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==== ==== How a rural letter carrier made $15,000 flipping websites after being fired! ==== ====

The questions from marketers don't end. One I got recently was this one. "Can you really make money flipping websites?" Well, you can make money doing just about anything. However, I think what the person was really asking is, "Is there a real potential to make a lot of money flipping websites?" Depending on what your definition is of a lot of money, I'd say the answer is yes. And, it can be done with virtually very little effort on your part if you're willing to spend some money to take some shortcuts. This article will basically outline the process. Step one is simple. Decide what kind of site you want to flip. This decision should be based on demand. Don't know what people are looking to buy? No problem. Just go to sites like Sitepoint and take a look at the marketplace. You'll see what people are asking for and also what sellers are selling. This is the best kind of research you can possibly do. Step two is to get a domain for the site. You want the domain name to closely match the niche itself. So if somebody is interested in a site on acne cures, you might want to get a domain that has the keyword phrase acne cure in it. This will make the domain more attractive to buyers. Step three is to create the content for the site itself. This will consist of the template as well as any product that you intent to include with the site. Yes, you want the person buying it to have a product that they can sell and it has to be a unique product...none of this PLR garbage. If you can't create the content yourself, go to a site like Elance and have it created for you. This can be done cheaply enough so that you'll still make a nice profit on the sale of the site. Step four is to go to one of these site selling sites, register and put the site up for sale. Make sure you have a very attractive ad for the site. Yes, excellent copywriting skills will come in handy for this part of the process. The better the description, the more the site will sell for. It is quite possible to put together a site a week and sell them for as much as $800. That's a $3,200 a month income for what amounts to essentially getting a domain, outsourcing some work and putting up an ad. If you can get the outsourced work done quickly, you can do more than a site a week. So yes, you really CAN make money flipping websites...lots of it.

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==== ==== How a rural letter carrier made $15,000 flipping websites after being fired! ==== ====

The Top 3 Secrets To Making Money Flipping Websites  

How a rural letter carrier made $15,000 flipping websites after being fired!

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