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Saddington’s attention to detail is what impressed us the most. From the raindrops bouncing off the athlete’s shoulders to the sweat running down their legs -- every detail was perfect. Tonally, they nailed it from the start. Cheers to the whole SB team. Todd Derksen, Cole Weber United, Seattle

Thank you for making me look great. Jason Piaskowski, Associate Creative Director, BBDO Detroit - Dodge

It was a pleasure working with Saddington and Baynes!  Everyone was courteous, diligent, professional and incredibly talented! The project we selected S&B to work on needed photography, scouting / location, talent, model making and CGI – with a limited time frame. The project was completed on time, without any snags and it turned out absolutely brilliant!  The client, to the account team to the creative director were thrilled.  I would love to bid them on all my projects! Casey Mintle - SAIC

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We choose to work with S&B because of your creative vision, talent and experience in GGI. And a previous successful working relationship with Giant. These things were far more important than the fact that you were 1 ocean plus 1 continent away. The S&B process made distance a non-issue. Marc Sapp, Giant, SF

Collaborating closely with S&B as a creative partner on the ‘Shelter’ project greatly enhanced our vision for this campaign, because we wanted images that looked genuine and powerful. Their unique combination of CGI and Retouching experience blended with our photography so seamlessly that we had to say ‘3D what 3D?’ Blinkk, Photographer

I am not in the habit of writing thank you letters to vendors. Frankly, I don’t have the time. But with the energy, quality and extra time your crew put into my project it deserves the recognition. It’s quality service like this that will keep an art director coming back for years to come. Please pass my thanks along to your entire crew and their outstanding job on our retouching and CGI work.

If I had three words to describe these guys, they’d be: Humble. Passionate. Geniuses. Will Chau, GSD&M, Texas

S&B CGI Collaboration - House Of Cards Agency - Leo Burnett, London

Client - Shelter

Photography - Blinkk

Full CGI Production - AT&T Coins Agency - BBDO, Atlanta

Client - AT&T

S&B Full Production - Energy Monster Agency - The Richards Group, Texas

Client - SAIC

Photography - Richard Prescott for S&B

S&B Creative Collaboration - Lucozade Energy Trails Agency - BCL, London

Client - Lucozade

Photography - Jim Fiscus

S&B Collaboration - Creative Director Agency - Publicis, New York

Client - ADC

Photography - Olaf Veltman

S&B CGI Production - Galaxy Agency - TBWA, Dubai

Client - Mars

S&B Collaboration - Heartlake Agency - Giant, San Francisco

Client - Ranexa

Photography - Andy Glass

S&B Full Production - Smirnoff Agency - JWT, London

Client - Smirnoff

Photography - Christopher Peabody for S&B

S&B CGI Collaboration - Heart Bubbles Agency - CB Gray, Paris

Client - Lacoste

Photography - Julia Fullerton-Batten

S&B CGI Collaboration - Containers Agency - Ogilvy, Washington

Client - AAR

Photography - Andy Glass

S&B Full Production - Samsung Hands Agency - Chiel Communications, Toronto

Client - Samsung

S&B Full Production - O2 Simbots Agency - VCCP, London

Client - O2

S&B CGI Production - Gerber Cow Agency - Draftfcb, NY

Client - Gerber

S&B Full Production - Quaker Agency - Goodby Silverstein, SF

Client - Quaker Oats

S&B Full Production - Fairy Ducks Agency - Leo Burnett, London

Client - Fairy

S&B Full Production - CGI Environment Client - Internal Project

S&B CGI Collaboration - 007 Lotus Client - Internal Project

Photography - J C Winkler

S&B Greatest Hits Full Production - S&B

S&B Full Production - Bell Helicopters Agency - T:M, Dallas

Client - Bell

BG Photography - Karsten Ahlers

S&B Full Production - Honda CRZ Client - Honda

S&B Full Production - Honda CRZ Client - Honda

Photography - Benedict Redgrove for S&B

S&B CGI Production - Lexus ES Agency - Team One, Detroit

Client - Lexus

Photography - Anton Watts

S&B Full Production - Cassiopiea Client - Internal Project

Car Design - Daniel Simon

Clothes - Jonathan Saunders

Photography - Richard Prescott & Clive Boothe for S&B

S&B CGI Production - AMG Desert Client - Internal Project

Photography - Anton Watts

S&B CGI Collaboration - Nissan Robots Agency - TBWA, Paris

Client - Nissan

Photography - Paul Murphy

S&B CGI Collaboration - SLR Ice Cave Concept - S&B Internal Project

Photography - Ripley & Ripley

S&B CGI Production - Infiniti Agency - TBWA, Zurich

Client - Infiniti

Photography - Blinkk

S&B CGI Production - Automotive

Photography - Lee Brimble (Avensis), Gerard Turnley (XC60), Tom Roche (Lexus)

STUDIO 3, 21 WREN ST, LONDON, WC1X 0HF, ENGLAND PHONE: +44 (0)20 7833 3032 FAX: +44 (0)20 7833 3032

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Test S&B Presentation  

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