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1978 –  2018   Registered  Charity  No  1154022  

Newsletter  No  91  –  March  /  April  2018     Welcome  to   the   latest   edition   of   the   ‘Eagle’!  

Included this  issue  of  the  Eagle  

Meet  the  Managers  Q&A     Teams  of  the  Month     Meet  the  Player  Q&A     Wildcats  Girls  Footy  Centres     Groundsman’s  Notes     Special  Guest  Writes     AND  Lots,  Lots  More!!!!!    

        As   the   ‘Beast   from   the   East’   returned   to   Eagle   park   with   more   wintery   conditions   stalling   our   spring   we   now   look   forward   to   the   end   of   the   season  and  beyond  to  a  busy  Eagle  Park  summer!   The   latest   newsletter   covers   lots;   from   the   tournament,   Wildcats,   Kewford’s   40th   birthday   meet-­‐up   aka   ‘trophy   presentation   day’,   and   a   Special   Guest   Writer,   plus   the   new   ‘team   of   the   month’   so   lots   more   jam-­‐packed   for   our   Eagles   to   enjoy.     Don’t  forget  to  share  with  the  kids!    Thanks  all.    

In addition  to  this  Newsletter  please  monitor  the  Kewford  Facebook   page  for  important  announcements,  news  and  updates  which  is   updated  regularly.  


Charter Standard  Community  Club  |  


(Q4) Most  important  -­‐  which  football  team  do  you   support  and  do  you  try  to  play  like  your  team  does?.     My  team  is  Chelsea,  I'm  on  my  own  as  both  my  boys   follow   their   dads   team   Spurs!!!     I   let   my   lads   play   their  own  game,  let  them  find  where  they  like  to  play   naturally  and  encourage  them  all  as  individuals.         (Q5)  And  Finally…….  Where  do  you  see  Kewford  as  a   club  in  the  next  5  years?     Being   one   of   the   biggest   grassroots   clubs   is   pretty   hard   to   top.     With   our   excellent   reputation   we   will   hopefully   keep   encouraging   new   mini   eagles,   new   manager’s   coaches   and   volunteers   to   keep   us   growing  well  into  the  future.        

Meet the   Manager,   quick   fire   Q&A:   under   the   spotlight   here   is   Sonia   Herron-­‐Moore   Under   9’s   South  Manager.     (Q1)   What   made   you   decide   to   start   up   a   football   team  and  why  did  you  choose  Kewford  Eagles  FC?     My   older   son   is   in   the   Kewford   Central   team   U10's   age   group   above,   run   by   my   husband.     I   completed   my  level  one  and  was  at  a  different  club  for  my  first   season  but  then  decided  it  would  be  good  for  us  as  a   family   to   all   be   under   the   same   "umbrella"!     So   I   returned   with   only   two   players   and   set   up   a   brand   new   Kewford   U9's   team,   I   believe   being   at   Kewford   also   helps   attract   players   as   they've   such   a   brilliant   grassroots  reputation  as  a  club.                                  


Sonia and  the  team…  

Sonia and  the  boys  trying  out  for  river  dance!!....  

(Q2)  What  is  your  favorite  memory  so  far  with  your   Kewford  team?     That  would  be  us  making  the  Quarter  Final  of  the  Old   Swinford   Tournie   in   the   summer   2017,   was   such   a   massive   achievement   for   our   team   as   some   of   them   were  very  new  to  matches  and  being  part  of  a  team!       (Q3)   What   level   coach   are   you   and   was   it   easy   to   attain?  Also  do  you  think  you  would  like  to  coach  at  a   higher  level?     I'm   a   FA   Level   one   coach,   to   be   honest   this   was   a   massive   achievement   for   me   and   I   only   went   to   do   my  coaching  badge  because  my  other  half  pushed  me   to   do   it,   believing   that   I’d   make   a   good   coach,   best   decision   ever,   but   think   I'm   quite   happy   with   the   level  I'm  at.    

  Many  thanks  Sonia  and  good  luck  for  the  rest  of  the   season.  Editor.                

Charter  Standard  Community  Club  |  


Attention -­‐  all  girls  interested  in  playing  football  Saturday   1.30pm    

Please click  on  the  image  to  find  out  more  &  get  involved!       Charter  Standard  Community  Club  |  


Saturday 23rd  June  and  Sunday  24th  June  2018.  

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More Volunteers  are  stepping   forward!  

Kewford Presentation   Day!    

We   now   have   9   experienced   grassroots   coaches  and  parents  on  the  committee  as  we   strengthen   the   club’s   management   –   so   thanks  to  Shaun,  Sonia  and  Glynn  for  joining   the  committee!  Great  news!     But  there  are  plenty  more  fun  roles  to  do!       Great   Work   Experience   opportunities   for   Kewford   teenagers   –   are   you   looking   to   set   your  CV  apart  from  the  rest?     Any  parents  or  grandparents  wanting  to  help   too?    You  will  feel  part  of  a  large  Wall  Heath   and  Kingswinford  community  by  volunteering   –  so  give  us  a  shout!       We   are   keen   to   share   small,   rewarding   roles   with  lots  of  Kewford  people.  

This year  we  will  be  hosting  the  trophy  presentation  at   Eagle  Park  (and  not  at  a  hotel).       rd It  will  be  Sunday  3  June  2018  and  will  also   incorporate  the  following:  -­‐     Kewford’s  40th  Anniversary  Photo  shoot/family  Day     • Sponsored  photo  -­‐  of  the  entire  club!  Wear   your  green  and  white  strips!  If  you  aren’t  in   full  green  and  white  kit  you  can’t  get  on  the   photo!   • Wolfie  and  Wendy  attending  10-­‐11am   • Year  group  presentations  -­‐  then  matches   organised  by  your  coaches  with  other   Kewford  teams  (not  outside  teams  due  to  car   parking  –  sorry!)   • Car  parking  (limited  but  available)   • Food  and  drinks   th • 40  Birthday  Cake  and  other  treats   • Face  painting     • Family  atmosphere     • Individual  Team  photo  opportunities.   th • 40  birthday  ‘Goodie  bags’  for  sale   potentially  –  VOLUNTEER  REQUIRED!    

New  roles  being  created  that  are  vacant:       1. Tournament  Committee  –  Various  Roles!  20  or   so  needed  for  car-­‐parking,  pitch  control.     2. Social  Sub-­‐Committee  –  organising  fun  events   all  year  round.    Sonia  Moore  is  getting  involved   in  this  –  thanks  SONIA!  But  feel  free  to  step   forward  and  join  in.     3. Eagle  Park  Facilities  Manager  –  could  be  a  two   people.  Asa  does  a  lot  at  the  moment  but  if   anyone  has  an  RICS  background  or  good  a   property  maintenance  and  management  –   please  shout  out  to  help  Asa  and  the  club  move   forward   4. Eagle  Park  Fund  Raising  Manager.  Anyone  with   experience  applying  for  grants  and  awards  – please  get  involved  –  a  very  rewarding  role  for   the  club.     5. Eagle  Park  Sponsorship  Manager  Currently   Phil,  needs  some  help.  Great  work  experience   for  anyone  wanting  to  get  involved  with  brands   –  supported  by  Phil.     6. GIFT  AID  Claim  –  Phil’s  mum  Sandra  has   volunteered  to  try  to  do  this  currently  doing   this  but  if  anyone  experienced  in  claiming  Gift   Aid  please  shout  out!   7. Facebook  Page  –  great  work  experience  for   anyone  interested  in  social  media  careers  in   the  future!  

                                            Wolfie  and  Wendy  have  confirmed!  But  will  Baggie   Bird?      

  Charter  Standard  Community  Club  |  


Well done  guys,  Keep  up  the  good  work.  Editor.  

Team of  the  Month  1   Each  month  we  are  going  to  have:     -­‐  Mini  Soccer  age  group  (U7-­‐U10);  and       -­‐  Senior  age  group  (U11-­‐Girls-­‐Seniors)       SO  if  you  think  your  team  deserves  to  be  mentioned  in   the  newsletter  ALL  you  have  to  do  is  drop  an  email  to   smith-­‐  and  let  us  know;  we  need  a  bit  of   info   on   the   team,   why   they   deserve   it,   and   a   team   picture!   Trumpet  noise!    Mini  Soccer  Team  of  the  Month




Goes  to  Kewford  u8’s  West  Managed  by  Liam   Hackney.     Liam  takes  up  the  story,     Someone   nominated   us   because   they   saw   our   goal   difference  in  the  trophy  group  recently  as  it  is  plus  16   (more  than  a  bit  fortuitous  if  I'm  honest).  However   we  have  been  on  the  end  of  one  or  two  tasty  defeats   this   season   but   the   lads   are   all   about   helping   each   other   out   and   they   give   it   their   all   each   and   every   game  -­‐  no  matter  what  team  we  play.  We  have  some   serious  workhorses  in  the  squad  and  again  this  shows   in   the   matches   we   play   their   ‘never   say   die’   attitude   helps   while   we   continue   to   work   on   their   skills   in   training.     It’s   great   to   see   and   they   are   a   pleasure   to   work  with.       Our  last  two  games  we  won  13-­‐1  and  5-­‐1  and  go  into   this   Sundays   match   with   an   outside   shot   at   the   trophy!!  Which  is  a  great  turnaround.’    



Charter  Standard  Community  Club  |  

Kewford u8’s  West…  


Team of  the  Month  2   Trumpet  noise!    Mini  Soccer  Team  of  the  Month


Goes  to  Kewford  u9’s  North  Managed  by  Rich  Dalton  and  Ian   Woodall.     Rich  takes  up  the  story,  

We are   an   U8   team   playing   in   the   U9s   and   all   the   kids   have   shown   a   brilliant   attitude   all   season   continually   showing   resilience  to  overcome  physical  differences  and  in  some  cases   18-­‐20-­‐month  age  difference.       All   the   kids   continue   to   be   played   in   different   positions   and   are  encouraged  to  play  with  complete  freedom,  making  their   own  decisions  and  learning  from  mistakes.       We   don't   win   every   week,   results   are   mixed,   but   the   kids   willingness   to   be   creative   and   take   risks   is   definitely   present   every  week.       Almost   every   week   we   gain   praise   from   opposition   coaches   and   parents   regarding   the   way   the   kids   play   and   apply   themselves.       Our   last   match   in   March   was   subject   of   a   league   spot   check   and  we  got  top  marks  with  some  great  comments.  

Kewford u9’s  North…

Excellent stuff  Rich  and  good  luck  for  the  rest  of  the  season.   Editor.  

                            Charter  Standard  Community  Club  |  


Kewford Managers  Survey  

Continuing  on  with  the  Kewford  Managers  Survey  here  are  the  complete  results.  

1 –  ‘What  does  Kewford  Mean  to  You?’


2 -­‐  How  Should  a  Kewford  team  Play?                TOP  ANSWERS:  ‘FAIRLY’,  ‘FUN’  and  ‘FREELY’    


Charter Standard  Community  Club  |  


3 -­‐  How  should  a  Kewford  coach  “Coach”?  TOP  ANSWERS:            ‘FAIRLY’,  ‘ENCOURAGEMENT’,  ‘FUN’  and   ‘POSITIVELY’      

The above  survey  shows  (in  a  snapshot)  what  the  hard  working  volunteer  coaches  at  Kewford  Eagles  FC  are   trying  to  achieve.  It  offers  a  great  insight  into  the  foundation  philosophy  of  Kewford  Eagles  FC  as  a  whole.   Each  response  we  took  was  in  confidence  and  we  only  asked  those  three  questions.  Feel  free  to  chat  to   your  coach  about  what  they  are  trying  to  achieve  for  you,  as  a  player,  or  for  your  son  or  daughter.   But  what  did  the  parents  and  players  say?       See  next  month’s  edition  for  the  results!  We  have  had  90  responses  so  far  –  and  if  you  want  to  have  your   say  fill  out  the  online  form  here  on  the  link:-­‐        


Charter Standard  Community  Club  |  


Groundsman Notes.  

Here’s   the   latest   from   Asa   on   how   Eagle   Park   is   coping   since   the   latest   Beast   from   the   East   snowfall   and   the   continued  rain.  


Asa explains…  


A bit  of  sweeping…  

“It's just   been   pretty   much   the   same   as   all   winter,   sweeping   pitches   and   trying   to   get   them   playable!   Can't  get  any  machinery  on  site  to  do  trenches  as  it's   too   soft   at   the  moment.   Hopefully   with   the   spring   and   some   dry   weather   forecast   I   can   get   the   pitches   back   into  a  more  decent  state.  


As soon  as  its  dry   enough  I   can  get  the  mower   out  and   I’m   hoping   to   get   some   more   sand   to   lay   in   the   goal   mouths.    


Once the   summer   is   here   in   the   off   season   I   can   get   more  work  done  which  should  enable  to  minimse  the   problems   for   the   coming   winter!   Well   that’s   my   goal   anyway!!  


The tractor  photo  is  one  of  the  grounds  men  from  a   friendly  neighbouring  rugby  team  who  came  over  to   do  some  slitting  for  us  which  I  thought  was  nice.


Check out  the  stripes!  Asa  pushing  the  extra  mile  and   getting  the  pitches  back  into  a  more  decent  state.  

Guess  Who’s  cold?  …  

Guess  who?  


Charter Standard  Community  Club  |  


Meet the  Player  quick  fire  Q  &  A         Under  the  spot  light  here   is…Paige  Thomas  Under  12’s  Girls   –  Managed  by  Rhys  Edwards.    

(Q1) What   made   you   chose   to   play   for   Kewford   and   how  long  have  you  played  for  them?   This   is   my   first   season   for   Kewford   u12   girls,   I   chose   to  play  for  Kewford  because  I  was  made  to  feel  very   welcome   and   made   friends   very   quickly   so   never   tried  out  for  any  other  clubs.       (Q2)  What  position  do  you  play  and  can  you  play  any   other  position?   I   play   in   midfield   and   I   am   the   captain   of   the   team,   I’ve  also  played  in  defence  in  the  past  at  right  back.     (Q3)  How  long  have  you  been  playing  football?   I  have  played  since  the  age  of  5.     (Q4)   We   all   know   Footballers   have   strict   diets   BUT   away   from   football   what   would   be   your   favorite   meal?   I   love   a   mixed   grill,   and   also   a   MacDonald’s   when   I   get  chance.     (Q5)  And  Finally…….  If  you  could  pick  any  player  from   any  team  in  the  world  to  play  in  your  team  (any  age)   who  would  it  be  and  why?   I  would  pick  Romelu  Lukaku  as  I  like  the  way  he   creates  and  scores  goals  and  he  plays  for  Man  United   who  I  support.         Many  thanks  Paige  and  good  luck  for  the  rest  of  the   season.  Editor.  



                                                    Charter  Standard  Community  Club  |  


Membership Cards  and   Social  –  the  low  down.    

The membership   scheme   has   great   potential   but   we   need  to  help  Naomi  drum  up  some  more  opportunities   –   a   great   work   experience   role   for   U16,   U17,   U18   perhaps?   The   role   will   be   to   get   some   extra   discounts   for  members  in  the  region   –  e.g  dealing  with  corporate   clients.    


Our BIG  40!!!  

            We  have  issued  over  400  cards!       If   you   haven’t   applied   yet   –   see   Naomi-­‐   she   is   our   Membership   Card   Manager   and   you   can   contact   her   on

YES Kewford   is   40   years   young  THIS  year,   so   see   the   earlier  page    for  various  information.     If  you  have  any  ideas  on  how  we  can  all  celebrate  the   Big   Four   Zero   please   tell   your   team   manager,   or   message  us  on  Facebook.      


Alternatively  if  you  haven’t  applied  yet,  here  is  the   link:-­‐

Must mention   a   big   green   and   white   thankyou   to   Steve  Smith  *U7N  for  helping  fix  the  guttering  that  fell   off  recently.       Without   helpers   we’d   be   totally   lost   –   so   thank   you   Steve.  Little  Ethan  doing  well  too  so  keep  up  the  good   work.       Thank  you  –  Editor.                        

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After 3   years   I   recently   handed   over   the   Respect   leadership  to  new  hands  with  a  view  to  giving  it  a  fresh   pair   of   eyes   with   new   ideas.   My   involvement   is   now   mainly  around  escalation  from  a  Safeguarding/Welfare   perspective.       The   Main   issues   tend   to   occur   when   adults   take   over   ownership   of   the   match   –   which   in   turn   influences   behaviour.   EG   the   will   of   the   adults   to   win   overtakes   the  natural  will  of  the  kids  –  and  then  you  start  seeing   examples  of  poor  behaviour.       The  big  Positives  were  –  Many  Clubs  have  brought  into   everything   we’ve   tried   to   do   and   started   to   initiate   their   own   internal   Respect   programmes.   From   briefings  to  parents,  to  pitch  side  marshals,  to  set  out   professional   looking   environments,   engagement   with   the   coach   mentoring   programme   (which   in   turn   has   improved   things   from   the   coach’s   side   of   the   pitch),   etc.       One  of  the  best  things  we  did,  as  part  of  the  Respect   work,   was   apply   for   a   league   wide   coach   mentoring   programme   (the   first   of   its   kind).   Whilst   there   were   many   development   benefits   to   this,   which   we   are   now   reaping   the   rewards   of,   I   did   always   think   that   if   coaches  were  better  supported  then  this  in  turn  would   help   to   improve   those   match   day   environments.   Opposing   coaches   coming   to   games   as   friends   as   opposed   to   simply   ‘the   opposition’   was   a   key   improvement.   Creating   a   network   of   SDYFL   coaches   sharing  good  practice  would  in  turn  create  role  models   and  serve  as  a  great  baseline  for  a  great  experience  for   the   kids.   In   Rus   Smith   we   couldn’t   have   been   given   a   better  more  enthusiastic  person  to  lead  the  mentoring     programme  and  he’s  exceeded  all  my  expectations.  

Special Guest  –  Martin  Holliday   writes  for  the  Eagle….     Martin   is   the   current   League   Welfare   Officer   for   the   SDYFL   and   also   manages   the   league   website   &   social   media  platforms  –  as  well  as  general  strategy  for  IT  to   support   league   processes/procedures   now   and   in   the   future.       Martin’s  Background:       I  Managed/Coached  my  eldest  Son’s  team  for  5  years,   my  youngest  son  also  plays  but  I  became  increasingly   concerned  about  the  environments  they  were  playing   in   and   the   way   some   adults   behaved.   There   was   no   sense   of   fun   or   development.   So   I   spoke   to   Bob   Hickman   and   (the   late)   Ian   Pound   about   this   and   offered  to  help  try  and  boost  the  Respect  campaign  in   the   SDYFL.   The   main   aim   was   to   try   and   improve   the   match   day   experience   for   the   kids.   Secondary   aim   was   to  try  and  bring  the  League  closer  to  its  member  with   some   positive   engagement   via   social   media   sharing   good   news   stories,   etc.   It   was   my   experience   that   I   only  ever  heard  from  the  league  if  we’d  been  naughty   or  done  something  wrong.  It  struck  me  that  the  SDYFL   was  a  community  that  needed  nurturing  –  we  are  all  in   the   same   boat   really,   wanting   the   best   for   the   kids   but   at  the  time  it  all  felt  fragmented  and  sometimes  quite   hostile.       Respect  campaign.       Respect   has   always   been   the   Club’s   responsibility   to   manage   so   felt   the   SDYFL   could   help   with   that.   We   Implemented   the   spot   check/monitoring   system   –   working   WITH   clubs   to   share   good   practice   but   also   highlight   areas   for   improvement   or   issues   that   needed   ironing  out.  All  spot  checks  carried  out  were  based  on   Respect  codes  of  conduct  and  the  overarching  premise   ‘Is  this  environment  suitable  for  children?’.     We   Amassed   a   Respect   team   –   full   of   great   people   who  buy  into  the  notion  of  positive  environments.       Existing   league   reps,   referees,   parents   of   referees,   coaches,   retired   coaches,   etc.   They’ve   all   been   a   massive   support   and   helped   to   improve   standards   across  the  league.     Created   a   League   Respect   AIM   which   everything   else   we  did  hinged  off.  Promoted  Respect  through  various   platforms  and  did  Club  briefings.  Acquired  Respect  A-­‐ Boards  –  over  150  have  now  been  distributed  and  are   displayed  at  pitch  sides  throughout  the  area.               Charter  Standard  Community  Club  |  




We now  have  an  active  league  “football  development   group”   which   includes   coaches   from   Kewford.     The   group   pursues   the   objectives   of   the   league’s   charter   standard  plan  and  this  includes  Respect.  This  joined  up   team   approach   has   really   helped   to   push   the   league   on  and  we’ll  continue  to  look  at  ways  the  League  can   enhance   the   game   locally   and   increase   numbers   of   young   people   coming   into   the   game   and   retaining   them.         Kewford  Eagles  FC.       Kewford   is   one   of   those   Clubs   who   have   gradually   bought   into   the   League   Respect   aim   and   developed   its   own   Club   philosophy   in   terms   of   development.   For   such   a   big   club,   it’s   a   challenge   to   manage   so   many   teams   and   ensure   everyone   is   on   the   right   path.   But   Eagle   Park   does   provide   an   opportunity   to   centrally   monitor  progress  and  could  be  a  real  showcase  venue   in  terms  of  how  a  Club  is  run  to  a  specific  child  centric   philosophy   and   how   match   day   environments,   if   controlled   professionally,   can   be   positive   and   promote   fun  and  development.       I  was  at  Eagle  Park  a  few  weeks  ago  and  was  pleased   to  see  that  all  the  pitches  were  well  set  out  giving  the   kids   ample   room   to   play,   and   wandering   around   I   could   see   the   environment   as   a   whole   was   spot   on.   That’s   taken   a   lot   of   work   to   achieve   so   all   credit   to   Kewford  for  this.       We’ve   had   a   few   really   positive   stories   from   Kewford   teams   this   season   and   I’ve   witnessed   some   fantastic   practice  which  we’ve  always  been  very  keen  to  share.   If   there’s   one   thing   Eagle   Park   really   needs   now,   is   some   more   visible   Respect   signage,   if   only   to   show   visiting  teams  that  this  is  what  the  Club  is  all  about.     Many  Thanks  Martin  a  really  interesting  read  big   thank  you  for  your  time  and  great  pictures  too.  Editor.      




If you  would  like  to     advertise  here  please  call     Phil  Hulme  on  07551  155  516   for  more  details  

Football development  group,  made  up  of  coaches,  who   are  working  on  the  League’s  Charter  Standard  plan.    


    Charter  Standard  Community  Club  |  


Meet the   Player,   quick   fire   Q&A   Under  the  spotlight  here  is…   Thomas  Smith  Under  15’s  West.    

(Q1)   What   made   you   chose   to   play   for   Kewford   and   how  long  have  you  played  for  them?.   Well   my   Previous   team   Withymoor   Folded   and   at   the   time  my  younger  Brother  Luis  was  Playing  at  Kewford   so   it   just   made   sense   to   join,   Also   the   U15’s   West   Manager   at   the   time   (Dave   P)   made   it   clear   that   he   wanted   me   to   sign   so   that   made   me   feel   really   welcome.  This  is  my  fourth  season  with  the  team.     (Q2)  How  long  have  you  been  playing  football?.   I   have   been   playing   football   since   the   age   of   7,   I   started   out   as   a   Goalkeeper   with   my   first   club   Stourbridge   Glassboys   but   after   2   seasons   of   throwing  myself    about  in  the  mud  I  decided  that  I’d   like  to  play  outfield  and  now  play  Centre  Midfield  but   will  play  anywhere  if  needed.         (Q3)  Away  from  football  what  other  interests  do  you   have?.   Away   from   football   I   attend   the   RAF   Cadets   in   Brockmoor   Squadron   2156   where   I   am   a   corporal,   this  lets  me  switch  off  from  the  football  world  and  do   things   such   as   Rifle   shooting,   Flying,   Kayaking,   Climbing,   away   days   to   Bristol   on   HMS   Portsmouth   and   we   have   also   done   various   parades   at   RAF   Cosford   with   the   Marches   at   Kinver   and   Bobbington   for  the  Remembrance  services.   Recently  I  have  also  started  to  do  some  coaching  with   the  Albion  Foundation  at  Redhill  school  and  the  Mini   Eagles   at   Eagle   Park   (Sam   Whitmore   and   Dejon)   as   this  is  something  I’d  like  to  do  once  I  finish  school.     (Q4)   Which   football   team   apart   from   Kewford   do   you   support?.   I   am   a   big   Liverpool   supporter   and   have   been   to   Anfield   a   few   times   to   see   them   play,   my   favorite   players   are   Stevie   G,   Luis   Suarez,   little   Phil   Coutinho   and  currently  is  the  Goal  machine  Mo  Salah.     (Q5)  And  Finally…….  If  you  could  pick  any  player  from   any  team  in  the  world  to  play  in  your  team  (any  age)   who  would  it  be  and  why?.   That   would   have   to   be   between   Steven   Gerrard   brilliant  box  to  box  midfielder  for  both  Liverpool  and   England   over   so   many   seasons   and   the   player   who   I   think  is  the  best  player  in  the  world   –  Lionel  Messi  I   wouldn’t   mind   being   on   the   bench   for   either   of   those   two!!.     Nice  one  Thomas  and  good  luck  for  the  rest  of  the   season.  Editor.      

              Thomas  at  Anfield….         Thomas  on  maneuvers  


  Charter  Standard  Community  Club  |  


Kewford Girls  U16’S  ready  for  action…

SENIORS Team  of  the   Month


  Drum  Roll!    Seniors  Team  of  the  Month    


Goes to   Kewford   Girls   u16’s!!   Managed   by   Rich   Shelley.     Rich  takes  up  the  story,  

Kewford Girls  U16’S  played  Derby  County  at  Eagle  Park   in   the   semi-­‐final   of   the   Central   Warwickshire   Open   Cup   on   10th   March.   It   was   a   freezing   cold   and   wet   morning,   but   the   conditions   were   the   same   for   both   teams.     Kewford   scored   first   thanks   to   Molly   following   a   foul   on   the   ever-­‐running   Megan.   Molly   smashed   the   free   kick   in   from   25   yards   into   the   top   corner   on   20   minutes.     If   the   first   goal   was   good,   the   second   was   even   better.   Tilly   scored   the   goal   of   the   game   on   35   minutes   with   close  ball  control,  beating  3  players  and  smashing  the   ball  home.     Half  time  2-­‐0.     Derby   scored   early   in   the   second   half   for   2-­‐1,   but   Molly  scored  again  on  63  minutes  running  onto  a  great   through   ball   from   Alysha   and   despatched   her   goal   into   the  corner  of  the  net  for  3-­‐1.     Derby   scored   late   on   following   a   terrible   foul   on   our   keeper,  but  the  girls  held  on  for  the  win.  player  of  the   match  was  Tilly  based  on  her  attacking  play.     Final  score  3-­‐2  Kewford!     The   final   is   to   be   held   14.30   on   12th   May   at   Mackadown   Sports   and   Social   Club,   Tile   Cross,   Birmingham   B33   0JG,   would   love   to   see   lots   of   Kewford  supporters  if  you  can  make  it.  



Great   stuff   Rich   and   the   girls,   good   luck   in   the   final!.   Editor.   AND   don’t   forget   if   you   can   make   the   final   please   come  along!  

    Charter  Standard  Community  Club  |  


Albion Foundation  &  Mini   Eagles.        

League Gossip:     Currently  we  have  teams  playing  in  the  following   Leagues,  and  you  can  follow  their  updates  using  the   following  website  links  below:       •


Central Warks  –  

Stourport  -­‐  see  their  Facebook  page:    

MJPL -­‐  

KNOW  ANYONE  IN  YEAR  1  or  RECEPTION?  Now  is  the   time  to  mention  it  -­‐  we  have  3  spaces  left  –  currently   on   a   regular   33   or   so   mini   eagles   so   it’s   a   first   come   first  served  basis  at  the  moment.!     West  Brom  Skills    Centre  –  Sam  Whitmore  –  Mini   Soccer     “Guys,   we   have   our   Skills   Centre   at   Redhill   School   continuing  throughout  the  season.  This  could  be  a  bit   of  extra  training  for  your  players  but  also  as  a  view  to   progressing   on   to   the   PDC   (Player   Development   Centre)   system   where   your   players   could   represent   WBA  regionally/nationally.       Please  pass  this  onto  your  players/parents.  “  

FA Regional  Support  &   Education:     Congratulations   to   Phil   Hulme   (U9W)   and   James   Smith   (U7N)   who   have   recently   completed   their   Level   2   qualification  with  Rus  Smith  from  the  FA.       Jim   and   Phil   paid   for   the   L2   themselves*   and   they   also   committed  10  x  Saturdays  out  of  their  diaries  to  learn   more   about   coaching.   Big   sacrifice   to   the   Smith   and   Hulme   households   there   –   so   thanks   to   all   for   supporting  them  through  it!     Rus  says       ‘the  L2  helps  confirm  what  you  already  know,   collect   new   ideas   and   make   you   curious   for   more’.       There’s  a  waiting  list  link  on  our  Facebook  page  if  you   want   to   learn   more   –   where   SDYFL   bursaries   are   available   too   you   can   do   your   L2   for   £250.   Email   Rus   for  more     (*Kewford  pay  for  2  x  L1  per  team  but  can’t  stretch  to   more  at  present)  


Education  cork  board.       This  is  a  new  cork  board  in  the  clubhouse  hallway   -­‐  a     space   to   share   sessions   and   promote   education   for   players  and  coaches.         SO   if   you   are   doing   something   that   is   working   really   well   at   the   moment   -­‐   pop   it   on   an   email   to   and   we   will   put   it   up   on   the   notice  board.       It   could   be   a   training   session,   or   a   match   day   warm   up   –  or  a  blog  you  have  read  recently  and  want  to  share   it.        


Charter  Standard  Community  Club  |  


Meet the   Manager,   quick   fire                 Q  &  A:  -­‐  under  the  spot  light  here   is…Barrie  Smith  Under  17’s  East.    

(Q1)   What   made   you   decide   to   start   up   a   football   team  and  why  did  you  choose  Kewford  Eagles?.   The  team  was  already  up  and  running  and  I  was  just  a   Parent   of   one   of   the   players.   I   took   over   the   managers  roll  after  the  previous  manager  decided  to   stand  down.       (Q2)   What   is   your   fave   part   about   running   your   team?.   My  fav  part  is  coaching  the  team  and  seeing  the  lads   really   enjoy   the   training   drills   we   set.       (Q3)   Most   important   -­‐   Which   football   team   do   you   support  and  do  you  try  to  play  like  your  team  does?.   My   team   is   Aston   Villa   and   now   and   again   I   am   influenced   by   the   way   Villa   set   up   but   I   am   lucky   that   I   do   have   a   lot   of   players   that   can   play   in   various   positions   but   I   feel   our   best   set   up   is   3-­‐5-­‐1-­‐1.       (Q4)   In   your   time   so   far   as   a   Manager/Coach   would   you  have  done  anything  different?.   I  don't  think  I  would   of   done   anything   different   in   my   time  as  manager  as  I'm  quite  lucky  that  I  have  always   had   a   great   bunch   of   lads   and   parents.       (Q5)  And  finally,  where  do  you  see  Kewford  as  a  club   in  the  next  5  years?.   I   see   Kewford   only   going   from   strength   to   strength   within   the   next   5   years   with   more   boys   and   girl’s   teams   being   added   to   the   already   expanding   teams   across   the   various   age   groups.   The   future   plans   we   have   for   the   club   and   Eagle   Park   will   make   our   club   one  of  the  best,  if  not  the  best,  in  the  district.    

If you   want   to   get   involved   in   Coaching   –   give   us   a   shout   on   Facebook   or   message   someone   on   the   Committee!       Level   1   is   the   first   of   a   few   badges,   Level   2,   Uefa   B,   Uefa  A  and  then  Pro-­‐Licence.    

Nice one   Barrie   many   thanks   for   your   time   and   good   luck  for  the  rest  of  the  season.  Editor.  

If you   want   to   know   more   about   taking   it   the   next   level,   e.g.   Level   2   or   more   courses   -­‐   chat   with   the   Committee,  who  can  point  you  in  the  right  direction.    

There are   always   costs   to   further   training   but   there   are   also   free   courses   and   support   from   the   FA  

        Charter  Standard  Community  Club  |  


Kit Sponsors  of  individual  Teams:       8. U7E  -­‐  Weatherite  Aluminium  Solutions  Ltd  (Kit)     9. U7E  -­‐  C&N  Sealants  Ltd  (Kit)     10. U7N  -­‐  Sainsbury’s  Local  (Kit)     11. U7N  -­‐  Chapman’s  Electrical  (Training  Kit)     12. U8E  -­‐  Mace  construction  (Kit)     13. U8S  -­‐  Redwood  Home  Improvements  LTD  (Kit)     14. U9W  -­‐  WeAreWorkForce  -­‐Recruitment  (Kit)     15. U9S  /  U10C  -­‐  Kingswinford  Snooker  Centre  (Kit)     16. U10S  -­‐  Black  Country  Housing  (Kit)     17. U11S  -­‐  Andy  Male  -­‐  CMS  group       18. U14G  -­‐  Jo  Cooper  –    

Sponsors and  Partnership  Page     These   pages   are   for   us   to   shout   out   to   all   our   corporate   helpers   who   have   contributed   over   recent   months  and  for  the  season  ahead.       Here  is  the  list  of  sponsors,  as  current  –  please  let  Phil   Hulme  know  if  we  have  missed  any  off!.       Main  Tournament  Sponsor  2017  :     1. ColmoreTang  Construction  (See  their  video   of  the  tournament  on  their  blog  at­‐ construction-­‐sponsor-­‐local-­‐community-­‐ football-­‐tournament/ and  also  on  YouTube   here: Olc     They  bought  5  new  goals,  60  printed  bibs  for   U7,   3   x   hoardings   and   paid   for   the   video   for   us   –   thanks   to!     They   are   an   award   winning   Construction   Company   based  in  Birmingham.       Club  Sponsors:       2. Wondrous   Marketing   (Rebranded   Kewford   Eagles   FOC!)   see   Ben   is   a   big   fan   of   Kewford   and   has   helped   tremendously.   01384   590   099   for   a   free   marketing  review  of  your  company.     3. Severn   Trent   Water   –   (gave   cash   donation   and  filled  in  the  trenches  along  the  A449)  !     4. AlphaSignSystems  –  (donating  free  signage  at   Eagle   Park).   Big   thanks   to   Steve   Jones!     5. Dudley   MB   Council   –   A449   Signage!   Thanks   Anthea!     Friends  and  Family  Scheme  Sponsors:     6. Tax   Assist   Accountants   Kingswinford   (Hoarding   and   Kewford   Friends   and   Family   Scheme) – 01384   -­‐   913888 gswinford/     7. A-­‐plan   insurance   Kidderminster   (Hoarding   and   Kewford   Friends   and   Family   Scheme)     -­‐   01562   756580              

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Friends and  Family  Scheme.    


Both of  the  companies  below  offer  £50  to  Kewford   Eagles  FC  Teams  when  a  parent  completes  a  new  policy,  as  per  the  following   information  –  terms  and  conditions  apply  but  it’s  really  simple.    A  few  teams  have  done  this  and  it  shows  there  are  great  ways  of   boosting  your  team’s  funds  and  getting  a  great  service  too.  Please  forward  to  Kewford  friends  and  family!    



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Kids Corner.


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Kit Manager.    

Shaun Moore  (U10C).  

Do you  HAVE  hot  news?   Please  send  to  our   Newsletter  Editor:  

Club  Marketing  Manager.   Phil  Hulme  (U9W).   Mobile  07551  155516.   E-­‐Mail:    

Julian  Smith   Mobile  07530  621929   E-­‐Mail:  smith-­‐  

SAS Manager.  

  Other  Key  Contacts.    

Jane Beach  (SAS).   E-­‐Mail:    

Club Welfare  Officer.    

Club Chairman.  

Joanna Cooper  (U14G).   E-­‐Mail:    

Rich Shelley  (Parent).   Mobile  07809  256251.   E-­‐Mail:    


Acting Club  Secretary.  

Asa Humphreys  (Parent).    

Keith Marks    

New Website  redevelopment.  

Club Treasurer.  

Rhys Edwards  U12G.  (See  Phil  H  for  current  website)    

Brett Woodall  (Parent).   Tel  0797  1252  703.   Email:

Pitch Planner.   Jane  Smith  (Parent).    


Café &  Clubhouse.   Marissa  Humphreys  (Parent).       FA  -­‐  Coach  Development.  

Lynn Boleyn  MBE.   Tel  01384-­‐830862.   E-­‐Mail:  

Membership  Cards.    

Rus Smith.   Phil  Hulme  (U9)  SDYFL  ‘Football  Development  Group’     Rich  Dalton    -­‐  Mini  Soccer     Andy  Male  -­‐  MJPL    

Naomi Bagley    (U7W).   Sonia  Moore  helping  

Leagues  Rep.  

Mini Soccer.     Phil  Hulme  (currently)     Glynn  Smith  (U12)  support.   Sonia  Moore  (U9)  support.   Shaun  Moore  (U10)  support.

Keith Marks  (U14).  

Thanks for  reading  –  the  newsletter  will  be  available  to     download  from  the  website  shortly    

Charter Standard  Community  Club  |  


Profile for Phil Hulme

Kewford Eagles FC Newsletter March April 2018 Edition  

Newsletter for March and April 2018 for Kewford Eagles FC. Written by volunteers Julian Smith and Phil Hulme

Kewford Eagles FC Newsletter March April 2018 Edition  

Newsletter for March and April 2018 for Kewford Eagles FC. Written by volunteers Julian Smith and Phil Hulme