixed to get a wide range of colors. CMYK printers are different from RGB, which is a color scheme of mixing red, green and blue. While RGB color mixing is ideal for on-screen presentations and website design, CMYK is best for printed materials. Moreover, catalog printing involves several suppliers. The final outcome depends upon the efficiency of each supplier in its declared field of expertise. A print broker is your one-stop solution. While you concentrate your time on other aspects of your job, your print broker handles the printing jobs and presents the final draft of print proposals and print proofs to you for your approval. This makes for much more efficient use of your valuable time. Suppose you have taken up a project of displaying your wares in an exhibition or a trade fair. You have all the time to focus on logistics to make the project a success if you leave the print broker to deal with CMYK printers for your catalog printing. CMYK Print Solutions is a print brokerage firm with 20 years of experience in four-color printing management. The company provides a wide range of services that range from printing elegant business cards to brochures and magazines. For more information you may visit their website

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